More Fun From Ann (Ann Cruise)

My Italy
 shared MammaMiaItaly‘s photo.




Il Volo/Montepagano ~ Roseto degli Abruzzi

Maybe Italy should have a Mt. Rushmore…. 





I think this video is going to have me smiling for about a week.



Dolceterra Italian Fine Foods

Bloody Pizza!

Sounds crazy, but it’s delicious!
Bloody Pizza is an innovative cocktail, inspired by the classic Bloody Mary, but made with a twist of Limoncello Villa Massa. Stir the below into a martini glass and garnish with mozzarella, cherry tomato and a basil leaf.
Discover the recipe:


Italian Moms – Spreading their Art to every Table: Classic Homestyle Italian Recipes from Abruzzo




The Italian – Sicilian – American Page

Who can relate to this ? Lol 😉



28 thoughts on “More Fun From Ann (Ann Cruise)”

  1. Thanks for posting Marie. I love this video, I’m not smiling – but crying – they are so adorable always and bring such joy every day. Going for my second knee replacement on Tuesday and have to be ready to see them in Chicago in March!

      1. You know I would Marie! for sure. I’d like to know if you keep a count of your “countless” concerts – do the numbers go that high!! lol

      2. 11 and counting… 10 meet & greets… everyone of those concerts was like seeing our Boys for the first time! Was in row 11 once. Have had the pleasure of rows 1-3 all other times. I have an uncontrollable need to be close! Yeah I’m obsessed…so what?

      3. Marie, you’re making me drool with jealousy, I only 2 concerts and no meet & greets

      4. Marie, you better start swimming, the journey is long and May is approaching. I’ll wait with the bathrobe.

  2. A fun post, Marie!! What a great opera in the lunch room! Love Io Che Non Vivo!! Ann is right, the Boys do bring much love & happiness into ours lives!!! Grande Amore to all today!!!

  3. Bravo Anne. Love it!!
    Hope you heal quickly and well. The post op rehab Is probably the most important part of the healing process. Do your exercises and then you will be dancing in the aisle during the Chicago concert. Julie B.


  4. Thanks Ann yes this was a total surprise. Praying your operation is successful. Onward to Il Volo

  5. Ann hope you have a quick recovery after surgery I’ll say a prayer for you and thanks for the video just made my day. That was great and it shows why we love the boys so. Hang in there.

  6. To the person who sent me a message which disappeared before it deleted itself bedore I could finish reading it. Could you please send it again so I could finish readingit. it.
    Ir was off to side of my screen so rhings don’t stay there long. Thanks

  7. Thank you Flight Crew for all your kind words. It means a lot to me. You are a very special family and I would love to meet all of you; maybe at the next Fan Faire.

  8. Marie, we are all totally obsessed by our beautiful young men and their many talents and I am so grateful to have discovered them on American Idol.

  9. Ann, I laughed a lot with that video school where they served lunch to the students singing opera arias. Beautiful.
    The first aria LA DONNA È MOBILE and I’d love to hear sung by Ignazio, I think it would be magnificent, it is also one of the tunes he sang as a baby.
    I just saw the broadcast “C’è posta per te” and the guys were great.
    You write in your new surgery, I will make many “good luck”, get well soon and while you’re recovering listen to good music of Volo and you’ll see that everything will pass better.
    A hug

    1. Tante grazie Daniela for your buona fortuna. (my Italian is not so good but I try) Il Volo music has helped me so much the past few years, they are just like family. Love them more than I can say.

  10. Dear Ann, good luck with your surgery🙏. The boys are a great incentive for me, and I’m sure for you too. Because of them I gathered up the courage to travel alone, something I had never done before. I joined a gym because I want to be around to see them grow into men with families. I owe them a lot. So take care and hopefully we will meet at another Fan Faire.

    1. Rose Marie, you know for sure they are a huge incentive for me. I could not believe I went to the Fan Faire in Vegas – only for them – and of course the Flight Crew. I’m so glad they gave you incentive. I also want to see them grow and have families. Yes, hopefully we will meet at the next Fan Faire. Thank you.

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