Shortly before Easter, it was announced that the 2015 Il Volo concert in the Arena would be re-broadcast on RAI1 in the evening.

It was good news, a welcome surprise in these moments.

Shortly before the program, there was a live connection, on the TG, with our guys during the news.

PR = Great music returns in the early evening on RAI1, with the concert event IL VOLO UN’AVVENTURA STRAORDINARIA at the Arena of Verona.

Here they are, they should be connected with us, we see them: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. Good evening to you guys, what is the emotion in this moment, it was a very special concert, today it would be, unfortunately, impossible to do it (because of the virus).

P = Hi, good evening, we are very happy that RAI 1 has chosen our first concert in Verona, hoping that it can give, at this moment, in this difficult period, a moment of joy to all the people who are at home.

G = We, on the other hand, are all locked in the house, but with so much hope that all this will pass soon.

I = There is a great desire to start again, to embrace us, to give a hug, perhaps immense, but we are at home and we will make it.

PR = Well, thank you, hope is this.

P = Thank you all.


At the beginning of the recording of the concert, there is a brief appearance of the boys recorded now, where Piero Ignazio and Gianluca wish everyone a good viewing, here is the fragment.

P = Good evening, like all of you, we are also at home, but as you can see, even if separated, you can be united.

G = In this difficult period for our country and for the whole world, we are called to do our part. There are those in the front line, like doctors, nurses, to whom our thanks go, and those who continue to work to guarantee the necessary services and all of us citizens, staying in our homes.

I = Feeling united becomes a necessity, and so, in order to be close to all of you, waiting to be able to embrace each other again, we thought of bringing our music to your homes.

P = This evening you will see our concert at the Arena in Verona, a unique evening of great emotions has come and we would like to relive it together with you.

G = This time we too will be spectators like you, imagining spending this evening together.

I = Good viewing.

Concert 2015 02

IL VOLO 2015 Verona Concert – Click Here

It was the third time that the concert was broadcast on RAI, the first time, it had obtained the maximum audience of the evening, but it was foreseeable, it was the first concert immediately after the victory of Sanremo and Il Volo was at the maximum audience.

The second time it aired in 2016 and still did its best on TV.

This was the third time and second replay. Five years have passed since that concert, but we find out how it went this time through an enthusiastic message from Michele Torpedine.

Concert 2015 03

On RAI 1 Il Volo conquers viewers with 15% share, winning the TV ratings of the evening.

These are the words of Torpedine:

“Happy for yesterday!! But the best thing is all the messages that are coming, to me and the boys, from the people who are currently in the hospital and are not experiencing a good situation … and who despite everything have found the strength to write to us that thanks to the ilvolomusic concert yesterday they spent a more serene evening! I think this is the most beautiful result.”

Concert 2015 04

Throughout the concert, there were moments of commercial breaks, which were then removed from the entire video.

Before each of these moments the boys appeared with simple messages:

I = I stay at home, and you? Let’s come back after the advertisement.

G = The music continues, don’t go away.

P = The emotions aren’t over yet, in a little while.

And here are some photos of the concert, published by RAI1.

Concert 2015 05

Concert 2015 06

Concert 2015 07

Concert 2015 08

Concert 2015 09

Concert 2015 10

Concert 2015 11

What can I say, they are always great satisfactions!

Did you enjoy reviewing the concert?

~ Daniela ~


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

25 thoughts on “IL VOLO: REPLICA DEL CONCERTO 2015 by Daniela”

  1. Who could not enjoy watching time after time!? Proof positive of their lasting appeal after ten years. Keep it going for many more guys.

    1. It ‘s true Mark, although it is the third time that it is re-proposed, this concert is always nice to see. However, I think it is clear that their skill is always improving.

    2. Oh I love watching the boys in concert and this one was great. I was planning to go to the Las Vegas concert and my heart is broken that it was cancelled.

      1. I was also going to be in Las Vegas. I waited three long years to see the guys again, but I realize they had to get home to their families.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this concert. I had saved the video from previous showings and I have watched the whole concert at least 6 times and bits and pieces 6 or 8 more times. Amazing and professional performances by 20 and 21 year olds in front of at least 15,000 people. Or maybe the Arena holds 30,000 people. I am not sure. But I was so inspired that my husband and i made our way to Verona for both the Notte Magica concert and the one just last Sept. If you have not had the opportunity to see them at home, and particularly in the Arena, it is highly recommended. They are on fire in this venue and the concerts are magical. When Igna is singing Ancora from the audience and throws his head back to the sky and arms out as he hits those notes , chills every time I see it. I am so praying we will be able to see them this fall in Italy, God willing. thanks Daniela and Pat for the extra translations from the guys. Stay well and safe everyone!

    1. Janet, I also like this concert very much even though, now I realize how much more men are now and their voices, even better.
      This video led you to come to Verona, and thanks to this we met, it was nice, I hope we can repeat it over time.

  3. What a thrill to experience this concert again. These guys really know how to connect with an audience. Lucky Italia to have a chance to see it again especially at this time. It is so hopeful, so joyous. Thank you Daniela, for putting together the translations for us. Although I love watching them even when I don’t understand what they are saying … it is much better with the translations. Again, many thanks to you.

  4. Some of the best medicine for Italy—
    a needed gift at this crucial time.
    The Guys were beaming with pride in their homeland.

    However, my favorite❤️ video concert that I have
    enjoyed so far, is the MILAN 2015 concert
    radio broadcast WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES!!

    P.S. Ignazio’s recent Lidia S. video duets were fantastic!!!


    1. Diana, I think you mean the concert in Milan taken from RTL 102.5, it was January 2016.
      Beautiful that concert, with many pop songs.
      The concerts of IL VOLO all have a unique charm, and they are all beautiful.

  5. Daniela, thanks so much for the link to this concert. It is one of my favorites! A lot of these songs most likely will never be sung by the guys in concert in the USA. It is truly special to be able to see and hear them sing in their own country. We are still hopeful to see them in Taormina in September!

    1. It’s true Mary, many of these songs have never been sung in the US, and that’s a real shame. We will try to make sure that things can change in the future.
      For the rest, Taormina, keep our fingers crossed

  6. Daniela, thanks so much for translating what our you g men had to say and for the link! Loved it all!! ❤️🎶🎶🇨🇦🥰

  7. I really loved seeing the guys in Tampa in late February, but this concert was phenomenal–the magnificent setting, the immense orchestra, the hosts and guests, the adrenaline from the guys. Thanks so much for the opportunity of seeing it and for the extra translations, Daniela. I’ve been to Verona several times, but never saw a performance at the arena–what a thrill it must have been! Another Il Volo concert there I regret not seeing was last year’s, when Ignazio brought down the house with “Almeno Tu”.

    1. Judy, if you get Verona, you know it’s a city full of history and the Arena is truly a fascinating place.
      I was in Verona this year when Ignazio sang ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO , it was fantastic, the audience burst into a roar of well-deserved applause. What a night!!

  8. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the translation and the video of this wonderful concert in Verona. I haven’t seen it in a long time and it’s a joy to see it again, especially now. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca always brighten our day with their beautiful music! I very much enjoyed the guests they had also. It was a lovely idea to replay the concert and so nice to know how much comfort and peace it brought to those who are not well.

    1. Margaret, re-propose the concert, we fans are very pleased, but I think that RAI 1 has developed a nice sign, the other night, thanks to Il Volo !!

  9. I listen to CDs every day, I have them on mp3 also. But watching these guys is a thrill, makes me smile all day. But I could only get Grand Amore. Good enough. Bless you all.

  10. Watching the Verona concert again was wonderful. You made it even better by letting us know what they were saying in the additional videos. Thank you so much.

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