Sanremo STILL CONTROVERSY by Daniela

The chaos caused by the videos of the press room journalists in Sanremo has not yet subsided.

Today all the radio and TV programs have spoken about IL VOLO and the injustice suffered.

Many famous people in Italy have taken a position defending the boys.

Sanremo Contro 01

The boys did not intervene in any transmission, and their attitude aroused great admiration from many people. There are comments that come also from many who were not their fans, but now take their defense.

Among the many, what has made me a lot of effect is this of Michele Monina.

He is a critic who has always written bad things, even very bad and offensive on our boys. He had never met Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and in the early days of Sanremo, he had had a long interview with them. He liked them a lot and he understood what kind of people they are. At the end of the interview he said that he liked them a lot, even if they sing a kind of music that he does not like.

Today Monina, after reading what happened in the press room has published this nice video of the boys and has commented:

“The moment when it comes out that a part of the Press Room has insulted the boys of Il Volo, here is the moment we met. The criticisms can be made, but we do not hide ourselves … Ah, best wishes Gianluca Ginoble!”

Sanremo Contro 02

And this is what Alessandro Quarta said, the violinist with whom they made the duet.

“Being on the stage of Sanremo with Il Volo was a blow of crazy and wonderful emotion, we found ourselves right away, the charge was wonderful.

I really like the guys from Il Volo, they are the only international Italian artists. They are loved all over the world. As an Italian and a musician it is important. We invented everything, we Italians, from notes to instruments. We do not forget it.

We are sons of Bel Canto.

We are not ashamed of being Italian.”

Sanremo Contro 03

But as I said, things have not yet settled, there is still a lot of rage for the unfair treatment suffered by IL VOLO and today in an interview with a radio, Michele Torpedine, has confirmed the desire of the three singers to pass to legal proceedings against journalists who have insulted them in the press room, while reading the Festival ranking.

Sanremo Contro 04

Yesterday evening, while I was writing the post, I randomly listened to the TV and I came across a program, usually of politics, where instead they talked about Sanremo, and then I immediately listened well.

The topic was, of course, the video of the press room.

The conductor of the evening Nicola Porro, has made specific questions to the journalist in the studio, Paolo Giordano, who was present in the press room of Sanremo.

Paolo Giordano, four years ago, gave very low votes to IL VOLO, but then a couple of years later, knowing them, he had changed his mind about them and then, afterward he always spoke well.

After listening to the questions asked by Porro to Paolo Giordano, I asked my friend, Daniela Ci, to extract from the whole video of the evening, only the piece concerning the questions on IL VOLO, and here’s what was said:

NP = Reply to me please Paul, is it true that there was an insult against IL VOLO? What have they told the guys from IL VOLO that they were shit?

That’s true, you were there, you’re an eyewitness, was there this thing?

PG = Yes, I heard it, it was there, and I disagree because I’m not like that.

man in the studio = Only the person who pronounced it will answer for this.

woman in the studio = Even others, they imitated and ridiculed them.

NP = Paolo Giordano, you have to explain something, you are the critic of IL GIORNALE …… but there was a particular climate against IL VOLO, because they were too perfect, or against this ULTIMO, in the press room? Was there the feeling you saw, that it was independent of the music? It’s a question I ask you and I trust what you tell me.

PG = Against IL VOLO there is a fairly widespread prejudice, for years, practically since they were born. Against ULTIMO, no.

All this makes me angry even more, because it was a situation that we fans knew very well, while not explaining why there is this attitude.

But seeing this confirmed by a journalist is really terrible.

This confirms that ULTIMO was not penalized by the jury of the press room, but only by the jury of honor who gave only a sixth place to ULTIMO in the evening of the duets. Instead IL VOLO was penalized by both juries, the duet took the lowest place, so I say that if the juries had not penalized IL VOLO so, it would probably still be in first place.


All this history, will still have a train, but in the meantime let’s enjoy the moment of the proclamation of the three winners.

And we do a little gossip ….. our boys were wearing ARMANI.

Sanremo Contro 05

Moreover, Radio Airplay tells us that the song of IL VOLO is broadcast in 8 countries of the world: Bulgaria-Croatia-France-Greece-Italy-Malta-Switzerland-Hungary.

Ok, guys, an old proverb says:

“Not all evil comes to harm”

and perhaps all this malice has brought out your splendid personalities.

Keep up your head, we will always be with you!


Sanremo Contro 06

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

61 thoughts on “Sanremo STILL CONTROVERSY by Daniela”

  1. Daniela and Pitterpato, thank you so much for this very helpful article, videos, and photos. I especially love the final photo of our three ragazzi holding hands!

    Interesting how we live in this time of disclosure… of the truth, of underlying things, of new visions for possibilities. I would say that our guys are a vision for the future… of possibilities, of grace, respect, integrity, honesty, beauty, love, and more. I hope and trust that the bad behavior and disrespect by some journalists is disclosure of the past, of a culture [the culture of journalistic disrespect] that needs to die off to make room for a culture of love, respect, and beauty.

    Interesting how some journalists apparently want to equate IL VOLO’s music with the past, but no… IL VOLO’s music is of the present: presence of the moment, of the hearts of Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero, of their authenticity, of their Love-and-Glory-Infused-Music, and of ever-present love of their fans. And that is the ever-present now unfolding, becoming the present of our future.

    The music the guys love, of the past, it is not past to them or to us. It is fully alive in their hearts today, as it is in ours. Perhaps those journalists are afraid to revere the great music of the past for the vitality and beauty that it held and still holds in each moment. If that is so, those journalists may be living in labels, seeking to be cool, hip, or what’s hot. But the truth is that one cannot seek such things. One either is, or one is not. And IL VOLO IS COOL, HIP, HOT, ROCKIN’ AWESOME. They just are. No need to seek to be something they’re not. Never has been. They just are.

    And still, right now and every now, WE ONLY HAVE EYES AND EARS FOR IL VOLO!

    Love from Jeanine

    1. Jeanine, that final picture, contains all that our kids are, friendship, loyalty, affection, it’s really beautiful.
      I believe that music has no limits of time, there is no past and present and if being modern is out of certain canons, right now it is IL VOLO that comes out of the canons that today’s boys want to please us.
      They are the true moderns.

    2. Thanks so much, Jeanine! I just make look good what Daniela writes! She has the hardest job! 😉 I’m with you…..we only have eyes and ears for IL VOLO! It is rare to find young men this age with the discipline, intergrity, and dedication that our guys have! I admire the way they live their lives!

      1. I so agree with you pitterpat0! It’s probably rare to find men of Any Age with their discipline, integrity, and dedication!

  2. I hope the guys do start legal proceedings against those so called journalists that insulted them.
    We will then know the names of those people and who they work for.
    Maybe then they will know how it feels when people insult them.
    Karma is a bitch!

    1. Jill, I too hope the reports followed.
      We know the names.
      Gianluca said that some journalists called him to apologize for their colleagues, but those who screamed did not make themselves heard.
      I hope the measures are taken.

  3. Interesting that he said there was prejudice against Il Volo, since childhood, and still gives no reason. Probably jealousy but they will not admit that. One good thing that has come out of all this is the world wide outpouring of love and support for the guys. 10s of thousands of messages from all over supporting them and people disgusted by the so called adults in the room. That must make the guys feel better to see all that love and support. I am interested to see what happens next. I read somewhere that they might recount the votes and readjust the list of winners. and will there be legal action ? Thanks Daniela and Pat for keeping us up to date.

    1. JD, There has never been a real reason against them, but perhaps against Torpedine, but it is not fair that they pay for the faults of others.
      Surely someone wanted to make scorched earth around them.
      The affection that is being shown by their fans, is really unique and special, and I think very appreciated in these moments.
      Thanks for the compliments.

  4. Thank you Daniela!!!!
    I stated in the previous post that possibly this situation with the press is a blessing in disguise. People who previously did not know of IL VOLO are now being introduced to them via this scandal and are discovering their awesome talent and personal integrity. AND are becoming fans and purchasing their music.

    I am delighted to read that many important people are coming to their defense in very public ways—along with the social media outrage from their fans. Plus their fans are circling them and sending IL VOLO words of love and support.

    I was also pleased regarding the news of legal action and possibly forcing the Sanremo Music contest into a recount. At the very least IL VOLO should be made the delegate for Eurovision. Mahmood has no chance of impressing a global audience to the level that IL VOLO would—especially if Alessandro Quarta joins IL VOLO on stage. That performance was electrifying— I cannot stop watching it. (I think this was what Gianluca was hinting at when in an interview weeks before Sanremo he stated their performance would be “explosive “).

    I can understand the press jealousy of their talent from when they were very young. It is sad that child prodigies are often reviled rather than revered. In some instances taking decades to attain positive acclaim. However, IL VOLO already has global success and positive acclaim and that currency is paying dividends now back in Italy toward the ill behavior from some members of the press. IL VOLO’s integrity as well as their natural immense talent is shining through during this difficult time. Again I say a great blessing is unfolding in Divine Time and it is showing itself (herself?) to be powerfully explosive. Mother Mary continue to love, bless, and protect Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio.

    1. Cristaldawn, I think I will disappoint you by telling you that I do not think that the counts of Sanremo will be redone, things will remain unchanged.
      Another disappointment, yesterday Mahmood, has dissolved the reserve and announced that it will go to Eurovision, he is the winner and has the right, but could give up. All this history, is giving much visibility to Mahmood, which was previously not known and its assessment for Eurovision is growing impressively, but we will see when the time comes, I just hope it is a vote of approval and not of opposition or worse, politician.
      For the rest, I think you’re right, IL VOLO is having great visibility with those who did not listen to them and now appreciate them more.
      “Not everything that is bad comes to harm”

  5. This is all so unbelievable! But we know how wonderful they are and will always love and support them! I would think that Sanremo would be a competition that artists would avoid, now that the truth has been brought to the public’s attention!
    Thank you for sharing the information. I hope Michael has them go after the people that publicity degraded them! Love you IL Volo! ❤️👍

    1. Barbara, everything is so incredible, but unfortunately true.
      We, who know the truth, can not conceive of such an attack on our boys.
      We hope that Torpedine will continue with complaints.

  6. Would you explain why the press get to vote in the Sanremo contest? What special qualifications do they have that give them that much influence over the outcome of Sanremo. I’m very disappointed to learn that the Sanremo Contest was so biased against Il Volo. But I am so proud of them for being so respectful and professional through the whole unfair process. They are the true winners and I hope out of this terrible injustice comes many blessings for Il Volo!


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Joyce, in Italy, in Sanremo, there is a mixed voting system. There is the televoting that comes from home, then the public opinion jury (made up of people who often buy music products), then press room (because journalists often talk about music) and jury of honor (8 people from the entertainment world ). This year IL VOLO had the preferences of the televoting and also of the public opinion jury, but had against that of the press room and the jury of honor.
      In my opinion, the honor jury agreed to vote for the same person, but on their own they would not be able to overturn the situation. The press room instead votes ALWAYS against IL VOLO. IF the press room had voted without prejudice, it would have won IL VOLO.

  7. I’m so sorry this rudeness has happened to these fine young men. However, their behavior makes me love & appreciate them even more. It’s easy to act right when a person is the winner but it takes a lot of character to do so when one doesn’t win. So now, the world can see them as, not only, talented men but men of great character & depth! I love Il Volo!

  8. Rightly so… that Sanremo has not settled yet…. should not settle in this way…. (still have some questions for you Daniela. will ask another time. late now)… GRAZIE…. BIG GRAZIE

      1. Grazie, Daniela. am ready with my questions. will post them on previous post because, although related here, it’s more directly related there.

  9. As I said before their grace, their incomparable voices and talent are loved and admired the world over, Il Volo are truly internacional artists, and their music jandra is beautiful and timeless, the low lives who attack them, are just that subhuman scum, I hope the full extent of the law will be applied to them, karma is a bitch and they will get their due punishment, IL VOLO WE LOVE YOU🌹💕🌹💕🌹💕

  10. This situation has made pawns of all the participants at San Remo part of a ridiculous situation. Mahmood has a supposedly prestigious first prize that is not reflected in the real scoring, and Il Volo, who had clearly won, are left in third place. All of this left others who should have been on the podium completely out of the top spots. This is an insult to every contestant in the San Remo event. It ultimately made every sacrifice, expense and effort expended by all of the participants without meaning.
    Piero, Gian and Ignazio have chosen the high road in their behavior that serves to underline their maturity, intelligence and exemplary characters.
    They are winners in every sense of the word.

    1. As I have said in other posts and on Facebook: The guys of IL VOLO were winners before they even stepped on the Sanremo stage!! 😄 ❤️

  11. After watching and listening to “Soldi” by Mahmood, I am even more at a loss as to how that song and that performance outvoted Il Volo. In my opinion, there was no contest. I did not hear the song by Ultimo, however I can’t imagine anything better than what Gian, Piero and Igna put forth (of course I favor them), especially on the duet night with violinist Alessandro Quarta. San Remo has a black mark on them for what happened this year. They should all be ashamed.

    1. I agree Manola, they should all be ashamed. But those journalists who said such bad things in the press room, I read a little while ago that they are not at all repentant, indeed they asked themselves: “But are there really some fans of IL VOLO?

  12. I agree that these journalists should bear responsibility for what they did. They have treated so badly our boys with no reason, insulted them and thereby they offended also their fans and all great artists who have appreciated great talent of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero and invited them to performance together. I wish IL VOLO boys strength to go thorough all this, they deserve all the best.
    And thanks again Daniela for all the work you do for us, I’m really impressed, haw did you do it? Do you sleep? Grazie mille

    1. Thanks for the compliments Jolanta, in fact my neck hurts by force of being at the computer, but I’m very happy to have contacts with all of you who love the boys so much.

  13. Daniela, thank you for responding to my comment in yesterday’s post regarding the guys participation in Sanremo. It is good to know they were advised against it, but too bad they didn’t take the advice. They are to be commended for their behavior during this whole mess.

  14. I thought I was bitter about 2015 Euros; to see this happen again to the boys is a disgrace; and to hear that the journalists don’t even care makes me fume! No one will be held accountable, the Organizers will make empty promises to review the judging system for next year while hoping this whole controversy dies down quickly. But I know the boys will get through this together as shown by your wonderful final picture – “Three voices, one soul”.

    1. Stacey, we’re all disgusted with what happened.
      The last picture is beautiful, I think these negative events, have joined our guys even more.

  15. The Guys will rise above all this spitefulness and come out even stronger and more loved, and admired than before . Both, with their admirers worldwide , and music lovers in general , who now learn the unfairness that is plaguing the Sanremo Festival. Love you Guys !!

    1. I too Marion, I think that from these facts, the boys will come out more strengthened. The admirers have increased, after seeing these injustices.

  16. I have mixed emotions about taking legal action but I would if it would bring out the reason these journalist hate IL VOLO. Wish someone could go face to face with them and ask WHY: The shame is with the journalist and I am glad the boys are being calm and polite.

    1. Gina, I still can not explain why so much malice.
      Yesterday a journalist admitted that there was a group of journalists who were called “anti-VOLO brigade” and said that they voted against them because they did not want that IL VOLO won ….. and despite this, IL VOLO is arrived third !!!

  17. Il Volo have been a big part of my life for 10yrs now. I have purchased every CD and DVD they have made and I anxiously await their newest album. They are a wonderful role model for all. How dare anyone call them such vile names and criticize their music. These people are fools and do not represent any of the “normal” press. I am not surprised at the class shown by these wonderful boys.

    1. It’s unbelievable, really, how these people could have behaved so unworthy, Kathy.
      Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, a real example!

  18. I am so impressed with the grace and elegance with which our guys reacted when the results were announced. Even at the ‘afterparty’ after the show, they were fantastic!!!! I spent many late hours in front of my TV, (South Africa is one hour ahead of Italy) enjoying the music and the antics, even if it was all in Italian!!!
    About the video that revealed the disgusting attitudes of the journalists and judges in the press room. That horrible old man, flapping his arms and shouting insults at Il Volo, is called Federico Vacalebre, head editor of culture and shows ~ what a joke and what an idiot, and the same to all the fellow adults that found amusement in his antics!!! In my opinion the prestigious SanRemo festival has now become a farce ~ what a pity.

    1. All true, Ineke, I agree with everything you wrote.
      It’s called Vacalebre, and there was also a woman, Silvia Truzzi, it was she who made the video in the press room, and then bragged about how good they were. This morning I commented under the video on the page of Truzzi, I wrote in large letters I AM A FAN OF IL VOLO, because this woman, yesterday, asked if really existed the fans of IL VOLO. Immediately after me other 4 people wrote and so Truzzi immediately removed videos and comments.
      People horrible and unworthy to be judges.
      I am very happy to have seen the like of a certain person !! 🙂

      1. We should still organize a campaign of people going to her page and writing I AM A FAN OF IL VOLO–maybe after she gets hundreds of them–maybe even thousands of them!–she will see that there really are fans of il Volo!

    2. Good to hear from you, Ineke!

      Your description reminds me of the worst behavior of students in middle school. Most 10-year-olds are better behaved than that.

      Again, I focus on what’s really important: I ONLY HAVE EYES AND EARS FOR YOU, IL VOLO!

      Love from Jeanine

  19. Thats a good idea Penina.
    Daniela could you give us the email addresses of these people? I, for one would love to tell them I am a fan of Il Volo.
    We all should inundate them with hundreds of our emails.

      1. Penina,
        I have found Silvia Truzzi on Twitter.

        And Federico Vacalebre
        I want Daniela to tell us if these are correct first, before I will do anything.
        I am not on Facebook either.

  20. Jill, and Penina, the names are correct, but I have to tell you that I started to put the comment I AM A FAN DE IL VOLO to Silvia Truzzi but after a while she canceled the comments.

    A Federico Vacalebre instead I put this comment:
    “Look, Federico Vacalebre, whether you admit it or not, we who follow IL VOLO, we had already realized for some time this unfair obstruction of yours and even this want to guide people’s tastes, making believe that only the losers followed this group. So for us it was not a surprise your attitude, rather a reconfirmation, but it served to show others the truth, truth that is now turning against you.You were disgusting, not only on this occasion, but in all the 10 years of non-constructive criticism but deliberately unjust and bad against the 3 guys of IL VOLO “.

    For now, do not publish anything, because it seems that they are doing the closing actions of the fans pages, wait, if there is need I will tell you.

    1. Thank you Daniela,
      For now I will let it be. Your comments to him were perfect🙂
      The two people in question are cowards, they give unjust criticism but can’t accept anyone else criticizing them.
      But we always knew this didn’t we?

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