Have A Magical Night! ~ Marie

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  1. From Bernard Duffy early this morning:

    It is 6.00 a.m. here in England. I had to rise early as I am playing golf today. However, Amazon has delivered “Una Notte Magica” to my music account. I have been listening for an hour. What a joy for my ears! I cannot wait to have the physical DVD and CDs. I shall finish listening while I am in the car on the way to the golf course. I don’t care what score I shoot. My head will be full of the music!

  2. My mail delivery is before noon. I wiki be able to eat my lunch with this wonderful music!!! I always support my PBS with a pledge buying the DVD! A beautil Fri. to all!

  3. Amazon said October 6 for my CD. I have been playing THE CONCERT of the “Three Tenors” while waiting for the boys CD. So proud of their on going achievements. Hope they get involved in more projects like “Una Notte Magica”.

  4. I just ordered mine through Amazon! I waited because I am in the process of flying back to my winter home in Florida! Didn’t want it to get lost in the cross mail. Should arrive just when I do! Yeah!

    1. Sorry Marie, you’re too late. I have been listening since LAST NIGHT when iTunes automatically downloaded it to my phone/iPod/computer! And since I splurged on Bose speakers for my computer I have been listening to it while I read my email! And I am not stopping!

    1. Gee I never thought I would get something before you guys in the USA. My delivery date for the CD is Wednesday. The last time Amazon gave me a delivery date it actually arrived the day before. So maybe you’ll get it on Wednesday too!

    2. Marie just received my CD. Late mail delivery in Lake Placid, Florida. I called my niece and told her I got it and not to disturb me for a while as I will be in the clouds listening to beautiful music. This is truly an amazing trio.
      Alice in Florida

  5. And I forgot to mention that Amazon.ca (Canada) does not or did not have it so when I ordered it I ordered it on Amazon.com just like you did…

  6. The airways must be pulsating with the glorious sounds of Il Volo this afternoon as those of us who did receive the CD today are
    reveling in the beauteous music. Imagine if we were all playing it at once how it would resound across the country. I think I will be playing it non stop until I go to sleep–it is just so beautiful it must keep playing on and on……..

    1. Me, too, Mary. Listening to iTunes album that I purchased. For now, my fav, so glorious and stirring, is
      Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae

      So many beauties!

      Love and awe,

  7. Here, in the United Kingdom, if you buy music through Amazon, they have something called “Amazon Music” which operates in a similar way to iTunes. The music is available on your Amazon account but you have to install the Amazon Music App. Once you do that, you can listen even before the physical discs are delivered. Moreover, you can access it from other devices like an iPhone or, I suppose, an Android one. I recommend all of you, who are waiting for your mail carrier to deliver the physical discs, to check whether Amazon Music is available in your country. I had a fairly long drive to the golf course, yesterday, because I was playing an event a long way from home. I just hooked my iPhone into the car stereo and enjoyed the whole 25 songs twice – outbound and on the return. When I got home in the evening, I listened again and I am listening now, this morning, while I type. My only worry is that my wife will ask me for a divorce because I am having an affair wth il Volo! She has not had time to listen yet. Once she does, I am sure that she will forgive me.

    1. Bernard, I bought the album on iTunes, which downloaded automatically to my phone, my iPod and my computer on Thursday night around 11 PM. So while I wait for the actual disc I can also listen to it on my devices. You don’t need Amazon music if you already have iTunes.

  8. Today IS the day.

    But before I comment about Il Volo, I want to tell you a bit about another of my favorite performers of all-time, Adele, the British superstar singer-songwriter. When I found out late last year that she was going to tour the U.S. this year, my heart soared with excitement and anticipation. Over 400,000 tickets were going to go on sale! But when I read that probably half the population of the United States was going to attempt to buy those tickets, my hopes faded quickly – there goes that chance of ever seeing her live in concert. Since I live in Connecticut, I had the option to drive up to Boston or down to New York City or take Amtrak to Philadelphia or Montreal. T-Day (Ticketmaster ticket sale day) finally arrived! I logged on to Ticketmaster at exactly 10:00am plus one second, selected Boston as it was the closest to my home, and to my complete surprise, I got a message that I had successfully gotten “in line” and that there would be an 11-minute wait to select and pay for my tickets! Was this for real? I had layouts of all the arenas so I could make a quick decision right away regarding the quality of the seats. As the minutes counted down, I grew nervous with anticipation and probable disappointment. And then – “Please select ticket category” !!! – Orchestra Platinum? All gone. Orchestra half-way back? All gone. Orchestra rear? All gone. Mid-range Loge towards the front? All gone. My heart was sinking fast as I could tell by now what the outcome was going to be. Mid-range Loge towards the center? TWO SEATS AVAILABLE! Checked the layouts – not bad at all! Price $145! Could this be real? Click “Buy”. Confirmed! Click “Visa”. Confirmed! Click “e-ticket via Ticketmaster” Confirmed! I WAS GOING TO SEE ADELE IN CONCERT!!! Later that day I found out that every single one of the 400,000 tickets sold out in less than an hour.

    September 15. 805pm. I’m sitting at the TD Garden in Boston in my Mid-range Loge seats, half way back from the stage. Lights dim; 20,000 screaming fans with their eyes fixed on the stage – and nothing happens. Meanwhile, from the center of the orchestra floor, about 40 feet directly in front of me, a diamond shaped platform slowly rises from below the floor. Spotlights on! “Hello!” It’s Adele! She is standing about 40 feet directly in front of my face! I can see her eyelashes move! 20,000 bodies jump to their feet in ecstasy! After the first song she asked the crowd if they were there to have a good time and 20,000 fans roar “YES”! Then she announces, “well, unfortunately, most of my songs are so friggin depressing that you’re probably going to be in tears by the end of the night.” And you know what, she was right. Her heart-wrenching lyrics coupled with her genuine rapport with the audience made you feel like she was sitting at your kitchen table telling you about how devastated she was about her recent breakup. The emotions that this woman can pull out of your soul are incredible. She did a selection of her songs from that center stage giving many more fans the chance to see her up close. The rest of the songs she did from the main stage, all with great sound quality and videos and lighting effects (yes, lasers!). She would chat a bit between each song, telling the story about what it meant to her, about what she was going through at the time, about the message she was trying to convey. Her voice, her range, her talent are truly in the world-class league that her 100 million album sales reflect. Needless to say, it was an incredible concert. Adele provided me with 110% of the joy and emotion that any other artist could ever provide. Except for one. And that my friends, is a problem for me. Because no matter how much I enjoy an artist, or a performance, or ANYTHING in life, I will always be comparing the experience to you-know-who.

    Which brings us to today.

    I left work early, rushed home, threw the car keys on the kitchen counter, and ran to my Mac so I could purchase Notte Magica on iTunes to tide me over until my physical CD & DVD’s arrived. I have a pretty elaborate sound system which lets me send the music to almost any room in my home. The anticipation builds. Heart rate up. I’ve had this feeling many times before. Breathing heavier now. It was happening again. New music. Il Volo. Pull the shades. Kick off my shoes. Make myself comfortable. Soft lighting. Glass of wine. Eyes closed. Press play.

    Immediately, I am in Florence. The first instrumental piece begins. Placido is right in front of me conducting. Dusk dissolves into night. The first strains of “Nessun Dorma”. Their voices fill my living room. Each of their notes bounce off my walls. I know this one by heart. I’ve been studying it for months. I am following along in Italian. I am thinking in Italian. I am feeling in Italian. My heart soars in Italian. Memories of my trips to Italy come flooding back. Feelings of love not meant to be race back and forth through my mind. The piece nears its end. “Vincero!” (I will win!)

    For one hour and thirty-two minutes, they did it to me again. In Italian. And in Spanish. And in English. They moved me again. With a full range of emotions, both high and low that you cannot possibly imagine that any one artist could provoke. With perfect execution. With that intense love and effort and talent that only our guys can provide. Gianluca. Ignazio, Piero. You’ve done it again.

      1. Got ya, Jeanine.
        What an experience John! I knew where you were going from the beginning. Heart was racing until you got there. Supurb! I am also an Adele fan.

  9. I ordered the deluxe edition from Barnes and Nobles!!!! I am waiting for it!! It will ship out on October 7th!!!❤️ Meanwhile I can’t stop listening to the songs on iTunes!!😍

  10. Hello Marie,
    Just have a question about the Cd/DVD set being sold at Amazon.com. I was all set to oder it when I saw the box with the notice warning to( check your dvd player for eurozone acceptance, otherwise the item will be playable on pc only)
    My question is have you or anyone else on this blog had any experience with this and did it turn out ok? I really want to order this set but I’m afraid it’s not going to play on my dvd player. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.
    Just a little hint for everyone for next time. I pre-ordered Notte Magica Cds from Barnes and Noble and they were delivered by UPS on Sept 30th. That been my experience with them on every pre-order. I only wish they were offering the dvd.
    I am in heaven enjoying the cd. They just get more amazing with every new cd they put out! I can’t decide which song I like the most, they are all so spectacular. Ave Maria! Wow! What can I say!

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