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  1. Thanks Marie for posting that fabulous interview with Piero. So cute to hear that he has outgrown the wearing of his red glasses.( I loved them ). I am so pleased to hear that they are having so much fun on this tour. Their concerts are always so exhilarating and full of life, that we in the audience come away feeling on top of the world. That is the ” magic” of Il Volo and their beautiful voices. I hope they continue to have fun and look forward to their new album, maybe with some of the Flight Crew choices from the earlier post .!! Who will possibly be the lucky one ??? Only if they choose to do a song or two, that is not an original.
    Thank you guys ,and enjoy the rest of your tour.

  2. When I see that chart showing the gains it reminds me that when Il Volo does pay attention to the American audience they always progress faster and go higher. I always feel that the management does not focus enough on the American audience in terms of TV shows and promos: only the Today show so far ? ? ? what about The Tonight show; The Talk, Kelly, Colbert, Kimmel, and others.

    I am also amazed that the concerts usually sell out even though there is very little publicity on the local TV stations and press.
    Think of how far they could go if the management pushed USA/Canada a little more.
    I would like to see Il Volo do a short term residency in Vegas – a week or two.

    1. Myron, I totally agree. I am shocked about the amount of publicity the Guys receive in the states. It’s a wonder seats get filled anyway.
      I hate to disagree, Myron, but I think that two week residency should be spent at my house.

    2. I agree about appearing on other shows like they did when they first came to the United States. I understand when they are touring they have very little time for appearances and interviews. I do believe the majority of their audience has discovered and have become huge fans because of PBS and Il Volo is very loyal to them and rightfully so. I also think their record company, Sony Music, promotes them more to Latin America and has them do a lot more shows and interviews for that audiebnce even sometimes here in the US.
      It’s good to hear they are having fun and I enjoy looking at Nanktat’s videos from RCMH and seeing their smiles, laughs and support for each other. While I had good seats there, I was to the right of the stage but in Easton, I was in the center and in the first row, and it was lovely seeing the hugs, pats and affection they have for one another!
      I think it is wonderful that the Maestro Placido Domingo will be appearing with them in Los Angeles. I am sure Notte Magica will eventually be number one. I love all Il Volo’s music but for me this is their very best album yet. We have so much to look forward and be grateful for, and hopefully for many years to come.

  3. What an awesome idea Myron!!! Those that are going to LA are having a special treat. I wondered why they don’t promote them more here in the states.

  4. Damn it must have been wonderful concert in a beautiful theater and the talented guys as well as elegant.
    I hope soon to read the comments.


    In the above video recorded by Lisa Joy really seems to me to recognize Marie, it was the first to get up.
    We will ask you for confirmation.


    But where Ignatius? Seized by Marie and friends?

    1. Hi Daniela, I think that was Marie that stood up first. The first time I watched I was’nt sure, and then the second time, I was sure!
      When I was at the Las Vegas concert last year, at the end of the concert Piero, and Gianluca left the stage, and Ignatius was by himself touching hand’s of the fan’s(including mine,sigh) I wonder if they take it in turn to do this?
      What a wonderful audience, and beautiful theater.Hug to you Daniela

      1. I think Ignazio may be fighting off a cold. Not a bad one, but he is the only one who is drinking water frequently between songs and a few times on the Washington video of the whole concert he coughs into his hands. This may explain why he isn’t out there touching/shaking hands of fans at the end. If I am right of course!

      2. It ‘s really a beautiful theater.
        I believe that Ignatius was shaking hands with the fans from the other hand, not resume.
        I immediately recognized Marie, it was too easy.

    2. Yep, that was me. Giving all the praise I could give for the best concert imaginable! How about my seat? Front row, smack dab in their faces 6 ft away!

      Good eye, Daniela. I saw this video, but didn’t notice me.

      1. You told me you were in the front row on the left, so I knew where to look and when you’re up, I recognized you right away, and I thought, wow right in front of the three of them, and I was so happy for you.
        You had Piero, Gianluca and IGNAZIO in front of you for a few hours, talented and beautiful while performing a memorable concert, what can be more.

    1. Congratulations Il Volo!!!!!!! You guys deserve this more than anyone I can think of. May your voices and talents take you to the stars!!!!!!! Lots of love!!!!

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