Notte Magica! The Euro Tour Begins! April 24, 2017 Zurich, Switzerland!

Ciao a tutti!

First off, I’d like to wish all of the “Administrative Professionals” in the United States and other parts of the world that recognize “Admin’s Week/Day” – including us on this site, a heartfelt thank you for “all that you do!”  This also includes Barbara Vitali, although technically “Road Manager,” she has the most important administrative position there is to our guys, making sure their schedules and calendars are always on track, among many other things, I’m sure!  (ever notice how the admins get a whole week and the bosses just one day?  We are clearly more important!) 🙂  Ok, on with the show! 

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While the United States is still a bit starstruck with the guys having been here for the month of March, the magic has now moved on to the starry, night skies of Europe, beginning with Zurich, Switzerland!  A lovely picture posted by Il Volo Music FaceBook page…Zurich

The guys, after close to a three-week rest, lit up the night and the stage once again, to commence their European tour.  Their voices impeccable; their dress, varied blue/gray suits and ties.  Their eyes bright and shiny, and everything as perfect as always.  They once again teamed up with Maestro Diego Basso, who accompanied them on most of their USA tour last year, as well as several of their other performances.  I’m sure Joseph Modica is missing the guys right now!  🙂

Although not travelling to the Netherlands, they will be close to them while in Brussels, Belgium and Düsseldorf, Germany.  Like the famous painting of Van Gogh, “Oh Starry Night…,”  Ilvolover’s minds will be spinning like the stars in the picture, starry nightafter having seen them.  Especially those that will be able to meet them in person this time.  There were about 24 lucky persons that had meet/greets for the Zurich concert.  Here is the link to the OMGVIP site!  Look at those happy and smiling faces!  🙂

Here is also a link to some professional pictures by Kaul….

Also, thank you to FaceBook and lemammeilvolovers, we have a nice link to you tube of about the first 35 minutes of their concert, including their 3 solos, along with their Ave Maria, for your viewing and listening pleasure!


Well, hang in there guys, only 31 more concerts to go!  Next stop Brussels! (a nice Instagram photo from Il Volo Italian Fan Club from Zurich)

Get your tickets!  Remember there are 2 for sale for the June 1 Taormina concert!!

Ciao, a presto!



31 thoughts on “Notte Magica! The Euro Tour Begins! April 24, 2017 Zurich, Switzerland!”

  1. They sounded better in the U.S.

    Pay no attention to the sentence above. Of course, that’s not true. It’s just me whining and wallowing in self pity.

  2. What struck me, Marie was the M&G. 24 photos! Can you imagine the intimacy of a group that small? Considering 100 more or less at Las Vegas. With 24, there might be a chance to actually have a conversation. That is of course, if we can find our wits to say anything coherent! Dream on!

    1. Yes, for the lucky folks that can afford the 250 euros for the meet/greets, they will certainly be worth the price!

  3. Jana, hi. So many thanks for acknowledging all of us Admins today. I love what I do but must say Barbara Vitale has absolutely the best Admin job in the world! Secondly, I’m happy to find out this heartsick feeling is IVD. Who knew? Not I. I’m a long-time Ilvolover but new to the Flight Crew and just saw your blog from 4/14. I haven’t lost my mind. Everything described hit to the core. Brilliant, just brilliant. Now I know there are thousands of ussharing this love so thank you. Buona giornata Sent from my iPhone


    1. Shoot, I just responded a bit comment and then it said it couldn’t be posted? Strange! Anyway, welcome to this site Jo! Glad you were able to find us in your Il Volo stupor! 🙂 Lol! Yes, I love my admin job as well and have an awesome boss. I recently told Barbara that she had the hardest job in the world, but the most rewarding and her efforts pay off every time they get on stage. Do you know she still refers to them as her boys?

      Yes, Marie is gracious enough to let me write here so I can express my creative side.

      Thanks for your compliments! Please come back often and let us help you in group therapy for your IVD and other afflictions. I’m sure we can assist you!


      1. Welcome Jo.

        Jana, Marie and everyone is more than happy that you grace us with your creative expressions.

        I just referred to myself in 3rd person. I hope that doesn’t last long.

        Marie says, ” buonanotte”.

      2. In the words of Igna…. “Aw….. 🙂 thank you so much”

        buonanotte, mom! 🙂

        gorgeous day in Detroit again, nearly 80!

    1. Wow, a Latin dance before opera! lol! Anyone know what that big, red capsule thing like is? I’ve seen it before.

      1. it’s a portable, bluetooth speaker, jana. Bose i would think – the ‘b’

  4. Hi Daniela, Yes I just found your message.
    I received an email from IL VOLO fan club new Beta version, two day’s ago. They emailed me my code to enter, but when I put the code in exactly the way they have it , it won’t take it.
    When it does’nt take the code, they automatically send me a new code. They have sent me eight different code’s, but it won’t take any of them.
    I was thinking it might be because I am doing it on an iPhone. I know some places where you can’t put in a code with an iPhone because it has to be in “lower case letters” like you can do on a regular computer. I did send them an email a couple of day’s ago but did’nt get a reply.
    Maybe you have some ideas about it?

    1. I’m in like Beta and today I’ve sent to the staff the problem you are having. As soon as they answer, I will answer you.

      1. Daniela – could not tell, but do you know if that fan club site is exclusive to the fan club members only, or can anyone sign up?


    2. Hi – just fyi…. I just got into the new fan club site, I really like it, it’s based off of facebook, somehow – very nice!! I didn’t have any problems, except my secret “code” went to my spam folder.

      1. so far, I think I’m the only “Jana” in there. 🙂 Found quite a few people I recognized and I friended them. It’s kind of scary, but I’m actually using my real name and photo! lol! Somehow, I feel safe there though?

      2. Hi Jana, I also found you in the site, nice photo, I asked you friendship. I like how it is set is easy.

    1. Gina – that is so sweet of you to say so!! I’m just not a person of few words… lol!

      Grazie mille!


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