And here’s another good call, this time between Gianluca and Francesco Renga, which I translate for you.

Gianluca starts immediately with a joyful phrase: “How beautiful we are !!” and Renga replies laughing, “Hi Gianluca, how are you.”

After the first greetings, Renga says he is making a red wine aperitif.

Gianluca explains that Il Volo returned from California on March 13 and have canceled the last concerts. They took the last Alitalia flight and the whole crew, about 20 people, fortunately they are all well.

Renga asks Gianluca if he is at his home and Gian confirms that he is in Montepagano and shows a view of the panorama from his home (very nice indeed).

Even Renga shows the view from his house and this is very nice too, in fact both claim that they are really lucky. (I remind everyone that Renga is from Brescia, my city. What you see above the hill in front of Renga is Brescia Castle, this means that to have this view, Renga lives on Monte Maddalena, a small mountain, from which dominates all of Brescia from above.)

Renga 01

At this point they talk about future concerts and Renga asks Gian if he has heard that they will be able to return to concerts in a year.

Gianluca states, and says that he also heard Ferdi (Ferdinando Salzano, organizer of the concerts of many artists : F&P group).

Gianluca agrees that it will be very hard to resume for their singers, because restaurants or large companies, all have been affected, but in the field of music it is more difficult, (he is speaking for concerts) especially for fans, who are waiting impatiently, the dates of the concerts, to see them live.

Gian says fans will have to wait a long time and Renga replies that the solution could change if a vaccine is found, but certainly a year goes by. Gian confirms that he has read that it will easily return to normal life in March.

Renga 02
In this photo, the wedding of Salzano, where many singers were invited. In the smaller photo is Gianluca with Renga.

Renga asks Gian with whom he is at home and he replies that he is with his brother Ernesto.

Gian remembers that a couple of days ago their 2015 concert was broadcast by RAI1, where they sang L’IMMENSITÀ (together Il Volo and Renga), and he also remembers that it is thanks to his brother Ernesto, (admirer of Renga) that IL VOLO sang L’AMORE SI MUOVE.

In fact, Gian remembers a fact that was also explained during the 2015 concert, that Il Volo was looking for a good song to make a new single and Ernesto told them to listen to the song IN MOME DEL PADRE (In the Name of the Father) that Renga had written for the birth of his son. Il Volo liked the song very much, so Gian called Renga and asked him to vary the words and make a version for them.

Renga found the right words and was born, L’AMORE SI MUOVE, and he says it is so beautiful that it is better than the original.

Gian instead says that the original is beautiful and also has an emotional value.

Renga 03

Renga goes on to say that he sees Gianluca is in excellent shape and Gian replies that he has a small room used as a gym and does training. Renga says that he also has a small gym at home, but it is one thing to have it, another is to use it! 😁.

He admits to being very lazy. Both agree that if you have a goal, like a Sanremo festival, you have been training for a few months before to be fit, otherwise it is easier to lie on the sofa.

At this point Gian tells Renga that he wants to pay him a tribute.

Gian says he grew up with Renga’s music, and Renga claims that this makes him feel much younger thank you ….😁😁 (of course it’s the reverse.)

Gian sits on the piano and plays a part of one of the favorite songs written by Renga  (he is really a good songwriter):

DIMMI SE TU CI SARAI (Tell Me if You Will Be There).

Like a photograph
With uncertain outlines
And this life
I find it in a drawer
And then every day
Inside your eyes
If you want
talk to me
of how luck waits
And hold me
in your arms for a while longer
Tell me you’ll be there
When the weather is on us
It will have by now, imprinted
Signs you don’t want
Tell me you’ll be there
When melancholy
He will dress the memories
Of my life

Renga sends him a kiss, says it‘s fantastic, and that made him goosebumps and thanks Gian so much.

Affectionate greetings between both.

Renga says that Gianluca is an incredible person.

Renga 04

Gianluca I must say that you improve more and more on the piano.

Of Renga I can only say positive things, he is a beautiful person, an excellent songwriter, his songs always have very sweet words.

He admires Il Volo and the boys reciprocate him with affection.

Hopefully there will be more Renga songs written for them.


PS = For those who want to try singing the song with Gianluca, I also publish the verses in Italian.



Come una fotografia
Dai contorni incerti
E questa vita
La mia
La trovo in un cassetto
E poi ogni giorno
Dentro gli occhi tuoi
Se vuoi
di come la fortuna aspetta
E tienimi
tra le tue braccia ancora per un po’
Dimmi che tu ci sarai
Quando il tempo su di noi
Avrà ormai lasciato
Segni che non vuoi
Dimmi che tu ci sarai
Quando la malinconia
Vestirà i ricordi
Della vita mia

Rengo 06


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. Thank you Daniela, you and Donalee write similar stories. I am always glad to see your posts. This was the first site I found after learning of IL Volo and I was very happy to see Piero’s name a time or two that liked my post… I always wondered if it was him? LOL. I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have IL Volo be a part of it, although much, much later in life. I like most music… don’t like some that is/was popular in the early 20’s… made no sense to me.. rap music I guess it’s called. I always liked a light aria but not heavy opera that tells a story. So when I found IL Volo, I struck Gold. I am so happy to make your acquaintance as well as others on other sites. I would love to visit Italy and France but now it is health issues but if I am stable and stay that way, it may be doable. Each one of the guys has their own gift to be together. I like solo’s, but I love to hear them sing together… gives me chills. They are so unlike some of the snot nose singers in America, they act nice in front of camera or microphone, but don’t have time of day unless their mgr tells them. I see pictures of IL Volo together or separate walking and saying hello, holding a baby, holding hands with an elder… this makes my heart swell with even more love for them. I will always be a fan for them and I really do adore and love them like my grands. Again, thanks for sharing the songs both in Italian and English. <3

  2. I truly enjoyed this. It put a lot of answers for me. Thank you for this piece and peace of mind you are interested and you give people like me great joy . love It looks like love.

  3. Daniela,

    Thank you for the post about Gianluca and Francesco Renga. He does write beautiful lyrics.

    It is so nice to hear about Il Volo. I agree with sassylady1937–your posts are so detailed and informative.

    In America we are going through Phase 1 to opening certain low-risk States who don’t have a lot of COVID19 cases. It will be a slow process, but better to be careful and wait instead of rushing.

    I have put off seeing doctors and so I suffer with much pain. I just keep going on and praying to God.

    I send my love to you, to Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio and all your families and friends, and all Il Volo fans throughout the world.

    Some day soon we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    God bless,

    Love, Elisa Marie from New York

  4. How nice to see this spoken in Italian and them your translation. The 2 artists sharing. I truly do appreciate you Daniela and Pat for spending the time to do this for us English only speakers. Il Volo is one of my loves in life.

    1. Hi Daniela, do we know the status of Gianluca and his girlfriend?
      I thought maybe that when he was tested and was free from the Virus she would move in with him.
      Thanks for the interview, it was nice to see Ernesto again.

      1. Hi Jill, good question, by Gianluca and Francesca, there is no official news, but in the last live call, with direct question, he replied that he is not engaged.
        However I want to clarify that even if the quarantine is over, he cannot go out, he was able to reunite with the family because they live side by side, but he still hasn’t been able to embrace his grandfather who lives nearby. I myself have not seen my granddaughters for almost two months, it is not possible here in Italy to leave the house to visit someone, just for food or a pharmacy and there are checks and fines for those who do not observe the rule.

  5. Daniela, I appreciate every word you write and share with us. Thank you so much. God’s Blessings as God watches over you.

  6. I really enjoyed this post, Daniela, even if it wasn’t about Ignazio!! (Of course, I love them all, but…) I have found a super way to spend time while quarantined. Since I only found the Flight Crew a couple of months ago, I’ve been busy reading all your old Ignazio posts. What a treasure trove of interesting information, nice photos and wonderful videos! Molte grazie for all of them!

  7. Thanks also Daniela for all the wonderful posts. You are also a treasure Daniela taking the time to keep us all informed about our wonderful treasues named ilvolo. One of these days I will meet you..

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