Un Amore Cosi Grande ~ The Movie ~ Daniela

I asked Daniela for a translation of this video:

Her response:

It is not possible that you do not know the film into production where even our boys will be involved. A year ago we talked about this project and I must tell you that in the beginning it did not thrill me because it was a kind of film “The VITELLONI ” ( Italian post-war film ). I don’t like this film.

Now the project is becoming a reality and was presented at the Venice .
It is a love story where music is the thread and the interpreter will discover the value of attending music concerts where he performs IL VOLO .

Some scenes are already shot in the Arena during the show of 04 July, it also Jana in her story she says she saw shoot these scenes.  So it seems to me a very nice film, it was made with the support of the city of Verona and Arena .

I translate what they say in the promo that you sent me.

Speaks Michele Cali , producer of the film and says :

“The lyric is a very important thing, we have the Arena di Verona where, unfortunately, we know that every year there are fewer and fewer young people in the audience, then did this idea , I’ve talked to Flavio Tosi ,the president lyrical entity (and mayor of Verona),and Francesco Girondini (superintendent of the Arena foundation) that this idea really liked , then we involved IL VOLO and now we have to study how to be in the film and we hope that this film can become a value added and introduce young people to the world of opera“.

Keep talking Giuseppe Ferlito, director of the film, and says:

” The main interpreter starts from St. Petersburg in search of his father and of its origins and finds the love of a girl who supports him in all his dreams and when they will only find only solace in music, because music is what language that only the soul can hear “

I hope I’ve been useful, a hug.


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  1. Daniela you are a gift to us here since sometimes it is hard to translate and understand the interviews. Thanks for your time. Hope they can use a lot of Il Volo music.

    1. I also hope that they use a lot of music of IL VOLO but I think they’re also thinking about their presence in the history of film. We’ll see !! Ciao Gina !!

  2. Anne, the purpose is just that, we hope that they succeed. The plot did not like how it was before, but now the story is good, the love stories are always good.

  3. Hi Penina I haVe been looking to buy the latest iL vOLO cd’S & dvd & I am confused I only see one CD & I thought it is supposed to be 2 CD’s & one DVD.
    Wasn’t that what was posted at the beginning of the tour. Should I be ordering from Il Volo themselves in Italy?

    1. Loretta, I just ordered this from Amazon.

      Arriving Nov 25 – Nov 28
      Notte Magica – A Tribute to The Three Tenors (Amazon Autographed Photo Exclusive 2CD/DVD)
      Il Volo
      Sold by: Amazon.com LLC
      Condition: New

      Total cost plus shipping $24.63.

      1. Over the weekend I ordered three from Amazon, one for myself and two as gifts.

      2. Thanks Marie I thought it was 2 CD’s Amazon here & in the States only advertise one CD at least that’s is what comes up on my screen. I’ll try again
        I hope you will be able to get to a signing of the guys CD’s package at the different dates I saw on the Italian Fan Club. Have a GREAT & successful trip.

  4. Marie I have just called Amazon & they are not handling sending the latest Il Volo CD’s & DVD only from sellers who are charging more money for their copies. From what I got from who I spoke to Amazon is not selling their copies. I don’t know what the heck they are in business for. What a crock. So now I will see if a store is getting it in.

  5. I wanted to just get the DVD and I thought I had read that it would be coming out later this year. I went on Amazon’s web site, but they make it sound like you can only get it in the set with the CD’S , and then because that set is made in Italy, you might not be able to play it in the U.S.A. You would have to get an adaptor. I’m just going to wait and see what happen’s. We don’t have a store here that you can order it from.

    1. I would think–not to mention hope!–that if they are selling it here it can be played here.
      I ordered it last night and I sure hope it works.

  6. Ladies I need help I am in Canada & the stores here said they are getting 2 CD’s the same & 1 DVD of Il Volo Notte Magenta. Now aren’t the 2 CD’s different with separate songs on the them & of course the dvd is different as well.
    Marie when you said you are getting 2 CD’s do they have separate songs on them? Please advise I have to travel to Brantford to get these because Chatham doesn’t have record stores here. Even Amazon is only seling one CD & a DVD so I want the other CD if it is different.

    1. Loretta there is an audiio CD of all the songs of Notte Magica. Then there is a set that has a DVD and 2 CDS. The two CDS are shorter than the CD they are selling separately. IThey do not have any more songs on them than the separate CD. The only thing extra they have is some orchestral music the orchestra played before the concert started and during an intermission. You cannot buy the DVD by itself. It only comes with the two audio CDs.

      1. Then Penna doesnt that make 3 CD’s? One by itself & 2 CD’s with the DVD? Did ypu get yopurs from amazn because they are givin me 1 CD & DVD & they said that is all they have.

      2. Yes there are 3 but two of them together equal the third one. The have half the songs each.

  7. Yes, that actor guy was right in front of us. There is one scene, who knows if they will cut it or not, but he is walking back and forth on the platform in front of the audience, like in frustration or something – kind of strange?

    1. Jana exact, during the concert has taken a girl in the video scenes that were filming and in fact we see the main character who goes avnti and forth from the lane. If I can find the video the place, maybe you were shooting.

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