Earthquake in Abruzzo!

The Hotel Rigopiano near the Gran Sasso mountains was buried by an avalanche and moved 70 meters from it’s original place. There were up to 30 people including guests and staff in the hotel at the time and all are considered missing at this time. The owner of the hotel, Roberto and his staff are friends of the Ginoble family and Ercole and Gianluca expressed their concern for their safety yesterday.

Ercole said yesterday, “We are strong.” And Gianluca pleaded, “Help! Abruzzo is on it’s knees.”


Thank you for this information, Daniela


Earthquake in Central Italy – Gianluca Ginoble Il Volo: “I have no words, just scared”


The earth is shaking Tonata Center in Italy. By the end of 2016 we were hoping to be left behind these tragic events, at least for a while ‘. At 10.24 to 11.14 and 11.25, today, however, there were three strong earthquakes in one hour, all above magnitude 5, all in centr’Italia, between L’Aquila and Rieti, still near Amatrice. This time were felt clearly even in Rome to Florence and Naples.

To experience first hand this new terrible event was also Gianluca Ginoble . The singer of The Flight was one of the millions of Italians who felt the earth shake and like many of his countrymen, he expressed his emotions on social networks.


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  1. Fervent prayers for all of the Italian people. Stay strong and focus. Praying our three boys and their love ones are safe. This is terrible news.

  2. Unfortunately the hotel’s situation is very bad, the news said that all people had gathered in the waiting room with their suitcases, ready to leave, waiting for the arrival of the snow plow means. Instead it came the avalanche engulfed everything and moved the hotel.
    The alarm was raised by a chef who had left the hotel with a friend to get something in the car. They have taken refuge in the car and they are saved. Inside the hotel there was the cook’s wife and their two children, were on holiday there, it is really terrible !!
    Gianluca and his family are friends of the owners, it seems that Gianluca has spent a few days in New Year with Martina.
    This is the tweed Gianluca just now:

    1. thank you for all this info, Daniela. i’ve been having very unstable internet the last few days. only now it is better

  3. I just saw on the news that an avalanche covered & moved the hotel that Gianluca’s friend Roberto owns. My heartfelt prayers go out to all who are affected by this tragedy. I pray that Gianluca’s friend and guests in that hotel are found safe! Prayers to you Gianluca!!✝️

  4. I live in SOCAL where we have earthquakes!! I have experienced many quakes & it is scary!! Fortunately I was never in the actual area!! My heart goes out to Italy’s stricken areas. Sending prayers to all the Italian people!!

    1. Anne, I have only experienced one earthquake, in Greece many years ago. The feeling is indescribable. We were in a movie theater. First you hear it rumble, then you feel the movement. You try to grab on to something but everything is moving. Luckily it was not a major quake so no casualties, just damage to buildings. So scary!!

  5. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Italy and all the residents of the earthquake area. Regrettably lives will be lost, may they be few, and may their souls rest in peace. Stay strong Gianluca.

  6. Life in Italy news reported that there are more than 300,000 people without power and that the Abruzzi Officials have
    requested help from the Italian Army. Julie B.

  7. I live in earthquake country also and know the fear . Stay strong Italy and especially our Ginoble family. Hang on to those you love. Joanie G

  8. God bless everyone who are suffering from fhis awfulll experience. I feel so sad & scared that one of our boys is in danger as I am sure Ignazio & Piero are worried also. God please put your protective arms around every one who is waiting for help. HE will prevail. Gianluca trust in GOD & keep those prays going

  9. I am sure that we have all sent our prayers (via social media) and I just sent something via normal mail. Prayers keep coming.

  10. Keeping all those suffering and all the emergency workers in my prayers. May God watch over them.

  11. It’s being reported that rescuers are in part of the hotel that collapsed, but when they call out to people nobody answers! Let’s hope there are miracles that happen, and people are still found alive. 🙏

  12. The situation is very serious, from the hotel there are no contacts with the people submerged by the avalanche.
    Today Gianluca spoke via telephone line into two transmissions, AFTERNOON 5 on Channel 5, and little do DOOR TO DOOR on RAI 1.

    They also passed photographs of Gianluca in that hotel and even a picture with Gianluca and Roberto, owner and creator of the hotel.
    Roberto had to spend Tuesday 16 to take Gianluca who was to spend two days there. Because of the abundant snow, Roberto has not gone to take Gianluca.
    Gianluca is very sorry for his friend and for all guests, is not ashamed to say that he cried.
    He thanked all the rescuers.

  13. This is probably old news, but I communicated with Barbara Vitali yesterday. She says that the Ginoble family is all fine and in good health. They got my email about our prayers extended to them and their friends. Much appreciation from them.

    old news but very nice to hear from Barbara.

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