EUROVISION 2020 by Daniela

As you all know, the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2020 event will not take place as a singing competition due to the virus.

But it was decided that there will be an evening where the 41 songs that competed in the race will be briefly made to feel connected to their countries. Each nation will host its own singers who have represented it in recent years. For Italy there will be all the singers present from 2015 until today …….. and we know who represented Italy in 2015: IL VOLO!!!!

PR = In Vienna, the guys from Il Volo are third, but they win the tele-voting and beat all the Italian records in the history of the competition.

We are with the guys from Il Volo, Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, welcome guys!

I + G + P = Hello everyone

PR = It is very strange to see you separate, in the sense that we, of course, are used to seeing you together, I would like to know if you have made video-chats, videos played, in this period, in short, if you are connected.

P = We have daily video calls, we also make jokes, we share our ideas, our thoughts daily, we are always in contact.

PR = We remember very well that Eurovision 2015 in Vienna, in which, in the end, you were the moral winners, in the sense that, you did not win formally, but you won among the preferences, because you were the most tele-voted. Was this, I imagine, at the international level, a great satisfaction Ignazio?

I = It was a satisfaction, more than anything else because in that week you realized how much you love your country, we realized how much Italy is loved by the whole world, and we had the opportunity to be even more proud of our flag and our values.

PR = For us, you have won! It is not just “parochialism”. (I’m not saying that just because you’re from my area – because we are Italians.)

I would like to ask you what jokes you made, if it is not too personal, or can you say the joke?

I = I’ll tell you later in private ….

P = I made myself a facial mask, the color was strange, like a burn. I called Ignazio and told him he had to do an urgent interview, I couldn’t because I had burned myself in the sun. (laughs)

PR = Guys, you are a World Heritage, a UNESCO, however, is there any hope that when all this ends, we hope as soon as possible, your concerts, the world tour, starts from our wonderful Italy? Can we at least hope for it?

G = We hope Flavio, as soon as possible, also because we have started the celebrations of our tenth anniversary and are now 11 years old, the first time we sang together was on April 25, 2009. There was a long list of concerts all over the world and had to end with three concerts at the Arena in Verona. For now, we hope to return to the stage as soon as possible because we miss it a lot.

PR = And you miss us all. Thanks and we hope to see you soon live. 

Bye guys, good luck.

I + P + G = Bye everyone.

It was a nice conversation, but now, to refresh our memory, let’s enjoy this beautiful way of the Eurovision 2015 final.


What chills, fantastic. This song is wonderful, even in abbreviated form for the times imposed by Eurovision, also I can say that it is certainly one of the Eurovision songs that many people know, has certainly not been forgotten, as instead some Italian critics had foreseen after the victory of Sanremo 2015.

 We all expected their “deserved” victory.

A song so beautiful that two days ago, during a connection with Eurovision, the Israeli singer IMRI who represented his country in Eurovision, performed it with the only accompaniment of the guitar. A sweet and beautiful interpretation.

And what about this other beautiful interpretation of Grande Amore performed only with the violin? Wonderful.

And now, unfortunately news that we all expected that we hoped had a different meaning.

On the official page, Il Volo has published this news related to Italian concerts:

You asked us a lot of information about our tour and we always thank you for all the affection you show us every day. Today we can tell you that the final dates of the “10 Years Live” will be communicated as soon as possible and in any case no later than July 31, 2020 since at the moment the dates scheduled in the Arena of Verona (30-31 August) and at the Ancient Theater of Taormina (4-5 September), cannot be confirmed due to the current emergency situation and also taking into account the related government provisions. Tickets that have already been purchased remain valid. Find more info on (Communication will also follow for the other dates of the concerts.)   

I was happy to see the guys in their Eurovision final video, too good !!

And how beautiful the interpretations of IMRI and the violinist of Grande Amore.

Instead, I’m not very happy with the message about the concerts, of course, we all know that they could be postponed, but in our hearts we hoped that, somehow, they would find a solution, but …… still not all is lost !! It all depends on the danger in the future of this virus, for now we wait and behave well.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

21 thoughts on “EUROVISION 2020 by Daniela”

      1. It sure was! I agree 100% that it was stolen. They were way better than anyone else on that stage–and the audience knew it, and so did the people at home.

  1. Hi Daniela I was wondering if the guys kept in touch much and I was very happy to read that they do everyday. I know I am prejudiced but to me they should win everything they compete in. They are just so amazing, talented and perfect role models Hope they will be able to have a concert in the not too distant future and hope they will be able to return to the U.S. and Canada. As I am up in years I would love to see them one more time. They sure have helped getting through these terrible times. Stay Safe and hope things get better for you over there.

    1. I agree with you Beverley that Il Volo, in these times, has helped to raise hearts.
      But of course you will see the next concert, don’t doubt.

  2. As much as we all love Il Volo, I’m still glad they are not rushing to start concerts and tours. Being safe, trying to stop the spread of COVID, staying in, wearing masks and all the other precautions is the priority. They are wise young men, and have wise parents and managers

    1. Yes, Barbara, we must be careful. My feeling is that we still have to wait at least a month to get the final feeling of the concert dates.

  3. Thanks so much, as always, Daniela! I had looked at this interview longingly, but of course couldn’t figure much of it out. I especially appreciated what Ignazio said about Italy. Speaking of that wonderful guy, I loved the new video of him recording his beautiful Almeno tu nell’universo! Do you know who is releasing this and when?
    P.S. I loved the other versions of Grande Amore as well, especially with the lovely scenery behind the violinist.

  4. Certo, dear Daniela. But it’s hard to be patient when Ignazio is involved! So I’ll be looking forward to it–grazie mille in advance.

  5. I have never felt the way I do about IL Volo with any other singer or singers. Absolute best. Be well, be happy, and be mine! Did that wake you all up…lol! Love my guys, somethin about my guys. Big hugs to each of you.

  6. Hi Daniela…
    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome video of our guys! I wait with anticipation for every video, and I very eagerly watch and read about the guys! It’s so special to me that you provide the videos and your commentary as well. Thank you so much. I am here in America, and I love these three guys so much. I am a Forever Follower…Adoro Gianluca Sempre per Sempre…💙💙

    1. Thanks to you Eleanor, who appreciates what we publish, I know that our kids keep you company every day.
      And I know that your favorite is sweet Gianluca!

  7. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the translation and the videos of “Grande Amore”. I thought they were spectacular at Eurovision in Vienna! They looked so elegant, confident and sounded great as usual. The lighting and background were amazing also. You could see the audience loved them and “Grande Amore” as did everyone watching on TV. I remember being so nervous for them then and when they were at Sanremo also. I think we all agree Il Volo was and always is the best!
    I would love someday to go with my husband to a concert at the Ancient Theatre in Taormina and see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in such a beautiful setting!

    1. Yes, Margaret, they were really beautiful and elegant at Eurovision, esteemed by journalists from all over the world, who queued to be able to interview them and what about the audience? The audience loved them, no doubt, the prize was supposed to be theirs !!
      Taormina is also my dream, we dream together.

  8. Daniela, I just listened to grande Amore 2015. I agree they should have won but if you look at the guys they sis win. They have a talent that is rare. They sing perfectly every time they perform from the heart and soul. At times I either cry or become speechless. Thank you for keeping us informed about them. They are wonderful and kind and compassionate. Thank you from a devoted fan.

  9. Thanks Daniela. In 2015 we had a group that spent 24/7 following the boys from Sanremo to Eurovision. We all searched for videos and article and voted for every things that was posted. I miss those days.
    Love the violin version. Maybe the boys could have him perform with them at the first concert that they have live.

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