Sunday Funnies ~ The Italian Way ~ Ann (anncruise)

The Italian – Sicilian – American Page



The Italian – Sicilian – American Page




Italian Girl 🙂



Good Morning & Salute ! 😉


The Italian – Sicilian – American Page

American Kids vs. Italian Kids 😉
American kids:
Move out when they’re 18
with the full support of their parents.
Italian kids:
Move out when they’re 28,
having saved enough money for a house,
and are two weeks away from getting married…..
unless there’s room in the basement for the newlyweds
American kids:
When their Mom visits them,
she brings a Bundt cake,
and you sip coffee and chat.
Italian kids:
When their Mom visits them,
she brings 3 days worth of food,
cook, begins to tidy up,
dust, do the laundry,
and rearrange the furniture.
American kids:
Their dads always call
before they come over to visit them,
and it’s usually only on special occasions.
Italian kids:
Are not at all fazed when their dads show up,
unannounced, on a Saturday morning at 8:00,
and starts pruning the fruit trees.
If there are no fruit trees, he’ll plant some.
American kids:
Always pay retail,
and look in the Yellow Pages
when they need to have something done.
Italian kids:
Call their dad or uncle,
and ask for another dad’s or uncle’s phone number
to get it done.
American kids:
Will come over for cake and coffee,
and get only cake and coffee. No more.
Italian kids:
Will come over for cake and coffee,
and get antipasto, wine, a pasta dish,
a choice of two meats, salad, bread,
a cannoli, fruit, espresso,
and a few after dinner drinks.
American kids:
Will greet you with ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’.
Italian kids:
Will give you a big hug,
a kiss on your cheek,
and a pat on your back.
American kids:
Call your parents Mr. and Mrs.
Italian kids:
Call your parents Mom and Dad.
American kids:
Have never seen you cry.
Italian kids:
Cry with you.
American kids:
Will eat at your dinner table and leave.
Italian kids:
Will spend hours there,
talking, laughing, and just being together.
American kids:
Know few things about you.
Italian kids:
Could write a book
with direct quotes from you.
American kids:
Eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
on soft mushy white Wonder bread.
Italian kids:
Eat Genoa Salami, Prosciutto and Provolone sandwiches
on crusty Italian bread (for breakfast).
American kids:
Will leave you behind if that’s
what the crowd is doing.
Italian kids:
Will kick the whole crowds’ ass
who left you behind.
American kids:
Think that being Italian is cool.
Italian kids:
Know that being Italian is cool.
American kids:
Will ignore this.
Italian kids:
Will Share it.

The Italian – Sicilian – American Page to Frank Sinatra



The Italian – Sicilian – American Page
Who else got lucky besides us ? 😉



Who can relate to this ? Lol 😉


Here’s 9 minutes of “Boys will be Boys”
Enjoy some laughs with Il Volo while you relax and have your coffee this morning…

~~~La fine~~~


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  1. Happy Rosh Hashanah!
    What is Rosh Hashanah? Rosh Hashanah literally translates as “head of the year” or “first of the year.” But it also marks the anniversary of the birth of the universe via God’s creation of Adam and Eve. In Judaism, it is a day to reflect on a person’s deeds of the past year and set the tone for the year ahead.

  2. Ann, you made me laugh so much with this post.
    I must tell you that I find myself very list American boys and Italians boys.
    I have two married sons and come to dine with us every day ( only my son and my daughter) and Sunday as well as my mother-in-law are also my daughter and her husband and my son and his wife and my granddaughter. For us it is always a joy. In this way my granddaughter sees almost every week his grandparents and her great-grandmother.
    I know that the family (my husband and I) may seem like a thing of the past but I often hug my kids (36 and 32 years) and they gladly reciprocate my love and I always tell them that if they need anything we are here to this.

    The cannoli like me very much, but I prefer the ones with candied fruit.
    What can I say ….. We Italians are like that !!

    1. That’s so wonderful, Daniela. Lucky for me my family is also close. Had dinner with one sister and 8 cousins last night. We chalk it up to being Italian. Really! I have the greatest memories of my Italian grandfather making ravioli and having to use our entire huge dining room table to do it. Ahhh, the sites and smells and flavors!

      1. Marie, the distances are not important, the relationships are. I live 50 meters from my brothers (you’ll see when you get here) but we every morning at 10 o’clock we are at my house to drink coffee together. It was a habit of my mother, and since she is gone (two years) has become mine.
        Nice to think your grandfather making ravioli and the long table, typically Italian cuisine

    2. oh, how lovely again, Daniela….. i would so love to spend some quality time with your family 😉

      1. Lydka, I saw them I too recently.
        I liked my picture with the boys.
        I’m happy

  3. Thanks, Anncruise, this was fun to read! I’ve decided that our family must be at least one third Italian! We love to eat and are huggers….anyone who wants to dust my house is more than welcome! This was a delightful post!♡♡♡

      1. Dot, how sweet! Thank you. You need to be careful about your invitation though. Leelee invited me over to her house once. Now I go every year…In the winter….She lives in Florida…I live in Ohio…

    1. Dorothy, I already have my dusting and still do not think about dusting also that of my sons. No grazie!!

  4. Thank you Marie. That “Boys will be Boys” is so true of them and priceless! Even if they weren’t so multi-talented, handsome and funny and didn’t speak English, I would still love them for the beautiful people they are. So glad I got to hug all of them.

  5. Oh Ann what a delightful post! I am 2nd generation Italian and I can relate to many of the items in the post. What comes to mind is the one on sandwiches! In high school my husband always joked about the big meatball sandwiches his mom packed for him for lunch. We attended the same high school and my locker was in front of the cafeteria. It also had a steam pipe running through it. For that reason , he always put his lunch in my locker so his sandwich stayed nice & warm!! Such fond memories!

  6. Hello everyone, I just saw IL VOLO live by Barbara d’Urso on Channel 5.
    What, were sensational, funny, beautiful as the sun, witty, to sum overwhelming. Hopefully you’ll soon see you too.

    1. Grazie, Daniela, per questa informazione. Ho trovato il brano sul sito-web di Mediaset. Molto divertente!

      Thank-you, Daniela, for this information. I found the item on the Mediaset website. Very amusing!

  7. Thanks Ann for a delightful post! I am second generation Italian and I can relate to many of the posts. What comes to mind is the sandwiches. My husband & I attended the same high school & his mom always packed him delicious meatball grinders. My locker was very close to the cafeteria & it had a steam pipe running through it. He would leave his lunch there so it would be nice & warm at lunch time! Such fond memories!

  8. I fall into the category of “wanna be” Italian. Not an ounce of Italian, although my son-in-law is one half Italian. Does that count? I also love pasta and pizza. Does that help?

  9. Thanks for waking us up with this funny post.
    I received my CD yesterday but this morning was the first chance to listen to it while I was cleaning my “Cottage”. We moved in May to one story smaller house due to my husband’s health.
    Anyway I was cleaning, cooking and listening to the CD. During the more lively songs (arias) I did my mop dance sliding thru the floor. Unfortunately the soup was the victim of my iinattention and burned some. Saved enough for my husband.
    Ave Maria , Mater Misericordiae”

  10. Thank you. Ann for. Your. Sunday. Funnies. The. Italian. Ways. Are. So. Funny. Because. They. Are. So. True. Buon giorno

  11. Anne, That was a very cute video, thanks.
    Can anyone help me out today? I am trying to register on to the IlVolo official fan club site, but when they ask for my password, it doesn’t matter what password I put in, it won’t take it. It just keeps saying pick a password that you can change later!
    It does’nt tell you how many letter’s or numbers to put in, so I don’t know what they want. Has anybody else been successful at this?

    1. Jill, I enrolled in IL VOLO Official fan club, but actually I do not remember much of the carrying passage. I can tell you that my password is 6 letter lowercase. I remember, however, that it was necessary to have the card to proceed with the registration. You have a card?
      I hope I’ve been useful.

      1. Hello Penina, the card is a card which they deliver to those who joined the official fan club of IL VOLO. This card costs 19,90 € and with it you are entitled to a discount of 10% on the original objects of fan club. To see all this just entering the official website of IL VOLO.
        The best thing you can have with this card is that when they start pre-sales of tickets for concerts (in Italia) alert you via e-mail and they send you a code and by that you are eligible to book two tickets the day before that sales are open to the public, so you can acquire the best tickets but only one day before.

      2. Thanks Daniella. Does anyone know if the fan club card gives pre-order privileges for concerts in North America/South America or whether it is just for Italy?

      3. Penina fact, safe for the concerts in Italy so it works, I think it’s the same thing for America, but you can be certain by consulting their website.
        Just two hours ago, I received the email that provides me with the code to order tickets for the concerts of Ancona, Livorno, Arena (May 20) and Taormina, the code is valid until tomorrow at 15:00 (Italian time), from Tomorrow at 16:00 begins the sale to the public.

      4. Daniela, thank you so much for putting up with my questions! Now I have another one–what is the official fan club site?

        Penina, you are never entered on their official website? The address is the one that I put to you at the beginning. This is the official site of IL VOLO, this site is held by persons officially established by the boys of IL VOLO and their management. It is not a website like all other persons held by fans or who do so only out of passion (like Kelly, and Marie etc.). In this site you will find the official dates of the tour, the official online store of the articles of IL VOLO that can be sent around the world and among them also the card that entitles you to ticket pre-sales.
        Try to get on their site and maybe you will understand better what I’m talking about.
        the upper right corner you will find the British flag that gives you access to your language.
        On the site there is also a forum but it does not work very well.
        Let me know if you are successful. kisses

      6. Daniella I went to that site more than once and I do not see anywhere on there anything about a fan club.

      7. I see now–you have to go to the shop. But it doesn’t say anything about concerts…

      8. Thank you Daniella for your answers. FInallly–after three or four tries of putting in the exact same information it decided to accept my registration! I am glad I did not give up. Now I will have to hope it gives advance notice to card holders. Time will tell!

      9. Did you see what is the card? I have one, and with that I am entitled to the advance ticket sales. Unfortunately I can not make sure it’s the same in America. I can confirm that if you had had the card today would have sent you the email for tickets of the Italian tour, but I do not know anything if it works for the American tour. if you want to try to inform me.
        If you come in the official facebook of IL VOLO you’ll see that this morning warned the fans that have the card that would come the emails and this goes for all the fans of the world.

      10. Surely it will. I already have tickets to Verona, but I looked at the pre-sales of Taormina and saw that the best seats are already all been taken and the public sale begins tomorrow. Poor them, they will find little choice. If you purchased the card when you arrive you will have to activate it and then you’ll see that they will reach the mails for the concerts. A big hug.

  12. Anne, this is just great! 9 minute boys will be boys video…best 9 minutes of my day! Thank you!!

  13. I love the closeness of the Italian
    families. Thank you for the good
    laughs. The hugs and the food
    (Whether you are hungry or not)
    sounds outstanding and so tasty.
    The “guys” are so funny and I
    love to see them having fun.

  14. Daniela, Thank you for your help. They finally took my password, but then as you said I had to have the Pay Pal card, which I don’t have. When I applied for that, I had the same problem with a password. It would be so much easier with one of the major credit card’s, so for now I have left it alone, and maybe I will call Pay Pal later for advice.
    Grazie Mille

    1. To everyone who tried to get the card: it is not the most user friendly registration page to use. There is a lot of going back and forth to get registered. You also need PayPal which I already had so my advice is to get PayPal first then go to the il Volo site, register, sign on then click on shop. After you are finished shopping and want to pay click on the PayPal icon and it will take you directly to PayPal. Honestly if they would just take a credit card it would have been so much easier. Maker sure you click on the 🇬🇧 British flag for English on the Il Volo site. Have I really confused you now.? Sorry.

  15. Ann your comment entertaining,illuminating and cheerful too! Very exciting comparison of American and Italian kids.Central Europeans is probably more Italian way of life.We want to be with parents as long as possible,later visit often – similar writes about Daniela.
    I remember one photo from Ignazio´s home,where they met all the kin.Similar family reunions organized my parents in our home.I really miss them,it was a very happy days for everyone.
    Ann I thank you so much for remembering.Z.

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