12 thoughts on “Lei Parla Italiano?”

  1. I always enjoy watching this video. I took three years of French in high school but am now learning Italian. I find it similar to French as it is also one of the romance languages. Understanding all of the interviews with Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and also comprehending the written word is my aim in doing this. I’m doing pretty well so far. I just wish the Italians would slow down a bit when they speak. They talk so fast! Maybe I just need to go live in Italy for a year….doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me!

    1. Pitterpat0, very good, but I laughed when I read what you wrote because I think exactly the same thing, but because Americans speak so fast I can not understand !!

      1. I never thought of it the other way around, Daniela! I even think some of the young American girls I know talk too fast!

  2. I am “PROFICIENT” In Italian. That is why I sit thru a long interview or RA! TV shows all in Italian and at the end feel like I knew what they where talking about. THAT IS TRUE DEVOTION to our boys.
    We need to have someone start another “LEARN SIMPLE ITALIAN” Words or phrases. Marie another project for you to work on.

    1. Fortunately I’m already fluent in Spanish, so studying Italian these past 6 years hasn’t been a too difficult for me. I enjoy watching the interviews in Spanish and Italian as well as in English. I’m amazed at the progress they’ve made in their acquisition of Spanish and English. The old adage “Practice makes perfect” is true in their case.

    2. I have discovered a totally free language website called Duolingo where you can learn any number of different languages! Check it out! My sister is using it to re-learn French.

      1. Patrizia thank you very much for the tip on DUOLINGO.I just discovered that I can log in even in our country.In our language courses are very expensive and for many people not available.I espouse in English and Italian.You are too much of amp advised us,for me it ´s also a beautiful gift for Christmas.I wish you success in learning and during a meeting with the boys!

  3. I am also learning Italian with Duolino and am so pleased when I can understand
    even one word when they speak, although reading is easier. Luckily I speak
    French otherwise I think it must be very difficult if you only know English.

  4. In Italian the sound of “gn” is the same as “gn” in french, the “Ñ” in Spanish, and “nh” in portugese. Examples of “gn” Lasagna, champagna, compangnia and cagna.

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