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There are things all over both of them about the Rigopiano Hotel that was destroyed by the avalanche. Gianluca was interviewed via telephone on the Pomeriggio Cinque Channel. He was supposed to be at that hotel! OMG!

Here’s that interview:

Also many have posted on Twitter a written statement with words from Gianluca. I have translated it:

Gianluca Ginoble is in shock, “I had to be at the hotel Rigopiano these days. I have miraculously escaped the tragedy, but they are desperate for what happened and for the dead, was a wonderful place and the owner Roberto a dear friend. “

ANSA as’ his testimony singer of The Flight, who lives in Rosetto degli Abruzzi and precisely the owner of the architect would have to go and get it on Tuesday morning to take him to Rigopiano for a few relaxing days. “I cried all night watching the news – he says softly – it is a drama and I could be in. That place was not dangerous at all, it was a magical place, beautiful where you were going to reconcile with nature. The dependence was a dream, it was called the house of the forest. At the hotel have been there several times, I was already friends with Roberto, was working on the project of my house, and also why I would have been there in these days, in peace and friendship. “

Gianluca Ginoble is very sad, “I fear the worst for him. His latest SMS is Tuesday night: the morning of that day at 9 had come to me to get me but it did, and in the evening I wrote ‘Abruzzo is at this time put to the test’. Then nothing, last night we tried to send a message, but did not respond again. . . I’m speechless, “says the 21 year old component with Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto the famous trio in the world. The friendship born by chance by Roberto Del Rosso a year ago it was cemented on the common ground of Abruzzo, “we felt almost every day, in one of his last posts he wrote to me ‘you and I have a mission: to exploit this wonderful land that the Abrusso “is. Hotel Rigopiano had drawn him, tells yet Ginoble, and never did fall away and even when it happened there was so much snow was going to take him Clients, “now was also attended by the show, there had been Tornatore in May it would have to return, so he told me. But all this snow and the earthquake to give the coup de grace. Rescuers are doing the impossible Rigopiano footprint but is no more.”

It says something about an “architect” and “working on the project of my house”. Wonder what that is all about?

I pray every single day for the safety of these guys and I think my tiny prayer has been answered in these last two days!

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  1. So grateful he is safe but so sad for all those who are suffering prayers for all of the people of Abruzzo

  2. Just he does DOOR TO DOOR Gianluca reiterated all these things.
    It can be said that Gianluca has avoided the tragedy by a whisker.
    His friend Roberto as well as owner and also an architect, had to work for the restructuring of the house bought by Gianluca in Montepagano.
    For now it seems certain that the victims are three, unfortunately, all the others do not respond to the calls and even the dogs are able to sniff out attendance.
    Are coming out of many articles, I will send someone.




  3. It will seem incredible, and it is, Gianluca is destroyed for all these events and for people who are involved in these tragedies, always he speaks on behalf of the whole community and the whole Abruzzo.
    What has he achieved?
    The critique is already submerging of negative comments, people will be silent to advertise on tragedies.
    This is unbelievable but true !!
    Gianluca has already had to defend himself, will translate its message:

    The press is not only exploiting my person, but is exploiting mainly my pain, and that’s the worst thing, it is not what I meant.
    I do not think just the fact that I was saved, but I think the pain of those families who are still looking for people under the snow, including my dear friend. This is the most important thing, unfortunately sometimes nature is inclement with humans who have to suffer such tragedies.
    It is useless to rage on each other, this is not the way to help, the controversy does not serve, need something more concrete, and I will be ready to give my support at any time, hoping that our land, Abruzzo and all of central Italy can get up early to be this time of tragedy.

  4. Thank you God that Gianluca is safe & he came through that harrowing experiance. Please give him a miracle that his friend will be found safe. God there is too much dieing. Italy needs healing now God. Please give them the healing they need now.

  5. How is it, a country, known for expressing such love and romance to the world, can possibly house such mean and evil critics and writers of the press? It is so very sad. I’m sure Gianluca would be right there, helping the medics, if he could, to look for his friend and the other survivors. These series of earthquakes that have been devastating central/southern Italy, have not only destroyed lives and precious history and architecture, but also hit very close to our hearts as well. For many reasons, including the fact that many fans, in Italy, and especially those in the United States, have visited those areas that have been struck. We’ve walked the streets of Rome and Montepagano and other cities in-between. It tears our hearts apart as well, as we truly know the damage that has been done. For Gianluca, we can only imagine the pain he is feeling; and to be attacked during this very painful time by the critics, is just unmerciful. Again, one of the guys has been saved, in a way. I wonder if they are again thinking of when Ignazio went missing in Miami? What if another tragedy almost takes one of them again? Let’s hope their guardian angels from up above, keep them safe, so we can see them on their tour. And for those of us fortunate enough to see them at any meet/greets; we will have to give them some extra special hugs! 🙂

    1. You have brought up a very good point. As we can see from Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca’s own families, they all seem so loving and kind, it does seem outrageous that the critics and press would be so nasty and abusive. But on the other hand, I feel that our press and media are very much the same in many cases. They have an agenda and think nothing of publishing lies and omitting important details. It is very sad and heartbreaking for Gianluca, and for so many in Italy. I always keep these wonderful young men in my prayers and of course all those now suffering from these latest earthquakes.

    2. Jana you’re right. Unfortunately many people stop to read only the headlines that are often misleading.
      We fans are witnesses of how much these guys love their land and Gianluca especially his beloved Abruzzo.
      I think there is a limit to everything, but the guys cyclically must undergo in their country of enormous criticism skillfully exaggerated by the media.
      Here in Italy there is now a beautiful movement of fans who defends them, but believe me there are none so deaf as those who do not want to hear.

    1. Thank you Daniela for the updates! I have been thinking and worrying about these unfortunate people all night. Even here in Canada, this was on the news last night. I hope and pray they find more people alive.

  6. Heartfelt sorrow for those whe have lost love ones at the hotel. God is still looking over Gianluca. He has a bigger job than ever to spread peace . Joanie G

  7. I reported on a communication from Barbara Vitali in the previous Flight Crew post that deals with the Ginoble Family and the friend’s hotel. I had sent to them our wishes and prayers and they did receive that note. Barbara says that they appreciated that communication very much.
    It may be old news.

  8. re: discussion of negative press. I do not follow every little thing that is sent from Italy to here and I wonder if an actual quote might serve better along with the source. If there is a source than other people could respond to that negativity.

    Otherwise I suggest that we focus on the American side of things and showing nation-wide POSITIVE support for Il Volo and a showing of love at every concert venue on the tour . It has been mentioned on this site that those of us going to meet and greets around this country provide and supply an EXTRA HUG & KISS for these wonderful young men.

  9. I have no words… just sadness. My family is also from Abruzzi and a friend that lives there has been trying to reconnect us. I can’t imagine how Gianluca feels. I’m glad he is safe but my heart breaks for all.

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