Color illustration of a little gray bird in yellow and teal airplane

BOIN ~ The Journey, the Reveal and the Whisper! by Susan

The Journey….

Are you enjoying the Journey?
The week began with the little Chick pilot. He just stole my heart! He is adorable!  You know he was with us from the beginning of the journey. I wanted to call him “Wrong Way Charlie” because in our introduction to BOIN he was going in the opposite direction from everyone else. But, as you can see, he finally caught up with us.Color illustration of a little gray bird in yellow and teal airplane
Ignazio’s counterpart welcomed us on this journey! He serenaded us while giving us a vision of what was to come.

The first crew member we met was the BOIN teddy bear. We followed him and allowed ourselves to be transported into the vision of BOIN. We didn’t know what to expect but, we were curious so, we got on board!

Black and white illustration of a teddy bear

Each of us has journeyed with the Orcas and the Butterflies to the Aquarium and back home. Oh, by the way, I see some of you are still calling Coco a whale. Coco is not a whale. Orcas are dolphins. They came to be known as whales because ancient fishermen saw them kill a whale and they became known as Killer Whales.
Our journey took us to Palermo where we heard the story of Kalsa the beautiful girl who fell in love with the Moor but, soon she learned that he had a wife and children in the east so, Kalsa, cut off her lovers’ head rather than have him return home. As you know, the head became a vase which became a symbol and then a tradition was born. Every home in Sicily has a traditional Moor’s head vase!
Soon we arrived at Valentine’s Day! We met the two doves, the symbol of love! And the melting heart!

And then everything exploded!


Color illustration of an ice cream cone with pink ice cream and a cherry on top

We witnessed the unleashing of color on an Ice Cream cone with sprinkles! We met a new character the little one arm man. Then we met the BOIN Pig and we were reminded that Ignazio is obsessed with Ice Cream. And we ended the week with Miss Daisy. She dazzled us with her beautiful green and yellow dress and her beautiful necklace of white petals!
Finally, the little Chick pilot caught up with us and he brought along some interesting characters who he met along the way.


After Chick landed, we met quite an unusual character, if that’s what she is??? When I first saw ChupaBoin, I really didn’t know what to make of her!
And then the question! Can you be sensual without being vulgar? Can you be sexy without being vulgar?

Black and white illustration of lips with a lollipop

When I saw the Black and White picture, I thought, what is that! I see the lollipop but, I couldn’t make out what else was in the picture. So, I cheated, I went to the color picture.

Color illustration of red lips with a yellow lollipop

When I went back to the Black and White picture, I thought, this one will be tricky!
How do you invite your senses to enjoy a lick without being vulgar?
I decided to wait for further instructions. The instructions didn’t come and, I decided,
Only a lollipop can understand how it is possible to be sensual and sexy without being vulgar!
Then we were introduced to another symbol ~ the Fica d’india. It’s a prickly pear, which is a cactus. It is the Symbol of Italy. We are asked, “what is your country’s symbol?” The Rose is America’s symbol.
Color illustration of a prickly pear
Have you ever seen this cactus or prickly pear before? My grandfather was from Calabria so, I have. Interesting fact, the fico d’india thrives around the island of Sicily. It also goes by the name of the Barbary Fig. Sicilians and Calabrians make a liquor from it. Liquore di fico d’india is similar to limoncello.  Substitute the lemons with fico d’india. So good!


And soon another character arrives! ~Mickey Boin. Is he a character or a Crew Member? Not sure! A little clarity guys!
Black and while illustration of a Mickey Mouse type character
And the questions! “At what age do you stop being a kid?”
We know you don’t stop in your 20’s or 30’s because of the two guys who are doing these posts. I can personally tell you, you, never stop being a kid! If you do, you stop dreaming! And all your wishes disappear. “A wish is a dream your heart makes…”
Always follow your heart and your dreams! A good place to start @boincollection


And then there was Homer Simpson’s counterpart! And the question, “What’s your favorite cartoon?”
I’m more of a Mickey Mouse person than a Homer Simpson person! I only watch cartoons with kids!


The Reveal!

Soon we will understand what BOIN really is!
Now it’s time to open the box and unveil the secret of BOIN. The BOIN Winter Collection.

By the way, love the box, very chic! Nice packaging!
So, what’s in the box? The BOIN hat that adorable Noah wore and a book. Is it a notebook, a coloring book or a cartoon book? Let’s ask the Chick and the Owl.


The Whisper!

What’s the secret? Whisper in my ear.
What’s all the whispering about? Do you know what’s in the book? I do but, I really can’t say. It’s part of the reveal.
Do you know BOIN?
What I know about BOIN is very exciting!  The characters are wonderful! And now, we learn something new every day!


But really, who is your favorite character?
The moment of truth!
The little Chick pilot is my absolute favorite character. Look at how cute he is. You can’t tell me he didn’t steal your heart away!
Color illustration of a little gray bird in yellow and teal airplane
I noticed him on day one and I waited for him to arrive. There’s something so sweet about him! Like those two sweet guys who created him!
Let’s find a nice Chick for him. I meant the Pilot!


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Credit to owners of all illustrations and videos.



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  1. Oh, yes, I love the little chick. He’s so adorable. I am loving this. I think both guys are so talented. Thanks so much for keeping us informed.

  2. What a nice summary of the clues! Thank you, Susan. It has been quite a journey so far. The posts have been intriguing and have forced us to contemplate each one in search of answers and connections. I find myself excitedly awaiting each new post. The creativity of Fabio and Ignazio is unbounding!

  3. The chick is my favorite. Your posts keep me open and thinking about this journey. The chick is going somewhere. It looks like a newbie, open to what may happen. Willing to have an adventure. We must stay open and willing in order to make our dreams happen. Opportunity abounds, but can we recognize it?

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