Celebrating The Il Volo Life Choices – Daniela

Daniela: “Finally an article that does justice to the boys of Il Volo.  Their human qualities of real people.”

From “The Melty Galazy”,  Italian Edition

The Flight: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, the family first


Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone of “Il Volo”, unlike many peers, daily demonstrate their boundless love for his family.

Tattoos, disco nights and alcohol, the primary interest of many colleagues, the members of “Il Volo” Piero Barone , Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble prefer the simple life values. Besides a love of music, in fact, to combine the three tenorini is unconditional affection for his family, as evidenced by the numerous shots published on their social profiles. Rather than bragging about their sexual conquests or their designer clothes and luxury cars, the three guys prefer it proudly displayed on the network their suffering: an embrace with his mother, a dedication to his grandfather, a message for his brother and so on. In an age when superficiality and consumerism seem to spread among young people, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to proposed as an alternative model, aware that the things that really matter are other: in short, a full respect of traditions both as regards the musical repertoire that for their life choices.


Earlier from “Melty”:

Il Volo: Piero Barone, here with his little lookalike in America!


There is agreement between Piero Barone and children. After the message to the child star of “Pequenos Gigantes”, the singer of The Flight welcomes two baby-impersonator on stage in Oklahoma City!

Baron continues to manifest his love for children . The pop star has posted on his profile Instagram a picture of him during the Oklahoma City concert with two baby fans (and look-alike ) of the singer, complete with red glasses . In short, the tenor seems to have found two new young admirers in the States!

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  1. I remember when I have read it some time ago, nice articles about boys. Journalists should generally to write more articles that are positive and nice, not only about the negative things, sad accidents,criticism of people…

    1. Lydka, you are quite right, I think like you, we need positivity, and the press should give more space to the good things and good people, and not always to the scandals and gossip and bad people.

      1. I agree Daniela, we have a common view on it. 🙂 I do not know if you go to Milan tomorrow, but if yes, I wish you good luck ! Buona giornata !

      2. By now it is certain, tomorrow I go to Milan but is unsure she can see them, depends on the fans and from the queues, in any case we will have done (my husband and I) a ride to Milan but I really hope to see them. Tomorrow will tell. Thanks for the wishes.

  2. I believe that is the reason they are so loved – they were raised to know the true values in life – the fact that they are so talented is a gift and they know it is a gift and they appreciate every minute

    1. You are correct, Camille. That must be what makes them so special.

      Thank you, Daniela for the article. It is nice to see the Italian press speak so kindly of their sons.

      1. Marie, it is always a pleasure for me.
        Unfortunately the Italian press is not always so kind to IL VOLO, so articles like this should be shared. It seems to me that the situation is an improvement, perhaps because the media are also seeing that the love of the fans is not finished after a few months, indeed continues to increase. We will see tomorrow with the presentation of the new CD.

      1. Yes Daniela, we love them not just for their wonderful talent but also for their kindness, tender hearts and love of their families, friends and fans. They have always known what is important and this is rare especially in ones so young. I am always surprised when you tell us that the press or media in Italia is not always so supportive of Il Volo considering they are such great role models.
        I really hope you get to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in Milan!

      2. Hello Margaret, I too so I hope to see them tomorrow in Milan.
        As for the press has just been released an article that talks about this summer via twitter publications Arena and survey the most used hashtag is that of IL VOLO. This means that the love of all the fans is beyond the newspaper articles.
        I loved your comment under the article “a year on Billboard Classical” by All About the Flight.

  3. It is good to see that magazines, media etc. are finally realizingi what we who have been following Il Volo know for a long time! Namely, these young men know what is important in life and how to behave in all situations. They are wonderful role models for everyone!

    1. It ‘s true Penina, they are examples to follow, especially for young people and for this they should be considered even more

  4. Daniela, the Italian press should realize how much the guys are ambassadors of Italy and how much revenue into Italy they are responsible for. They should be very quick to support Il Volo. Many of the lady Ilvolovers have taken trips to see the guys’ cities and favorite haunts. It has been a real treat to read their stories and enjoy your beautiful country. Someday….such a trip is on my bucket list and l will spend money there too!! Thanks so much for your very wonderful contributions! Viva Il Volo!!

    1. I agree with everything you say Carol, here with us when one does not see the reality you say “you have the ham slices on the eyes”, here is the Italian press is so.
      I hope your desire to come to Italy come true.
      a hug

  5. Message for Marie and Jane.
    They ‘just out the news that the boys 4 October will participate in “LA PARTITA DEL CUORE” whose proceeds will go to the earthquake victims.
    October 4th birthday Ignazio, we will see it live while playing the game.
    But you Marie and Jane you could not come to Italy 15 days before you would have participated in the firmacopie tomorrow and “partita del cuore”?
    …….. To know ……

  6. Thank you, Daniela! It is nice to know there is positive press for our wonderful three in Italy!!! You ladies have said it all!!! We have always recognized the high standards & life values of Il Volo!!! They are a stellar example to the whole world!!!
    I need help from you my friends. I need the Email address for Flight Crew to send Ignazio’s BD greeting! The address I have said it is incorrect. Thanks.

    1. Annie, the easiest way is to just scroll all the way to the top of this page and on the left side you will see, “Who We Are – Contact Us” and click there. Thanks for asking!

  7. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am happy to see they are being recognized for what is important, love and respect for their families and for themselves, and for being good role models. Daniela, we have an opportunity to do a home exchange to Turin next year in May, and the guys have a concert there on May 5. Do you live near Turin and is May a good time to visit there?

    1. Hello Janet, I do not live near Turin, there are 250 km from Brescia in Turin. They are relatively few, but as the distance between Brescia and Torino there is a substantial difference in climate due to the presence of the Alps near Turin. The period where you’re from it’s spring so sent you find beautiful sunny weather during the day but always cool at night, and at night and early morning. The Alps offer magnificent landscapes and Turin is very beautiful as a city rich in history as it was for a period the capital of Italy and is home to magnificent palaces that were inhabited by the king.

  8. Daniela
    Thank you for the helpful information. We look forward to a visit to Italy in 2017 and hope an Il Volo concert will be part of that visit.

  9. It is 6.00 a.m. here in England. I had to rise early as I am playing golf today. However, Amazon has delivered “Una Notte Magica” to my music account. I have been listening for an hour. What a joy for my ears! I cannot wait to have the physical DVD and CDs. I shall finish listening while I am in the car on the way to the golf course. I don’t care what score I shoot. My head will be full of the music!

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