Personally Speaking ~ Through The Day With Il Volo ~ Mary Bohling

Off to a good start…..
Many fans have written that they always start their day with Il Volo.  It’s what gets them going in the morning.  The joy that comes through the guys’ voices is so contagious that  you can’t help but feel inspired to begin the day with good feelings and a big smile.
An after lunch treat ……
Lunch is over….the dishes are done, and now is the time to sit down in the recliner, put your feet  up, and treat yourself to some more Il Volo.  You’ve got time for a DVD—housework can wait.  One look at those handsome guys and you will no doubt feel a warm glow come on.  Just relax and take a trip to Ilvololand.  Escape to that magical place.  Focus on the beauty of the three young men who are there in your living room just  to entertain you.  Let the harmony of their blended voices envelope you.  Yes, it’s over too soon, and it’s time to get to the laundry.  But never mind; they will come again whenever you call them.
Happy hour?……
You’ve made it through to 4:00, and it’s perfectly all right to take another Il Volo break.  What will it be… or chocolate?  Make your choice and get comfortable 
with one of your favorite CD’s.  Stop thinking about what to make for dinner and lose yourself in the beauty of the music.  Just focus on the sound and take it all in.  Think about how lucky you are to have found these amazing guys who are there in your living room at the click of a button whenever you need them….and it has become a need, hasn’t it?  Would you call it an obsession?  Maybe, but it’s a good one.  Sometimes you feel overloaded and need the soothing lift you get from just  letting the magic of the music take over.  Ahh, that’s better.  Now you feel like you can get back to the real world.
And so to bed……
You’ve come to the end of your day.  You don’t want to carry the minor problems that have come up to bed with you.  You need Il Volo.  So you get comfy and turn on the CD player that is always handy on your bedside table, and when THE VOICES come on, you are transported to a place of such harmony and beauty that any worries and cares immediately fade away.  Everything seems right again.  You take a deep breath and say, “goodnight, Piero, goodnight, Gianluca, goodnight, Ignazio, my sweet boys.  I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

~~ Mary~~

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38 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ Through The Day With Il Volo ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. Mary, you described so well a typical day for us volovers, because every moment becomes almost a necessity to reconnect to the IL VOLO, work and other commitments become an obligation of boring routine that distracts us from our evasion.
    The only difference for me is that since I met this group also the night (if I can not sleep) is good to go to read your comments directly, since for you is the day.
    Every moment when we want to feel at peace with everyone and relax in a beautiful appreciated background music is called IL VOLO.
    This is VOLOMANIA.

  2. YUP! Jane, you are a mind reader. You described exactly what my daily routine is almost to a tee. I do have “TWO” tablets to work with just to make sure I don’t miss anything.

    1. Prese, I can’t take credit for this beautiful piece. Mary wrote it, I just posted it.
      Mary, you summed it up quite perfectly. All through out the day these young men and their voices keep us company. Thank you Mary!!

  3. Ok it was 7 when I got up this morning, got my coffee, and fed the cat. Started watching videos I took of the guys in Tampa and Las Vegas. It is now 9:13 and I am going to get up and do something, I am, really. Well maybe just one more video on my tablet so I can take it into the laundry room, in a few minutes, I promise.

      1. Marie, I did my laundry, and cleaned my kitchen with the guys singing in the background. Made the chores go faster. I promised and I keep my promises. It is now 12:29am Thursday and I have just watched the Taormina concert again.
        Does anyone have plans on how to celebrate Ignazio’s 22nd birthday?

  4. OK! “Big sister” is watching me!! One thing she didn’t see is my dvd player in my bedroom!! Oh! And definitely Chocolate! Thanks, Mary…you have us pegged!!♡♡♡

  5. Mary, Your post has pointed out to me that I need to move my CD player next to my bed. get rid of the tadio that’s there now. I may live longer that way. Joanie G

  6. Mary, you have it all correct!!! I am lucky, I live alone& I can be with Il Volo anytime I want! Yes, I am obsessed with these three charmers! My family knows they are my life now. They are happy that I have found an interest that is marvelous music sung by three so special young men!!! Grande Amore!!!

  7. How true this is. Every statement. IL Volo music is on every device I have, and the CD’s are constantly in use, at home and away. Makes each day tremendously happier.

  8. Another beautiful post Mary that so accurately describes how these three men and their music make us feel and the peace and joy they give to our lives. I find some songs are just so beautiful, that listening makes me want to cry with the sheer beauty of their voices! I also love the term “ilvololand” and it’s a place I love to go to as often as possible! You really are an inspired writer!

  9. Oh Mary you really have described a perfect day Il Volo from the beginning of the day to the end. Their music is the first I listen to on my way to work and the music I listen to on my way home. Listening to their beautiful voices and picturing their gorgeous faces makes my commute a beautiful and amazing listening pleasure. If I were home I would definitely take a trip to IlVololand often and I don’t mind admitting proudly may I say that am very happily inflicted with ILVOLOMANIA!

  10. Ha ha ha… Touché!
    I like the way you charming ladies think! And it so resonates with me!…. you know what’s important in life! And, how to live life!

    May I ask you where to get the DVD of Notte Magica?
    I tried to look for it at but cannot find it there. Is it available anywhere else aside from PBS? I would really like to watch this concert but the PBS rate is too pricey for me at this time.

    Thank you so much.
    Also thank you for all your sharing. LIKE LIKE LIKE

      1. Thanks so much, Lydka…. this does not come up in the search.
        appreciate big time. thank you for sharing

  11. Cynthia, I had also tried to get the DVD only, but I can’t find it on Amazon or anywhere else. I thought I had read that a DVD would be available later this year, so maybe after they have sold the package set’s from Amazon and sold the set’s on PBS , they will then put out the DVD by itself. Let’s hope so.

  12. Lydka and Marie, thanks so much for your prompt response and info.
    Appreciate. BIG TIME APPRECIATE. I was so eager for the ‘connect’, I was checking this page often for a response. what a lovely ‘il volo family’ we have. Or ‘il volo community’…

    A bright, cheery day to you ladies in USA and Europe…
    And good night from where I currently am (Manila, Philippines)…
    Night night…

    1. Cynthia, you are welcome. Thanks for your wish. My greeting to you from heart of Europe. And good night to you with sweet dreams.

      1. thanks so much dear Lydka. Where in Europe are you?
        night night again for now. and a sweet day to you there 🙂

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