Personal Projects/Honor: Piero and Houseteca


Neighbors and friends of Piero have created a museum in his honor in a room given to them at the Castle of Chiaramonte. 

I think one of the most special things about this undertaking is that this has been put together but the friends/neighbors, not professional curators, making it truly a labor of love for their neighbor and fellow citizen.



New released photos:

Official Facebook Page: Piero Barone HouseTeca Facebook



Photo Album: Inaugurazione “Piero Barone Houseteca”


Lillo Cremona
Lillo Cremona

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  1. oh wow! thanks Kelly. i saw this page before and wondered what it was. now i know it’s a museum in his honor, and created by friends and neighbors, out of love. how utterly wonderful!

  2. Thanks Kelly, it was really a very simple and familiar event, a close relationship between Piero and the inhabitants of Naro.
    His speech was very sweet, Piero makes no exceptions. He has earned this recognition.

  3. Thanks Kelly, so wonderful for the people of Naro to honor our sweetheart, Piero in this way! I rarely dream but dreamed about Piero last nite. Don’t remember much. I was with him in a house, he had his arm around me! That’s all I remember! He is such a love!

  4. He deserves everything he gets. I gave him a small “tapestry” of a Gtrrk temple with his red ghlasses over it. I put it in for his 21st birthday when I attended the concert at the Greek theater here in L.A. I would love to have it put in the castle. I wonder if he ever got i it. Joanie G

  5. If someone wants to know what Piero said in the speech, here is the translation.

    I have not prepared any speech, I would first like to thank everyone, I know how much affection and love try every day to us, thanks to the name of Ignazio and Gianluca. A few weeks ago I received a message with this idea of ​​Houseteca and the guys have told me “Piero, congratulations, you really love them Naro” guys, this affection really existed since the first day I opened my mouth to sing, not since 2009 but since i was really small as videos that are to be censured (they did see his videos as a baby before the speech). First let me start with thanks …….. then they asked me “who’s going to present the event” and I immediately said Massimiliano (his friend) because I want people to know what we did, that audition affection for me, showing me affection daily, even crossing 10 times a day in the car, a beep, this is something I’m proud lot.
    If you have followed me the last few days on social, the last month has been really stressful, we hit 18 cities in 21 days, 18 international flights, so very stressful what we do, very rewarding because the results are good, but the last photos I posted was that of Barcelona and my comment was “We just finished a promotional tour and back to where it all began, our home.” I would not be repetitive every time I take the microphone but that’s what I would say, never, never have I felt so comfortable in speaking with a microphone in hand, every time you find yourself in front of the audience, the excitement makes bad jokes, but I when I take the microphone here in Naro, in front of you, it is as I speak at home in front of my parents over dinner. In your eyes I see so much, so much affection, are people I see every day, people who come from outside, some faces I know them because I see them every now and then out of my house, they try (laughs). You should know that when pressed the doorbell of my house comes off the music, because I like to take a shower listening to music and then …. (between the public “know”, laughs).
    I wanted to say thank you, thank you so much, this estimate I really like, you have had this idea, I’m curious to see what you’ve done, should I worry? In these nights I wanted to try but I found the door locked, did not want me to come in, we’ll find out together. Then I wanted to thank a special person, I always do it, but not because I imposed but because I do it with my heart, as you know in the videos we saw a little while ago there was a person next to me, I think he is my mentor , I think the person guilty of all, it was he who discovered my voice and then the constancy of my father, he was the one to bring the sound system in here I’m sure, because it was cold outside, the one who always takes care of me. I wanted to thank my grandfather, for everything he does (applause). You should know that when I get back home you know how it works here in Naro, visiting all the relatives …. grandmother made me find the homemade honey, however, the embrace of my grandfather I think it’s the affection more great.
    I try to see it every day even though we do not feel for weeks sometimes, when I came back the first thing he said to me “you want me to die” because we are constantly on a plane. Every time I get on a plane, that I’ve never told anyone, I make the sign of the cross, because my grandmother, my grandfather Pietro’s wife, is the sweetest person in the world, and she told me one day were days when I was traveling so much, “I every day I look up and think, but where is my grandson ?, every time you take a plane made the sign of the cross, which means you think of me” and every time that the plane is about to take off, witnesses Ignazio and Gianluca, I make the sign of the cross.

    1. Grazie Daniela for translation, very simple,respectful, honest and friendly speech from Piero. 🙂 Yehuda Berg said :” Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble. ” I’m sure that Piero understands the importance of this statement and keeps the sense in his heart : “Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head.” said A. R. Rahman

      1. What beautiful words that you brought Lydka, and I think I know Piero make good use of the words.

    2. Thank you Daniela for this translation. It seems to be a great honor and so well deserved. Piero certainly speaks from his heart about his family, friends and Naro! He is an amazing young man in so many ways.

      1. Yes Margaret, Piero is a really good guy and I liked that he has appointed two times Ignazio and Gianluca, did not want to exclude them from the event, are truly united.

    3. Thank you so much Daniella for the great translation. It certainly nice to know what is being said. May I say to all of you lovely people, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND PRAY FOR WORLD PEACE. So very happy to have another day on this earth. It has been such a pleasure having all of you in my life. We have one common denominator which keep up connected and they are three beautiful YOUNGMEN. I don’t think they know how much joy they bring to the world and soul healing to some of us. Thank you all for allowing me to be part of this incredible site. For those of you who I met in Las Vegas during “IL VOLO” FAN FAIRE, I hope it will not be the last. I love you all. GOD BLESS and be safe.

      1. What beautiful words you had jacks, all of us are united by affection for these three young men who “spread love” in the words of a poem dedicated to them, and no matter if we are from different nations ………are setting the stage for a world of peace …….. wish it were that simple.

    4. oh, thank you sooooooooooooooooo very much, Daniela!
      finally i get to read this and i shall now look at this page more thoroughly….. baci 😉

  6. Daniela, thank you for the interpretation. He is such a sweet man, and deserves all of the accolade’s that he get’s.Maybe, he is the most humble of the three?
    Whenever he is praised for something he has done, he alway’s seem’s surprised!
    Are you reading this Marie?

  7. It is fine, I always read it two or three times to pick up more meaning. He gave a sweet and wonderful speech. You can tell that he really loves his family. A wonderful thing!!

  8. Thank you Daniela so much for translating Piero’s speech.What a great day that was for him and the humility and affection he showed towards everyone there is a testament to the amazing man he is. He is just awesome.

    1. Luchylady, what about the relationship Piero has with his grandfather? I believe that every grandparent wants a so affectionate nephew and who is not ashamed to admit his love in front of others. Bravo Piero.

    1. This special room in the castle in Naro…. such a touching honor for their ‘hometown boy’ ! Wow. (You would make a really good Reference Librarian or Researcher, Lydka! Thank you for donating your spare time to add to the fun and surprise of discoveries and knowledge provided for us all on this special website. XOX ( new ‘update’ re/ that uncooperative email is back on “Germany” post for Ye.) 😅😎🐬

    2. OH ! how heartwarming! their Beloved Naro Boy…. ‘OUR’ Beloved Naro Boy.
      thanks much Lydka 🙂

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