Listen-up Gentlemen ~ Daniela

A couple of days ago I read this post from Volocomio, which is really fun, I’ll translate.



1 = Because if you always wanted to visit Italy, she will take you to many wonderful places each year (coincidentally will be the location of the concerts, but do not look at these details, the important thing is to travel).

2 = Never worry about birthday, Christmas or anniversary gifts. There will always be a CD, a DVD, a book, a deluxe version of IL VOLO  that will add to her collection.

3 = If in the morning you really don’t want to dress decently, you have many pictures of Piero to use: treasure when he puts them, I can do it as well, no?

4 = If you make a joke and even your dog stops wagging his tail and change masters, you can always say, “I heard it from Ignazio”.

5 = If she will tell you that you are too much on the phone , you can say, you do not ever come off the phone because you do not miss even one of the stories of Gianluca.

6 = She will not remember what you said last night.  You can always be certain, however, that she will remember word for word the last video made by IL VOLO.



Daniela, I added this picture of our favorite Italian IlVolover, You! ~Marie


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  1. It is not even 6 AM here in Las Vegas and you have me laughing out loud… This was not only funny but so very true… We who love Il Volo hang on every word they say, every tweet they send, every video they send us of their happenings of the day… Any man would have a hard time competing with these three young men, so they just have to learn to enjoy them… Thank you Daniela for the first and best laugh of the day..

    1. My children and grandchildren can’t mention Il Volo in front of me since I am off and running about the boys. I think I know more about them than I do about my own kids. For sure, I have more pictures of Il Volo on my phone. Bad grandmother, oh well!
      Rose Marie Paliobeis

      1. Me too, Rose Marie! I only have Il Volo photos on my computer wallpaper. They are a part of my family. I knew my sister was coming over one day and I quickly changed it to her grandson before she got there. Didn’t fool her a bit. Lol…kinda nice when your family knows you so well.

  2. Daniela, this is just great. So true, so true!! What can I say? 🙂

    Lovely picture of you…our Italian princess! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jane, too good, that is the day I gave a kiss to each of our principles.
      A hug from Italy

      1. yes, i remember that, Daniela… i read that story of yours….
        and i remember it well 😉

  3. thanks Daniella for brightening up my day. It is 7 A.M. here in So cal. Now I can make it through the rest of it. Joanie

    1. Marie, thank you for putting my picture but especially the thought that you have added.
      A kiss

  4. Hi Flight Crew,[image1.JPG][image2.JPG][image3.JPG][image4.JPG][image5.JPG] I do look forward to your emails each day and this was one very good. My husband and I had a great night seeing the boys in Miami on 1st April and I thought you would be interested to see some of the pictures I took that evening. It was quite something to hear them sing the songs from Notte Magica live after watching the DVD (I’ve lost count how many times). I have found that it sounds even better with a glass of Sicilian wine! The power of their voices blew us away, especially Piero, who I must admit is my favourite! We are now counting the days to the Royal Albert Hall in London and Taormina in June.

    Keep up the good work. Very best wishes to you all who keep us Ilvolovers up to date. Kathy Pritchard.

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Kathy, photos are nearly impossible to share here. Send them to us at

      or go to the top left of this page and click on “Who we Are…Contact us” and we’ll make sure they are shared. I mean it’s not like we want to see more photos of those handsome and oh so talented guys or anything.

  5. Hello everyone, thanks for the compliments but I just did the translation.
    When I read this post, I have too much rice, and I thought to also entertain my friends on the other side of the world.
    I’m glad to have made you laugh.

  6. I laughed so hard I woke the dog up. Oh I love you people more all the time. That is the funniest set of rules and I’m giving it all my friends. Thank so much for the laughs. And please… anyone tell me how I find out if this ticket office “My Way Tickets” is legitimate. I’m up to my arse in alligators with this trip and I forgot I was supposed to drain the swamp. Thanks a bunch. Victoria Wilson

  7. Daniela Dorothy here and hoping to meet up with you in Verona before concert..Lets make it happen Ciao

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