In these days of quarantine, there are live videos, between our boys and their friends.

This is Piero with Jovanotti. I state that Jovanotti, (also called Jova, but his real name is Lorenzo Cherubini) is a famous Italian singer-songwriter, rapper and disc jockey.

The live is very interesting and therefore I translate roughly for you.

Friendly greetings between Piero and Jovanotti.

Piero says that he returned three days earlier from the US where Il Volo was on tour, but they did not realize from there what the situation was like in Italy.

He is now in Naro, and is in quarantine. He says that quarantine stimulates creativity, he must commit the days, the mind, he takes advantage of it to study, and read.

Jova asks where the other two are and Piero replies that everyone is at home, Gianluca is in Abruzzo and Ignazio in Bologna.

Jova asks if there is someone at home with him and Piero replies that he is alone, that he has not yet seen his parents and his sister. Piero says that in America they didn’t have the feeling of what was going on, that if you put on gloves and a medical mask, maybe you looked badly.

Piero Jova 01

Now also in the US the situation is different.

Now everyone looks to Italy, also as an example and then we receive many messages from all over the world of solidarity and we must be proud of this.
Jova asks if they were on tour and Piero replies that they were on tour since January and they have had to cancel the last three concerts.

Piero explains how fortunately they managed to return to Italy, because he says that after Trump’s speech where he said he would close all flights from Europe, and for Europe, Alitalia, sent a completely empty plane to the US to take the compatriots who wanted to return to Italy.

Jovanotti says that Italians always show the best side when there are emergencies. He says it is in these cases that Italy proves to be a united country.

He says his daughter was also in the US for study and managed to catch one of the last flights.

Piero Jova 02

Then he asks Piero if he is afraid.

Piero replies no, because he is convinced that we live in the safest country in the world, even if he admits that in Sicily, the health facilities (hospitals) are not exactly vanguard, but there are many people of good will. Therefore, by contacting some friends from Agrigento, they thought that, for now there are few cases in Sicily, but if the contagion were to come as strong as in Lombardy, the health facilities would collapse immediately.

And so he and these artists from Agrigento decided to start this fundraiser to help these hospitals. They will channel the donations to this bank account, but they will not give the money, but they will ask what the hospital needs and will buy it and give it to them. All coordinated with local authorities.

Piero says that the duty of the artists is to spread this initiative and says that today there are no records sold or concerts. Today there is only one concert, that of staying united and carrying out this great battle.

Jova greatly appreciates Piero’s speech and tells him that he is “great”. He remembers that they met quickly in a waiting room of the Catania airport and exchanged their contacts.

Then Jovanotti (who has many followers) invites everyone to follow this beautiful initiative, very important.

Then he tells Piero that he wants to hear his voice, he says that he knows that Il Volo sings all over the world bringing the Italian melody, especially the songs in Italian, and says that they are a rarity.

Piero replies that it’s nice to see Americans, even the Japanese, who get excited even if they don’t understand the words.

At this point Jovanotti asks Piero to perform the NESSUN DORMA.

Piero says that his neighbors will be tired of hearing him, as long as he always sings. Jova says they told him that the summer rental agencies have requests to rent apartments near Piero’s !!

So Piero shows the view from his balcony and Jova says it is a beautiful place, a real historical center.

Piero Jova 03



Then he tells Piero that he appreciates Il Volo, because they also love to joke and play down their image, also lending themselves to slightly different interviews, such as the one they did with Fiorello, proposing Il Volo in a rock version.

Piero confirms that they try to bring the message of bel canto to the younger generation too.

Jova asks if they have ever sung in China and Piero confirms yes, in 2015, the year of the dog. Then they do a search and discover that when Piero was born, it was the year of the rooster, then they try, laughing, to make a symphonic version of Jova’s song.

A message from Fiorello arrives (on their video) and recalls a Sicilian song and immediately Piero sings a piece of it. Jova is not Sicilian and does not understand the meaning, so he asks Piero who tells him to ask Fiorello. (It has a mischievous meaning, that’s why Piero replies like this.)

There is also a message from Ignazio saying that they have abandoned him. Jova says no and asks where Ignazio is, Piero replies that he is in Bologna and that due to the jet lag he cannot sleep

So they talk about the importance of sleep to have a rested and fresh voice before the concerts, and Piero also recommends eating apples, and also cold water.

Jovanotti asks Piero if he ever met Pavarotti and Piero says that he missed by two years before their start as Il Volo.

(In this 2013 video there are Pavarotti and Jovanotti in a song by Jova, during “Pavarotti and friends.”)

So they talk about the performances on people’s balconies, these days, and confirm that it is the most beautiful thing, that those videos have gone around the world and that everyone imitates us for this, because it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Piero tells Jova, that his dad, when he had the auto bodywork shop, put him on the hood of customers’ cars and had him sing UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE and GRANADA.

Jova says that he is almost 54 years old, Piero’s dad, Gaetano, is only two years older.

Piero says that La Boheme is his favorite opera and Jova says he saw it a year ago at the Metropolitan.

Then Piero sings a piece of the Cavalleria Rusticana.

Piero confirms that he is studying to do an opera, but it takes months and months of study and tries to do lessons via skype with his teacher from Bologna.

Jovanotti tells him that when he debuts at the opera, he wants to be there, then asks if Gaetano wanted to be a singer, and Piero says no, but his grandfather was sincerely sought for singing and says that he and his grandfather have the same voice and he tells how his grandfather noticed his potential.

So Piero tells of the economic difficulties that his father has suffered, in order to take him to various competitions or singing lessons, and Jovanotti says they seem like stories from centuries ago, instead they are recent and very beautiful stories and Piero says that Ignazio and Gianluca also have similar stories.

Jovanotti concludes that now that everyone has time, they must use it to rediscover many things that are not done during busy days.

Then they say goodbye with affection.

Piero has also made specific messages to persuade people to collaborate to raise funds for hospitals in Sicily in the Agrigento area.

Also together with other Sicilian artists.

This is the link to support hospitals.

Go Fund Me Link – Click Here

Congratulations Piero, your commitment in this case is honorable.

We are confident that you will succeed in your fundraising goal and your healthcare equipment will be donated to hospitals.

Thanks for your effort, you are my sweetheart. ❤️


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


42 thoughts on “PIERO AND JOVANOTTI by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, I watched this. It seemed so interesting even tho I could not understand 1 word. Thank you so much for bringing it alive for us. Somehow if feels so important right now. You mentioned that sometimes Flight Crew does special projects. Is there a special project we could do for Il Volo that would be helpful?

  2. Fabulous to have the translation thank you What a wonderful man ! They definitely do hide their lights behind the bushels. I am in awe of them, not enough people know of them and their beautiful songs, dedication and huge talents singularly and as a trio. I cannot believe they have been around ten years and I only found then by chance at the end of the summer 2019 ! Piero, I think you will have a fabulous future singing opera, I look forward to it. Ignazio !! how could anyone abandon you NOT likely wonderfully talented man with a heart that makes mine happy sad and full of admiration for you and all you do. Gian, the sweetest smile, a quiet man with huge empathy and love for what he does. The world needs many more like the men in Il Volo. Thank you your amazing gift to us. Take care, stay safe and I wish you all you wish for yourselves and families.

    1. Yes, Valerie, they are unique, simple and humble guys.
      As Jova says, “they are rarities.”
      Each of them has a special character side, as well as their voices, and when they come together …. it’s wonderful.

  3. Thank you so much, once again, sweet Daniela! Very much enjoyed reading your translation.

  4. Thank you Daniela for this wonderful translation. I know you’re all doing a wonderful job and keeping safe. We’re praying for you. Hugs from all of us.

    1. Thanks Victoria, we are all locked in the house, so we have even more time to devote ourselves to this.
      We hear the news every day and it’s like a war bulletin.
      My family is ok.
      Stay safe. A hug.

  5. Daniela, thank you so much for the recent messages and the videos, especially Piero’s–he is 100% correct: the young people must not go out in crowds because they may be contagious with COVID19 and can spread it to the older people.

    Here in America we have listened to the same rules: “STAY IN YOUR HOME.” Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and be vigilant and respectful of others.

    I think the people in Italy are not realizing how much President Trump and his task force are doing so much for Americans regarding this virus. He cares about Italy and he has offered Italy any support they need. Please believe me about this.

    I am alone, do not go out, just email friends and talk on the phone.
    My husband passed away so all of this is making me more nervous.

    My parents were born in Italy and I have been there many times, I know the love and generosity of Italians. Il Volo is the epitome of kind, generous Italian men.

    All of America is praying for Italy. We will go to the link set up for the charity.I am sure if it is on facebook, there will be a lot of support.

    We are in this together, and we will come out of this together–stronger.

    I loved the Pavarotti video. I saw him many times at the old Metropolitan Opera house in New York City. They tore it down, and it is now located at Lincoln Center. My Aunt Mary took me to my first opera at the age of 14!

    Piero, I hope you continue to study opera–you will be a great opera star star!

    Do you know Franco Corelli, a handsome opera star from the early 1960’s? I met him backstage after the opera, and he signed an autograph for me which said, “To Elisa, with the shining brown eyes.”

    I shall end now by saying to Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, your families, friends, pets, stay well, God bless you and know we are thinking of you and praying for all of you. We love you. Viva Italia e Viva America.

    Love, Elisa Marie–your fan since the beginning, and for always.

    1. Elisa Marie, Piero has given a strong message to young people, about responsibility and help towards others.

      Now I can tell you that aid is coming from all over Italy and this is highly appreciated.

      I must say that at the beginning, we felt alone, in particular even a little derided, even by our European friends who seemed to underestimate the problem. Unfortunately, the virus is now all over the world and everyone is looking to Italy, to avoid making the same mistakes and just following the right path. Aid is coming from America, but also from all over the world.
      Now we feel tight in an embrace with everyone.

      You are not alone, you are with all of us, write every day, and listen to our golden boys.

      I have often heard about Corelli from my parents. You were lucky to have a meeting and an his autograph.

      Thank you for the prayers, always well accepted, we are also praying for all of you.

      Better times will come, let’s stay safe and you’ll see ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE.

    1. Penina, we must be proud of these young people, who are truly an example.
      Unfortunately, many young people today do not follow these teachings, which are considered “ancient”. But there is no definite time to be honest, generous and altruistic, I hope today’s young people eventually understand this.

  6. I’m so grateful for the videos from the guys and your translations Daniela. I’m in isolation in my home in Seattle because I’m “elderly and vulnerable.” Isolation isn’t so bad when you’re older and have a “smarty-pants phone etc. but I can imagine how difficult it is for the guys. Ignazio’s All By Myself so appropriate. We see the sad situation in Italy every day on the news. Seattle has its struggles as well. Our national leadership is deplorable. Hundred of thousand fans world wide are holding the light for Italy and IL Volo. Sending you all a virtual hug.

    1. Thanks Barbara, but remember, you are not alone. In these days, when we are forced home, we will try to post often, in order to make you a little more company, and then, we have the beautiful voices of Il Volo, which help us to pass the time and give us a smile.
      Yes, I think it is hard for the guys to stay closed in the house, but, given the frenetic trend they have had over the past year, I think they will appreciate this rest. Magnificent ideas can also arise !!
      I recommend to you, stay safe.

  7. Thanks Daniela. IL VOLO FANS are hungry for information about the boys and you do a great job keeping us informed.

  8. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this translation and helping us understand their conversation. I watched the video, not understanding their words, but it is always good to see them looking healthy and helping the outside world even from quarantine. they are all exceptional young men and i so appreciate that they are keeping in touch with all of us. I hope you and your family are well. Hoping against all hope that this nightmare situation ends soon.

    1. Janet, I read your comment under this video, which said “let’s hope someone gets it” and I was already translating it, so I fulfilled your wish.
      I confirm that I and all my family are well and we hope that this nightmare will end soon !!
      Stay safe.

  9. Thank you so much Daniella for this awesome translation. I watch then in real time but of course I only picked up a couple of words here and there. Piero is such a wonderful and sweet man and I have already made my donation to his fund raiser. God bless Il Volo ad I am praying for all and Italy.

    1. Barbara, I saw your name on the long list of donors and I thank you.
      Hopefully, they will achieve their goal of supporting these hospitals that are lacking in everything.
      Thanks again and stay safe

  10. Grazie mille, Daniela–it is so much better when we know what they are saying! I will make a donation now to such a good cause. Thank heaven you are still well. I see from your photo that you are a pretty lady–and a redhead like me!
    More translations, per favore…we love them.

    Judi Edwards

    1. Judith, thank you for what you will do and thank you also for the compliments.
      Actually my hair is brown, but in photography, if it is sunny, it turns red.
      I confirm that my whole family is well, we are safe and healthy, so I recommend you take the new rules seriously.
      Stay safe.

      More translations will come.

  11. As soon as Ignazio asked, I donated. A small gesture for an overwhelming problem, These are special young men with very big hearts. Each one has a special place in MY heart for something they personally did or said to me, As always thank you to Daniela and Pat.

    1. RoseMarie, I had no doubt about your generosity. I know, each of them is special for us, and we think of them, like our children, grandchildren, our dearest affections, they are in our hearts.

  12. Thank you Pat and Daniel for this translation. It’s kind of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to share these conversations with us. All three are truly remarkable, so caring and they have such common sense. They stay humble and remember the many sacrifices their parents made for them. It was lovely to hear Piero singing Nessun Dorma and Jovanotti certainly enjoyed it also. I liked Piero with a beard but he looks great witrhout it also!

    1. True, Margaret, in these “cloistered” days, we appreciate that they, let us listen to their long speeches with friends.
      Piero always remembers his humble origins, as well as Ignazio and Gianluca, all three do not hide their respect for the sacrifices made by their parents.
      I too liked the NESSUN DORMA done so instantly, and Piero is so beautiful even without a beard, but luckily he has removed that mustache.
      Stay safe.

  13. thanks to Piero for the nice words, how he speaks about Italy, indeed the people all over the world sympathize with the country.
    Everyone holds their breath sometimes but continue to believe in it and have the courage that everything will be alright.
    Singing is now the message everywhere, it puts a smile on our face and makes us happy.
    I get up with the music of Il Volo and go to sleep with it.
    I follow all this on istagram and also on RAI 1, although I don’t understand much, but I am so pleased to see them hear them and that they are in good health.
    A lot of courage and positive all stay, think of you all.
    Claudine from Belgium, Big fan of Il Volo. Kisses and warm hugs

    1. I agree Claudine, singing has no boundaries, overcomes barriers and even all viruses, and is a message that brings relief to those who are suffering, a rare and beautiful language common to the whole world.
      I hope the situation in Belgium is better than here, but please stay safe.

  14. Thank you for the translation Daniela! I hope that Piero will realize his dream of singing opera one day – he would be magnificent I am sure. How do the opera lovers in Italy feel about Il Volo though? Would there be a hostile reception from the purists? I really hope not…

    I’ve been seeing better news coming out of Italy the last two days. I hope the news that the increase in cases and deaths have slowed the last couple days can bring the Italian people some encouragement that the sacrifices were not in vain. Stay safe as always!

  15. Karen too I believe that Piero will succeed in his dream of singing an opera.
    Yes, purists do not welcome, who, like Piero, has not studied in the conservatory, even if he studies privately. In particular, they can’t stand who comes from pop.

    Things seem to be improving slightly here, but it’s still early to say that.
    Stay safe.

    1. I was afraid of that, but not surprised. I’m sure he is already prepared for this when he goes to fulfill his dream, but the thought of it makes me sad.
      Definitely still early days, and all over the world the fight continues.

      1. I hope Piero lives his dream and that others do not discourage him.

  16. I have worked in the hospital environment for over 40 years and I continue to work part time and I realize how much donations can help with special projects and emergencies, so I gladly pledge a donation in honor of our three wonderful music makers.

    1. Mark, at this moment there is a very serious hospital situation, but despite everything new departments have been prepared immediately. I saw the situation yesterday on TV in a hospital in Spain, where people were on the ground in the corridors, or sitting on chairs, shocking. Sometimes, these donations can do a lot, here in Brescia, a donation was immediately opened in favor of the hospital and we all contributed. Mark, be very careful, I admire you for what you do, but take all the necessary precautions, here are many people among the staff who have been infected.
      Piero, Ignazio and Gian, do well to support these initiatives, but there are people who immediately doubted, that they only made the appeal and did not donate, but yesterday the mayor of Naro, in a video thanked Piero very much saying that he , personally made a donation, as he has already done other times, but keeping anonymity.

  17. Great interview so glad Piero is helping the hospitals where he lives, these three guys are such gentleman’s, they always above and beyond with their fans and friends

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