~A Translation From Lydka~

Video Brisant, ARD Mediathek, short reportage with Il Volo – airport, Christmas market and ice skating-rink (December 22,2016)

or whole episode  of Brisant on Youtube, Il Volo starts at 24:50 and ends 29:17 ⇒ https://youtu.be/NrrnsibT_ps

I learned German at school , but it was a second foreign language (first was English), so teachers took it “in free mode”, so we did not learn a lot.  I think I forgot  almost everything, I am not in contact with this language for several years, so now my abilities in German language are really not good, but I try to write some words about video. 

The moderator spoke about that was special connection for 3 Italian Tenors to be on stage with Placido Domingo and we can see how will be their figures on ice, if  they  will be so good as they are on stage.  In video they said what means  Il Volo – The Flight and said that they came from Garmisch and then will go to Rome. The name suits them and always have a lot of luggage. They travel many months during year, and  visit countries with different climates, with warm weather, then cold. They still have with them different kinds of clothes from sweaters over swimsuit, that is very funny. The moderator said that they need also tuxedo to have with them, because they cannot sing Granada in jeans.  Their life is stressful so need entertainment and sense of humor, so they often laugh. The boys learned some funny words in German, such as I love potatoes. Germans, and especially women love them, in summer they had concert in Florence where Placido Domingo was conducting orchestra. It was a tribute to three tenors  who were big role models for Il Volo. To stand on stage with Placido Domingo, sing these old beautiful songs and arias was great for them and they’ll never forget on it in their whole life. One Christmas market saleswoman wanted to hear them sing Grande Amore for her. In video was mentioned that last year they ended on third place on Eurovision. Moderator said that they can sing both opera and also pop, but he asked if they can also skating on ice ? Two of the three have  tried (Piero and Ignazio) it, they didn’t miss the fun. Ignazio said that he is for the third time on ice, but I am bad, I do not know it. Piero after five minutes, was like a pro, he said it was for first time for me but I am good. They then returned to the Christmas market and had chocolate bananas. They spoke that they will be on Christmas at home only on one day, they love to be with their families and stay with people they love.  At the end moderator said, young fly to Rome and leave us with potatoes and cold alone.   

So I hope, I helped you to understand little bit this video. 🙂   Auf Wiedersehen ! – Goodbye !

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    1. Marie, thanks, but I really forgot a lot of things. Sometimes I think it would be good to start learning Italian or Spanish language, but I haven’t time and I am little bit lazy. 😀

    2. As you expected MArie,, yesterday I got tickets to see I’ll Volo in Easton. It is a beautiful, old theatre and a great place to see I’ll Volo. I will either be going with my husband or with my son.

    1. Anne, I have no doubt, that you are looking forward to the concert, it will be surely wonderful experience. Have a nice day ! 🙂

    1. Loretta,unfortunately now I don’t know to speak German or write. I’m able to understand only something what is spoken or written, but not everything, however , I am glad that I was helpful in this case. Have a great day ! 🙂

  1. Lydka, it was perfect! I speak only one language, and when in the presence of the guys, I didn’t even do well with that!! Thanks! <3 <3 <3

    1. Dorothy, it is natural that I understand quite well other Slavic languages, because they are similar, mainly I understand the Czech language without any problems, English and a little bit German. But I certainly would like to have better language skills, maybe in the future will decide to learn new language. Have very nice day ! <3

  2. Beautiful this interview, always cheerful and willing our guys.
    And nice to see them like that, without thinking, like many guys their age.
    Thanks Lydka for translation.

    1. Daniela, this interview is really nice and in a very relaxed mood, so I am happy that I was able to translate it for you.
      I wish you “buonasera e una buona cena ” . 🙂

  3. Many thanks for this translation Lydka. I think you did very well! If only I was able to understand the Italian language the same way as you know the German Language! Every day I spent some time learning Italian, but it is such a difficult language! It is going to take a looong time before I will be able to follow Il Volo when they do an interview in Italian.

    1. Ineke, do not give up, I believe that certainly once you will understand the Italian interviews with boys. 🙂 When we are older, so it takes longer time to learn good foreign language. Everything wants time and patience. I wish you a lot of enthusiasm, energy and pleasure to continue learning Italian. Have a beautiful day !

      1. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Time I have, but patience not!
        It is bed time for me, 11pm in South Africa. A big hug from me to you.

    2. Ineke, is not it, the Italian is not difficult, certainly understand while one speaks is not easy, the same thing is also for me as Lydka says, if you see it written you understand.
      When I met Marie and Jane, I immediately said “spoken very slowly and enunciating the words otherwise I do not understand.”
      Now I write a short Italian phrase.

      Ineke non ti arrendere, vedrai che continuando ad esercitarti parlerai benissimo con Piero Gianluca e Ignazio. Un grosso abbraccio dall’Italia.

      1. Daniela, I’m not used to talk in English, and in speaking I am nervous, always have the jitters and worries that I forget words. When I write , I have enough time to thinking about what I want to say, so I feel more comfortable.Spoken communication is faster and I feel that I can not think fast in foreign language. 🙂

      2. Ciao Daniela, I only understood one third of the Italian part of your message, so I had to use the Bing translator. It frustrates me that I find it so hard!! Being Dutch I can only follow a bit of German and having been married for 43 years to an English speaking South African man, English and Afrikaans is also OK for me. So Daniela, your language is meraviglioso (love that word and also the song), but I find it very difficult, maybe I am too impatient. Also a big hug back to you from a very hot South Africa.

      3. Ineke, una terza parte è sempre meglio di niente. Insisti e sarai premiato. Un bacio.

        Lydka I did English only two years in school and it happened more than 40 years ago and I’ve never practiced but when I met Jane Marie and I had to do and we understand and I enjoyed it. But I must tell you that for me German is very difficult, I do not think I could learn it.
        I wish you a good evening. A hug.

      1. Marie when I read your list of people going to their concerts, I think with fondness back to when my name was also on that list!! Now the only way I will be able to repeat that wonderful experience is to win the Lotto!!!.

  4. Thank you Lydka for the video and translation. Those of us who only speak one language appreciate people like you! I am starting to understand a few things now in Italian when I see it written. Hopefully following I’ll Volo, I will get better.

  5. Thank you Lydka for the translation! The guys were actually speaking English so I could hear bits and pieces of what they were saying but not a lot of it. I am also trying to learn Italian so I can understand the guys and interviewers when they speak it. But I have to agree that seeing the written words are easier to figure out!

    1. pitterpat0, I have learned the meaning of some Italian words and sometimes a little understand what they are talking, in articles in Italian language I use the help of dictionary and internet translator. Have a good day. 🙂

  6. Thanks Lydka for your postings. It does not have to be a perfect translation as long as we get an idea what they are saying.
    I spoke Lithuanian as a teenager and learned German while living there during and after WWII but now have not had any opportunity to speak either language and i have to read something several times to understand. In my case old age does not help in the memory department.
    Just gives us your interpretations and we will be happy.

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