CD Signing in Milan! ~ Daniela

Guess who saw our guys and had her CD signed today? Yep, our own Daniela!

Daniela holding her treasures
Daniela holding her treasures

Marie, I saw them and I kissed!  Beautiful!  We couldn’t take pictures, I was able to make a couple of hidden. Now I’m on the train back. I talked to the father of Gianluca, I shook his hand and congratulated him. There was also Michele Torpedine. Out on the porch were the interviewer and Rai 1 channel 5 which is Barbara from Palm, I told her that the guys are very loved by your group and that two of you (guess who?) are soon in Italy. When I was close to them, the first was Michele, I told them: “I bring you the greetings and kisses of American Flight Crew to which I belong,” Gianluca says “Oh yeeeees” and Ignatius who was half turned and said “but really I don’t think he heard me,”(sic) because everyone said “Lady go ahead” but I got myself a kiss from each.  ❤❤❤.  It was a nice adventure! As soon as I get the photos of the photographer will enter.

Big kiss,




Note Mr. G and Mr. T in back



Lucky, lucky Daniela!

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  1. Daniela, you are a woman after my old heart!! So glad you got to see them! It was kind of you to bring greetings from our Flight Crew!!♡♡♡

  2. How great for you, Daniela! Thank you for bringing Flight Crew love to them.
    I hope to be in Italy in May and get tickets for a concert.

  3. Hello everyone, it was a wonderful day, now I’m home and I can pass in my mind all the beautiful images of today.
    The first thing you have to do, however, see, that I forgot to send Marie is this:
    the photo of my double CD + DVD autographed by the boys that I will soon go to see me comfortably from the sofa of my house thinking about you and to these wonderful guys.

    The following is a picture of Rai 1 interviewer Barbara Palma who loves kids and to whom I spoke of you as a group.

    Haste to write to Marie, maybe you is not got it, but after the eslcamazione Gianluca when he heard of Flight Crew, Ignatius turned and said, “Really?”, Is Piero who has not heard because others they kept telling me to keep going.
    The guys were very kind, shame we could not take pictures because there was the official photographer (which is what you see back in my stolen shots).
    I’m going to see me the DVD.
    We talk to you later that I give you my impressions.
    Kisses to all

  4. Wonderful Daniela! I am so happy you got to see and interact with them in person!
    I bet you are floating on a cloud!

  5. Daniela, How wonderful for you! I’m so happy you had that experience with the guy’s, and because you mentioned the flight crew, it makes me feel like I was there also.

  6. Certainly, lucky you Daniela. Treasure that moment. Our ” men” are becoming more popular each CD and each concert. There may be a point when they will be more difficult to access. So happy for you.

  7. Daniela, first of all you are lovely. Now I know who to look for when we meet soon.
    Thank you for giving our love to the Guys. That connected them to us today. What a nice gift from you.

    1. Thanks Marie, which best compliments. I really enjoyed the connection that has been created, it seemed to be a special envoy who upgraded on the boys.

  8. Here I am, still can not believe it.
    It ‘s true they are still in the clouds and all of you were with me.
    First of all I forgot to give Marie the photo and most important is that my DOUBLE CD + DVD autographed by the boys.
    Also in the rush to write (I was on the train) that when I told the Flight Crew and Gianluca said “Oh yessssss” Ignazio turned and said, “Really?” while Piero, who has not heard because there was confusion and everyone told me to go ahead.
    However I kissed them and I sent greetings to Ignazio for his birthday.
    You could not take pictures because there was the official photographer that is what you see back in my photos.

    I must also tell you that I have blisters on the feet because I walked from the Cathedral of Milano at the station, about 2.5 km and shoes not too comfortable, but it was beautiful.

    I also just finished seeing me from my couch all the concert on DVD and is simply WONDERFUL, beautiful even shooting.

    By the way, today was a full day for the boys, they were live on 102.5 radio then the LA VITA IN DIRETTA on Rai 1 and have added many dates at concerts.
    Beautiful busy day.
    A kiss to everyone

    Daniela, I added your “most important” photo to the post above.

    1. Congratulations, Daniela.I am happy for you that you had nice day and experience with boys. 🙂 Enjoy your relax time with music. Busy day also for me, tried to send Kelly the most interesting news (really a lot of them today appeared).
      Buonanotte e sogni d’oro !

      1. Thanks Lydka, I must tell you that the guys are really nice guys. Definitely it will be a busy day for you with all the appearances that have done …. think, yesterday I could not see anything of their holdings to 102.5 radio and Live life etc etc. Later I’ll try to update me.

  9. Well done Daniela! So happy for you to meet them and kiss them! A lovely picture of you in front of the beautiful Duomo. I was there just two weeks ago at the end of a bus tour to Italy, Switzerland and Austria with my husband. It seemed like I just missed Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca by a day or two a few times. On our first day in Italy on our way to Lake Como, they were singing that evening in Modena and they were in Lake Como two days after we left. Then when we finished our trip in Milano and visited the Castello Sforzesco, a few days later they were there for the Novak Djokovic Foundation.
    It was nice of you to mention The Flight Crew and that you had the presence of mind to think of it! It’s often hard to think straight or speak coherently when you finally meet them.

  10. Daniela, what a wonderful experience, and what wonderful memories !! So glad you had a great time.How was the signing and was it very crowded ? I cannot wait for my CD to arrive in the mail. Thank you for your posts.

    1. Then Marion, every person who bought a CD received a pass in a different color. I had the yellow pass (you can also see in the picture) which means the first to enter. We did not have to stand in line from morning why the pass gave precedence. When they arrived the guys, they did get nell’instore to groups of 5 people telling us not to take pictures, I tried not to show me while I was doing. It was nice because I could wait to get to know other ilvolovers I knew only through facebook. There was not a lot of people, we were 500 people, because those who wanted to sign the CDs I had to buy them and many had already bought on the internet. Anyway it was a good experience.

      1. Hi Daniela. I have just watched the Opera on the tube train, or the Underground as we English say (though I live in USA).Such a wonderful treat for all those travelling. Thank you so much for all your posts and replies, you make us feel that we are in Italy with you, and of course The Boys as well.

      2. Marion, is a pleasure for me. When I was in the queue in Milan, I met many people with whom I had made friends on FB only for IL VOLO and this is like a beautiful bridge of friendship that unites us all.

  11. Hi Daniela,
    I got your message after midnight when you´re been dreaming about beautiful moments with our “SUN”.Your photos I saved to my computer – very nice! At such moments we will remember with whole life.
    I have the pleasure of a meeting took place and soon expect next – with a fine girlfriends Marie + Jane.I´ll look forward to more of your stories and photos from the trip to Italy.
    Let everything goes according to your plans.

    1. Thanks Zdena, I enjoyed every moment. Surely Marie and Jane will make you a beautiful report and lots of photos of their trip to Italy and our meeting. I can not wait.

  12. Ciao Daniela, So nice of you to also send greetings from this site to these awesome guys! Thank you and also many thanks to your husband for escorting you all the way!
    Daniela you must let us know if you want any of the interviews in English, translated into Italian for you.
    Having said that, please may I ask if you could roughly translate the conversation of the interview done by ‘La Vita in Diretta’ earlier this week, (especially the last three minutes). Grazie Daniela.

    1. Hello Ineke, look what my husband yesterday had fun. When he took the pictures with the guys told me:
      “But you know that Piero is truly a nice guy?” and I said:
      “Of course I know, they are all three”
      For the episode of LA VITA IN DIRETTA to translate there are no problems, you have to say exactly what day and that argument was.

      1. Hi Daniela, The La Vita in Daretta interview was on Sepember 30. You can find the link on All About Il Volo | Piero Barone, Gian……. Roll down to Octobe 1, 2016 by Francy.b. Follow ‘Qui in Italiano and the link is halfway down the page. I only need the translation from 01.49. Towards the end when Piero says something that makes them all laugh and then Gianluca has the last word before they end the interview. It is just over 2 minutes long. Grazie Daniela e un grande abbraccio.

      2. Ineke, you must know that I had not yet seen the transmission LA VITA IN DIRETTA because as you know I was in Milan. Today I looked and I now translate from 1:49 minute.
        Marco Liorni asks Piero what said Placido Domingo.
        P = when our manager offered this idea, we immediately called Placido because there is a great friendship with him and with his family and he did not think twice, he said “guys, this idea is wonderful, indeed I will be there with you and support you ”
        G = excuse me, look at how many beautiful girls there are here, come all here, let them see.
        Di Palma = we stuck for a moment instore, Marco must know that this album came out only a few hours and is already the leading positions of the digital charts not only in Italy but in half the world, congratulations guys.
        Liorni = (asks Claudio Guerini) which means the success of the flight, this work with Placido Domingo, to tell you that the radio always music, which means?
        Guerini = means the success of Italian music that becomes popular in the world, our popular hits have always been those of Domenico Modugno, many great singers who have made the history of Italian music, but today IL VOLO, with Andrea Bocelli and other extraordinary artists, but they are not many, they still represent what we export in the world from a musical standpoint, they have been very low, have not said that already in pre-ordering on the Internet this album is going great and recently to America’s got talent, there was a standing ovation for them, they are famous in America as here, and they deserve to bring the beautiful Italian music in the world.
        Liorni = Have you heard? When you are successful in radio it means that success is at all levels because in no laughing radio when there is successful it means that there is something very important under.
        Feel (Piero) but here they ask me all if you are engaged, this question a little ashamed to do it, ask me girls if you are engaged, you can kindly answer us?
        P = (in response) the new CD came out this morning, we are delighted to now and here tell us that Barbara has to go ….
        G = there are thousands of people waiting
        Liorni = respond to everything but not on this ….

        They all laugh because in this way Piero has avoided to answer and dismissed Barbara to continue instore. Smart our Piero true?
        Di Palma continues outside the interview by asking a lady at that time had arrived for signatures.
        My husband and I talked to Barbara Di Palma, she is a very nice person and loves our boys. He told us that if someone speaks ill of them she pulls out the nails and protects them.
        I also wanted to tell you that Claudio Guerini is a radio speaker.

        That’s it, I hope to you useful.
        A hug

      3. MERAVIGLIOSA!!!! Thank you Daniela, you have translated exactly the part that interested me most!!! Grazie molto.

  13. Daniela,

    Great story and great experience. You had the opportunity to be close to them, even for just a precious short time but I’m sure worth the effort. Thank you for keeping us updated.

    Giovanni di Connecticut.

      1. Hi, Daniela ! How delightful: An operatic ‘FLASHMOB’ on a train in Italy ! What a treat for all of us, as well as your amazing meeting with those wonderful men. Thank you for your efforts ! Bless you.

      2. Hello Laura, have really had a nice idea to sing La Traviata on the train, I believe that success is also due to the publicity that is doing IL VOLO. Do not you think?

      3. Glad you like Margaret, think of Brescia sang in the middle of the city, in the market and in the streets. Beautiful. A soprano sang from the balcony of the theater of Brescia.

  14. Daniela, I want to walk in your shoes. Not the ones that hurt. You are so lucky to have been there in person. today I pick up my CD at the Target store. I can’t wait to get the DVD. Thanks for sharing your story. Hope to see more photos. Joanie G

    1. Joan, do not I wish you my shoes, but the experience is, has been very positive. As soon as they are ready photos with the boys the public, I hope to be beautiful.

    1. Ahh, now I think I understand why Il Volo will be in Brazil at the same place as Mariah Carey. She brings a particular crowd who might not otherwise ever listen to Il Volo? – which is the primary target audience of Il Volo in their quest to introduce their music to the younger people. Thanks, Lydka, for the link to that interview. It was helpful. Have a good night!

  15. Dear Daniela, I am late responding to your wonderful news but how wonderful for you to have seen and kissed the guys. Looking forward to more pictures if and when you post. Grazie mills. Also, I would have walked barefoot to see them.

    1. Hello, Rose Marie!, That’s a sign of a true IL Volover , You made me laugh. I pictured a barefoot pilgrimage to Il Vololand. 🙂

  16. Hi Daniela, I cannot see the picture, FB says it is “no longer available” your friend may have it as “private” but please don’t worry we appreciate the other photos you posted..

    1. Rose Sorry, but I just sent in my photo Marie with the boys, certainly he will publish soon. I’m glad it’s a nice picture !!

  17. Oh Daniella, thank you for extending our love to the guys. What a wonderful experience for you. Aren’t the boys gorgeous? I hope to see your photos soon. After seeing them in person, I am on such a high for such a long time. They seem to have a beautiful effect on people. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    1. Hello Prese, you’re right, the boys are really fabulous, I wish I could stay longer with them, but each of us would like.
      Today were guests on CHANNEL 5 and were magnificent, those who know them can not not love them.

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