Il Volo Professional: Amici!

Ciao a tutti!!

Hope everyone had a safe and blessed Easter!  There were many blessings sent forth from Kelly’s post!  🙂

There were several Instagram messages and FaceBook posts from the guys about their upcoming appearance on the fourth episode of “Amici di Maria de Filippi,” which aired on Canale 5 in Italy, on Saturday, April 15, 2017. (Thank you to Lisa Joy for posting it very quickly for all to see!)  This is another talent show in Italy.  This time, the guys were singing “My Way” for two competing male dancers.  It was a trio this time for this song and I thought the addition of Ignazio was incredible.  I loved the little jazzy softness he gave to the song and I always love when he goes for the high notes at the end.  They looked and sounded beautiful as always.

Although I did not dig too deep, I don’t know who won the dance competition?  My one friend said the guy in the white shirt should have won.  Maybe Daniela or Dani can fill us in?  🙂

For your listening and watching pleasure, here it is:

Thank you to Grazia Sabatini for some still shots from the program of  Ignazio and Piero.

A nice 4 picture arrangement of Piero!

piero amici

This has to be my favorite expression from Ignazio in this song!

igna amici

Although I did not see the same for Gianluca, I thought I’d add this one he sent us to wish us all a Buona Pasqua!  I didn’t think anyone would mind…. 🙂  On his Instagram, he said Erny took the picture – good job Erny!


Take care everyone and be patient!  Their next concert is just a week or so away!




36 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional: Amici!”

  1. “Odd” wasn’t exactly the word that came to my mind…..However, Il Volo stole the show! Always professional. Always superb!

    1. Yes I also thought they looked a bit uncomfortable.

      I would think they did a rehearsal and knew that’s what it would be?

  2. Hello Jana, I was sure that Ignatius in My Way you would have liked.
    As for the dance-off, Sebastian won with the white shirt, but it was a mid-term challenge, both dancers are still in the race.
    At the end of the song the conductor approached our guys, she kissed them (it does almost never) and took questions about their concerts, Piero gave the answers.
    I love dancing but then my attention was all for ILVOLO, always very good.

    1. Thanks for who won!

      Of course, you know Marie and I could listen to igna all day long…. 😊

      Nice that the judge liked them.


  3. They did not look happy to me. Look at the frowns in Piero’s pictures! No one was smiling. I think something was wrong and their professionalism carried them through. Just not their usual self.

    1. Like they say, the show must go on!

      I’m beginning to think not much phases them anymore.

      Hope they were paid well!

  4. Cynthia, I agree that the dancers disrupted our view of our
    outstanding young men of Il VOLO……The dancers may have
    needed IL VOLO to enhance their act but we Flight Crew
    members and other fans know its IL VOLO plus no one…..With
    their voices and talent, they stand alone…..Thank you Jana for
    your post.

  5. I loved hearing the three of them sing this song. The addition of Ignazio’s part sounded beautiful. His voice added a new element to this already beautiful song! Thanks for the nice post, Jana!

    1. Yes, wish there were more for his part, but it’s fairly short song…wonder if the dancers chose that song and wanted the 3 of them to sing it?

  6. Jana, There were dancers?
    I’m sorry but to me they were completely annoying, and I think even the judges were watching our guy’s, and not the other performer’s. How could you not😊

  7. This is an interview that appeared five minutes ago.
    This is on the backstage of the AMICI program.


    G = There are many young people here tonight have heard a song that probably have never heard, and this is a little our mission, to bring something that is not old but it’s vintage, vintage back forever.
    In 2012 we toured with Barbara Straisand we sang a piece of that famous Chaplin’s Smile, and therefore has always been part of us sing American classics in addition to Italian music.
    We are very proud.

    P = We sing when we have behind an orchestra or a band, peròti I have to say that having the dancers filled the stage and fills the image of performance.
    To stay here you have to have so much talent.
    The least we can suggest is to always do what you really love.

    1. Interesting… you can tell it was cut. Ignazio looked pretty uncomfortable, or bored that Gian often says the same thing. Looks like he wanted to run. Wonder if he said anything that we didn’t see? Thanks for the translation!

  8. Il Volo was amazing as always. But I have to agree, those dancers were a distraction and I thought the whole scenario was weird. I love that they sang “My Way” together…beautiful! And yes, Gianluca’s picture, OMG.

  9. So I come back to FlightCrew after a one-month hiatus while I was on a work-related project with some new clients and what do I find? All THREE of the guys singing “My Way” as a backdrop to an all-male interpretive dance competition featuring a bunch of guys with nearly perfect athletic bodies running around in their underwear!

    After my eyes stopped rolling and my brain stopped thinking that somehow I had clicked on the wrong website, it finally hit me – BRILLIANCE. Absolute BRILLIANCE.

    The reality is that for many of us here, our gas gauge needle has moved to the left of “HALF” and is getting closer to “E”. This is life and this is why we have to make the best of each day we have, especially if we can incorporate these beautiful voices into our lives as much as possible. After we’re all gone, someone is going to have to be around to pay for iTunes downloads and $400 concert tickets. The guys are in their 20’s and will have to rely on the youth of the world to keep them growing and thriving as artists and that might mean throwing themselves into forms of music and art that might seem odd to us but serve as a means to introduce themselves to a much wider range of fans. Hanging out with rap stars while wearing backwards-facing baseball caps and doing photoshoots with Lady Gaga are going to be an integral part of what they do in addition to singing Volare and Nessun Dorma. When you think about it, this is sheer BRILLIANCE.

    And if it is any consolation to some of the ladies here (cough cough Marie cough cough) at least you know that some day there is the possibility that you too can be prancing around on the stage while you peel of your tops and the boys are singing “My Way” to you!

    1. In fact, John, in that the program ILVOLO was a guest but not to the fore, it is all about dance competitions and singing these new talent must do to emerge.
      That theater is full of young and even from home followed by young boys and girls.
      We fans of IL VOLO seems simplistic to see them disturbed by this presence, but you have to admit that so were felt also the youngest.
      Verona approaches

    2. John, i appreciated HOUSE PARTY. the show blended well.
      this was didn’t seem to gel. for me anyway

      1. i don’t mean our guys. they were BRILLIANT!
        i mean the whole thing together with the strange dance number
        i agree with Sharon, something was amiss

    3. John, interesting insights…. yes, I’m sure most of us want them to keep the image with which they started out, but to stay successful, they must diversify and appeal to many different genres. We are just not used to it and anything different will bother us. Just like most things, it will be accepted over time. However, perhaps not in many of our lifetimes. We all know of their versatility, but may not always approve of it. Thank you!

  10. I understand what John means. The guys want their music to be introduced to the younger generation and whatever it takes, it takes. But, this one was a little off for me…just saying. Not our boys of course, but the rest.

    1. i think i get it now…..
      in other features, like HOUSE PARTY, etc.
      our boys were the main feature. the other musicians, dancers, artrists are secondary, background accessories.
      in this show, the dancers are the main feature. our boys the background. AND WE ARE NOT USED TO THAT!

      our guys can certainly diversify and do a variety of genres and other stuff, but for us, we would have them as the MAIN FEATURE, not the background

  11. I’ve been away and tonight was my first opportunity to watch this. I have only one word for it: WEIRD!
    I hope whoever is urging the guys to promote themselves on various TV shows finds out a bit more about the program before they book them on them!

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