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Hello Flight Crew,

Today was the day of radio interviews, at 14.30 there was an interview with RAIRADIO2 only for radio and a short piece on facebook, the boys sang several songs live from the usual, Ignazio performed two songs by Pino Daniele, Gianluca performed “Sempre per sempre” song by De Gregori who had also performed at Arena and Piero performed a song “A mano a mano” by Cocciante, another Italian singer-songwriter very good. Cute and funny were as usual.

They are great!







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    1. Marie, what I also was appalled, they can everything. They were great, live and without trying. The songs of the Ignazio and Gianluca we had already heard but that of Piero is an absolute novelty, is a very sweet song of a talented Italian singer Riccardo Cocciante (Notre Dame de Paris). They are versatile singers, they can deal with any piece of music. Their voices make us dream.
      I must alert you that in the first video of the radio presenter is called Luca Barbarossa, in reality he is a songwriter, he wrote a song that you know all: IL CANTO that Il Volo performed with Placido Domingo.

  1. Daniela, I was lucky to be able to watch them live. Thank you for the information about Luca Barbarossa. All 3 of the boys did such a good job with the vocals and the interview. I enjoyed it immensely. Ignazio does really love Pino’s music and he sings it with such passion. Truly beautiful with his voice. I had never heard of Pino before Igna performed his song Alleria in concert, and I love him, so very sorry he died so young. Please tell me about the dialect from Naples. It sounds so different from the Italian I am used to hearing. I have heard A Mano A Mano before but Piero, because I am prejudiced, does it the best. Do you know of Ciro Marra, the young boy that sings with a big voice, he does a very nice version of A Mano A Mano. Gianluca has so much fun with his pop favorites, it’s a joy to watch him.
    Hope you are well.

    1. Hello Rose Marie. Because my wife is from Naples, I can tell you that Neapolitan dialect is actually now recognised as a second language in Italy. Italy is filled with different dialects that almost all Italians speak at home among family and close friends. I speak Italian fluently and watch Italian television at home without any kind of subtitles – English or Italian. However, I struggle when my wife speaks to my in-laws in Neapolitan. I can only understand about 50%. Lots of words are truncated and they say that Neapolitans “eat their vowels” which means that they cut them off at the end of the words. Before Italy was unified, the south was the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies with its capitals in Naples and Palermo. There was a Spanish royal family and the language was strongly influenced by Spanish. Most of Italy’s most famous internationally know songs were sung in Neapolitan dialect – including ‘o Sole Mio and Torna a Surriento.

      1. Bernard knew you’d come in handy. Who better than you can understand the Neapolitan dialect? You benefited parties with the Neapolitan wife and home in Ischia, inevitably you have to understand what they say. I do not even understand the dialect of a part of Brescia, one of the valley, it is very difficult. But the Neapolitan dialect has been exported all over the world with the beautiful Romance. I really like “O paese do sole”.

    2. Hello Rose Marie, I am well and I hope for you that way. You’re right it feels that Ignazio loves Pino Daniele and Gianluca was also delicate with his song, but I think Piero was terrific. The Neapolitan dialect ???? I often do not understand the meaning, imagine it is very different from the various dialects. I felt sometimes Ciro Marra and I must tell you that has a beautiful voice, but I think it sets too his type of song with a lot of melodrama, too strong for my taste. I want to see what we will propose tomorrow night to “Standig Ovation” with Clerici.

  2. I love hearing Gianluca singing pop. Now I would like to hear Gian & Ignazio singing pop together

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  4. Excuse me I missed it on the previous page.
    When I am typing a comment it usually disappears before I finish it & I have to try & partially finish it some other way.

    1. Loretta, I’m so sorry. You are correct. Lately your comments are all going to moderation and I approve them when I see them. This doesn’t appear to be happening to anyone else. I assume you are receiving the posts through your email. Try unsubscribing and then follow again. (Upper right hand side of page). Otherwise I have no idea.

      1. Loretta, if this is a new email for you, it would go to moderation the first couple of times. If you try to always log in from the same account after you re-follow, it should recognize it from now on.

  5. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca just continually amaze. They can just pick up a song or look on their phone and start singing a new song and do so beautifully. Perhaps we will hear these songs on a future album.

  6. Dear Daniela and Bernard, thank you for your insights about the Neapolitan dialect/language. I find it fascinating that a country the size of Italy can have so many dialects. Are you familiar with the Greeks still living in southern Sicily mostly in the Calabria region. They still speak Griko a version of Greek. Unfortunately the Griko language is not spoken as much as it was and probably will be forgotten.
    Daniela, I don’t know if Ciro takes voice lessons, I wish he would because he loves to sing but he needs coaching.
    Our boys sing everything so beautifully, I compare everyone to them and no one matches them. They make my heart sing. Bernard, hope you enjoy your upcoming concert. I am going to 3 this year and the dates are getting close, the anticipation is half of the fun. Ciao and Buono notte.

  7. I was blown away when I heard the boys singing yesterday morning while getting ready for work. When Gianluca starting singing Sempre per Sempre I almost cried! I was hoping someone would be at least tape the audio of the songs they sang. And then I was pleasantly surprised to see videos on YouTube! Theses guys never cease to amaze me!

  8. Is not Ignazio absolutely fantastic on the two new Pino Daniele songs? That guy is amazing. Hope he performs them in concert some day.

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