THE SAD NEWS by Daniela

The line of life, unfortunately, also inevitably crosses with death.
On February 28, Vito Boschetto, beloved father of our dear Ignazio, died at the age of 60.

Ignazio hugging his dad, Vito

The sad announcement was made today, March 1st.
I will translate it for you.

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Vito Boschetto, father of Ignazio de Il Volo, has died.
Vito Boschetto, father of Ignazio, Marsala singer of Il Volo, together with Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble, died on the evening of Sunday 28 February. The man died in Bologna, where his son lives, due to a sudden illness that left him no way out.
Married to Caterina Licari, Vito also has an eldest daughter, Nina, who ran a pizzeria for years. A close-knit family that has always supported their son far and wide throughout Italy, making him study until the success obtained with the broadcast “Ti lascio una canzone” on Rai Uno with the conduction of Antonella Clerici, aimed at the discovery of children’s talents. It is there that Ignazio Boschetto met the other two “tenorini” Piero and Gianluca with whom he will form Il Volo, which achieved worldwide success.
On March 3 Il Volo should perform on the stage of the 71st Sanremo Festival. But confirmations are expected after this tragic news.

Ignazio with his Dad, Vito

Covid has nothing to do with it, it was a tumor, recently discovered, but unfortunately in an advanced state, which left Vito no chance for a regression.
I do not dare to think of the infinite pain of Ignatius who, we remember, did a good part of his travels and stayed abroad accompanied by his beloved father.

Vito Boschetto

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is this and Ignazio, already shy enough for personal news, lived this last period of his father’s life, without divulging the news, living the pain together with his family, his mother Caterina and his sister Nina.

Left to right: Vito Boschetto, son Ignazio and wife, Caterina Licari

The Il Volo family also gathered around Ignazio and his family, but could only watch the events helplessly.
Gianluca today published a series of their photos and the last photo represents Il Volo in a moment of meditation, with Ignazio looking up.
Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and PIero on stage. The message is SEMPRE UNITI - ALWAYS TOGETHER
ALWAYS TOGETHER. What can best represent the three of them, in every moment of life, even the saddest, ALWAYS TOGETHER.

Caterina Licari and husband Vito Boschetto

Dear Ignazio, you are always so cheerful, so joyful, but now you have the agony in your heart, your dear dad is gone.
We Volovers hold you in a long affectionate embrace around you and your mother Caterina and your sister Nina.
Our prayers reach Vito who from above will guide you in your life, proud of you.
No words can be of comfort to you, but all our affection reaches you from the depths of our hearts.
A big hug: Il Volo Flight Crew 


Vito Boschetto

The Flight Crew staff with all the fans will try to deliver to Ignazio and his family a floral message of deep condolences and affection.


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  1. Our thoughts and love are with you at this time. May your wonderful memories of your father bring you comfort and peace in these difficult days.

  2. Your father will always be with you in spirit. Remember he is always watching over you and his love will always be with you

  3. What a horrible tragedy. My condolences and prayers to you and your family. So very sorry..

  4. I still can’t belive it… my deepest condolences to Ignazio, his whole family and friends. RIP Mr Boschetto 😭😭

  5. So sorry, my heart goes out to you and your family. He will be watching over you from above.

  6. From the very depths of my heart I extend my condolences to Ignazio, his Mother, Caterina Licari, his Sister, Nina, to their extended family, and to Gianluca and Piero who are “brothers” to Ignazio and were “sons” to Vito Boschetto. He was so proud of his son and the trio–Il Volo.

    Those of us who have lost our parents know the crushing pain that we will feel the rest of our lives. Memories are treasured and sustain us, but our hearts never heal completely and our eyes’ tears will flow like a gushing dam..

    That empty feeling lingers, but we must remember that our cherished loved ones never leave us, not for one second. Believe that their spirit is shadowing you until you join them in God’s Kingdom where we are united in the everlasting light called Heaven. ONE FAMILY.

    Rejoice in the promise of life everlasting.

    i have not left my comments here for a long time because of my pain and illness, however, I THINK ABOUT il VOLO EVERY DAY AND I PLAY THEIR MUSIC TO LIGHTEN MY LIFE.

    God Bless.

    With love,
    Elisa Marie

  7. The joy that IL VOLO has brought to so many make this tragic sadness
    even more painful………My heart and prayers go out to the Boschetta
    and IL VOLO family….My deepest condolences…
    Much love to you all.
    Sheryl Anderson

  8. So incredibly sad. Losing a parent is hard and Vito was too young. I hope Ignazio knows that hearts are breaking for him all over the world. May God bring thd fsmily peace.

    1. Jeannette – if you would like to make a donation, please click on the golden yellow “donations” button on the upper left area of our home page. Grazie mille!

      Flight Crew…

  9. My heart is full of sadness for you, Ignazio, and your family. Myself being 80, 60 is many years too soon to loose your father and husband. Your music has thrilled my heart for 4 years. I listen to it everywhere. Your father was so much a part of this. His memory is with you always. Patti Boyer, Lotus, Ca

  10. Questa notizia è molto triste ed il mio cuore si rompa per la famiglia Boschetto. Specialmente per Ignazio, spero che possa essere forte per sua mamma e sua sorella, sapendo che i suoi “fratelli” saranno forte per lui. Ignazio, sto pregando per te, e sei nei miei pensieri. Un forte abbraccio caro.

  11. What a surprise to hear such sad news-thank you for keeping us informed Daniela. To the Boschetto family, I will pray that your hearts find comfort in knowing that this good man will always be a guiding light in your lives. I lost my father when I was 20, and to this day miss him fiercely. I know he has tried to point me in the right direction, but any mistakes I’ve made are strictly my own, and in retrospect, I know he did the best he could possibly do for our family of six until the day he died. May you all have the courage and moxie to carry on with your lives and do the best that you possibly can to keep Vito smiling down on you. No matter what, he will always love each one of you and you will miss him terribly but know that God will keep him busy. Ignazio, keep the memories close and express your thoughts through your music. Much love from Arizona, USA

  12. Our thoughts are with Ignazio and his family during this very sad time. Ignazio was blessed to be able to spend precious time with his dad during this upsetting year, when normally he would be touring. We hope he can take some comfort in knowing his fans send support from afar. Thank you Daniela for keeping us informed.

  13. Dear Daniela, yesterday I saw the news on Facebook. I was looking forward to hearing more from you. Great sorrow has befallen our boy … but the support is great. I sincerely hope that the hole in his heart will be filled by God. And we, his loyal fans, to help with our love.

  14. To the Boschetto/Licari family: I am truly sorry to hear about your loss. Ignazio, your father was a great man, he will be truly missed and will always be remembered by all of us.
    Losing someone we love is nothing easy, we can realize that we are blessed to have been able to share in his life. Wishing you peace to bring comfort and the courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.❤

  15. My deepest condolences go out to you Ignazio and to your family upon the news of your father’s death. It is with a very heavy heart that I write this today. Always remember that your father gave you the greatest gift a father can ever give his child, that being his support and love for you.

    1. You said it all thank you. Just keep your heart open. There is so much love surrounding you and yours. My heart aches for all of you. Denise

  16. So young to lose your beloved father. I also lost my mother at the age of 60, when I was 27 and thought my whole world had fallen apart. Time dies heal but please remember how proud he is of you, and always will be. Remember what your father would say or think in everything you do in the future, he is not that far away, he will be there in your heart. I am so sorry for your loss and that of your family. You are the man now and he would be pleased and proud you are there for them.
    You are all in my thoughts and

  17. Oh God! Will we ever see his smiling face again…… hope time will heal a little bit, but there are no words to help in this time of sorrow. Dear Igna, you are in our prayers.

  18. Ignazio, we are here for you, your family and your IL Volo family. We will give you all of the support you need because your father left you in our care. We are all connected through our love for you and IL Volo. You have given us so much and now we will give back to you, I know nothing will take the place of your father but I hope you feel our love tomorrow on the stage of Ariston.

  19. Dear Daniella, we do not know cause of his dear father’s dead, but since it was so fast and untreatable, almost suggest pancreatic cancer, even more I feel for the family, because I lost my dear husband to this, and know exactly, what they went through…….
    I already sent condolences to our dear boy and his family, our prays are with them in this painful time.

  20. In life we are always someone’s child and it is very painful when a parent leaves us. I remember when my parents left I suddenly became
    “the adult” and felt a deep emptiness. I wish peace for Ignazio and his family.

  21. Deepest condolences to our beloved Ignazio, his mother, sister and all the Il Volo family. We your fans grieve with you and hold you close in thought and prayer. 🙏 💔

  22. Such horrible news. My heartfelt condolences to Ignazio and his family. Wishing you strength and peace through this very sad time. You are in my prayers

  23. Dear Ignazio, I’m so sorry for your loss,and condolences to your mother and sister and family. Take comfort in the knowledge that your papa will be looking down on you and applauding you.
    Take your strength from the love and support from your family and friends,and your brothers,Piero and Gianluco
    May God Bless you and hold your papa in the hollow of His hands


  24. Dear Ignazio, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your father.
    He will be always watching over you, until you are together again.
    My condolences to your whole family.

  25. Dear Ignazio, I was so sorry to hear about your father. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and Il Volo. Remember all the good times you had together. He will always be with you. May God bless yo and your family. Alice White in Florida

    1. Caro Ignazio, let your music help you through this difficult time. Sing, sing with all your heart ! Sing, it will lighten your sorrow and lessen your pain. Sing for your father and sing for yourself. Music heals, it rally does. May the memory of your father always be with you in song.

      (Your ‘lettone’ fan )

  26. Thank you Daniela for this thoughtful post and info. My heart aches for the Boschettos. I have a small tribute on my page which I sent to Caterina. If you see this Ignazio you did a magnificent job tonight with Andrea Morriconi. I knew nothing of Enio Morriconi ‘s music until you. I love it now!! As you know you are being prayed for, and I know your Dad was SO proud of you tonight. Daniela I would love to be included in the flower gift and would be glad to contribute something. …….Love Donna Pothier

    1. Ciao Donna…. you are more than welcome to send in a donation to the Flight Crew. Many had and we had more than enough money to cover the cost of the flowers. I will be doing a short post on it for tomorrow.
      How nice to send a tribute to Caterina!
      Grazie mille! Jana

  27. Ignazio, I was so sorry to hear about your father, my sincere condolences to your Mom and Nina and all of your family members. Watched you on television yesterday and you made me feel so proud. I always think of you three as my family and therefore share your grief and your joy. You are in my prayers, stay strong

  28. Daniela, Thank you for sharing this post with all of us. Those words were so heartfelt and beautiful, I cried reading them. Vito was an outstanding husband and father. What more could a family want? We Il Volo fans will always care about the welfare of Ignazio, Catarina and Nina. They will always be in our hearts! Thank you also for sending a floral remembrance to the Boschettos in our name.

  29. I first opened to the Sanremo stage and heard the most beautiful song they sang but as I watched I saw something in their eyes that went much deeper, a sadness, a deep understanding of what it really means to be brothers, a love for each other that I had not seen before and then I read of the incredible loss Ignazio was facing at the same time and the support his brothers were giving him to get through. I watched the song again and every moment you can see the sorrow in their faces, but invisible to those who watched, they held each other up, and I believe that the loving arms of Vito embraced them closely as their beautiful voices were heard around the world expressing their sorrow in a song. As if chosen for the moment, it reflected what they felt and we in the world felt it too and our love and sympathy flowed back to you, our beloved Ignazio. Think of us when you are lonely. We are always thinking of you. Reach out to us and we will reach back to you. Send love to us and we will send it back a thousand times. As you cry we are crying too. Our hearts are breaking for you as you bear this deep loss. May God be with you and your family.

  30. Carissimi,
    Cara Caterina,
    Le famiglie di Francia (Antibes e Toulouse-Colomiers) vi inviano le loro sincere condoglianze.
    La distanza e la lontananza non impediscono di seguire la carriera del figlio e della famiglia.
    Sii forte e coraggioso.
    Siamo con tutti voi.

  31. That truly was a beautiful note you posted, Rosa. As everyone who is a follower of Il Volo, we weep for Ignazio. He has been the happiest one of our boys and I just pray that will return to him before too long. He, as well as Gianluca and Piero, has been a wonderful lightness in our lives. In a time of the ongoing pandemic, we must have something to look forward to — and that something is our beloved Il Volo.

  32. I saw the video of “Your Love”, the tribute to Ennio, which Il Volo sang just days after the death of Ignazio’s father (a commitment which they had made previously, I would imagine). Gianluca and Piero both had tears in their eyes (which could be seen on the enlarged photo). Vito was like a father to them, too, because of the travelling when they were all underage. Such a beautiful and appropriate song at that time. My thoughts are with them every day.


  34. We fans wherever in the world we live, look on Il Volo as family, so we are saddened by the loss of your father.

  35. Ignacio ,in case you read this, I want you to know that I have adopted you in my 💖💓. You are such a beautiful, talented, good-hearted young man. I know what it is to lose parents. You are very brave. The truth is we will all leave this earth 🌎. We have a new and better home waiting for us. I love Jesus’s words when He says, “In my Father’s house are many rooms. I go to prepare a place for you . . .”
    There you will find your dad and all the people you love and those who love you too. There we will meet, my adopted son.

  36. May Ignatio’s dad rest in peace. As a R.C. I shall keep him in my prayers for holy souls. Il Volo have endeared themselves to the multitudes, and I am one of them. God Bless.

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