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Don’t forget ~ Watch Home & Family Today  (and tomorrow) 10a/9c, Hallmark Channel!



Europe gets Meet & Greets!  Good for You!



The Pope really needs to hear this!


This is such a beautiful shot!  Had to share it.  Our Guys and their conductor, Joseph Modica.



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  1. Marie a wonderful way to start the day, Ave Maria Mater Misencordiae sung by The IL Volo team is truly a gift from God. The video is close any personal with excellent sound quality. Along with a cup of tea and a few biscotti I’ve been Blessed.

  2. Wow, I’m off to L.A. We are staying at a hotel near the theater. Can’t wait. Hope to get photos. Joanie G

  3. I watched them this morning on “Home and Family”. They were so cute cooking, singing & playing Charades
    Can’t wait to see them next week in Tampa

  4. It was great fun seeing them on a show like this where they can really be themselves. This is really a very nice and wholesome family show and they obviously are very comfortable with the hosts.
    Can’t wait to hear about the special concert this evening in LA. I’m sure it will be a truly “notte magica”! Have a wonderful evening to all those attending.

  5. Daniela will be excited about the meet and greet ticket’s, and so are we.
    I did’nt get to see the Hallmark show today. It gave east coast time and central time, but not Pacific time. I put it on that channel at 9am my time, but they must have already done their segment. I will try again tomorrow. I did get to see a video of their segment in the kitchen. Cute!

    1. Hi Jill, You probably already remember that you are three hours earlier on Pacific Time. I feel bad that you missed them. Yes; just Eastern and Central Times are usually given for some reason. (I think you are in Hawaii, no?). Have you ever seen their appearances on the Hallmark Channel’s same program from their earlier years ? If not, they are on You Tube. (Talk about “adorable” — in every way — on those older shows). Hope all is well with you, Jill.

      1. Hi Jill, Actually I don’t think it was the same program, but a different show. It’s worth seeing on You Tube as I described in my first comment here, if you haven’t checked those out yet ! They (IL VOLO) seemed to really have a good time.

    2. Hello Jill, I have to tell you that as soon as I heard the news I thought, finally. Then I saw the cost and frankly I thought that with that cost could go see another 3 or 4 concerts, I also got to see the boys at firmacopie Milan absolutely free. Furthermore, first I want to see how it will be structured to meet & greet us. I am however very grateful to the possibility that this concert gives me to meet so many people from this group and this makes me very happy.

      1. I agree Daniela. I thought I would enjoy seeing the boys in another concert rather than paying the price of the Meet and Greet. The prices for tickets and the Meet and Greets really change a lot here depending on where you are seeing them. I don’t quite understand why the VIP prices for Meet and Greet can be so different. I originally bought regular tickets to Radio City Music Hall and they were good and expensive, but the seats were off to the opposite side from where they are appearing on this tour. When they added Easton, I was very happy since it is a smaller city and theatre, and I was fortunate to get tickets in the front row center and it was just amazing to be so close and see them performing. The tickets were cheaper so I believe the bigger cities tend to charge more although to add a Meet and Greet to an existing ticket in Easton was more expensive than some cities. I don’t quite understand but just seeing and hearing Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca is such an unforgettable experience!

      2. I d agree with you, Margaret, I also read comments of people who had booked on the card the first row and then be in front of five armchairs added file. I find it very unfair. Also in some cities the cost of the meet and greet is really high.

  6. Hello Daniela, How much will the meet and greet ticket’s cost in Europe? Is that all over Europe, or only in some countries?
    Would’nt it be fun the next time the guy’s are performing in the Abruzzi area, to go to the “Wine Fountain” before the meet and greet. This way Marie and I won’t be so tongue tied when we are trying to talk to Ignatious.Marie has still not written about her surprise meeting with the guy’s at the hotel, or at the meet and greet,maybe she never will. Sigh☹️

    1. You know I will. Just taking a break and reading everyone’s fun stories.

      Maybe, Jill, if we spend enough time at the fountain we will speak.

    2. Hello Jill, I’ve seen well only meet & greet tickets cost 250 Euros and I think it is the same for all cities, ticket for the concert has a price.
      Well I know that you’re used to quite different from our costs.
      When Marie was here, I asked her how much it cost her ticket and when I heard I said that was an exaggeration.
      The ticket for the concert at the Arena di Verona in the third row it cost 75 euro including the cost of presales.
      They also are not sure how to take place here the meet & greet.

      For the idea of ​​a meeting with the guys at the fountain of wine would say it’s very nice, definitely would loosen his tongue at all.
      Marie is doing really want his review of the concert and the meeting with the boys, but she has promised that he will, …….., patience.

      But you had seen my photo in Milan?

      1. Daniela, what a wonderful picture of you and Beppe with the guy’s. I have saved it on my photo page.
        I would like to send a picture of me and the guy’s last year in Las Vegas, but I think the only way I can do it is to e-mail it.Can I e-mail to you Daniela?

  7. Daniela, it would’nt go through. Is it
    After the gm it was hard to read the rest, as it ran into the border on the right hand side of the screen.
    Also. I could not start your e-mail address with this :
    It has to start with a letter.
    Can we try again?

  8. I think I will go to Easton next time and take my father with me since it is close to him

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