A New Album is Coming! A New Album is Coming!

Ok, it’s going to be a while.  still…

Get out your wish list. 

Here’s my top five in order of desire:

1) If it is unreleased music, I hope it is songs written by them.  I would love to see one or all of them, on the piano, playing and singing their own work.

If they do more covers:

2)  “All of Me” (the one written by John Legend) ~They have toyed with it on home videos a few times.

3) “Somebody to Love”  (of course)

4)  “Hallelujah”Can you even imagine how their “one soul” would sound on this one? I might even love it more in Italian.

5) “The Prayer” ~ I’ve wanted this one for a long time.

6) “Canto Della Terra”  (I know I said five…I lied.)

And anything else they would care to put to song.  What’s on your wish list?


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  1. Marie thank you for letting us know that the boys are or will be working on something new.
    I agree with your choices, especially ” Someone to Love”, but would like to add ” Arrivederci Roma “and perhaps for them to look at some of the songs that the Carpenters sang. Also possibly something from Neil Diamond. Whatever they choose will be a tremendous success , especially anything written by themselves. Now I wait in anticipation !!!

  2. i have a “million” songs I loved thru my life and it covers many languages.
    Kalinka, C’est si bon, Rosemarie ,I will never smile again and on and on.
    I think they need to pick one song for each Country they give concerts and make a album of these.

  3. Apologize for the messy post above. Rushing to go to do my volunteering at the Pantry but not able to decide what to wear since the weather here changes every few hours.
    I would like to add that the boys could sing all the songs the Sergio Franchi sang.

  4. Hi Marie
    Thank you for letting us know about a new upcoming album. It’s SO exciting to even contemplate. There are so many beautiful songs that our guys would hit a home run with, it is so hard to choose. I am in favor of all your choices and with their voices I’m sure their version would be amazing. I would choose To Dream The Impossible Dream because they dared to Dream this incredible life and career they now have and they do so with kindness, grace and humility.

  5. So many options. I just know that I will be thrilled with whatever they choose. My personal request would be to include the solos they sang recently on the social club. I am captivated by Piero singing “A Mano A Mano.” It is so beautiful.

  6. I’m wishing and hoping for the same things you are, Marie! These guys can make any song sound AMAZING! So excited for the new album! Something wonderful to look forward to, for sure! 😀

  7. They said that next album will be only unrealeased songs, I’m sure there will be something written by them. This new album is very important for them, they want increase the quality of the lyrics and music of course, so in 2018 they will take a break to work, rest and study. No
    tour in 2018 I’m afraid!

  8. Sounds good, Marie! I’m not picky! Let the noes fall where they may! How can we go wrong? Will there be a dvd? If not I need to get life sized photos made so I can get the full effect!! Keep us informed! <3 <3 <3 that should read notes!! My finger got excited!!

  9. The excitement of IL Volo continues, a new album of wonderful love songs. Yes we all have are favorites songs. There is no doubt that each song will be a special rendition of the class and style that’s Uniquely IL Volo’s. I agree with Margaret M that our boys with hit a home run whatever songs they choose. My very favorite is ” The Prayer” Thank you Marie!

  10. I’d love to hear them do John Denver’s Perhaps Love. Go to youtube and type in John Denver and Placido Domingo Perhaps Love for a recording that is just BEGGING for the guys to sing it!

    1. Oh, yes, I have John Denver’s CD with Maestro Domingo singing that gorgeous song with him…Love to hear our boys sing that one, among so many others. ♥

  11. I would have several requests.
    That’s Amore
    Let It Be Me by the Everly Brothers – I believe Gianluca would sound amazing singing this.
    Annie’s Song by John Denver,
    and for some great fun – Old Fashioned Love Song by 3 Dog Night. Song mentions old fashioned love songs and three-part harmony – sounds like it was made for them. The beginning would be beautiful and the ending would be great for Ignazio and Piero.

    1. Oh, how beautiful..Mano Mano..and the others too, of course!!! Piero, just terrific!!!! Thank you, Marie..hugs!!! ♥

  12. what an opening for comments. Can’t pass it up.
    so many songs ! ! ! I would like to see another French piece like they did three years ago such as “La Vie en Rose” . There are so many Broadway romantic songs they could chose from such as “I’ve never been in love before ” from Guys and Dolls (Sinatra). From the King and I, a song that Sinatra made a hit out of called “I have Dreamed” or ” if ever I would leave you ” from Camelot originally sung by another great baritone named Robert Goulet. Also, I do wish they would put solos on the album such as Gianluca’s “Bridge over Troubled Water” and Ignazio’s own song “Hablando de ti” and Piero on “Younger than Spring time” from South Pacific.
    Also, how about a trio done A capella – no orchestra.

      1. I would love to hear Gianluca sing “In the still of the night”. Julie B.

    1. Hi Myron
      I love all those old Broadway tunes. I never heard Piero singing Younger than Springtime. Where did you find it?

    2. Myron, I saw ( and heard) Robert Gould THREE time in Las Vegas! He was sooooo good! Spell check has done it again,…Goulet! ☆☆☆☆☆thanks for reminding me!

      1. I actually had a turn at working with Goulet years and years ago when he was making a come back. There are some things that are the same with Gianluca but Gianluca’s voice is more velvet smooth. Goulet a bit more of a sharp edge to it- not quite the warmth of Gianluca.

  13. In addition to your picks, Marie, I would love to hear the three songs they sang on the Italian radio not too long ago….. “O’ Scarrafone” by Ignazio, “A Mano a Mano” by Piero and “Sempre per Sempre” by Gianluca. I melted when I heard that last one when listening to Italian radio. I was so hoping that someone was recording it and they were! Even better when you can see the boys singing!

  14. Thank you Marie for the video, it’s beautiful.
    I would go with one of Myron’s choices “La Vie en Rose” I’m sure during the day I will think of more.
    One thing I know for sure right now is I’m loving Piero more and more😊

  15. Wonderful choices all mentioned above! Yes, Penina and Harriet…John Denver’s Perhaps Love!!! Also, Sarah Brighton and Andrea B., Time To Say Goodbye!!

  16. Finally I will add a few of your “secret wisches” – I ´m reminded of a few songs,that I love:
    Help Me Make It Through The Night /Presley,Kristofferson/
    Till / T.Jones,T.Bennet/
    Please Help Me,I Folling In Love / Everly Brothers,Loretta Lynn/

    Anything That´s Part Of You /Presley/
    Love Me /Presley/
    Se Piangi,Se Ridi /Bobby Solo Sanremo 1965/

    Spanish Eyes /Presley,Humperdinck/
    Release me /Humperdinck/
    Alla Fine Della Strada = Love Me Tonight /Tom Jones/

    From all 3:
    Maria Mari /Pavatotti,Lanza,Domingo/
    Parla Mi D´amore Mariu /Pavarotti,Rossi
    My Prayer /The Platters/
    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/The Platters/
    To All The Girls I´ve Loved /Willie Nelson/
    Silvery Moon /Endy Williams/
    Still Loving You /Scorpios/

    I know very well that I´m not meager /excuse me,please/.

  17. Hello everyone, I have to say you are doing the tracks for a new very interesting disc. I read beautiful proposals.
    I believe you will make every effort because pointing to a disk that very surprising and I think that some songs will be written by them and there will be less cover.
    I think that they will sing in several languages ​​to accommodate all their fans.
    Between the cover I’d definitely Somebody to Love, Always forever, Hablando de ti, As (I saw that appeals to many), Et queda tant for viure, of course, 3 or 4 tracks opera.
    Although I really like Time to say goodbye, I hope you do not introduce songs from Bocelli for the simple reason that they would be criticized because they follow the easy road traced by Bocelli himself.
    I have much confidence in their ability to make choices, and certainly will be a beautiful CD.

    Look how cute they are: ARRIVED IN DETROIT already feel the sighs of all of you.


  18. I have just thought of “Moon River” by Henri Mancini. I always loved that song, I think Gianluca would do that one well.

  19. I’m so happy they arrived in Detroit safely after their 16 hour bus ride! You drive carefully Marie.I’m also happy that all you girl’s will be able to see them😊No more snow!!!

  20. well now it’s up to Rose Marie P. and me to get to Detroit….on Thursday/ and as for album songs – I must be living on another planet – never heard of these songs all listed by everyone above in their comments = is this because I have no children or grandchildren ? [ there were 3 that I know ].

      1. Perhaps Mr Dimples and the crew are staying with Marie for the night. LOL. So sorry for all the Boston fans, but the boys say they will be back soon. Remember Mexico and when they left due to the hurricane ? They returned later.

  21. There are some wonderful suggestions made here! I have to say that I would prefer the songs to be sung by all three and not to have too many solo songs. Much as I love their solos, I prefer to hear them sing together where they sing individual phrases but then combine all three voices at different points in the song. Can I, as an Irishman, in the approach of Saint Patrick’s Day, suggest a song that I have always thought would be great if it received the il Volo treatment? It was recorded by the Irish singer, Ronan Keating (once a member of Boyzone) and is called, “You say it best when you say nothing at all.” It featured in the movie “Notting Hill” starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Here it is on You Tube with the lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsbkk4SZAqA

  22. The response from Marie’s post A New Album is Coming is extraordinarily informative. It’s a focus group on steroids. It shows that Flight Crew’s passion for music and love for IL Volo that is is very special. We all can’t wait for our boys rendition of some of these wonderful songs. Myron’s “I have Dreamed” Marie’s. ” The Prayer” and Margaret’s ” The Impossible Dream ” and so many more. Whatever they choose they never miss in enhancing everything they sing. I would add one of my favorites From a Chorus line ” What I did for Love”

    1. Marion, you’re asking me if I can get a copy of their book? If the question is, the answer is yes, of course, but in Italian.

  23. I will be thrilled with whatever songs they choose but I would love to hear them sing Return to Me, Somewhere (West Side Story) and E Ti Prometterò.

  24. I would like them to sing I Believe, Halleujah, To Dream the Impossible
    Dream, The Prayer, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and Love Me Tender.
    And all the others mentioned above by other Il Volovers. Anything they
    would like to do A Capella would be nice. They have such a lovely
    blend of voices. I’m very much looking forward to this coming CD.
    I hope the weather and roads clear up for the rest of their travels.
    I am praying for their safety in their travels. They are precious and
    talented men whom I enjoy hearing very much.

  25. Marie I agree with Myron I would love the guys to sing a song a capella only their voices not other instruments OH MY GOODNESS and then I would love for each one to do a solo whatever they would like just like when they are on tour. I would love that. It’s nice to dream isn’t it.

  26. Hi Marie, My posting times don’t usually jive with just about everyone else’s here. There’s a ton of especially older songs that I can imagine IL VOLO doing really well and these are just a couple. How about: “99 Miles From L.A.” (By Johnny Mathis, recorded at a live concert on his album, “The Essential Johnny Mathis.” (The song features a classical guitar accompaniment, plus violins, etc. I saw it on PBS originally). Then there’s this one: ” Midnight Blue” (By “Caravelli and His Grand Orchestra — L.v. Beethoven — “Pathetique” ). Interesting lyrics were written for it. I can imagine all three of IL VOLO singing it. There is also another good version of the music by “Raymond Lefevre & His Orchestra”. In all three very similar versions of this song, the music is based on the Beethoven piece called “Pathetique”, but was re-done with a modern sound & arrangement. Just for Fun: I imagine IL VOLO having fun with an audience, singing: “Run To Hm” (By Bobby Vee 😂). it’s a sweet song, though, with a good drum beat. Lastly, Marie, the following is ‘Just for you’ & your sense of humor!: An older R&B/Soul record called, “Float On” ( “Libra — and my name is Charles…”; “Cancer — and my name is Larry…”). There’s an Aquarius and a Leo in the group, too. I can just picture Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca singing those lines (“…to all the women in the world…”) lol! ( I think the singers & the music are actually very good, though! ) 🙂

      1. Sorry; I forgot to mention what I think is the prettiest version with lyrics — of the two orchestral pieces that I mentioned of “Midnight Blue” — is one with Louise Tucker singing.

  27. I would love to hear them sing “She” sung by Elvis Costello from the Notting Hill CD. I know they have sung this song in French, in a few videos, but to hear it maybe combined in English and French would be magical. “She may be the reason I survive, the why and wherefore I’m alive, the one I’ll care for through the rough and ready years, Me, I’ll take her laughter and her tears and make them all my souvenirs for where she goes I have to be, the meaning of my life is SHE.” Such beautiful lyrics and with their magnificent voices this would be spectacular. And also anything by Elvis Presley (I know all three of them of fans).

    1. Oh, my gosh!!! These are awesome!!! How about Ritchie Valens “Donna”
      Or Paul Anka “Put your head on my shoulders”

  28. Ijust got done reading everything posted on this and I think there are some terrific choices listed. I’ just keep it simple here and say I hope they have a solo from each guy but please good Lord, I pray Piero singing Mano a Mano. He is just glorious on that song and he makes me believe he feels each word and note of it.

  29. I have to add two more to my wish list.
    Love Me With All of Your Heart (Engelbert Humperdinck)
    Open Arms (Journey).

  30. Ritchie Valens “Donna”
    Paul Anka “Put your head on my shoulders ”
    I love “She” from Notting Hill

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