The day before Easter there was a short connection from Il Volo to the Porta a Porta transmission, conducted by Bruno Vespa.

For those who follow Il Volo recently, it is news like any other, but for those who have long been fond of boys, remember well the beautiful episodes of Porta a Porta, when the boys, here in Italy, had not yet won Sanremo and therefore still little known and then immediately after, when they were at the height of their popularity.

This time was short, but we all want a whole evening with who the boys called “Uncle Bruno”, and hopefully this will happen soon.

Remember the three guys from Il Volo?

Of course you remember them, they are now famous in Italy and in the world. We baptized them 10 years ago, then they really broke out everywhere.

This is the tenth anniversary of their activity and at the beginning of March they were completing an extraordinary tour with seven thousand people every night all sold out, through America and Canada, then at some point in America things started to go wrong, in Italy, very badly, and they decided to cancel some concerts and come back.

Returning from the US, they made the mandatory quarantine, then the quarantine that we all do. They are locked in the house, in three different houses and have put together their voices to sing a symbolic song: IL MONDO/THE WORLD, the famous 1965 song by Jimmy Fontana, which brought them a lot of luck, let’s listen to them.

IL MONDO starts

BV = Good evening guys, good evening, Gianluca Ginoble from Roseto degli Abruzzi, Ignazio Boschetto from Bologna, Piero Barone from Naro.

G = Good evening.

I = Hi Bruno.

P = Hi Uncle Bruno, how are you.

BV = Hi, I’m fine, with a lot of nostalgia to see you, the RAI1 audience will see you and applaud you again on Tuesday before Porta a Porta.
On Tuesday we will broadcast one of your 2015 concerts made at the Arena in Verona, you will comment on it from your homes, and then we will arrive (in the sense that Porta a Porta is broadcast after the concert).

Of course you are terribly young still, 25 years old, the oldest is Piero who is 26.
How did it go in America?
Sold out every evening.

P = This tour was full of emotions, especially at the beginning, from Italy worries came to us, but we honestly didn’t realize the situation, so we continued to do concerts.

The last three concerts we were forced to cancel, because they closed all the connections from Europe, to Italy from the United States, so we canceled the concerts and returned to Italy.

But we had a nice tour and now we are happy to be at home with our family members safe.

Porta 01

BV = Honestly, you were never at home, what impression did it make you, being locked in a house, with the few movements allowed to each of us, you who are used to crowds of thousands and thousands of people?

I = (Ignazio and Gian answer at the same time, then decide that Ignazio continues)

Personally, I am used to it and I like to stay at home, when I can and we are here, I often stay at home, but now, the nice thing is to have re-found the love of the people close to us, our family members, they are always here, and it is often an affection that we take for granted and even though we always travel, we have had the confirmation that our family is a great reference point.

BV = This I think also applies to Gianluca and Piero, I guess.

G = Of course. We returned on March 13, justly the restrictions imposed by the government to stem the infection have forced everyone to stay at home and we must lead by example.

Staying at home for us who are 9-10 months a year away from home is not entirely negative, because as Ignazio said, our family is the most important thing and now we are together 24 hours a day.

I started playing the piano again, with my brother we sing and play all the time, therefore, in the tragedy, there are also positive things, so we try to have a little “spirit of adaptation”, stay at home and rediscover those passions that were hidden.

P = Objectively, Bruno, we are experiencing a completely new situation, but this moment, however extreme and complicated, calls everyone’s attention, in applying the rules that are indicated to us.

But we, like Il Volo and all artists like us, must lead by example and using today’s technology, to communicate to more people that the situation is serious and everyone’s help is needed.

BV = Guys, thank you, good luck, ready for a brilliant recovery in Italy and worldwide, the appointment is on RAI1 on Tuesday evening.

I = Can I say one last thing?

BV = Of course, Ignazio.

I = I wanted to say something that has been a point of discussion in many broadcasts, I want to tell people at home to listen only to official news, to follow only official sites, because fake news and misrepresented news are very dangerous for everyone, for everyone’s mood, for the Country and for the world. So just read the right news and stay at home like us.

Bruno, grazie mille, because you were one of the first to believe in us.

BV = I’m glad that this fake news is said by a young man, because young people are often victims of social media, and in these days we are listening to everything.

Porta 02

Below is the video of the promotion of the Il Volo concert, made in the Arena in 2015, and which will be re-transmitted on RAI 1 on Tuesday 14 April at 09:30 pm, Italian time.

The concert will be commented directly by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca from their homes.

For those able to connect and view RAI 1, it is always a good concert to see and also the guys will sing many songs, and also LA VITA, whose words are really significant in this period.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

23 thoughts on “IL VOLO TO PORTA A PORTA by Daniela”

  1. Aappreciate so much what I can find on You Tube which is the only place
    I can get Il Volo other than my CDs.

  2. If anyone is wondering that is 3:30 pm EST in the states. Thank you to Uncle Bruno for supporting the guys from the very beginning. Smart man!
    I have been binge watching the guys on Youtube on my big “smart” TV, it is almost like having them in my living room.

    1. RoseMarie, you have found a way to have kids inside your home ….
      We hope to see a good whole episode of Porta a Porta with Uncle Bruno and Il Volo soon.

    1. I understand you very well Sara. In 2015 I was not looking at Sanremo, because the first evening was exactly one year after my mom’s death.
      Then in the final, my husband convinced me to follow the program, I saw them and it was love.

  3. To “Uncle Bruno” as the three young men. Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero call you, I hope you know that RESPECTFULLY address you this way.

    Porta a Porta–Door to Door, from my home to your home

    I especially enjoyed your interview with with the three of THE MOST CARING, TALENTED young men, in separate places. “Il Mondo” is the perfect song for the time we are all facing together. Ignazio is 100% correct: DO NOT LISTEN TO, WATCH, OR READ “FAKE NEWS” — it is harmful, confusing and quite stupid!

    I do not know how to listen to RAI here in America, but if I could, that would lift my spirits up to the sky.

    I was happy I made it to the Il Volo sold-out concert on February 6, 2020 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. I shall never forget that magical night when they sang their hearts out. The audience went wild clapping and screaming, “Bravo, Bravo.”

    Easter Sunday here was a very lonely time for everyone, however, on TV on the Fox News Channel we were able to watch and listen to some spiritual, inspirational music. Also, Andrea Bocelli (in a live stream) sang Ave Maria and other religious songs, a special MUSIC FOR HOPE concert from Duomo di Milano. I am sure you watched the broadcast in Italy. I know that you idolize Andrea Bocelli, and that he inspired you, and you have sung with him many times.

    I spent Easter Sunday alone in my house because my husband passed away almost seven years ago, and I miss him so much. So, I played all my Il Volo CD’s, and I listened to you on YouTube; in fact, there were all the songs you sang at the February 6, 2020 concert that I attended.

    I will close with this message- Dear Lord, please keep us safe, guide us through this terrible pandemic, and we will all be together again, going out to Il Volo concerts, and truly enjoying life as we knew it.

    God loves you and so do I.

    Daniela, thank you for your postings; I enjoy them. And thanks to those who provided the photos and videos.

    Ciao for now,

    Elisa Marie – your faithful fan from New York

    1. One website that I have used before is You choose the country and then the channel you want to view. You might try that to view the concert. Other than that I think you have to subscribe to RAI 1 on your cable service if it is available. It isn’t on my cable service but I know some ladies who follow IL VOLO who have it.

    2. It’s true Elisa, Ignazio said right things about fake news, which create great anxiety and distrust.
      You too, like so many of us, spent Easter in solitude. You did well to listen to the songs of Il Volo, you heard good music and you felt less alone.

  4. Daniela and pat and all who contribute to these translations, thank you. I see it in Italian and the word are so pretty and fluid and then you translate it and it takes on more than nuance meaning. So, I enjoy both-lucky me. I had Il Volo on a music loop thru the day, and in the evening I celebrated by listening to Notte Magica. A good Easter even though confined. Ignazio always with the common sense. Interesting that he can be so wise.

      1. Yes, Daniela because he has spoken wisely on many occasions when they have interviews, and of course we all know his funny side.. Then there is the side with the magnificent voice and the side with other talents and the side of unpretentious handsomeness, and the side of love for others. There many sides to him.

  5. Again thank you. Even though I don’t understand a word of Italian I watch everything the boys are on knowing it will probably be translated by you. I was alone but I spent it listening to the guys all day. I watch them on my TV on you tube. Love watching the older videos back in 2011 and 2012 when they did a lot of American T.V. shows.

  6. Thanks very much. I had always hoped that they would sing LA Vita in concert. Perfect for their life story anyway. I dont get Rai1 now, so will have to wait to see their comments. I hope you had a Happy Easter. I am trying to get things done here, and not turn into a couch potato!! Il Volo we love you from each of our homes to yours!!!

    1. I recommend to you, Donna, keep fit and do all the rehabilitation gymnastics for your knee.
      Thanks I had a good Easter, lonely, me and my husband.

  7. Thank you Daniela. They were wonderful as always. I miss when they used to be on Porta a Porta all the time. I always wondered what happened.

  8. Thank you Daniela for the video and translation. It was nice to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with Uncle Bruno. I have often wondered why we haven’t seen Il Volo with him for such a long time. He really was such a champion for them in their early years. I enjoyed watching his shows with them!

    1. Margaret were so beautiful the episodes of Porta a Porta with the boys and Uncle Bruno, a lot of fun to see them.
      We hope that they will soon be called back as guests.

  9. Hello 58Daniela. Quero saber porque continua a pôr fotos do Piero com Valentina se eles já não namoram há 4 anos e inclusive a Valentina já casou em 2021? Considero-a uma boa pessoa, gosto de ler o que escreve, mas não entendo porque persiste com uma história que já terminou. Beijinho e obrigada. Boa noite.

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