Jana & Lorna’s Italian Adventure – July 4 – Verona!


Ciao!  Yes, it’s been a little while since my last story of adventure…but I continue!

Ah, Venice Mestre train station. This was our shortest train ride, only about an hour or so to Verona from Venice. We got to the train station very early, since we were only about 10 minutes away. We got there in plenty of time before our departure of 8:32am. We were able 20160704_073915to have a leisurely breakfast and scout out our train track. The Venice train station was not quite as sophisticated as Florence, so we knew we had to go down and up again to find our train. We looked on the schedule, but could not see our train. There were three trains to Verona, but none that left at our exact time. That seemed strange. So, we made our best guestimate and chose the one track. I was still a bit skeptical, but the time was the closest. I was able to ask a lady, in Italian, and she seemed to think we were on the wrong one, we needed to be a few tracks over and the schedule was on the posted sign. I think it was like a regular commuter train, so it didn’t have a special departure scheduled, which is why it wasn’t posted. I went back to Lorna and we discussed it. It kind of made sense, but we stayed where we were anyway. Ok, here comes our train. We get on where we think our car is, but when we boarded, there were no seat numbers on the seats. We had first class tickets with assigned seating! I said aloud, in English, “But there are no numbers on the seats?” A nice, young lady heard me speaking in English and said, “You are on the wrong train!” “What? Dove?,” I said, and showed her our tickets. She pointed to the other track, same track the other lady told us. I looked at my phone – it was 8:27a! We literally had 5 minutes to get down and back up again, and make it to the other train. We literally FLEW off that train and a nice Italian gentleman hefted our suitcases up the long flight of stairs to the other side. We were literally walking/running as fast as we could toward our train. The conductor saw us and asked if we were on this train, we said yes. We started to get on and he said, no, other car. Then he changed his mind and said to go ahead, and we could walk from there. We literally no sooner got on the train and it took off! It was the last train to Verona for that day! Yes, we almost missed the Verona concert! Ok, “dove” the prosecco that morning!


We made it to the Verona train station – again, similar to Venice, we had to once again go down the closet sized elevator and up the other side. Another long wait for the taxi, but we made it. When we got there, it was still quite early and check-in wasn’t until much later in the afternoon. So, we were able to stow our bags in the reception area. The concierge gave 1-veorna-fus a map of the city and we took off, map and Google Maps in hand on our way to find out where the Arena di Verona was. Looked like it was in walking distance from the hotel, so we set off. It reminded me of “following the yellow brick road” except it was a wide 1-verona-gasphalt running/walking path to the main part of the city. We quickly got off the map we were sort of following and I gave up and got out Google again. We got turned around a few times, but I figured it out. On the way to the Arena, Lorna stopped in a shoe shop and bought these really cool flowered tennis shoes. The sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds and it looked like it might rain. When we neared the Arena, the sun finally decided it was going to stick around.20160704_115104 I took a few pictures as we were in the surroundings of the arena with a plethora of outdoor restaurants/cafes to choose from for lunch. We had worked up quite the appetite by then.


We walked to the arena to see exactly where it was and where the entrances were. After that, we perused the various restaurants and picked out a table. It ended up being a 20160704_121205beautiful afternoon and we splurged on our lunch that day. Lorna had some kind of pasta with seafood. I had a Caprese salad and a pizza and we even had a bottle of Moscato.1-verona-a It was a very leisurely lunch and we just chatted and relaxed and wondered where the guys might be? We finally decided it was time to go. On our way, we passed by this one hotel and there were a herd of girls standing outside. Ok, this must be the place! Lol! Yes, apparently the guys were staying at the hotel aptly called “The Gentleman of Verona.” No, we never saw them, although we strolled by and asked the girls if this was where Il Volo was. Of course they said yes. We kept walking and continued our tour of the city, with the sun playing more peek-a-boo with the clouds. With my faithful companion of Google Maps, we took the long way around, but thankfully made it back to the hotel. It was 1-verona-elate enough by then, so we could check in. Another small elevator, but at least we both fit. We got to our room and it was very nice. The sun decided it was going to stay out at last. We had a tiny, enclosed, little balcony with a window you could open. The view from our room was gorgeous and amazing. You could see over the entire city. Took some more pictures and then we decided to relax a little. We took a nap and decided we’d get ready and take a cab to the Arena. I was still trying to hook up with Betty, but we kept missing each other! When we got downstairs we asked the concierge to call us a cab again, to the Arena. She said had just called one for 2 other ladies and maybe we could 1-verona-bshare it? We thought that would be nice, so we went outside and communicated roughly in Italian, and asked if they were going to Il Volo also and could we share the cab. They said yes. We got in and was happily expecting to share the cab fare and they paid the whole thing! Such nice Italian hospitality! We were still a bit full from lunch, but decided we should eat something. So, we went back to the same restaurant where we had lunch. However, we just ordered dessert. Lorna had Tiramisu and espresso, and I had chocolate torte cake. We also ordered another bottle of Moscato. The cake was good, although a bit on the dry side. As previously mentioned, Lorna graciously let me have the 2nd row seat…but as we were sitting at our table, we were watching the crowd get in line – it was over an hour before the concert started.1-verona-c People were everywhere! It was kind of crazy. We knew we had assigned seats, so we thought we’d just sit and watch everyone instead. We finally gave up and decided to fight our way through the crowds. Lorna went first, as she went through a different entrance. I paid the bill and ventured on to the other side of the Arena. I showed my ticket and they let me in. I bought a few souvenir t-shirts and scarves and found my way to the 2nd row seat. My new friends Veronica, Laura, and Daniela, arrived about 15 minutes later. This was exciting. Before the concert began, we heard the orchestra warming up “Per Te Ci Saro” was playing! Oh, yes, I was finally going to hear them sing it live! Since I reviewed the concert already, a few days after it happened, I won’t go into detail again. Yes, you are welcome. Lol! But a quick recap of starting with “Per Te Ci 20160704_213618-1Saro” and ending with their usual 2 of “Surrender” and “Grande Amore” it was pretty awesome. And I swear it happened just that quickly. Again, I was quite surprised they did the Godfather routine…


Part of my mission to the Verona concert was to take a few little presents to 2 friends of Sharon’s. They were sitting in the front row, but on the other side. Unfortunately, security would not let me leave my seat, even though it was just a row up. Fortunately, I was able to text her and Veronica communicated in Italian 1-verona-3of my plight. Luckily, we were able to connect after the concert. Lorna and I also quickly met up afterward and Veronica took our pictures. We then made our way to the taxi line and got back to our hotel. I was determined I did not want to forget a thing, so I stayed up til about 2am finishing my post! Was the shortest night on1-verona-d record.   We had to be at the train station very early, as we had a 7a train to Rome and it was a 3-hour trip. After what I believe was about a 3-4 hour “nap” I dragged myself out of bed about 5:30a to take a shower and we were out of there. Again, missing breakfast at the hotel!  Next stop – Roma and the Adriatic Sea!

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  1. An Uber would have cost a lot! getting to Verona – in time! Wow! 😅👏👍🏻 Can’t imagine your “disperato” and breaking the land speed record! Whew. Congrats!!! 😅

  2. An Uber would have been expensive I am certain! 😅 But Can’t imagine your “despirato” getting to the train! Wow. And on time!!!! 👍🏻🙏👏👌😍

      1. I May 19 and will be in the 3rd row. Immediately after the concert we meet with all of the crew members present.

    1. Row 19 is about half-way – they will probably have the screens again. Might be able to get a few pics if you have a zoom on your camera. It will be awesome no matter what!

  3. Wow what an adventure, almost you were at the concert.
    I’m glad you enjoyed Verona, it made me laugh when you describe that people were everywhere, a crowd here is always so, all arrive before and everyone wants to be the first even though we are numbered tickets.
    Damn you were right in front of The Gentleman of Verona, just where the boys were staying !!
    Of course, a completely different concert from Florence, here you will have been able to let loose a little more, the songs were more pop.
    Now we wait to hear the stories from the Adriatic coast.

    1. We did have plenty of time if we had to get there another way, but would have been costly! Yes, I enjoyed singing along to what I could!

  4. Jana, we too will be taking the train from Venice to Verona for the concert on May 19th. Do we need to buy tickets in advance or can we buy at the station? Also are there multiple trains running during the day?

    1. All depends, I guess. Not sure about buying tickets at the station. I bought mine ahead because it is cheaper. Many trains in the morning, which is what you want. We did have the last one. I booked first class tickets. They really are not that expensive though. This was the cheapest one and price is for (2) tickets: only $59.00
      Train Number: 9710
      From: Venezia Mestre
      To: Verona Porta Nuova
      Departure Date: 04 Jul 2016 08:32
      Arrival Date: 04 Jul 2016 09:30

      Oddly, our train from Florence to Venice was the most expensive at $115 for the (2) tickets. Verona to Rome was only $94 for (2) tickets.

      This was through Italiarail.com and on what is considered the “fast trains.” I bought all my tickets ahead of time, charged them, and had no issues – except almost missing this one! Lol!

  5. Jana, I love your story. I can picture exactly that train scenario! You girls did good getting yourselves from point A to B with your maps and Google. Such a fun adventure. That concert must have been awesome. To see them sing in their own country would be the ultimate! 🙂 Looking forward to your next story!

    1. yes, it was pretty awesome – twice! 🙂 You and Marie had a fab time also though and got to visit Sicily! Italy has sure gotten a boon in their travel/tourism industry, thanks to Il Volo!

  6. I totally enjoyed your detailed narration Jana !!! What an exciting trip you and Lorna had !! Finally being able to experience the L’Arena Di Verona and see our guys performing there is a dream come true !! I am excited beyond words that will be going to the Verona concert May 20th !! We have to take the train from Liviorno (going to the concert there too !!) to Verona !!! Hope we don’t end up I another country !! LOL !!! Where did you stay in Verona and how far was it from the arena ? I can’t wait to read the rest if your amazing adventure !!!!

    1. Joanie – we stayed at Porto Palio – info below:
      LOCATION: our Hotel is a 5-minute walk from access to the historic center and a 20-minute walk from the Arena.
      Booking our Hotel you have accepted a compromise: a short walk for a lower price! We are confident you will appreciate the many benefits of your choice!
      Look up and print our map:

      Might have been longer than a 20 minute walk, but we did get a little lost. There are hotels that are closer, of course, but my main goal was to be close to the train stations, which worked out well for us. Especially if you have an early train and it is easier to navigate on the outskirts of the city than in the heart of the city for vehicles. 🙂

      Thank you – yes, I don’t think anything will be able to top that trip, or the awesome year I had last year. 2016 will definitely be the best year I’ve ever had.

      Yes, just be sure you get on the right train and it says you leave at the time your ticket does – they don’t mess around! And if not, be sure you know and understand enough Italian to ask someone if you are on the right train! 🙂 Many lessons learned on that trip!

    2. not sure why link did not come through:

      Hotel Porta Palio 3-star hotel
      Offering free outdoor parking and free Wi-Fi, Hotel Porta Palio is located a 15-minute walk from Verona Porta Nuova Train Station, and 20 minutes’ walk from the Arena. A bar and a garden are available on site.

      The soundproofed and air-conditioned rooms at the Porta Palio Hotel have a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. Some rooms overlook a canal.

      Guests can enjoy a relaxing meal in the Trattoria ai Bastioni restaurant, located in the same building and specialising in traditional Verona dishes and pizza. Guests who eat at the restaurant will also benefit from a free shuttle service to/from Verona centre and Arena. (this free shuttle is only for the opera/opera season, not for concerts and the restaurant was closed when we were there – just fyi)

      Viale Colonnello Galliano 21, Borgo Milano – Stadio, 37138 Verona, Italy

  7. Thanks Jana for sharing more of your trip. It must have been great to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca perrform in Italy, especially the beautiful arena in Verona. My husband and I were there a few years ago and thought it was pretty spectacular even from the outside. I’m very impressed by how much you and Lorna and others do on their own in Italy!

  8. Thank you for this great information Jana !! I will look up the hotel and train stations in each city we will be in !!! We will want to be close to the stations too !!

  9. Jana you are a very skilful and courageous girl.I´d had the courage to travel to another continent without Travel Agency.
    Your narration is very interesting ad I wish you a successful year just for you,how was the year 2016.

    1. Is there going too be a meet & greet at verona does anyone know.as I can’t find anything..much love.x

      1. Oh well.just have too make a run on stage for a selfie haha..thank you for replying. X

      2. Hi all il volo fans.
        This may seem a real odd question. But is anyone on instergram.if so have you seen the mad woman who is stating gian & piero are gay. Can’t believe some off the things she has put.😕

      3. Hi all.just a thought. How about those people going too verona on the 19th.does anyone fancy meeting up before the concert for a drink and a chat.be lovely too meet fellow il volo fans..x

  10. Hi all.hope everyone is well.
    Just a quick question is it better too just take a few euro and change the rest in italy?. Or is it better too just change all my money before I go..x

    1. Hi, wanted to respond quickly to you!

      I think we each took 500 euros with us and had just a few leftover when we left.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to email me directly at jvandela524@gmail.com.


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