Luciano Pavarotti 10th Anniversary Concert

It seems unbelievable that a decade has already passed since September 6, 2007, when the world mourned one of the most beloved and legendary singers, Luciano Pavarotti.

Luciano Pavarotti

A special tribute concert dedicated to the unique and unforgettable tenor will take place on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at the Verona Arena in Italy. This is a Roman amphitheatre internationally renowned for its large-scale opera productions as well as pop concerts.

Pavarotti 10th Anniversary

Verona Arena
Arena di Verona

Plácido Domingo and José Carreras will be paying tribute to their friend Maestro Pavarotti as part of the concert, having performed together several times as The Three Tenors. The extraordinary trio (who shared a common passion for soccer) changed the perception of opera around the globe and their incredible performances gained them legions of fans and brought classical music to the masses at a level never seen previously.

Many more stars, both from the opera and the pop field, will join Plácido and  José  to celebrate Maestro Pavarotti. Among them are Andrea Bocelli, Giorgia, Zucchero, Giorgia, Angela Gheorghiu, Eros Ramazzotti, Nek, IL VOLO, Fiorella Mannoia, Vittorio Grigolo, Francesco Meli, Nicola Piovani, Fabio Armigliato, Andrea Griminelli, Massimo Ranieri, Massimo Ranieri , Ron Howard, Alessandro Del Piero, and Fabio Fazio.

The music gala will be broadcast live on Rai Uno TV and hosted by Carlo Conti. I found a free live stream for Rai Uno TV at . I am hoping this will work to view the concert.

The concert will also be live on RAI Radio 2 at 21:25 (Italian time), on air and online. The link to Radio 2 is . Click on “IN ONDA” in the red box in the upper right screen to listen live. It also shows a nice video clip of the upcoming event. I did not hear any sound when it played.

I found a couple different times for this concert. I decided to go with the time listed on the TV and radio websites. Please forgive me if the concert time is off a bit.

Credit also to all owners of photos, logos and websites.

9 thoughts on “Luciano Pavarotti 10th Anniversary Concert”

  1. Beautiful, informative post, Pitterpat! I am hoping to be able to watch it. I loved this man and his singing. So wonderful to see such a tribute to him and have our guys connected to this event. Pavarotti would be so proud of Il Volo if he were here today!

  2. Well Pat, 10 years have passed, Pavarotti deserves a great memory. Who better than our boys who did a whole project on the memory of the three tenors?
    IL VOLO will be there to remember such a great master.

    1. Our boys were on first and were great! I’m sure all of us are proud of them. I am still watching the concert online. I like all of the people who are performing! (But of course I like the boys of IL VOLO better!) And quite a few songs that are being sung are on the Notte Magica CD! 🙂

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