Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in the recording studio. Piero is holding a guitar.


What did I write to you a week ago, concluding the post of “On the road to Sanremo”? That Il Volo would return to Sanremo again, both as a guest and as a competitor ………….. and in fact, the news is yesterday.

Il Volo will be a guest on March 3 in Sanremo.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in the recording studio. Piero is holding a guitar.

This is the official news given by Il Volo.
We are pleased and honored to inform you that Wednesday 3 March we will be guests at the Sanremo Festival!
We will perform on the Ariston stage with a tribute to Ennio Morricone, a small preview of the great concert that will take place in June.
The Festival Orchestra will be conducted exceptionally by Andrea Morricone, the son of the great Maestro.
We want to thank Amadeus (host of Sanremo 2021) for inviting us, it will be a beautiful and emotional performance that we can’t wait to participate in!

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in suits

And here is what the newspaper LA REPUBBLICA writes.

LA REPUBBLICA article – Click Here

Il Volo returns to Sanremo. After the victory in 2015 with Grande Amore and the podium in 2019 with Musica che resta, the trio will be guests of the second evening of the Festival, Wednesday 3 March. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble will take the stage of the Ariston with an exciting performance in homage to Ennio Morricone accompanied by the orchestra of the Sanremo Festival which for the occasion will be directed by the son of the master, Andrea Morricone. The three artists will retrace the melodies of the musician, composer and author of the most beautiful soundtracks of Italian and world cinema, awarded with an Oscar.
This performance, the second at Ariston as guests, will be a preview of the concert-event of the Flight to be held in June 2021, an overwhelming journey into the art of one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century entitled Il Volo tribute to Ennio Morricone which will also be the title of the new album which will be released worldwide for Sony Music by the end of 2021.

Left to right: Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca in leather jackets

So, the various photos in the recording room concern the new CD which will be with Morricone’s music.
Furthermore, also in the schedule of RAI 1, the Il Volo Tribute event for Morricone is confirmed on June 5.

I think it will be a fantastic project.

Left to right: Ignazio and Piero seated in the recording studio seated in front of a control panel

Gianluca in the recording studio seated in front of a control panel

Piero in the recording studio seated in front of a control panel

Piero in the recording studio in front of a microphone


Gianluca at the recording studioseated in front of a microphone

And so here we are again in Sanremo, where I am sure, you will bewitch us once again.

We are so proud of the event you are preparing and the photos that come to us show that you are fully and personally involved in this project. You are now men capable of making your decisions for better or for worse.

And we will support you, waiting with trepidation for this new work which, I’m sure, will be beautiful.

See you very soon:  Daniela 


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your lives and talents with the world. We are very blessed by your wonderful music. May God grant you many years of health and peace. Much appreciation!

    1. Hello Judi! Are you clicking on the yellow Donate button on the left sidebar of the main page? I noticed just now that the big red heart is also a clickable link but it does not take you to PayPal.

      1. Judi and Pat, I too had some trouble donating and ended up going to the Flight Crew introductory page and clicked on the donate icon there. I didn’t know there was a yellow donate button on the main page, is that something new? My donation on PayPal went to IL Volo Flight Crew @ outlook .com…..where ever and what ever that is.

    2. Mark, on the Flight Crew home page, where you see all the posts, there is a yellow donate button on the left. If you click on it that takes you directly to PayPal. The email address you mentioned on Outlook is not the same email that is on the PayPal site. It was our older email address, and I think it is still functional. I am checking with Jana on that and to make sure your donation was received. Thank you so much!

  2. Dear Daniela thank you so much for all the info. Cannot wait to hear those three beautiful fabulous voices singing together again in San Remo, Rome and then the new CD. I am truly excited and looking forward to whatever the Guys are able to do this year. Have missed them so much during the last year due to Covid, but thank goodness they all seem to have come through OK. Again many thanks.

    1. Marion, you are in good company, I too can’t wait to see them again in Sanremo. This year I had decided not to follow the show, but now they are there, I’ll be glued to the TV.

  3. Daniela, thank you so much for making all of this news possible. We can hardly wait to see them in person again. We are thrilled that they are going to perform and we can hardly wait to be in the audience. Hug!

    1. Yes Victoria, it will be a very special evening. You know that this year the Sanremo festival will be without an audience due to Covid, moreover, even outside the theater, there will be no gatherings of people. All the restaurants closed, in short, a festival only for singers, a really heavy atmosphere. Luckily they will be there: Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, accompanied by Andrea Morricone.

    1. I hope so too RoseMarie, the treatment they received from the Italian press is absurd, especially at Sanremo 2019, treatment for which they deserved a lot of apologies but never received, and Il Volo really reacted with such elegance.
      For now, the Italian newspapers have printed only the news of Il Volo in Sanremo, without giving any prominence or comment.
      Unfortunately there have been the usual bad comments from Italian haters, but now it seems to me there are many positive comments.

      1. I am so curious as to why the Italian press does not recognize the beauty and talent of Il Volo’s music and singers. Would one not be proud of their child? They are the essence of Italian music and are sharing it with the world. What is so wrong with them, or that? Would you please share what you know about this rift in their homeland that splits people’s opinions of them, and/or their music? Seems to me that they do a great job of honoring those that came before them. I guess I am just looking for an aha moment to understand what’s going on. Il Volo is perfect to me, and all the world should know! Thank you very much Daniela.

      2. Jo Lynn, honestly, I can’t explain the reason for this continuous opposition of the press to our kids, it’s also a ridiculous thing, because the guys are also very loved by the public, who at the beginning followed a lot, what the press wrote, but then, many of them have understood that it is all a maneuver against Il Volo. However, many people who do not know them and do not even want to listen to them, are still convinced that Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are haughty guys, who have grown their heads with success and continue to write bad comments for them. If you go into the comments below their videos, you will find that the bad comments are almost exclusively Italian, particularly of Italian males who our press has always offered the idea that Il Volo are unpleasant.
        Unfortunately, the “fashionable” music here in Italy is very bad, certainly not the style of Il Volo, which here in Italy is considered “ancient”. Our radio stations very rarely play the music of Il Volo. However, the lowest action that the press did against Il Volo was in 2019, after their participation in Sanremo as competitors. I had the tables of the votes of the evenings and I can tell you that Il Volo would have won again this time if the “press room” and the “jury of 8 people” had not reversed the situation, despite this they finished third. I am attaching an article that we published in 2019, listen carefully (i.e. read the translation) of the interview with a journalist who admits that against Il Volo there is an aversion that dates back to when they were born as a group.


  4. Great news. Being guests will be a lot less stressful for them than if they were in competition. But I agree with Rose Marie and hope the press treats them with more respect that previously. I am excited to hear the new music. Thanks Daniela and Pat for keeping us updated. Daniela, what is the health situation in Italy now? Any guess about how it may be in August and Sept when the Verona and Taormina concerts are scheduled? Has your government made any speculation on these larger
    concert gatherings? Fingers crossed that conditions improve dramatically before then. Grazie!

    1. Janet, my family is all right though, you have heard that here in Italy there is the third wave of infections, in particular with the English variant, and unfortunately the epicenter is right here between Brescia and Bergamo. We are again in lockdown, all closed, closed schools, gyms, cinemas, theaters, ski lifts, restaurants and on weekends, also the shopping centers closed. From 10:00 pm no one can go out until 5:00 am. Unfortunately, the infections are very high, but less serious than those in March. Perhaps in a month the first cinemas and theaters will reopen, after more than a year of closure. Vaccines are on the way, but they go in order of priority.
      We hope that the situation will improve soon.

  5. Along with Rose Marie and Janet, I believe Reverence begets
    Reverence. They appear under the Morricone umbrella, in a
    respectful tribute to the grand artist and not as competitors.
    Thanks for keeping us informed Daniela. Looking forward to
    a lovely performance.

    1. True, Martha, and here Maestro Morricone is very well liked and respected. Unfortunately I have already read comments that say that the master will turn in his grave ….. nothing more foolish, precisely because Morricone had already worked with Il Volo, and now also his son, a sign of great consideration for Il Volo by the Morricone family .
      Some people just talk to give air to their lungs.

  6. The Il Volo guest appearance at Sanremo is very exciting news! Thank you for the photos and the news, it is much appreciated

  7. Grazie amica mia! Love this….I look forward to June 5th concert in Rome and hopefully seeing you there too! Abbraccio a te 🤗😘

  8. Thanks Pat and Mark for the help with the donation problem.
    Yes, the red heart didn’t work for me, and the other was a bit tricky to get going with the amount, but I got it!

    1. You’re most welcome, Annette! It’s my sincere pleasure to help Daniela and the other gals get their news and stories published here. And thank you for your donation! 😀

      1. This is certainly great news about Il Volo performing arrt Sanremo. 8i can’t wait to hear them. This whole project is very exciting. The press better behave themselves.

  9. Many thanks Daniela and Pat for giving us the info that our Il Volo guys will be on sanremo on Wednesday night. I am so lucky to be able to see it live on my RaiItalia channel here in South Africa.

    1. Judi, if you want to get an idea, the defense has already begun, with the comments under the article announcing their presence in Sanremo. Here the comments are all from ordinary people, but unfortunately they are people who do not know them and do not even want to listen to them because they say they are arrogant guys and this sentiment was pushed by the Italian press. You can comment too, if you want.


      1. Daniela I read a lot of the remarks, some are disgusting, so I didn’t bother reading them all. The real fans that commented were very supportive of our boys. There is room in this world for all types of music and singers, if someone doesn’t like the Il Volo style, they don’t have to listen to it, but please don’t throw dirt at our boys for no reason. They should just go listen to their own stuff. I don’t like a lot of what is out there that is called music and I don’t care if they do. So lay off of our guys!

  10. Thanks Daniela. Will it be possible for us to watch it thru some link? I am so ready to see the boys perform.

  11. Grazie mille, Daniela, for sending the link to your Feb. ’19 post about San Remo, which I hadn’t read. When you see how our guys are so truly affectionate and supportive to the other finalists, you have to wonder how anyone can think of them as “arrogant”! Mostly jealousy, I have to think. Let’s hope it will be better this year.

    1. Judi, I completely agree, in fact I often say to these people that they “speak by hearsay”, because they cannot really know the boys and talk about them like that. Il Volo had an exemplary behavior towards the other competitors and also towards the press which strongly offended them.

  12. Daniela, I read some of the comments and some were just cruel. There are many singers and groups I don’t like and would never listen to but I wouldn’t criticize their fans. Sometimes I think it bothers the critics that no matter what they say about the boys their fans always defend and protect them. We know what amazing singers and wonderful young men they are and will always be proud to be their fans. I can’t wait for their performance.

    1. Cathy, you are right, some comments are absurd and mean. Several times I have replied that I don’t like certain singers, but I don’t go under their videos to write bad things, I accept the tastes of the people who like these singers. With Il Volo, on the other hand, here in Italy everyone feels compelled to write bad things and criticisms, but this was due to our press which has always put them in a bad light.

  13. Congratulations to Il Volo for their very moving performance in San Remo tonight. They were beautiful to hear and to watch, Ignazio so very dignified. Mr. Boschetto must be very proud of his son.

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