Patricia Found Them Too!

Here is another “Finding IL Volo” story we love to read.  This one was a comment on Patrizia Ciara’s post on 12/13.   This Patricia (pitterpatO) has kindly given her permission to re-post it here.  When I asked permission she said…

  I don’t mind at all if you would re-post what I said about “the boys”. I thought there for a while that I was crazy being affected by them so much. But when I discovered the Flight Crew I knew that I was OK!   I, like a lot of you, really can’t express my feelings to many others because they just don’t get it. I just had another friend this weekend say, “You’re really obsessed with these guys, aren’t you?”  So I have to try really hard to “curb my enthusiasm” most of the time. Sheesh people, c’mon, I’m not stalking them or anything. LOL  I just love hearing a man that can sing. My late husband, bless his heart, couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. But he was pretty much perfect in every other way.

 My choir and I went to Rome in 2007 right after Christmas and we sang at St. Peter’s twice, once for the Pope at the New Year’s Day Mass and the third time we sang was at St. Mary Major. I partied in the New Year on the Spanish Steps! Oh my Lord we had a blast! I want to go back so badly….I will one of these days. I loved Italy. I am even learning Italian so if I go back I’ll be able to speak it. I also want to be able to understand the guy’s interviews I’m listening to. It’s fun!


Her re-post:

Oh my! Thank you Marie for posting this & Patrizia your article put into words what I, and apparently everyone here, feel about “the boys”. Your words express everything I have thought and felt but never dared put it into words to anyone.

I discovered Il Volo this summer while watching a live Periscope from Rome by the Italian movie director and actor, Giulio Base. He was playing their CD in his car as he drove around Rome. Everyone was asking him WHO was singing! He showed us the Il Volo Takes Flight CD. I rushed to my local library and got a copy. After listening to Il Mondo for the first time I had tears in my eyes and I was lost in their music. How can a thing like this happen? And so amazingly fast?
Four years ago I also lost my husband of 28 years to cancer. After that my joy was gone because he was truly my “Grande Amore”. Music has always been a big part of my life as I have sung in many school choirs and church choirs. But after my husband’s passing I didn’t feel like singing anywhere except my choir. I always used to sing to the radio while driving, but for 3 years I just couldn’t do it. Since discovering Il Volo and their music, my soul has been stirred back to life again! I play their music when I drive to work and through the day when I can. And I listen to them before I go to sleep. I also have to say that no group has ever affected me like this before. They have made me smile, brought me to tears and “taken me to that other place”!
I think what impresses me the most about Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero is not just their wonderful voices and obvious good looks, but their genuine personalities, their passion, humbleness and caring for each other, their families and their fans. They truly are three voices, but one soul.
So this “obsessed” woman will take her sister, her good friend and her daughter-in-law to Chicago in March to see the boys in concert and to the Meet & Greet afterward. Then a week later my sis and I will go to Las Vegas to see them again. I totally intend to overdose on Il Volo for those two weekends! I cannot wait!
~ Patricia


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  1. Another IL Volo “miracle”. Another person brought back from sadness. Another fan for life.
    Thank you Patricia for sharing your lovely story with us. Many of us carry similar stories in our hearts.
    You will so enjoy their amazing concerts!

  2. Thank you for the repost. We all have our memories of how we first heard these three handsome talented guys. But, for me in retrospect , I never knew there was a void in my life until they filled it. I still couldn’t tell you what was missing but IL Volo
    certainly made my life much more blessed each day with their gorgeous singing. And through falling in love with those voices enhanced a friendship with my IL Volo “twin” Jan and of course Flight Crew posts to give me current access to them on a daily basis. Thank you all.

  3. They just get into your heart it is hard to explain just love them. I will see them I will see them and do meet and greet in Philadelphia

  4. Patricia Thanks for letting us know your story. The more we know and learn that so many of us have had similar stories of pain and loneliness and because of these rumors have been a help to overcome the sadness.
    So the Volo is a medicine? is the medium that makes you discover the many friendships that you never thought, you are not alone, and what better meeting place of this site?
    For some of you this year will be the year of the first concert, they will not disappoint.
    AUGURI A TUTTI for a full year of peace, friendship, health …. and VOLO.

    1. Daniela, thank you so much for contributing to this site. You have brought to us a glimpse into Italy & the perspective of an Italian ILVOLOVER. I think IL VOLO is like a medicine for the soul. I believe God’s hand was in their conception as a trio, because he knew the world would need them to spread love, generosity, & humility through their music & their example to young people, & to all of us.

      1. Thanks Lynn, you are very dear. In fact some things here in Italy are perceived differently, especially when it comes to our guys.
        Sometimes it seems to come and breathe fresh air, when I read on this site.
        I think they are a good example for today’s youth.

  5. Patricia, thank you for sharing your story. You are among friends and soulmates here! Last March I saw the boys in Dallas and a week later in Las Vegas. My friends and family, like yours, think I am crazy. They just don’t get it. There are just so many of us whose “void” has been filled by Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca and their divinely inspired music and the sharing in their families and lives. Who would have thought that three very talented young boys could have been put in the same place at the same time to be brought together by providence to fill a void in the world? God has blessed us all with this trio! I wish us all a wonderful, Il Volo filled New Year!

  6. Thank you Patricia and everyone else for sharing their similar stories of how much Il Volo has enriched their lives not just with their beautiful voices, but also with their warmth, love, joy and kindness! There is no one quite like them and I have always felt God put them together at the same time and place for a very special reason. Best wishes to all for a healthy New Year filled with love, peace and joy!

  7. Thank you, Patricia, for sharing your Il Volo discovery story! One day I may muster up the courage to tell mine, but for now, I just love knowing that their magic is lifting up others like it has me! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! God Bless! <3

  8. I am counting the day till I see IL Volo in person for the first time March 14th, I hope I am close to see their smiles etc

  9. Patricia, I also have a similar story like yours. My friends also think I have a screw loose. I will be at the concert in L.A. in March . It is a gift to me for my 88th birthday. I will wear my flight crew badge so hope I will see some from this site. Happy New Year friends.Joanie G

      1. Marie, please, enter also the Italian dates, so find out which of you is here.

  10. Hey there Patricia welcome to the Flight Crew where we all know exactly what you mean no explanations required. Your story was so touching and real I am so excited for you being able to see them this year a nd mee tthis troo you are in for a wonderful experience I don’t think you;ll ever be the same again. IN a good way of course.

  11. Hi Patricia, thank you for your story, we all understand you completely. Ilvolotherapy is a real, strong and powerful medicine. These wonderful guys give us so much happiness

  12. Thank you, Marie for reposting Patrizia’s story. And thank you, Patrizia for sharing it with us. Finding the Flight Crew is truly a blessing for all of us that have found it. Here we are assured that we are indeed not crazy, or at least, if we are crazy, there are so many people who feel the same way we do about our 3 beautiful angels, IL VOLO. Thank you, Marie, for running the asylum for all of us crazy ILVOLOVERS. Thanks also to all who administer & contribute to this site.
    2016 had a high point & one very low point for me. On March 14, 2016, My Mama, husband (Ron), & my sister Carrie were privileged to see IL VOLO in concert in New Orleans, not very far from my home. This was the high point, of course. Mama & I had center seats in the first row behind the orchestra pit, so we were able to see “Our Boys” very well. We also met them at the Meet & Greet session after the concert. It was very important to me to share this event with Mama, since she was the one who “discovered” IL VOLO in October 2011, on their second appearance on “The Talk”. She then asked for their first CD for a Christmas present, so I had to see for myself who these guys were that had captivated Mama so much. After hearing & seeing them for myself on you-tube, I was hooked. I bought 2 of those CD’s that Christmas, one for Mama & one for me. I later thanked Mama for the gift of IL VOLO, because I became a super fan of them, even more so than she was. Mama was the only one in my family that I could share my love for IL VOLO with after that, until much later when Carrie became interested in them.
    The very low point this year came when doctors discovered after Thanksgiving that Mama had a very advanced stage of pancreatic cancer. She had not been feeling well for about a week, so we took her to the hospital, where a CAT scan found the cancer. We were told she had about 3 months, so we tried to spend as much time with her as possible. On December 4th, “Notte Magica” was on our local PBS station, so I made sure she would get to watch it. She really enjoyed it, & even asked one of my sisters to order the CD from PBS for her. Mama’s 87th birthday was later that week & she died the day after that. I miss her so very much. She was a great mother to me & my 4 younger sisters. She taught me many things & gave me so many wonderful gifts in my life. One of those gifts was the music of 3 gorgeous young men, 3 voices with one soul, who now bring me some consolation in my grief over the greatest loss I have ever suffered. I am happy that I was able to give her the gift of the IL VOLO concert & that we enjoyed it together. It is one of the happy memories of her that I will always cherish.
    I hope & pray that 2017 will be good year for all of us. I pray that God will help researchers to find a cure for all cancers very soon. I pray that He will send healing to all people who are suffering ailments in mind or body, and help to end violence & turmoil all over the world. My son is a police officer, so I especially pray that God will protect all law enforcement officers & our soldiers who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. On a lighter note, I hope that IL VOLO will again schedule a concert near my home, and/or that I will be able to attend the next Flight Crew convention. I would so love to meet all you ILVOLOVERS to share our love of “our Boys” in my Mama’s memory. Felice Anno Nuovo a tutti- Happy New Year everyone.

    1. Lynn, what a beautiful story. It made me cry and smile. I, many times, have said to my sister’s how much our mom would have loved our Boys. She would have been over the moon for Gianluca! Ill bet she is attending their concerts…Sitting in the good seats!

    2. Lynn, your writing has touched me so much, it seems your dear mother making you passionate about IL VOLO has shown you the way by which withstand, in the saddest moments that will be, the pain of his loss.
      I have discovered the flight, exactly on the day of the first anniversary of the death of my mother, that you can understand how I miss her so much.
      I’m sure that she would have liked very much, especially some songs and arias of opera that she knew very well.
      I wish that the new year will bring a lot of serenity, here you have many friends you can rely on.
      A hug

      1. Daniela, mom is person that misses everyone, who lost her…My mom absolutely understands you,this period is always sad for her, Christmas in our family are not happy, because grandma died after Christmas and had funeral before New Year’s Eve…Since then, mom does not like Christmas and end of year..reminds her all memories.Time heals wounds, but nothing will never be the same again…. Mama is only one, her embrace, her proximity is missing forever…My grandma didn’t know Il Volo,but I am sure, that she would love them, if she’d lived. My mom sincerely greets you.We are sure, that your mom is always with you, as your angel, who guards you. Daniela, have a beautiful day ! ❤

  13. same for me – couldn’t cry at all – even at Hubby;s funeral . Finally a year later having heard Il Volo for the first time Xmas 2014 and hearing ‘ The Clock ‘ El Reloq and ‘Romantica ‘- the tears finally flowed !

  14. Lynn, I’m sorry about your Mama,my brother passed away from Pancreatic cancer the same year as her.
    I made my sister-in-law aware of Il Volo, and she now listen’s to them. She and my brother both liked their genre of music, and were fan’s of the three tenor’s. My sister-in-law lives in Australia, and is looking forward to seeing the guy’s toward’s the end of 2017 in concert there. I’m sure that your Mama still enjoy’s their music, and will be right there with you at any one of their concert’s that you attend!

    1. I feel the same way Patricia feels. I cannot express what I am feeling when I hear the guys sing. I saw them for the first time last March in Ft. Myers, Florida and was very much impressed. It is hard to explain but you took the words right out of my mouth. I can’t wait till March 30th to see them again in Tampa.
      Alice in Florida

  15. May the New Year give you the strength to face the challenges of life
    courage to adjust the sail so as to take every situation to your stride.
    May the sunshine of happiness always shine above you.
    May the dove of peace rest over you and live in your home.
    May the dense forest of love surround you all year round.
    Every end marks a new beginning.
    Keep your spirits and determination unshaken,
    And you shall always walk the glory road.
    With courage, faith and great effort,
    you shall achieve everything you desire. 🙂
    Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book.
    Write a good one.
    I wish you a very Happy New Year 2017. 🌟🎉 🍾 💕 ❤

  16. Once again, I am brought to both laughter and tears on this site.
    Thank you, Marie and Kelly, and all the contributing writers. Thank you, Lydka, for your beautiful wish for us all for the New Year. Daniela, it is good to have you with us.
    My condolences for all who have lost someone. I know personally that listening to Il Volo can help in those hard times.
    I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

  17. Thank you Lydka & wish the same to you also wish best wishes for a happy & prosperous 2017 for everyone this site

    Also for our precious young il Volo men I hope 2017 is the best year ever for you & all desires are answered

  18. Wow! Thank you all for your comments, welcoming words and stories! I feel at home here with all of you! Thanks to all who maintain this site and give all ILVOLOVERS a place to openly express our thoughts. May God bless and protect each and every one of us and “the boys” in this new year of 2017! Buon Anno!

  19. Wow! Thank you all for your comments, welcoming words and stories! I feel at home here with all of you! Thanks to all who maintain this site and give all ILVOLOVERS a place to openly express our thoughts. May God bless and protect each and every one of us and “the boys” in this new year of 2017! Buon Anno!

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