Wind Music Awards 2018 by Daniela

Of course you all knew the news:

IL VOLO will be present at the Wind Music Awards 2018.

WMA June 5

The event will take place on June 5th at the Verona Arena, which on its historic stage will resound the notes of the greatest hits of recent months with the performance of the stars of Italian and international music. There will be many guests, and like all, even IL VOLO, will perform a single song.

The question arises: What song will they sing ?????

Since the WMA audience is essentially a young audience, that wants to move and dance, I hope that for that date, the new single has been published.

I think that making the new music would make us feel, in an evening like this, over the top. Moreover the boys have warned us several times that with that Latin rhythm, they will make us “dance.”

So, I hope we will all be ready to dance with them!

Credit to owner of the WMA photo.

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  1. Hi Daniela, yes I hope they do sing their new single,i’m ready to dance to it. Let’s hope it comes out soon, i’m not getting any younger!🙁
    Are you going to be in Verona to see them? Thank you for the information.

    1. I do not think Jill, in these shows, there is too much confusion, the boys sing a single song, and there is full of gawky boys and girls who scream and dance and do not enjoy anything of the show, moreover, if you’re not in the first files, see everything from far away.
      I reserve all this for their concert !!

  2. They sure seem to be enjoying their lives. That’s good to see. Thanks, as ever, Daniela and Pitterpato. Now thinking about how to describe what I, personally, wish / hope will be the music selections on their new CD, which would be music that has great melody and powerful, forceful, driving beat, rhythms and tempo; some selections celebratory and some soulful. Personally speaking, that would be the cause, for me anyway, to feel like dancing. Yes; can only wait and then hear what they personally like and chose. Regardless of what I prefer, I’ve no doubt that their choices of music and their singing will still be of great quality and sell very, very well for them. Wishing IL VOLO and their admirers much pleasure and happiness. 😊

    1. I think that for now Laura, only one single will come out, later there will be the CD.
      The important thing is that something goes out and put an end to this long wait, it is from January that we expect at any moment to feel a new rhythm.

      1. I like how you phrased that, Daniela: “…to feel a new rhythm.” Nice ! I like how you often phrase your thoughts, ideas, etc. It’s original and even poetic at times. I wonder if that is an Italian talent with wording. Have noticed that Gianluca and Ignazio have a way of expressing their thoughts like that, too, at times. Perhaps it is the result of translating. Might also be that Europeans in general are a little different than native English – speakers in expressing themselves. Whatever it is, it can be interesting and enjoyable to read (and to hear) in English.

      2. Laura, it’s too nice, what you wrote. I assure you that I wrote the first thing that came to my mind as an answer.
        I’m very flattered to know that it can be a “nice way” for those reading!

  3. Thank you ever so much for this news Daniela We look forward to hearing a fresh song and watching them dance will be delightful. Victoria

    1. Hello Victoria, it is already a joy to see them, if we then hear this new project and we also see them dancing, it would be perfect.
      Have you seen their participation in the AMICI show?

    1. Il Volo Live at a Free event ! That’s super good. Even if they only sing one song there, at least a lot of people will be able to see and hear them at the free event, probably many for the first time. Looks like it might go on in the early evening. Hope they’ll all have nice weather and a really good time. Guessing that its broadcast via radio, too.

  4. Thanks for the news Daniela,
    It would be great and as you say, very appropriate if Il Volo were to sing the new single at this event. They haven’t yet recorded anything that is not lovely, so i have every confidence that we will love the new songs.
    Your view on attending the event is interesting. We will be in Italy at that time and I thought about going. You have confirmed that it isn’t worth it, I’ll keep my energies for concerts. I presume it will be on Italian TV so that will be good.

    1. Hello Sue, undoubtedly it is a beautiful event, but for those who prefer to see all the chaos, certainly not for those who want to admire the boys close up. Look at the picture of Piazza Duomo in Milan, if you’re not close to the stage (down on the far right of the Duomo) you can not see anything, also I think there is only one song for each singer, so you risk being there for hours for a song, seen from afar, and felt, maybe bad. Television will show us all much better, and will let us watch backstage interviews, which there, we would not be able to see or hear. If you are in Milan or very close and want to see the atmosphere of this show, go see it. But if you are far away and you want to see, especially IL VOLO, I do not think it’s worth it.
      One thing that I have always appreciated in the concerts of IL VOLO, is that everyone has his place to sit, and there is no confusion of certain concerts, with pressures of people pushing and disturbances.
      It would be different to the Arena, but also there, the song is only one.

  5. This pirate will certainly be more than ready to dance, In fact, I think I would be a bit disappointed if I did hear something that will make me dance, if only on my sofa.. I expect to hear something new, Latin and calls me to stand up and MOVE!

    1. Let me say that agian: I would be disappointed if the music failed to make me dance!… that is what I meant

    2. Pirate, if everything is as they made us understand, you will move a lot from that sofa!

      1. Since many of you fine folks are very much wanting to get up and practice your dancing to Spanish music, I went to YouTube for you to see if the song “Volare” is there by “The Gipsy Kings”, as it certainly could get you up on your feet with its Spanish Gypsy rhythms. Just thinking it might ‘tide you over’ and help prepare you for the long-awaited Single and CD by our Il Volo ! I found a very sweet, fun little Black & White, official HD video of them doing “Volare” on You Tube. (They recorded their version of “Volare” in 1989). You might also very much enjoy their 1989 live concert in London that had the audience all up and wanting to dance. They were having a lot of fun at The Gipsy Kings 1989 performance at The Royal Albert Hall. (That’s on YouTube, also). Hope it’s ok that I offered these two suggestions here; just want to help. Keep dancing – whenever, wherever, however you can ! 🙂 💛

      2. Good Laura, get used to the rhythms that make us dance.
        There it is.

  6. Can’t wait to tap my feet and have my heart dance to our guys’ new music. The rest of my old bones might just follow! Thanks Daniela. – Allene

      1. Daniela, How nice of you to find and post that charming, little video here. I don’t yet know how to do that. Bless your heart. 😘 Say, where can I locate those beautiful pictures of you that were posted here last year, or in 2016 (?) of when you were a Ballet Dancer ? The dancing comments made me want to see your time as a ballerina again. You would probably be really good at dancing to just about any type of music, being a trained dancer and enjoying music and all. 😊 Just thought I’d offer some info. about “The Gipsy Kings” who have long touched my heart: While growing up, their “Gitano” (“Gypsy”) parents had a hard time financially, and these sons did various types of work involving hard, physical labor, but, as in the families of “IL Volo”, there was always enough Love. Like “Il Volo”, the “Gipsy Kings” learned a love of family, children, creating music, singing — plus the “Gitano” love of horses. For example, in their 1989 “Live At The Royal Albert Hall In London” concert, on the front line-up of guitarists, there is Maurice (“Diego”) Baliardo, the oldest of three Baliardo brothers who were performing there, (He’s about the tallest brother there dressed in black). He was 37 years old at the time. Because he was the oldest brother, at one long point in his life it became necessary that he substitute as a ‘father’ for his younger siblings when their real father was away. It was a large responsibility and a close bond formed among him and the family members. Likewise in the Reyes brothers’ family (“Reyes” means “king” ), and also between the Baliardos brothers and Reyes brothers who were also of Gypsy parentage. Jose Reyes, the father of two of the guitarists / lead singer of “The Gypsy Kings” (Nicholas Reyes — the lead singer — and Andre Reyes), eventually became a very famous singer, accompanying. for a long time, “Manitas de Plata” (Ricardo Baliardo), who eventually had become a very famous guitarist. ( I am unclear as to whether Ricardo Baliardo is the father or the uncle of Diego, Paco and Tonino Baliardo of the ” Gipsy Kings”). Ricardo Baliardo was apparently quite a ladies’ man and admitted to having, at least, two dozen children, but was known to love all his children. Jose Reyes was known to be a kind and loving man (Jose Reyes eventually put a couple of his sons together with himself to form a little touring group called, “Los Reyes”, which, eventually became the “Gipsy Kings.” Again, like our “Il Volo,” these “Gipsy Kings” members are humble, kind men and who still speak of their fans with deep gratitude for still enjoying and supporting them and their families over these many years. Personally, what I’ve learned from information shared by members of these particular two groups — “Il Volo” and the “Gipsy Kings” — and information about them in conjunction with just observing them, is that genuinely loving, kind, caring families, no matter the size of the families, and no matter the amount of money in the families, are a prime blessing and very important for helping to produce people who can help create a happier, more peaceful world. So glad they have had supportive families and courage to express their musical talents on a world stage, ultimately. They’ve given me, at least, even more than great music and song. Grateful for it all. 💛🌍 🎵🎶🎤

      2. I meant to put that Nicholas and Andre’s surname – “Reyes” – means “kings.” It was the perfect, last name for them, being that they would grow up to become the “Gipsy Kings.” 🙂 Among at least some Romani (“Gypsy”) communities, I know they might appoint a “king” and “queen.” I’m not sure about anything else related to that, so I won’t try explain the why or when of it. 🙂

  7. Thanks Laura, for explaining the formation of Gipsy King, I did not know all the implications, but I know the group, and their musical motif, always very danceable. I remember always seeing one of their LPs in our house.
    As for my photos as a dancer, I found the link.

    I’m not a guy who frequents discos and ended my adventure of classical dance (before getting married), I no longer, had the opportunity to dance. But I like ballet and I always appreciate a nice choreographic or single dance.
    As for the basic family setting, I fully agree with you, is the basis of all the education and growth of children.

    1. Grazie, Daniela ! Very happy to have the link and very surprised that your photos were posted here only last summer ?! Wow ! From what I was able to learn about the Gipsy Kings, it seems that they were well-known in Europe ( and Africa and The Middle East) for quite a long time before they released a self-titled album in the USA. which then made them better known here. Also, thinking back more carefully today, I’m more certain that Manitas de Plata (Ricardo Baliardo) is the father of the Baliardo brothers and Uncle of the Reyes brothers; five of the six original, founding members of the Gipsy Kings, all six of whom can be seen performing in both of the videos I commented about here. Tomorrow is Diego Baliardo’s birthday, bless his heart. 😘

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