Francesco Boccia, the one who wrote GRANDE AMORE, was interviewed.
Francesco is also a singer and in this period he has joined his voice to three other people and they have created a group that is having a lot of success in the X Factor program in Romania.
During the interview, two questions relating to IL VOLO were asked to Francesco, which I am now translating to you.  Article – Click Here

Perhaps not everyone knows that you are the author of Grande Amore, the success with which the Il Volo group won Sanremo. How was the song born?
“Do you think Grande Amore has been in the drawer for 12 years. I wrote it in 2003, but it came out in 2015. I left it in the drawer until the right opportunity arose. I always knew this song would be liked, but I had to wait for the right moment. When you create it, inside you, you already know if something is strong or not. In my heart, I knew that if Grande Amore had gone to Sanremo, I would have made the numbers. I tried at least 5 or 6 times to present it, then I changed direction and I said to myself that, perhaps, this song could not reach, with my voice. So I started looking for interpreters. I am very fond of Queen and Freddy Mercury, there was the Barcelona song he sang with Montserrat Caballé. I had an intuition and I said that perhaps Grande Amore should be sung by a more important lyrical voice. Trying it with two lyrical voices, more set, I realized that the piece could have a more international take.”
In the photo Il Volo with Boccia and Esposito, writer and composer of Grande Amore.
And why, in the end, was the song sung by the Il Volo trio?
“At the selections, I presented the song with the two tenors with whom I had recorded this sort of demo. Carlo Conti, who at the time was in charge of the artistic direction of Sanremo, however, saw the potential of the song and told me:
‘Francesco, this song is too important, we cannot put it in young people ( the songs in Sanremo can be presented by the YOUNG, who are unknown, or by the BIG who are already famous).’
Also because one of the two boys I had introduced was over the age to be a candidate and therefore Carlo asked me for permission to let someone else hear the song. In the end, he introduced it to Il Volo. Initially Il Volo did not want to do it, especially because they had presented themselves with their own songs, but after various insistences they auditioned and, once sung, they were convinced and fell in love. And what happened happened, with more than 100 million views, including the win. It had been more than twenty years that an Italian song hadn’t been around the world. This made me realize that you have to believe in things. Because when you really believe it, things happen.”
Really beautiful are the words of Francesco Boccia, and of course we give him our best compliments for having had the intuition to write this beautiful song and we thank him for having always insisted and waited patiently on presenting Grande Amore!
Il Volo arrived and everything seemed perfect, this song had been waiting in the drawer for many years, for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to arrive, three guys with wonderful voices who would have given the right emphasis to the notes of this beautiful song. ❤️
One thing, continuing to read Francesco’s interview, bothered me a little, when they asked him why he presented his band in Romania, he replied:
“Because our Italian music is much more appreciated there than here in Italy. So much so that we tried to participate in these talents which took place abroad.”
It really hurts to hear this statement, but it hurts because it’s true.
In reality it is not true that this music is more appreciated abroad than in Italy, because we know very well that there are many supporters, we have confirmed this from the concerts always full of fans.
But this beautiful music is not at all supported by radios, TVs, and Italian newspapers, which instead offer very often “junk music” thus accustoming the tastes of our young people to this music and this way of singing, sometimes really horrible.
Reflecting, I think that Il Volo, in the people of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, are to be admired even more, for having had the courage to insist on presenting in their country, Italy, a certain type of song, considered by many “passé”.
The results proved Il Volo and those who have always supported them right.


Credit to owners of all photos and article.

35 thoughts on “THE RIGHT VOICES by Daniela”

  1. Italian media should be celebrating these
    talented fine diamonds!!!

    Fine quality surpasses fads in all genres.

    We are blessed that our fine diamonds continue to share their high quality talents with the world and hope they continue for many years!


    1. Chicago Love, I have to say that lately I seem to see more respect for these guys from the press. Of course, it would be nice to hear their songs on the radio, more than they do now, which is really rare.

  2. Beautiful article Daniela! And so true! I’m very happy that Il Volo got Grande Amore. No other group could present it like they can. As I have said and written on many occasions when will the Italian press open their eyes to what Il Volo and people like Boccia and Esposito share with the music industry. Amazing writing along with amazing voices!

    1. Thank you so much, Susan, and I have to say it was truly a fantastic combination, beautiful text and voices.

      Even in the aftermath of Magic Night, there were some very bad reviews of these guys’ fantastic work.

  3. Ciao, Daniela! It was very interesting to learn how this award-winning song/artists combo came about. It was sure a very beneficial thing for them all–and certainly for all of us fans as well!! And I loved the photos too.

  4. In 1927 there was a show on Broadway USA: Fifty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong”. It addressed censorship and the infamous Prohibition. The concept still applies. Millions of people world wide love ILVolo and appreciate the Italian classics. How can it be that the Italian press doesn’t get it ?

    Loved the post on Grande Amore. Thank you.

  5. Thank you, Daniela, for this background information.

    The guys of Il Volo understand what they love and are good at, and what style of music fits them best – and obviously the people of Italy recognize that, too – witness the sold out arenas of Il Volo concerts. The press just follows the trend to acknowledge only the “modern”, not understanding that there can be diverse tastes in “modern” music. Unfortunately,this happens to artists in other countries as well.

    Il Volo music speaks to the soul, to people all over the world, and certainly also to the people of Italy. Il Volo is truly loved all over, as wonderful human beings, entertainers, and great singers.

    We’ll just have to be patient until concerts can be held again, but in the meantime, I sure appreciate all the updates, background info and translations that you provide, Daniela (and Susan and Pat) Grazie!

  6. Thank you so much Daniela, for this informative translation. It hurts us so much that the media does not appreciate ouf wonderful guys. I hate to think how they must feel about this. They say the music is old, but I say it is timeless.

    1. Laura, if you knew what anger I have, when I sometimes read some really exciting comments for artists that are worth only the smallest part of what these guys of ours are worth.
      It hurts a lot to me, so I imagine how badly Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and their families can have.

  7. A lovely post…thank you! It just warms my heart to think of the beautiful Grande Amore lying in a drawer all those years just waiting for Gianluca,, Piero and Ignazio to bring it to life and and win big…way to go guys!

    I’m sure it must be puzzling and sad for the guys to know how the press views their work, and yet at the same time it must be uplifting for them to realize they have so, so much of the musical world as their sincere and loving fans. I hope that huge, solid foundation of love and respect will be a great buffer to the few who find fault.

    I’m so happy to have found the Flight Crew website. You do such a great job of bringing news of Il Volo to the fans who enjoy their singing and their lovely personalities.

    1. Thanks for the nice compliments, Shirley from Canada.

      Yes, “Grande Amore” waited a long time in a drawer, but it couldn’t be sung before, this music was waiting for Il Volo.

      I think it is sad for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and their families not to have the full consideration of the Italian press, but in an interview with their singing teacher immediately after the victory in Sanremo, he said that he had taught the boys to do not give credit to the words of the press and critics, but to always believe themselves.

  8. Thank you Daniela and Pat for translating and posting this interesting interview. Really Il Volo was the best choice for the beautiful GRANDE AMORE. I agree that music is timeless. If I like a music genre it doesn’t matter to me whether is modern or not. Music performed by the guys is so beautiful and IL VOLO is the best group ever.
    I always loved italian music but thanks to them I love it even more.

  9. Il Volo couldn’t have come into my life at a better time when I drove from Omaha NE to see & hear them in Chicago-February 2020. I had just recently lost my husband of 45 yrs to cancer and he & I had been following these most awesome singers for their past 10 years. We fell in love with them and their beautiful music not to mention their humor.I wish and pray that they wish & pray that they will one day be able to tour and share their music with us…maybe close to Nebraska. They are so multi talented and truly enjoy all their music. I wish them well…stay safe thru all these times of such uncertainties.

    1. Kathy, I must tell you that your story is similar to many, in a moment of so much sadness, you found a little comfort in their music.
      There is really a therapeutic effect in their music and I hope that your desire to see them again at an upcoming concert maybe closer to where you live will come true.

      I am very sorry for your serious loss! A hug!

  10. Daniela, I haven’t missed a smile since 2010! They were always good but now they’re great. Thanks to my IPad and a magnifying glass.

  11. I am so waiting for the tours to begin again. I so enjoy their music. It is unbelievable to me why they are not superstars and eagerly admired in Italy!! I have scoured the internet for interviews they have given over the years. Alas, I cannot understand the Italian ones, but I can in Spanish and English. I am beginning to get glimmers of Italian but I have only just resumed my study course. I so enjoy it. Thanks for all your work, Daniela. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

  12. Pat and Daniela,
    I realize it’s a sensitive topic for many of our fans and my question has nothing to do with this post, but do you know what the shoulder tattoo, Ignazio has added to his collection, is supposed to be. It’s a puzzle to me when I look at it, I can’t seem to make it look like anything, unlike his others. I hope it’s nothing subversive. And I hope it’s the last one. It detracts from his overall persona and appeal, but certainly doesn’t take anything away from his marvelous voice. I’m just plain curious.

    1. Mark, the only (and ugly) photo in existence that shows that big tattoo, is very badly done, because it is extracted from a short video. I’ve also seen the video, but it’s really elusive and doesn’t say anything new. I don’t think it’s anything subversive, it wouldn’t be in the spirit of Ignatius. You know what my thoughts on tattoos are, I can’t stand them, I don’t like them at all, especially the big ones. However I’m curious too and I’ll try to find out a few more things and I’ll tell you.

  13. Wow! Wow! Wow, no words to describe what I’m feeling, just tears of joy and emotions and gladness for our princepes: Ignazio Piero and Gian I’ll Volo!!!

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed and for these histories❤️
    No one can do it better than them💯

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