IGNAZIO by Daniela

A few days ago, Ignazio anticipated a great news with a video message.

Here he is…


This 2020 is giving us many particularly unexpected surprises and what can you do?

You sing from home and make videos for all the people who follow us, who love us. With this video, I would like to thank many people . 

First of all the doctors who during this time made their lives available to others. Here it is:  altruism. I think it’s one of the most important things in the world.

Then I would say thanks to musicians who accompanied me in this video that will be released in a few days. Because they immediately made themselves available from other cities, from other regions. We immediately got to work on making this video. 

For me it is one of the more important songs, because this song makes us understand that we are all part of this world and everyone has a piece of the universe.

And so I decided to propose “Almeno tu nell’ Universo”.  


O my God, that song is beautiful and Ignazio can interpret it with a lot of feeling.

Two days of waiting and finally the video …..

“THANK YOU GUYS! And today the thought also goes to EZIO BOSSO.”  

How sweet, Ignazio, your caressing but firm and strong voice accompanied us in this sweet and poignant song.

You brought the memory of Mia Martini back to life very well, and you also remembered with a few heartfelt words the great Ezio Bosso, the one who with great passion had brought music everywhere in spite of his illness.

This video is so beautiful, so delicate but which manages to give you an inner charge, thanks also to the evident passion with which Ignazio performs this song.

Chills, chills on the skin.

The whole ensemble was beautiful, and well done, therefore we also remember all the musicians:

GINO DE VITA = guitar

Congratulations to all, a really nice group.

Mamma mia, what a thrill !!

I had the pleasure of being present at the Arena in Verona when Ignazio excited the whole Arena with his interpretation and received a long standing ovation.

But even this version, so intimate, in black and white, what can I say ….. it is simply fantastic, the accompaniment is beautiful and the video editing is also excellent (I bet Ignazio), it is very beautiful.

Go Ignazio, amaze us again, we are here ready and waiting for you. 


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

46 thoughts on “IGNAZIO by Daniela”

  1. I would like to meet Ignazio’s parents (and Nina) someday to thank them for creating this beautiful human being and then sharing him with all of us. This song and Igna’s performance is so breathtaking, it gives me chills and it makes me cry. I listen to it over and over again. Keep surprising us Ignazio. Thanks to the whole group of musicians in this video.Thank you Daniela for this post!

    1. Anna, thank you, you thanked me everywhere !!
      Ignazio knows how to touch the strings of our heart.
      It was fantastic in the Arena, but even in this case, he gave us a nice gift.

  2. I have watched this video several times and I am mesmerized. This song belongs to Ignazio and his performance is full of emotion. We were also in the Arena in Verona last September a couple of rows behind Igna’s parents and Gianluca’s family. We were so moved by his performance and we could see his parents watching their special son bring 30,000 people to their feet . When I watch this video I am back in the Arena getting goosebumps all over again . Igna has that special ability to draw us into his world when he sings. I certainly hope we have ability to see them in concert sometime in the all too uncertain future

    1. Yes, Janet, that evening, Ignatius could not even finish the song, because people continued to applaud, what good memories.
      Don’t be negative for the concerts, I have the doubt that Arena won’t be there, but maybe Taormina will. Sicily has not been so affected by Covid, now it all depends on this period.

  3. Anything that Ignazio does never fails to thrill me, he has incredible talent and the ability to make songs his while still keeping the basics of the original. Music is his life blood, he feels it, he shares it for those who are open to music in all genres. I wish him nothing but good things and looking forward so much to hearing hid first signing on Floki Productions, Nico’s CD. The world is his oyster. Be happy Ignazio x

    1. You know, Valerie, I too have a great desire to hear the first Floki production, I think Ignazio will channel the energy and style there that he cannot use since Il Volo.

  4. They say say when something bad happens something good will come out of it. The good thing is we have had the opportunity to see the guys in an entirely different light, to see how much good they do for everyone, to see how creative they have been since being quarantined, of course they aren’t alone, so many celebrities have done so much to help others and all the live programs we see from their homes. When I am feeling down that’s all I have to do is turn their music on which is everyday and evening lol. Ignazio continues to blow me away with his many talents and when I hear and watch this video the tears roll down. I can’t express what a godsend these guys have been. Thanks guys and to all of you who keep us abreast of what is going on with them and especially your translations.

    1. Surely Beverley, these guys didn’t leave us alone during the quarantine, and they always let us know what they were doing.
      Certainly they have kept many lonely people company in these sad moments.

  5. Thank you Daniela for this beautiful article! I have listened to this so many times that I lost count! How is it possible anybody can be this good and this amazing? You take my breathe away Ignazio with this and every song that you sing. I’m thinking about something Giampiero posted on his facebook page. He said “but did you hear how Ignazio sang?
    Phenomena!!! I don’t know what song he was referring to but it could be anyone that he sings! Thank you for this wonderful event! I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. And, I await the release of Nico’s album! Also, an amazing young man! But of course everything you do is amazing! Good luck to you and Nico!

    1. Susan, I think it will be very short for Nico’s CD and I am also very curious, but I think it will be a somewhat different style from how we are used to, but not less beautiful.
      And as for Ignazio, he is a fantastic interpreter. Giampiero Grani loves these three boys very much, he appreciates them a lot and as an expert he recognizes their merits.

  6. Yes, it was actually one thing I was able to catch a few days ago. Igna is certainly technically gifted along with his music. So talented in many ways. It was an awesome experience to also witness the literal show stopping performance last September in Verona, along with the other 20k people there! 🙂

    1. Yes, Jana, our Ignazio has many arrows in his bow.
      I think that evening at the Arena, he too was very excited by the reaction that the audience (including us) had.

  7. Stunning video and interpretation with a great message, Ignazio!
    When you focus on a song, you take us on an exhilerating journey every time ….👏

    1. Chicago Love, I really like this expression of yours “When you focus on a song, you take us on an exciting journey every time …”, thank you, I think I’ll use it in a few posts!

  8. Everyone has expressed themselves (and they are my thoughts too) so beautifully, beginning with Daniela’s lovely, poetic description. I’ve also watched this many times already, as well as the wonderful Verona and Taormina versions. Perhaps this will encourage the powers-that-be to put it on the next cd. Or maybe, since it’s now “in the can”, Ignazio will release it on Floki. And thanks so much for the introduction translation, Daniela–such a thoughtful message from him.

    1. Judi, I asked Pat to speed up the publication time, because I promised you that there would be a post today. I’m glad you liked it. I believe you know the meaning of the words of this song, otherwise let me know and I’ll give you the link of the post where I had published them.

  9. It’s got Ignazio stamped all over it. It belongs to no one else and I wouldn’t want to hear anyone else sing it. Will it be published as a single?

    1. Mark, sorry to disappoint you, but I really believe it will never be published.
      It’s so beautiful, Ignazio makes this song really good.

  10. What more can be said or written than has been expressed by all. SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!🧑🏼❤️❤️❤️

  11. Again, I am reminded of my husband and Carlos Santana who say, you must go inside yourself to find and release the song and give it life. Ignazio is able to do this and to me this is the latest of his wonderful work as an artist. Breathtaking, unforgettable, and like Anna I have played it over and over. Mr. T. must be so proud of this “boy” of his.

    1. Kay, I have to tell you that Ignazio interprets this song very well, for the fact that he knew the whole sad story of Mia Martini, who was the first interpreter. I think Ignazio wanted to pay homage to this unfortunate singer. And to think that this song was written to be sung by a woman …… what to say Ignazio you are unique !!

  12. He is simply one of a kind–the absolute BEST!!! I never realized you were in the audience at Verona when Ignazio was stopped by the audience with a standing ovation before he could finish. I love that video and have downloaded it onto my computer. No matter how many times I watch it it gives me chills.
    When you watch that video he seems to be dumbfounded by the audience reaction. I don’t think he realizes the effect he has on people.

    1. Yes, Penina, I was there, and it was fantastic, people did not stop applauding and he had to make a gesture, very excited, because he had to finish the song, too beautiful and full of emotion that moment.

  13. Now I’m wondering, Daniela, if you and Jana led the “Bravo, bravo, bravo chant at Verona. I sure wish I’d been there to join in. Also, I want to tell you thanks so much for getting this out a little early, and also thank you for always replying to everyone’s comments. I love to read the others’ comments and your replies. I frequently learn something from them, such as the fact that Ignazio’s parents were at Verona, or that you can watch Youtube on tv, as well as on the computer (duh). This is such a great site–I’m so glad I finally found it.

    1. Thank you so much Daniela for this post and video. Listening to Ignazio I am filled with so many emotions – I will try to put into words. Ignazio’s passion for his craft is evident in all that he does. He truly was born to sing perform and now create magnificent music. His passion flows from his heart for that is where his voice first comes from. In these uncertain times it is artists like Ignazio who raise us up by his beautiful sound and emotion in his voice. God blessed Ignazio and may God continue to bless him Piero and Gianluca and may God continue to bless us with Ignazio and Il Volo’s music that will keep us strong and carry us through to a better time for our country and throughout the world.

      1. Margaret, it is true, Ignazio’s passion for music is evident. “Mamma mia” Margaret you used beautiful words to express what Ignazio makes us feel, and very appropriate indeed.
        All very well said!

    2. Judi, if you mean if Jana and I started the “Bravo bravo” in Verona, no, there wasn’t a start from one or a few people, all the people sprang to their feet, and Ignazio was overwhelmed by so much enthusiasm. Jana in the front rows, I was far behind, Janet was right behind Ignazio’s parents, what luck. But even though we were in different places, our emotions were the same.

  14. Absolutely beautiful, not understanding the words did not seem to matter or the story of the song I was mesmerised by the emotion in every word he sung. 🇦🇺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇦🇺

      1. Daniela, just want you to know your timing was perfect. Had just clicked on the link you posted and lorna texted me wanting to know the meaning! So, I sent her the link. 🙂 grazie mille! What a sad thought to think she may have taken her own life after she finally found success…

      2. Yes Jana, it was a sad life for Mia Martini.
        I am happy to have been of help in perfect time and say hello to Lorna!

  15. Thank you Daniela for the post and video. The song is beautiful, but performed by Ignazio is a masterpiece, so beautiful that I have no words. He is a really special young man. Grazie mille

  16. Ciao Daniela – thanks for adding the link. I had seen the translation, but it’s great to have the Italian words also, plus the translation of Ignazio’s insightful introductory remarks. Also, just want to say that I was kidding about the “Bravo’s”, but I loved learning that the ovation was spontaneous throughout the Arena. I do envy your being there for such a thrilling moment. So wonderful that his parents were present also.

    1. Judi, I understood the joke, but I wanted to let you know that the Arena really exploded, without waiting for the end of the song!
      While we were waiting for the start of the concert, I was there with Janet and her husband, in their places, pity that Ignazio’s parents had not yet arrived, I would have gladly exchanged two words about their fantastic son.

  17. It is fantastic and beautiful song, but Ignazio’s interpretation makes it simply magical. Great colaboration of whole team and great assembly too. Ignazio is extreamly talented musicaly and technicaly. How many talents one person can have??? Fantastic guy 🥰
    I had pleasure to hear Ignazio with Almeno… twice last year, in Matera and Verona. Can only confirm that it was breathtaking performance, especialy in Verona. Hope to see Igna, Piero and Gian soon live again
    Kisses from Poland 😘
    BTW… don’t worry within July we will be informed about new dates of Taormina and Verona concerts. The most probably late spring 2021 😊 hope to see you there 😁

    1. I completely agree with Ignazio’s interpretation which makes this song unique.
      For the concerts, I have a feeling that Verona won’t be there, but for Taormina I still have hopes.
      We will definitely meet again somehow!

  18. A beautiful rendition of an old favorite. Ignazio does is his magic with his great vocal skills. His Interpretation of this song with such feeling and grace in nothing short of perfection. God Bless you Ignazio.

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