Note from Jana…. Ciao a tutti!  I just wanted to add the lyrics to the song, here are a few links – thank you to Penina and Leslie….

Such beautiful words!!  🙂

If you click on this link, it should bring up the words in Italian 🙂 1-musica ital

Here are words in English… 1-musica engl

In the words of Ignazio (and West Side Story) …”tonight, tonight, we’ll see our loves tonight” (ok, maybe tomorrow, because I think they are in the 2nd flight..)

Here are some more links to viewing, if needed:   (there are already some taped things about Sanremo on here….)

Now – please enjoy Daniela’s post!  🙂

These days there is so much new news and interviews that it is impossible to keep up with everything that is being published.

Our boys are already in Sanremo, there is very little missing.

We already know the track list of the new CD, but now let’s focus on the piece that will be presented at Sanremo:MUSICA CHE RESTA”.

Therefore, today I propose to you a part of this beautiful interview made to Antonello Carozza, one of the authors of “MUSICA CHE RESTA” and, as you see in the photo posted below, really a young author.

Musica che resta 01

EuroFestival Italia Article – Click Here

Now on the eve of the next Sanremo Festival, we reached Antonello Carozza, co-author of the piece “Musica che Resta” that Il Volo will present on the prestigious stage of the Ariston. Carozza himself speaks to us about the song, which is going to be great. Also for a possible Eurovision Song Contest.

Antonello, very pleased to be able to host you on our website for this very welcome interview. Let’s start now with your important contribution to the next edition of the Sanremo Festival, namely the participation in the writing of the song “Musica Che Resta”, for which you collaborated with Piero Romitelli, Emilio Munda and with the great Gianna Nannini. How is this collaboration born?

Piero Romitelli and I have been “Friends” for 13 years and we had already signed some things together, while Emilio Munda has known him through Piero since 2014. “Musica che Resta” was one of those songs destined for Il Volo right away. The participation of Gianna Nannini, who has managed to give the piece a personal touch, further embellishes it.

Certainly the great Pasquale Mammaro is also fundamental, it is he who has transformed the intuition of the authors into reality: with stubbornness and determination he has convinced everyone that “Musica che Resta” would have been the right track for a great return.

We still do not know the text of the song and clearly, to listen to it, we will have to wait for the start of the Festival. But we all know the style of Il Volo, which will interpret it. What should we expect from “Musica che Resta”? What kind of music and text?

Expect the music that explodes along with their voices. It is a work that at times follows the style of “GRANDE AMORE”, but it is definitely more … “rock”. “Love look at me, we are the sun on rainy day, we are true music that remains!” … I’m sure it will be sung by many, it’s a beautiful declaration of love.

Let’s go into the merits of Eurovision: you have an experience that few can boast in the world of Eurovision. From the Junior to the traditional Eurovision Song Contest you have accumulated, despite the still young age, an experience such as to have experienced this world in every aspect, from singer, producer and of course a passionate connoisseur of its dynamics. How would you see a new representation of Italy by Il Volo at Eurovision and, according to your experience, “Musica che Resta”, what impact would it have on that audience?

“Musica che Resta” at Eurovision would be an assured place on the podium. Because from Il Volo you expect a song like that; in Europe, from Italy, they expect Il Volo, it’s as if they “pretend” it. I was in Vienna in 2015 and I followed closely the moment of the verdict together with the parents and the families of the boys. I still remember the disappointment, we all believed very much. Well, we all believe that even now with this song. Let’s cross our fingers, first they have to win Sanremo, then we’ll think about the SC.”

Musica che resta 02

You all know that the third evening will be dedicated to the duets. We all hoped that the duet of IL VOLO was with Gianna Nannini, co-author of the song, instead Gianna refused and the boys will duet with a good Italian violinist Alessandro Quarta. Here’s what he wrote about this participation:

“On 8 February I will be the “GUEST” of Il Volo on the Duet evening. A big surprise and an honor for me to be able to accept their invitation when they called me – Michele Torpedine and the guys of Il Volo, especially by virtue of the professional esteem I have for Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. Baci ❤”

Musica che resta 03

This instead is a comment made by Tony Maiello, who is the author of the new “FINO QUANDO FA BENE”, I translate:

“Happy and proud of this new partnership. Inside the new album of IL VOLO, you will also find the unpublished “FINO QUANDO FA BENE”, a ballad of those that please me. Thanks to the guys for the trust, I hope you like it.”


In addition there is also this wonderful collaboration:

Musica che resta 05

TIZIANO FERRO = IL VOLO will included my song “A CHI MI DICE” in their new album. How cool! Take it all around the world guys.

Meanwhile in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Gianluca, before leaving for Sanremo, receives his best wishes from the mayor and municipal representatives.

Musica che resta 06

Musica che resta 07

Another beautiful novelty.

G = Hello everyone, we are IL VOLO.

P = As you know this year we participate in the 69th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

I = And also this year we will do the diary of Smiles and TV Songs and you follow this on:

G+I+P =, bye.

Musica che resta 08

But the final pride, it was this beautiful front page that they got in the weekly GENTE, is not it beautiful? The photo with the Pope and inside a beautiful article.

Musica che resta 09

…….. and finally the first VIDEO-DIARY of Sorrisi e Canzoni.

P = Here we are, guys we arrived, the party started.

G = We are here too, ready to celebrate.

P = Hi guys.

G = Hello everyone, we are IL VOLO, this is the first appointment with the video-diary of Sorrisi.

P = We will tell you about our days in Sanremo

I = Yes, even our ugly figures ….. no, the ugly figures, maybe not. We are happy to do it again (the video diary)

P = You can follow us on

I = A hug, hello.

The interview with Carozza has put me in great excitement, I really want to hear “MUSICA CHE RESTA” !!!!

And then I want to hear the other unpublished and all the new CD.

And how much fun I had in 2015 to watch the video-diaries of the boys, I watched them after Sanremo, because I started to follow IL VOLO after the victory of Sanremo, but I laughed so much with those nice video-diaries and I hope to have fun with the new ones, which we will certainly post with the translation.

Only a few days are left until Sanremo, I do not know about you, but I am anxious to the stars.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

47 thoughts on “MUSICA CHE RESTA by Daniela”

      1. i know…. and so i say a prayer for you tonight before i go to bed and a prayer for our boys in the contest tonight.
        BIG HUG. BACI

  1. The words are beautiful—looking forward to hearing the melody and IL VOLO’s powerful voices.

  2. Grazie Daniela!! I wish I could give you a hug!! You are doing an amazing job of translating our guy’s interviews!! Starting today 2:45-7pm I will be watching the Sanremo Festival on Rai1 all week!! I’m excited beyond words for our our incredible boys and also all of us that love them!! Their song is beautiful and they will be spectacular!! 🤗🎶🤗🎤🤗

    1. Thanks Mark, they just said on TV that IL VOLO is in third place of the preferences but that yesterday during the singing rehearsals, they got the longest applause.

  3. Thanks again Daniela. I am so excited for the boys. I listened to the two young men that are supposed to be #1 and #2 to win. They are young and probably appeal to the younger generation but as far as talent and voices IL VOLO beats all of them. But like Eurovision critics are a major part in their winning.

  4. May I please request this favor: when talking about the person that writes the music (translated from Italian, or any language for that matter, the English word for the person that writes the music is NOT AUTHOR. Perhaps when you translate direct from Italian to English you may end up with that. However, the person that writes the music is the COMPOSER. the person that writes the words for that song is the the lyricist. The words are the lyrics.

    Some times the two jobs : music and lyrics are done by the same person. But in any case the song in question was written by more than one so that is ” CO – COMPOSERS ”

    An author is the person that writes a book or an article such as I am the author of this comment.

    1. Perfect Myron, thanks for the observation. In Italy the author, in fact, is the one who writes a book, but it can also be a song.
      But surely it is more correct composer and lyricist for those who write the text.
      What do you think of the new song?

    1. So what did you think of it? I like it better on the blog than on the TV–I thought the music was too loud and you couldn’t hear their voices very well. Somehow here their voices come through better.

      1. I have to agree with you that the music was loud and did drown out Gianluca& Ignazio’s voices in the beginning. However, they did get a good response from the audience. Let ‘s hope for the best!!

      2. I am wondering when they have their guest whether he alone will play and not the orchestra. I hope that is the case–then we will be able to really hear them!

      3. In fact, Penina there was something that did not work in the audio. It felt muffled, all the first songs.
         After the advertising it is a little improved.
        In fact I was committed to vote and I could not listen well and not even see them, I’m appreciating more now, with headphones you feel great ……. and I like it.

  5. I just saw it also!! Tuned in to Rai 1 and couldn’t believe my luck when I heard the next contestant is Il Volo! Bravo to our guys!

  6. Oh, thank you Daniela for the video. A beautiful rendition and anyone would have to recognize it as IL Volo just to hear it, even if you couldn’t see them actually performing it. I’d vote for it in a heartbeat as many times as they would let me!

    1. Yes Mark, I think the guys were very excited, and the audio on TV was not very good, but I can assure you that they received a long applause.

  7. Well done guys!! The explosion of Igna’s voice on his second entrance gave me goose bumps. Beautiful song, just right for them. Thanks Daniela for the video.

  8. the best rendition I have heard tonight was on YouTube. Like night and day between the other medias. You could hear the beautiful harmony and gorgeous individual voices much better. Beautiful job by Il Volo once again. After hearing some of the other contestants, I do not feel that they have a lot of competition.

    1. Yes, Susan, there was some audio problem, but when you listen on you tube and maybe with headphones, it’s very beautiful.

      1. Yes I agree. I have listened to several of the other performers, and there is no comparison as to how vocally trained Il Volo is compared to the others. They are in a category of their own. I just don’t see what people see in Nek and the others vocally. After all this is a vocal competition is it not?? Maybe this new song is not A Grande Amore but to me it’s a beautiful song which for the most part was performed beautifully, most noted on the YouTube performance.

  9. Just checked the odds again. Ultimo is stil first, followed by irama, then the guys. However the percentages have gone down, and nek, as I predict, has moved up. 20, 18, and 10 now for the guys. Nek is now in 4th. I predict another race between nek and il volo. I thought irama was awful. But ultimo was ok. Of course our guys were the best. The crowd clearly loves the guys. I think baglioni even likes them. He was trying hard to hide his pleasure of his smile when they were done.

    1. I thought most of them were awful. Some like Ultimo had enthusiasm, but that is not substitute for a VOICE!

  10. I had a headache after sitting thru the show. The boys where the best and the audience showed their approval. I have a feeling the critics will find fault with Il Volo. I read someplace that the critics already are tearing the song apart. I believe Il Volo is giving the Sanremo event a boost.

    1. Do not worry, Gina, critics will always find something to say. We hope they do not penalize them too much.

  11. Am huge fan of Il Volo…two concerts in Canada and had to fly to both of them. The critics will look for anything about them for sure…I was a tad disappointed with the song …certainly no Grande Amore, and I felt that the guys were a little uneven in their presentation…or maybe I just didn’t understand it well enough yet. Or perhaps I still haven’t recovered from Notte Magica….they spoiled me!

    1. Katy, believe me, Grande Amore hits immediately, but this comes slowly and gets you in the head, it’s less classic than Grande Amore, but maybe it convinces a little more the younger ones.

  12. To my great delight I was able to stream both evening shows on my phone. I was disappointed with the sound quality for the first performance as the orchestra I felt was off and their vocals were not showcased well enough. Today was better.

    I LOVED Piero’s suit on the first night! I have noticed an increased sense of style and fashion since he has been dating Valentina. He has become much more classy— now his clothes match his beautiful voice.

    Today I was disappointed that the critics moved IL VOLO out of the blue section and into the yellow. AND that the critics placed the older woman who literally screamed into the microphone into the blue section. What are they thinking???? She was horrid, and the audience gave her such applause— I don’t understand.

    Looking forward to Friday night and the duet.

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