9 thoughts on “It’s Sunday ~ Just Relax”

  1. I certainly agree. Driving anywhere, and anything that requires any amount of time at home such as cooking, cleaning etc, I do it with Il Volo!

  2. I know that you all know how totally obsessed I am with the Guys. They have made many changes in my life. One of the really neat ones is that my having to drive anywhere is now a pleasure and not a chore. That is when I crank up the Boys very, very loudly. Ahhh…Sheer joy! Think I’ll take a little Sunday drive.

    1. Yesterday morning I had to go to the store and I did not want, it was cold.
      Then I thought that the trip takes 4 whole songs out loud, I could hear IL VOLO in peace.
      I made a nice smile and went to work.
      Yes, IL VOLO brings joy.

  3. Thanks, Marie for sharing these lovely videos!!! A nice treat on this Sunday morning. Love them!!! The days until the Concerts are moving along at a good pace. Will be so wonderful to see them again!!! Have a pleasant Sunday IlVolovers!!!

  4. Love the “Smile” video. No glamorous things on my list but I am going to put their record on in the kitchen and start mopping and cooking. Got to get ready for busy next week.

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