SANREMO DAY 1 by Daniela

And so the first evening of SANREMO has passed.

What to say, the song IL VOLO is very beautiful, but the audio of the TV show was bad, then it was fixed, but the boys had already sung.

But let’s look at the video of the evening together.

The more I listen to it, the more I like it, it’s beautiful.

The lyrics are very beautiful, the music has a less classic touch of “Grande Amore”, and a little more rock. The voices of the boys always very beautiful.

At the end there was a very long applause, I think the longest of all the evening. The public loves IL VOLO.


Too bad that in the RAI video, the applause was cut.

At the end of the performances, there were no eliminations or even rankings, but only groupings in three great colors.

In the blue color the most voted, IL VOLO is in that, then there is yellow and finally red.


What do you think of their clothing?

Honestly I do not like Ignazio’s pants, the rest, everything is OK.





The guys were very excited, but they were fantastic!

Today in the newspapers, there are different opinions, some consider them winners and those who do not.

A satisfaction, I read a comment that says that the press room, gave an applause to IL VOLO, while if you remember the last time they had reserved only whistles to them.

The official video of the song has also been published today. Here it is, we try to make the views go up, watching it continuously. 

It’s a rather strange video, I have not yet understood the meaning, I have to see it again and again.

Also in these days the video-diary started, we are already on the third day, here it is.

P = Here we are, guys we arrived, the party started.

G = We are here too, ready to celebrate.

P = Hi guys.

G = Hello everyone, we are IL VOLO, this is the first appointment with the video-diary of Sorrisi.

P = We will tell you about our days in Sanremo.

I = Yes, even our ugly figures ….. no, the ugly figures, maybe not. We are happy to do it again (the video diary).

P = You can follow us on

I = A hug, hello.

I = Hello friends of Sorrisi, here we are at another appointment in the diary.

P = This morning what have we done? I was good, because I woke up first and went to the gym, I trained, then I met Gianluca at breakfast and Ignazio, as usual, last.

G = Yes, because we two train ourselves, Ignatius no.

Now, we are doing the interviews.

P = Exactly, we have already done six or seven interviews, we’re going to rehearse this afternoon.

G = It will be a pretty intense day, we are excited because day five is approaching. now we are close, the emotion increases, even the tension, but we cannot wait to sing the song for you.

P = Ignazio, on the other hand, cannot wait to train ….

G = Hello friends of, today in Sanremo is a wonderful day.

I = We wanted to introduce you to Fonzie (he refers to Gianluca).

P = We have not forgotten about our video diary, we are walking, but we are actually going to eat.

G = We have already done several interviews, it is a busy day up to 4:00 pm because then we have to rest for the evening.

I = Yes, now comes the most important moment, as Piero said, which is lunch, you have to eat, treat yourself.

P = Actually we are really loads for tonight, there is a different tension, compared to other days, we can not wait.

G = We can not wait to sing “MUSICA CHE RESTA” for you. Hello.

P = From tomorrow we can sing it.

I = Hello everyone.

I = Hello guys third day.

P = We are at the editorial office of Sorrisi e Canzoni.

I = Last night we sang for the first time “MUSICA CHE RESTA”.

G = The feedback from the public has been positive, perhaps we will be returning tonight

P = You will know soon, after the press conference.

G = We can not wait to sing it again, so you can hear it again, and you can learn it by heart.

P = Today, for a change, lots of interviews, it’s nice to hear our song on the radio, this is the most beautiful emotion.

I = But do you like my hair today?

G = It’s too classic.

I = But I’m a “cool”, look.

G = Yes, but you say it to yourself, alone.

I = You are jealous ….

P = Boys, you’ll soon know if we’re singing tonight or tomorrow.

G = Follow us on social media.

I = And here on

P+G = Hello


In addition, today our boys have received a prize from you tube.


This is the motivation:

PR = I am very happy to deliver you on behalf of YouTube, the “Gold Creator Award” for having passed one million subscribers on your YouTube channel. This shows all the affection and enthusiasm of your many members.

P+I+G = Thank you all.


You can be original, being Italian !!!


Some shots of the boys in the performance of the second evening.





So, how did you feel the first evening?

I want all your comments and tonight, waiting for us the second night.

Good luck guys!!!

Tonight, Thursday, IL VOLO does not perform, so they will have a day off, tomorrow they will perform in the duet with the violinist Quarta.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Hi – Jana here again…

Click on this link – it takes you to the odds (unfortunately, they have dropped the guys again to #4 after the Wed performance), as well as the “who wins Sanremo poll!”  Look who’s on top!  Be sure to vote!  🙂


70 thoughts on “SANREMO DAY 1 by Daniela”

  1. Thank you for all the translations. I thought the boys were wonderful. I liked the song, I am praying they do well. As the days go on, I am expecting better results. I too heard the huge applause on the first night. The boys are dressing like the young dress today. They’re young and enjoying themselves. Thank you so very much for the enlightened blog tonight. Hugs to everyone.

    1. Victoria, did you like the video diaries? Yes, the boys are always good. As for clothes, I do not discuss the taste, but Ignatius I prefer when he wears loose trousers and on both evenings they were really wide.

  2. I really like the new song, and they did a great job both first and second nights. I checked out their competition and I do not think any of them are particularly good singers, certainly not in the trained and professional way Il Volo sings. To me it is clear who the best singers are, but maybe the young Italian viewers think otherwise. I cannot account for Il Volo being ranked Third or fourth.
    To me they sing rings around everyone else. About the clothes, I agree about Igna’s pants. He seems to be wearing them a little too lose these days. And about the new music video-I love the song, but can anyone explain the story? seems like a jewel thief / spy kind of plot, but the lyrics seem romantic . Not sure how the song relates to the story. Thanks Daniela for all this great information.

    1. My opinion is that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, are absolutely above all the other singers, but maybe I’m biased.
      I give you an interpretation of the official video of MUSICA CHE RESTA.

      The boys are three thieves. Gianluca makes the “pole” in the car while the girl exchanges the ancient glass (perhaps stolen) with the precious stone, then passes the stone, to the bar to Ignazio, and the man with the cat sees them from the window. He wants the musical score, however, that they managed to get probably thanks to the barter with the precious stone, so Piero brought it to him to free the girls, who were kidnapped.
      The score has the symbolic meaning of the music that remains

  3. Thank you for the translations and the opportunity to vote in the poll. My opinion? Love the clothes, love the voices (of course, always!), but I do not think the song is good enough for this important competition. To me it feels like a quick copy of Grande Amore but no where near as good. It seems like the boys are having to work way too hard to make it a better song than it is. So sorry all…I do not mean to offend. Just my opinion.

    1. I agree with Barbara Morris. The boys are too good to waste their
      talents on this kind of music, but they need to do what feels good for
      them for awhile and then go back to what they are best at–bel canto.

      1. Sometimes, even if you are very good, you have to waste yourself to please more people. Here in Italy, are appreciating, that the boys have not pushed their vocal cords to the maximum, it’s incredible, is not it ???

    2. Thanks to you Barbara, who have read.
      Do not apologize, I agree with you that Grande Amore had a much more direct impact, but if they did, the song too much similar would have been even more criticized. You must understand that here in Italy, they do not have an easy life with the critics.

      1. A different world from the USA Daniela. But I love your Italy…..maybe everything but the critics. Thank you for a wonderful site about i ragazzi 😄🙌🏻.

    1. Ignazio can’t stand still when he is performing–he becomes one with the music and he is always on the move. We have seen him bend, kick, slide, dance! We have also seen him tear many pairs of pants! I was at a concert when he tore a hole in the knee of his pants after sliding on the floor. He’s ripped the seat of his pants also on a few occasions. Then he started wearing what looked like track pants. Now he has new baggy pants that allow him to move any way he wants without a disaster in the making. I’m happy he found a good solution!

      1. Yes Penina, you know Ignazio very well ….. I confirm everything you said, but there are pants made of stretch fabric that allow the movements, but do not make the person look fatter than he is.

      2. I don’t think those pants make him look fatter–I think they make him look like he is wearing someone else’s pants! And that suit he wore on the first night–to me it looked like a suit from a gangster movie from 1930!

  4. As I live in the USA, I am totally confused as to how this contest works. So, will the boys sing again? The contestant standing are grouped in colors? What happens tonight? It does seem that the boy’s talents are much above the others who are singing.

    1. Susan, the boys sang the first night and were in the blue (highest) position.
      Then they sang the second night, along with half of the singers in the race and got a yellow position (average)
      Tonight sings the other half of the singers, so IL VOLO is not there.
      Tomorrow everyone will sing with a guest in a duet, and the boys will have a violinist with them.
      Saturday there will be the last evening and the award ceremony.
      Remember that the votes (blue and yellow) are partial and only one of the juries (because every night there are the votes of at least 3 types of juries).
      At the end the sum of all the scores collected in all the evenings will be made, and there will be the winner.

  5. The more I listen to this song, the more I like it. However, it seems to me that the orchestra is too loud and seems to drown out Gianluca & Ignazio’s voices. I find myself straining to hear their beautiful voices. As far as their wardrobe goes, don’t like seeing knees either. Also agree, don’t like Ignazio’s choice of pants but love the very fashionable winter coats they are wearing in the video and walking the red carpet. Fingers crossed for the next performance.

    1. Annette, I think it’s an audio problem, but now it seems solved.
      I love the coats, I find that they are extremely elegant, even in their sportiest version.

  6. a. very. happy. and. healthy. birthday. gianluca.

    On Thu, Feb 7, 2019, 12:14 AM Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love pitterpat0 posted: “And so the first evening of SANREMO has passed. What > to say, the song IL VOLO is very beautiful, but the audio of the TV show > was bad, then it was fixed, but the boys had already sung. But let’s look > at the video of the evening together. https://www.youtu” >

  7. I am absolutely thrilled to hear the boys sing anything new. It seemed to me some of the sections were forced (not sure that is the correct word) but then I’m no expert. I thought the performance on night #2 was much better–more relaxed and the audio was good. Daniela, THANK YOU so much for all the translations and for the explanations of how this competition is judged! I appreciate all you do to keep us up to speed on “all things Il Volo”!

    1. Hi Susan, thank you so much for the compliments.
      I think the forcing you’ve heard is due to the more rock style, but I think that hearing it live must be a formidable thing …… and we’ll hear it soon !! 🙂

  8. My expectations were very high for day one. Gianluca stated in an interview weeks before that the performance would be explosive. I am sorry to say that as I watched and listened it all felt flat. It seemed something was off. Thank you for explaining that for the live streaming something was off. In any case, I have listened to the song on YouTube dozens of times in an attempt to connect with the emotion, and I cannot. In other songs of theirs I feel their harmonies viscerally—I feel tingles up and down my spine—especially with We Are Love, Grande Amore, and VentiAnni. But with this song, no.

    I am hopeful for the guys that this song will appeal to the younger Italian market—which is their target(?) For me, this song does not feature the vocal power of Piero (something I have come to love very much). Nor even the wonderful harmonies from previous songs. I also love Gianluca’s deep voice, but I am not hearing his velvet tones here.

    As far as the music video—very confusing— and why place our hero princes as villains?

    For the clothes, Gianluca is always classy and now Piero is rivaling him. Loved Piero’s suit! I think Valentina has been a good influence on him as since it was made public their dating his clothing choices have improved dramatically. Classy clothes for a classy guy.

    Best wishes to the guys for days 4&5. I look forward to the album as I am sure there will be songs that I will love and that I will enjoy the wonderful spine tingling I get from their Bel Canto harmonies.

    1. Cristaldawn, I quite agree with you about everything.
      The expectations were really high, but you have to understand that they could not make a song like Great Love, because the critics would have said that they had not changed anything. Of course, I admit that this song does not have the impact of Grande Amore, but if you listen to it several times, it enters your head. Not always the first impact is immediately beautiful, you named me a song WE ARE LOVE, you must know that the first time I heard it, I thought it was too slow, too classic, and I did not like it much, and now I think it’s wonderful, so give it time to time.

      I did not understand the video too much.

      For the elegance, I confirm what you said, Gianluca always at the top, Piero, much improved, what amazes me of Ignazio is that when he does the interviews in the afternoon, I like how he is dressed, but in the two evenings of the Festival, as I repeat it could have been better.

      But anyway, best wishes, those always !!

  9. Thank you, Daniela & Jana. I’m so happy for your site as it’s difficult to find info on the boys in English. I especially love the video diaries; the guys are so sweet and personable.

    Could you answer a quick question regarding the contest? Is judging based more on the song vs. performance? Having watched day 1 (and not speaking Italian), Il Volo was FAR superior to anyone else vocally, so it’s not clear to me exactly what the critics are looking for; it almost seems like Il Volo is being penalized for being classically trained and actually able to sing!!!

    The YouTube video is receiving praise and positive reviews from many countries. Their fans outside of Italy love their unique take on “Bel Canto”; however, some in Italy don’t appreciate their treasure.
    I ask – is it really “old fashioned” to sing songs full of love, positivity and beauty? If so, that just seems silly.

    P.S. – what is the Italian media saying about Ultimo? There are many comments on his YouTube video that the song he presented isn’t up to his usual standards? However, his young fans were determined to get the views on his video over 1M, and it looks like they succeeded.

    1. Stacey, thanks for the compliments and ….. really nice questions.
      You have hit the subject in full, the guys are very good, there is no one on their level in the Festival, but they are always hampered by the critics, the press room, who can not see in them the true Italian music, harmony , the exceptional pitch.
      Il Volo has no easy life in Italy, they are very followed by people, but often derided as “bearers of a stereotype” that the press does not accept, it is better for the press to imitate the Rap of other countries.
      As for Ultimo, I can tell you that the press is very benevolent with him, but not because he deserves it, only with IL VOLO, the press has this absurd attitude.

  10. Grazie for translating all the interviews for us Daniela!! You are wonderful and your time and effort is greatly appreciated!! I love their new song and the more I listen to it the more I love it which is how I have felt about all their songs throughout the years. The song and our incredible guys are the BEST by far!! I am not at all impressed with the other singers which for the most part all sound alike to me. They are also definitely the classiest dressers except for Ignazio’s baggy pants which tend to make him look heavy… which he is not. I think their second performance was better then the first. They seemed to be more relaxed and having more fun. I knew immediately that the press had something to do with them being ranked in the yellow the second night and I was right!! The Italian press is very hard on them for some god forsaken reason!! Guess we’ll just have wait and see what happens when all the votes are in. Whether they win or not they will always be winners to all of their adoring fans who love them. I love them to pieces and will be cheering them on the last two nights while watching the show on Rai1 here in Florida!!💕🎶💕🎤

    1. Joanie, thanks for the compliments.
      Even the song likes me more and more.
      I do not think the guys will be able to win Sanremo again, but I think the song will surely be successful.
      Unfortunately, the press has always had a relationship not of love, with our boys.

      1. I hate to hear that the press is unfavorable to our favorite boys. Whether they win or lose, they will always be first to me. They are heads above all the other performers. Thank you so much, Daniela, for translating for those of us who do not speak Italian. You do an incredible job!

      2. I just don’t understand how the press can justify their unfavorable stance on Il Volo. Their voices are so pure, so right on pitch & their harmony is as if they were really brothers. Just awesome! And then you have their classy look & behavior. I love Il Volo!

    2. You can watch the show live? I live in AL but have not been able to find a way to watch it live. Please! Tell me how, Joanief12!

      1. Joanie, I can’t remember if I was charged, but I signed up to have Rai1 channel when I moved to AL. I use Spectrum, but you can call your provider for info. If you do it tonight or tomorrow morning … you’ll have it for the live performance starting at 1:45 PM Friday. There is a repeat at 8:15 PM. Good Luck! I love Il Volo too

      2. Hi Susan. In answer to your question my TV provider is Comcast and I can order Rai1 from them for $9.99 a month. I can also cancel it whenever I want to so I order it to see shows the boys are on and then cancel it until the next time.

      3. Mary Thomas, Thank you for your help. I called my provider who is also Comcast but they do not offer Rai1. I’m so disappointed!

  11. I decided to go back to 2009 in YouTube and watch the first time they sang together. Ohhhh, the harmony, the deep powerful voices, and the loving eyes of support they give to each other. They still have that 10 years later. On the first night’s video you can observe Gianluca giving Ignazio the wind up for his rock portion of the song. I am so delighted to hear from Piero in a recent interview (that Daniela translated for us—thank you) that the guys really love each other. It warms my heart that they consider themselves brothers—three personalities and styles with one soul. They are such classy guys, humble, with good moral values who love their families and their mothers. I could not be more proud to call myself a fan and will continue to support them. This Sanremo festival is giving them even more exposure to people worldwide—but especially in Italy, and that’s a good thing. I send them love and blessings for great success.

  12. Thank you Daniela for the translating, I’m really impressed. I watched the videos and I liked them very much, but it’s wonderfully to understand what the boys say. I love Ignazio’s sense of humor, all the three are fantastic but Ignazio is my favourite. “Musica che resta” is very beautiful song and that’s true more you listen more you love.I wish luck our boys, but if they will win or not, doesn’t matter, for me and all of us, I’m sure, they are winners.

    1. Jolanta, you’re right, for us, IL VOLO has already won.
      Even if they will not succeed in repeating Sanremo, they are having a huge load of publicity, awakening there ‘interest all over the world.
      Speech aside for Italy, which in the end, at least for what concerns criticism and newspapers, still does not accept them.

  13. Thank you for responding, Daniela! I’m happy to hear that they are followed by the people .. that’s all that matters .. I’m from the U.S. & my young niece introduced me to ll Volo after seeing them on American Idol ..we’ve seen them 3 times in concert .. so me, my niece, sister & mom all love them .. 3 generations .. that’s saying something! They’re very special!

    1. True, Stacey, people really like IL VOLO and a lot, they get to the heart.
      We will do without, good press comments, we have done without until now, and we will demonstrate to these incredulous journalists, how important the fandom of our boys can be, Il VOLO like, to different generations.

  14. Daniela, just wondering if the guys ever publicly challenge the Italian press/media. Do they publicly “go to bat” for themselves in regard to the unkind, untrue,insulting and ridiculously biased treatment of them. Or do they feel that it would be a waste of time and invite more of the same? It must bother them very much at times, right there on their own home turf. How much can you take before you lose your cool and speak out?

    1. Mark, it’s a really long and very bad speech. Now there is Sanremo and I would like to see how the festival ends and how journalists behave, but one day we will talk about it for a long time, promised.

  15. Thanks again Daniela for all the latest information. It is a shame that some critics and press still don’t give Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca the respect they deserve. As many have said, they are obviously far more talented than most of the performers. They are always courteous and respectful and still humble, even with the tremendous success they have had. And of course they are the best unofficial ambassadors for Italy. We love them and wish them the best always!

    1. Margaret, as you noted, there is none of Sanremo’s competitors, who are up to the boys. I continue to cross my fingers

  16. Daneila has mentioned that it helps if all of us that love Il Volo make positive comments under their official video on their Facebook. I resent the critics saying the boys music is for “OLD” people. I am old but I have loved Italian beautiful music since I was a young girl.

    1. I comment on everything that comes up about IL Volo. Make me so mad for them to be slighted by the media as their talents are real! These rappers are a joke. This is one reason I am drawn to Il Volo because of the incredible style they have created with the gorgeous Italian music. On top of that, Italian is such a beautiful language! Waiting for the boys to come to USA! We love you!❤️

    2. Thanks Gina, yes it is. Who can leave a comment under the video of the first evening of Sanremo and also write the name of the city.

  17. Ciao Daniela. again, a beautifully-compiled post. Grazie.
    For me also, performance no.2 did it for me. (not the first night however) so i felt i needed to hear it a second time. and yes, that second performance hit the mark for me. they were more cohesive together, the three of them, and more relaxed and in their element.

    Daniela, may i ask you a question regarding the judging –
    yes, i understand how it goes (from different juries).
    would like to know, which jury was made public by RAI on the first night?
    and which jury was the one made public on the second night?
    am curious who put them in the yellow…. !


    1. Cynthia, on the first evening the vote of the public opinion jury (chosen citizens, who are buyers of music that vote from home), on the second evening they made public the voting of the press room (did you have any doubts?). In both evenings, those were not the only voting juries, so everything is still to be seen.

    1. IL VOLO was stellar! This performance was the best— and I hope this is the version for the new CD. I am so proud of them and so happy for the standing ovation. Your video of the applause meter is not showing in the USA—what did it register at?

    1. Marion you are wonderful for posting the site for voting. I cannot get the festival on Comcast either. I have found an RAI1 site that plays intermittently. It do not know if it will work for people and it says it’s live. I’ve been watching it when I can. Thank you so much for the voting site.

  18. I agree it was fantastic performance, they are the best and should win. It’s really hard to understand those awful journalists. But we love them and support them, that is the most important thing.

  19. Just finished watching Il Volo’s performance with the duet with Alessandro Quarta, and thought it was a very wise decision on their part to add him. All I can say is WOW! What a performance. If Il Volo does not win, those judges should have their heads examined. (Sorry, but I say it like it is, being a New Yorker). I have never seen such horrible talent in my life competing at Sanremo with the exception of our boys of course. One is worse than the other, absolutely no talent whatsoever. I think Il Volo knows this, so if they do not win, at least their self-esteem should and hopefully not be, diminished. They are in a class of their own.

  20. I found this on a site that sent me to YouTube and it was unbelievable. The boys are magnificent and I have no words for their performance with this violinist. I encourage everyone to vote with every vehicle they have available. The voted from my iPad and phone and my husband did the same. I hope it counts. They should represent Italy. They are without a doubt the best choice. No one can match them. I played this site over and over again.

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