Monte Carlo ~ Lydka

On December 31, 2016 people and happy fans in Monte Carlo celebrated New Year’s Eve with  Il Volo at the Salle des Etoiles.


21 thoughts on “Monte Carlo ~ Lydka”

    1. Dorothy,wishing you a happy new year full of health, happiness , joy, luck, love and blessings. 🍀 <3

  1. Grazie Lydka, I had seen the video of Grande Amore with Gianluca interacting with people and I wanted to show it to my friend, but I do not find anymore.
    Now I’ve already shared.

    1. Daniela, you are welcome, was my pleasure ! Hope you had good start to the new year. Have a wonderful evening and successful week. 🍀

  2. You are doing a great job keeping us informed. You seem to be able to find so many videos of each event.

    1. Gina, thank you for the compliment ! May this new year add a burst of colors and fragrance into your life just like a new blooming flower! Have a beautiful week ! 🍀

  3. Thank you Lydka for all the great videos. It looks like they loved Il Volo and everyone had a great time!

    1. Margaret, surely, concert was successful and I think we’d all like to be there. 🙂 Have a wonderful day full of joy! 🍀

    1. Lydka: I just watched everything today, since I had not been home. You had all my very favorites here to listen to!!! Thanks so much for all you are doing! Great job. I will “speak” to you later. Much love to you and “Mom.” God Bless

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