Il Volo often offers its support for actions that we are sometimes not aware of. I was reading various news items when one came to my attention.
The newspaper article headline:
“Italy nominates the porticoes of Bologna for UNESCO recognition.”
I immediately thought: Bologna = Il Volo, because we all know that Piero, Torpedine, Ignazio and family live in Bologna.
So I looked for other news related to this topic and I found a newspaper article that headlines:
“Bologna, porticoes protected by Unesco. Il Volo and Rizzoli support the candidacy.”
I translate for you what the article below says.

il Resto del Carlino Article – Click Here

The VIPs to support the candidacy of the porticoes of Bologna to Unesco heritage. Many, from Luca Carboni to Cesare Cremonini, from Gianni Morandi to Cristina d’Avena (Italian singers) and Stefano Accorsi (Italian actor), should be contacted.
Not to mention that Il Volo, Nicola Rizzoli (referee) and Andrea Roncato (actor) have already given their availability. Il Volo explains why.


Both live in the metropolitan area of Bologna, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, two of the three members of the award-winning musical group Il Volo (the third is Gianluca Ginoble). The first lives in the center, the second in the province and he was also born there in Bologna, but there is no distance to their acute “amore” (Grande, of course) for the porticoes of Bologna. “Will they call us for events and initiatives to support the candidacy for UNESCO heritage? We will absolutely be there, we promise,” they assure in unison.
What significance do the porticoes have for you?
Ignazio Boschetto: “I have wonderful memories, the Sunday morning walks with the family, in the center under the porticoes. And then Lucio Dalla always mentions the porticoes in his songs, I think of ‘Le Rondini’. A great emotional value, as well as in Bologna I also lived in a small village, Molinella, where I remember under the porticoes there was a lady who made fresh pasta. Down there we bought tortellini. And then at night they are wonderful, if I could, I would always take long walks.”
Piero Barone: “The porticoes in Bologna save you. I love running and practically from via Indipendenza to San Luca, even in the rain, you can move around protected by the porticoes, in a great way. The porticoes represent the beauty of Bologna, a unique city that manages to make you feel at home. And that of the porticoes is like an embrace.”
What is your portico of the heart? Is it linked to any particular experience?
Piero: “The hilly part of the portico of San Luca. With my friends we go for a run on that wonderful stretch and when we are down we take a smoothie all together. Very beautiful. Then of course, there are also others, such as the porticoes of via Santo Stefano and those at the corner of via Righi and via Alessandrini: if you throw a high note there an incredible rumble comes out.”
What would you say to the UNESCO judges to promote the candidacy?
Ignazio: “The love of Parisians for the Eiffel Tower is personal, like the love of the Bolognese, I believe linked to the porticoes for that sense of protection. And they are unique.”
Piero: “Bologna is the only city in the world where there are 38 kilometers of porticoes. It is unique and they deserve to be protected.”
But what exactly are we talking about? The porticoes of Bologna are one of the symbols of the city. It is a long construction of about 42 km that from the city center leads to the sanctuary of S. Luca.
On January 21, 2020, the decision of the Governing Council of the Italian National Commission for Unesco was approved, together with the Minister of Cultural Heritage. However, we will have to wait another year to know the outcome of the candidacy.
Let’s not forget that the porticoes of Bologna were the background in the video of the beautiful WE ARE LOVE !!

We also recall that in 2017, Il Volo shot an advertising spot, right in Piazza S. Stefano, with the beautiful porticoes in the background.
Here are the photos of some moments of that commercial for Ferrero Rocher (Nutella). 
And below is the video of “Golden Symphony: Una Navidad Dorada” which aired in Mexico in December 2017.
At the beginning of the video we see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca strolling in front of the porticoes of Bologna.
The views of Bologna are really beautiful.
But, if you have time, also enjoy the whole event, with the beautiful songs of our boys.

Very well guys, this affection for the city that hosts you does you a lot of honor.
And it is nice that you have given your availability to support this UNESCO candidacy.
Bologna and all of Italy could not have better ambassadors than you: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca !! ❤❤❤


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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    1. I am very happy that you enjoyed this post. This news is from a few months ago, but it had gone unnoticed. I think the guys are truly admired for their support in this cause.

  1. Grazie amica mia!! O… Gracias mi Amiga! Daniela, I have not see this before!! You are the best!!! 👌🏼 Abbraccio a te!! 🤗😘❤

    1. Dear Deborah, you certainly walked under these porticoes last year too. See, these porticoes are in the hearts of our guys.
      Ora parli in spagnolo??? Studia italiano!! :):)

  2. I appreciate the time and effort that you give to articles like this one. I am very interested in the works that Il Volo places themselves in. These young men are so special in the world we live in today.

    1. Kay, this proves that our guys have interests in multiple things, not just music related.
      They are very careful to spread and preserve the Italian heritage. Very well!!

  3. I loved this post, Daniele. And I loved the Christmas songs (among the others) included. Thanks so much.

    1. Kathy, for this reason, I wrote “if you have time, watch the whole video”, that event was done at Christmas 3 years ago, the video contains beautiful Christmas songs, which remind us that Christmas is near !!

      1. It is time to dust off the Buon Natale album for those of us who have one! Mine sits on the bottom of the third pile of il Volo discs on my computer desk. I just “liberated” it after listening to the video. And Maybe when I have time I will find the Senate Christmas concert and watch that too…

      2. Yes Penina, the time has come.
        Yesterday I put the little Christmas lights on and I listened to the beautiful Christmas songs of Il Volo, a pleasure !!

  4. I’ve watched We Are Love many times but never noticed the magnificent background.
    thank you Daniela, for this treasure.And the many others you find for us.

    1. Dearest Tricianna, it is really a pleasure for me to read your comment, I know that you always follow us, and I am happy about it.
      Didn’t you know that the We Are Love video (which I love very much) was shot in Bologna? I am very pleased to have revealed this to you, now you will surely watch that video with an extra interest. A hug!

    1. It is so nice to see how proud the boys are of their country and how they go out of their way to support different causes. Thank you Daniela for the videos and showing and explaining different parts of Italy for us. It is such a beautiful country and I really enjoy learning more about it and the places where the boys live.

      1. Cathy, Piero Ignazio and Ginaluca are very proud of their country, and for this reason they must be even more appreciated.
        I am proud of them.

  5. Thanks for sharing this article. All the guys really are proud of their country and nice to see them supporting this cause. Sept 2019 we spent 3 days in Bologna before going to Verona for the concert. Those porticoes are indeed beautiful and historic and there are miles of them. We enjoyed strolling the walks under the the porticoes and having coffee after dinner at a table under their protection. Bologna is a lovely and memorable city and we enjoyed every minute spent there. It was fun to see where Piero and Igna live. Grazie

    1. Janet, I had seen your photos in the rain, in Bologna and I was expecting your comment.
      Even if it wasn’t a beautiful day, you already told me that you liked Bologna and certainly the porticoes have their own charm.

  6. Dearest Daniela, my husband and I also walked under these lovely porticoes (and in the rain too). Grazie for telling us about this connection to Il Volo, and also for the Mexican Christmas video, which I hadn’t seen and which put me in the Christmas spirit as well.

    1. Judi, then I dusted off some good memories for you, and now you will think “I really went there with my husband, maybe I walked to the point where they recorded the We Are Love video” !!
      Sometimes randomness makes us very happy.

  7. i’m really enthusiastic by your work, Daniela!
    But wow, i’m in shock… since when Barone is living in Bologna?

    1. Thanks Monika for your compliments, which are always appreciated.
      In reality Piero has been living in Bologna for several years. Here he is also close to his singing teacher. But as soon as he can, free from commitments, and during the holidays, Piero runs to Naro, his small town that has his heart.
      Congratulations to you of Il Volo Poland, I like your page.

  8. I love how involved members of Il Volo get when they love a particular area of Italy that they know. You can tell by Ignazio and Piero’s comments how they love this city and wish to keep the charm of the city alive for years to come.

  9. Thank you so much. Very commendable. Always uplifting to learn where their videos are made and the history.

  10. I know these guys are always up to something and a lot of times try to stay anonymous about what they do for others, especially Ignazio. They are amazing people. Its always great to read about the wonderful things they do for their cities and country.

  11. Quite a long time ago I heard that at least Ignacio had an apartment in Bologna. At the time I thought it was a mistake because I always related him with Sicily. I am happy that my information was correct and that he is living in and enjoying that beautiful city. Thank you so much, Daniela, for your translations. I too am slowly getting a collection of works by Il Volo. Furthermore, I am enjoying my Italian lessons. I just need a lot more time. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

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