Things You Need to Know!

Il Volo will perform this Thursday, March 23, on the Home & Family Show (10 AM-12 PM, EST), on the Hallmark Channel. I so hope they’ll be featured throughout the show, as they were when they appeared on the show both on June 19 and November 25, 2013. (FYI: The show re-airs the following day, Friday, March 24, 12-2 PM, EST.)

Thanks for the info. Beverly Olson and the Pittsburgh Fan Club!



Hello Marie,

Circumstances here at home are going to prevent me from attending the Las Vegas IL VOLO concert this Saturday. I have 2 tickets that I am not allowed to sell online because they are VIP merchandise package tickets, NOT MEET & GREET. The 2 tickets I bought are:

“Notte Magica” Exclusive Merchandise Package Includes:
-Premium Seat Ticket
-Exclusive Il Volo Merchandise Item

I have attached a screen shot of the seats and where they are located. My sister called the VIP phone number and they said that they are able to transfer the VIP package to anyone she tells them to. So it is possible to still get the Il Volo merchandise.

Would you know of anyone that would want to purchase these tickets. I paid $250 each for them and would take $150 each for them.

Please let me know as soon as you can.

Thanks so much,


Contact Pat here in comments.

The third thing you all need to know is who is going to plan a Flight Crew Family Reunion HERE?  

Thanks for the idea Ineke!


“Location is at a vineyard in the Abruzzo region of Central Italy named fontana di vino is located in the Dora Sarchese vineyard in the small town of Caldari di Ortona, which sits on the Italian pilgrimage route of Cammino di San Tommaso.”

To those of you who haven’t attended your concert yet…you won’t believe it!  To those of you who already have… it’s ok, relax, your feet will eventually hit the ground again.  Promise.


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  1. Looking forward to my first concert on April 3. I’ll be the loudest one you can hear!!!!!

  2. I have 2 VIP Merchandise tickets that I won’t be able to use for the March 27 San Jose show Row J seats 1 & 2. I’d like to sell them for 240 so I can pay my friend back.

    1. Hello Gerri and Pat,

      i forwarded your info re tickets to my sister in the States. She is interested. asks how to exchange money and tickets? at the moment for the Las Vegas show. thanks much.

      1. oops. correction. my apologies. she was asking a hypothetical question. just in case she or someone would be interested.
        again, my sincere apologies. thank you.

      2. also forwarded info to friend in Vegas. if she is not working that day, she would like to go. i asked her to contact this site. gave link to this page.
        all the best

      3. If your friend is interested please have her contact me here. A phone call is all it takes to transfer the ticket(s) to her name for pickup at the theater. Thanks!

  3. Marie. I have 2 tickets for sale that I posted but I’ve never seen the post. March 27 San Jose show row j seats 1-2

  4. re: Home and Family show with Il Volo. The show that is on Thursday at 10:00am is repeated on Friday at 12:00noon. That is the way they do it. They repeat the previous day’s show the next day at noon. In case you miss the first one.
    Those in L.A. go over to the Grove center where they tape this show and be in the audience – it’s free.

    1. Would love to be in the audience for this. Thanks for sharing, Myron!

      Anticipating … 3 days and counting to Notte Magica!

      I’ve been cocooning for various reasons for 6 months now – hoping those wings sprout on time for the concert! 😊

      Love to all from Jeanine with special gratitude to you, Marie!

      1. Jeannine, we missed you!
        Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to Vegas this year because of health problems, but look forward to seeing you the next time they are in Vegas.

      2. Thanks so much, Jill!
        I’m grateful for your warm encouragement.

        Sorry you’ll miss this time around (and prayers for your health). Before long there will be the excitement of a new album, so I hope that lifts your spirits!


  5. The amazing thing is that I have read the posts on this site to discover things that exist in ITALY.
    Ineke, how did you know this fountain.
    Certainly a Flight Crew meeting in those parts could be really hilarious.

    1. Daniela, I would love to tell you that it was Gianluca who told me about the fountain, but alas my daughter forwarded it to me as the post appeared on her facebook.
      Looking forward to a possible Flight Crew meeting there, why not!!!!!

    2. Daniela there is a book being published by a fellow ilvolover that lives in Abruzzi. She has published it in English and Italian. If you need Sara’s link please pm me.

  6. On a more serious note, my heart goes out to the people in London who were injured, and those that lost their lives in the act of terror that occurred earlier today. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🙏

  7. Thanks always for the info marie! My feet won’t touch the ground again til I’m back from Atlanta now!

    You are the wind beneath our wings! 🤗😘🎶⚘

  8. Thank u to everyone for the amazing stories and memories. We have to have enough to get us through to 2019!!!!! And thank you for the information regarding Home and Family. I was wondering because he last time they were on there they seemed to have so much fun and it was the only show I saw them so relaxed and really enjoy themselves. Can’t wait!!!!!

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