Sanremo has passed. It was really hard. The boys expected very busy days of work and emotions.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were, to say the least, fabulous, magnificent performers of a beautiful song.

The first night, they are greeted with a very long applause that has confirmed the affection of the public.

On the evening of the duets, together with the violinist Alessandro Quarta, they performed a magnificent performance and received a standing ovation. They deserved first prize!

Let’s review the performance together.

Sanremo Scandal 01

Sanremo is over and third place went to them. Honestly, as things were going, I did not even believe that they would be placed within the first three positions, but, as usual, let’s recap everything.

It is now known to all that Italian journalists have never had a good relationship with IL VOLO, but this year they have really exceeded the limit of rudeness.

Already the Sunday before the beginning of Sanremo, the newspaper ROLLING STONE ITALIA had published an article to say the least honorable comments on our boys, so that in the evening, Torpedine had made a hard post against the newspaper, from his Facebook page.

Sanremo started and there were evening performances and continuous interviews during the day.

For those fortunate enough to be able to follow Italian TV, he will have noticed that the boys have always been polite, humble and sincere, always with a smile even if they sometimes listened to comments and unjust vows on them.

Sanremo Scandal 02

Therefore, during the final evening, in scrolling through the final classification and getting to the fourth place and seeing that IL VOLO had not been called, I was very happy. I ran to vote again, final verdict, third place. Damn, I’m glad they are within the first three, but they could also be second, because I’ve always known that ULTIMO was the super favorite and is also followed by countless very young fans.

But now, after being aware of certain videos and above all of the votes of each evening, I felt a great rage.


Sanremo Scandal 03

But the thing that made me more angry are videos taken in the press room, where we see journalists ridicule our boys, when Piero begins to sing and a journalist shouts “in jail” and then to the final proclamation journalists rejoice because IL VOLO is only third, and a woman’s voice says a dirty word addressed to the boys, whom I do not want to repeat.

These are really scenes of infinite baseness. I am deeply ashamed of these people.

Here is the video.

Today this video, is going around the web, thanks to Francesco Facchinetti (TV-radio host) who retweeted it by adding these textual words to journalists:

“I would kick you in the ass, until the end of the world, idiots, assholes and fools.”

Everyone is outraged, and all the newspapers and TV are talking about it.

The boys of IL VOLO, have always been very kind and polite to everyone and do not deserve a similar treatment.

Sanremo Scandal 04

Saturday afternoon, just before the last night in Sanremo, the boys were guests on a television program and there was a debate between our boys and a woman journalist who was always very critical with them.

The presenter asked Gianluca if he was affected by the negative criticism and Gianluca said no, because the more journalists criticize them and the more people support them.

Then the presenter, addressed to the audience in the hall, said: “Whoever agrees with Gianluca gets up.” and all the people got up.

The journalist was offended and wanted to leave, Ignazio intervened, trying to calm her down and reassure her, while Piero said: “It’s a week that you tell us that our music is old, but we like it.”

Sanremo Scandal 05

But let’s talk about the votes.

I am attaching the table of overall votes, before the final evening, as you can see, IL VOLO was in first place.

In the last last vote, Ultimo overcomes them, thanks to the televoting, but also to the juries, the same juries that allow Mahmood to win, because both juries all vote for Mahmood, which instead had not taken so many votes from home.

So now there is a big storm, because those who voted from home paying, has seen the result overturned by a jury of 8 people.

A newspaper wrote: “If there is someone who has to complain about the vote of the Press Room and the Jury of Honor, it is IL VOLO”.

Sanremo Scandal 06

And in all this, our boys how did they behave?

Exceptional as always.

After suffering all the bad comments, they were on the podium and immediately congratulated the winner, a sincere hug, to Mahmood, still incredulous to be the winner, Ignazio even seems to help him out of the shock. Ignatius, you are a sweet teddy bear.

There is no malice in them, only affection for everyone.

Sanremo Scandal 07

Sanremo Scandal 08

Of course the bitterness is so much, then watching those horrible videos, the anger rises, and I wonder how the families of our boys reacted? One of them commented, but I believe on behalf of everyone, of course Ercole Ginoble.

“Sanremo has always been a stage where there is no lack of controversy, it is not the first time that we are facing them but it is also a stage that leaves room for the judgment of the people who listen and choose the music in which they recognize each other!

Thanks to all those who have made their support felt these days and in these 10 years. YEA, IL VOLO!”

Ercole Ginoble

But after watching those videos, Ercole Ginoble tweeted like this:

The good and educated “journalists” ??? Italian. Thank you for your professionalism!

Sanremo Scandal 09

And at the end today, on the official Facebook page of IL VOLO, the guys have published this comment: 

We needed a few days to be lucid and to tell our story about what happened.

Some journalists (and it is good to say only a few) have heavily insulted us. They used words like “shit”, “fuck”, “in jail”, which we consider as the result of a real form of bullying, of teasing from the stadium. These people have not brought glory to the order they represent, their attitude has been an insult, before us, to all fellow journalists who do their work in a serious and professional manner.

In 10 years we have received a lot of criticism about our music, about the genre we sing, we have been accused of being arrogant and snooty.

We have never given importance to all this, also because, fortunately, we have supporters who support us daily and love what we do. But when we see videos that testify to the wickedness and lack of humanity on the part of people who could be our parents (many of whom are also our grandparents), it annoys us a lot. Bother because every artist must have his own space for musical expression. To be called “shit” or to see someone shouting “in jail” just because we are doing what we like to do in life is very disrespectful to us, but above all to freedom of expression.

Music should be freedom, not a reason for insult!

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble of Il Volo.

But since we talked a lot about last night, let’s enjoy at least a little piece of MUSICA CHE RESTA.

And here in this video, the most beautiful moments of this adventure of Sanremo.


And here is the cover of Sorrisi e Canzoni.

Sanremo Scandal 10

I’m so proud of our Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca !!

You guys are formidable, you’ve done some performances, not a step, but a whole scale above all the others.

Your talent is unquestionable, and when you have combined your talent with the Fourth violinist, it has been a pleasure for ears and eyes.

But what should we say about you as a human person?

You are really beautiful people, polite, and pleasant to everyone, humble and good.

I’m so proud to be your fan.

I am a fan of IL VOLO.

Sanremo Scandal 11

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

125 thoughts on “SANREMO AND THE SCANDALS by Daniela”

  1. Wonderful post, Daniela and thanks Pat!

    Just want to say, that our guys are not only a wonderful example of humanity, grace, and inspiration for young people, but for ALL of us, at any age!


    1. Been following them for 10 years, their music phenomenal and they are just a great group of guys. There is room for all types of music in the world. I am glad to see this in English. Is the calendar available yet. I want to know when and where in Boston.

      1. Anne, for now nothing is known about the concert calendar, but as soon as there is news, we will publish it immediately!

    2. Thank you so much, Daniela, for your article. The boys are nothing but humble, compassionate, sincere, polite, and loving of their fans. I have followed them for 10 years since they were in Detroit for their very first PBS concert. I have been blessed to have met with them twice, and they were always kind, humble, and ready to take a photo or sign an autograph. There is absolutely NOTHING about these fine men and their beautiful voices and gendre of music! It fills your heart and soul with memories and love. Il Volo, I am and will always be a deeply loving fan of yours! Be proud, guys, you have achieved international fame and millions of fans now. The Italian journalists (the few) are disgustingly stupid.

      1. Connie Sacco, you’re right, they’re full of good feelings, as well as talented.
        I believe that this bad situation has brought out the true personality of IL VOLO, many are realizing their genuine charisma.

  2. Jana, yes I agree.
    I would hope that there would be such an outrage by the fans all over the world, that these so-called journalists would be put in their place. People in Italy, or wherever this trash is sold, should stop buying these tabloids, then maybe these lowlife would be looking for another job.
    I can’t stand bully’s, and someone needs to make an example out of them. They are the lowest form of life.
    I could keep going, but I had better stop before I really get annoyed!

  3. I have been following this controversy since social media blew up! on Sunday. The journalists are disgusting for the way they treated our guys. You do not have to love their music, but each artist deserves to be treated with respect. Piero , Gianluca and Ignazio were total gentlemen, treating the other winners with respect and congratulations. They presented themselves through this whole mess with dignity, humility and maturity. So proud of them. They have long ago outgrown the San Remo festival. Their career path has taken them far past this, and none of the other participants are on as high a level with them. They will have the last laugh as they go out on tour now to sold out audiences around the world, have another million selling album, and are loved by so very many fans. I was feeling pretty steamed about the injustice of this whole thing, but it is time to turn my attention to what is next and put those unkind people in the rear view mirror.

    1. The boys have always had exemplary behavior, and have received these treatments.
      Janet, these people should apologize publicly.

  4. Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, you are loved, admired, and appreciated beyond what words can say. Your music is and was among the greatest on our planet. You are gentlemen of the highest esteem, integrity, and strength of character.

    Those who lack character do not deserve my attention.
    I ONLY HAVE EYES AND EARS FOR YOU, IL VOLO. My Gratitude for you, Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero, is an ever flowing River-Of-Love.

    I so look forward to your tour. Your concerts will jam-packed with cheering fans and standing ovations! Onward!

    Love and hugs from Jeanine DuBois

    And thanks to Daniela, Pitterpato, and our precious FlightCrw for this and so many inspiring articles. The duet was stunning!

      1. You are sow welcome PITTERPATo ! You and all our FlightCrw rock!

        Pretty soon we will be deliciously enjoying every morsel of IL VOLO’s new album!!

  5. Thank you Daniela for the translations. I feel sad that the Italian media behaves in this way to our cherished young men. I agree with and appreciate all the comments made above. If the international fans could have voted the tsunami of votes would have carried them to first place. Their performances and how they carried themselves through it all was stellar and commendable. They are filled with grace and LOVE. I am proud to call myself a fan. Time is on their side. One day the journalists will be forced to acknowledge their skill and talent. I look forward to that day, but in the now, I lend my vocal support giving IL VOLO strength and love to persevere. So excited to attend a concert and share the love.

    1. Crystaldawn, the boys are 10 years that waiting to have respect from this press, and instead they have always received only garbage.
      They do not deserve all this.

  6. Daniela, once again thank you for keeping us all so well informed re Sanremo. I totally agree with all that has been said before and I too am proud to be a fan of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca IL VOLO. I think it is vile of the Italian press to post such hateful comments and videos about the three Boys. Where has the press been when all the IL VOLO concerts have been “SOLD OUT” are they Blind ?!! Jealousy rears its ugly head !!! The behaviour of Piero Ignazio and Gianluca shows them to be the admirable gentlemen they have grown up to be, their parents should be so proud, and their popularity will last far longer than the disgusting press comments..I too look forward to attending a concert whenever they come to USA, but for now I cannot wait to receive my copy of their new CD. Keep up the good work Guys and ignore all the nastiness !!

    1. Thank you Daniela for translating all this for us English speakers only, plus I am also legally deaf, but with the help of ear buds and stereo cranked loudly I can hear these magnificent singers. That was very rude of those petty journalists, what have they ever done worthwhile to make a good impact on this world? Nothing, instead they seek out pure talent and denigrate it. Big deal, great contribution (said with sarcasm).

      Like to wish Gian a very Happy 24th Birthday young man, may you always keep your kind heart as that’s what makes a worthy human being. Much love from Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦. Carol Watson

      1. Carol, I’m very happy that you can somehow hear the music of our beloved boys.
        Their music is pure harmony!

    2. Marion, I knew, writing this post, I would have awakened so much anger in you, but it was right that you understand in what climate the boys have performed in Sanremo. It is really a shame.
      I do not dare even think about their families

  7. All I can say is your poise, grace and talent fast surpassed any one in that contest, those disgraceful badly called journalists should hide their faces in shame, as someone said before, had your international fans been aloud to vote, they still be tabulating them for you, please don’t dispair or give those bottom of the thrash heap low lives any more thought, there is a saying that goes: karma is a bitch, and it always comes back to bite you where it hurts the most, these morons will get theirs, IL VOLO YOU ARE THE BEST💕🌹❗❗❗

    1. I agree with you Rc Paez Boham those journalists should sink from shame and no longer be allowed to vote for singing competitions.

  8. Daniela, thank you for translating and commenting. It’s beyond disgusting that ANYONE , much less so called journalists, would be so rude to our kind, loving guys, who have NEVER said or done anything to deserve this. They are the epitome of class, and their voices are beyond compare.
    We need to just consider the source of the hatred and continue supporting Il Volo, and thanking God for them.

    1. Anna, those journalists, as they have could, scream these bad things to our boys, always polite, always attentive and kind and humble.
      I am, with IL VOLO

      1. Il Volo shows with their actions and attitudes, the highest levels of professionalism and character. Something these journalists haven’t achieved! They can learn from the Il Volo example! What I don’t understand is why there is not an outpouring of rage towards the head of the San Remo Festival about these so called judges, and why there is not a social media page dedicated to removing them from any further “judging” of any similar contest. They have shown by their actions that they are not fit to be judges of anything as they are not fair and unbiased. I would go so far as to call for a boycott on any future San Remo festivals that employ any of them as judges. If the fans don’t tune in, no one votes, the whole thing will fall apart.

      2. Penina, I do not understand why none of the staff of Sanremo or RAI, make important decisions on these journalists.
        But I hope they will do it later. They are already talking about changing the voting system.

      3. If that is the only caliber of journalists available–they should do away with them altogether and let the people chose!

  9. Thank you Daniela once again for providing this information to all of us who don’t speak Italian. I am so sad to see how low the humanity can go, how the bullies bully and trash innocence and good moral values, at the same time screaming for tolerance. So much hate. But the feeling of pride and love for our boys is winning over this sadness and over the outrage I feel for the injustice done to them by people who should know better. I wonder if all the names of those journalists and all 8 names of the jury could be made public? Either way in the end good will win over evil. It has to.

    1. Anna Pazitny the names of the 8 people in the honorary jury are known, but there are almost 400 journalists in the press room. Not everyone has to be penalized, but those who have shouted those words should no longer be judges, because they have no respect .

  10. They will go on in success and adoration from millions of fans. The favorable comments on IL Volo Facebook alone, are in the thousands last time I took a look. The fans are truly shocked and disgusted by the shameful treatment the guys have received by the jury and journalists. They are the ones who are alone and pitiful in this matter- very alone and appear to be some kind of foolish. I look forward to my pre-ordered, autographed copy of Musica Che Resta and the assuredly successful future of IL Volo for many years to come.

    1. Mark, did you see how many comments in support of our boys?
      I think this story has joined even more fans and added non-fans.
      The boys do not deserve this.
      I hope your copy arrives soon.

      1. As Gianluca said, all these attacks gain them support. I really liked the fact that all the people in the room stood up against that interviewer!

  11. Thank you again Daniela for the translations and comments Unfortunately I didn’t know about all the bad press as we had an emergency in the family I am so shocked that anybody could say anything bad about these guys I have never seen a misstep from them and they have made my life so much happier I listen to them everyday and watch the videos day after day Envy is such a sin and that’s what these journalists are all about KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB GUYS and also your group that keeps us so informed

    1. Beverley it was only right that everyone knew what the situation was like here in Italy with the press. Yes, it’s true, they make life happier.
      I hope your family situation has improved!

  12. What else could be said that my fellow Il Volo friends on this site have not already stated? Yes, our guys are true gentlemen and have talent far beyond any of the other contestants that performed at Sanremo. Is it jealousy? I was so upset when I saw the statement posted by are guys last night that I sent a copy to our Flcrw staff knowing full well that Daniela would be posting it this morning and enlightening us on all that went on at Sanremo ! It is unimaginable that the press would behave with such negatively !! To Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, my love and ongoing support! I look forward to seeing you in the USA next year! ❤️

    1. Annette, the statement issued by the boys is really unique.
      Jana immediately sent it to me for the translation, but I told her that the post was ready with the translation and Pat was making the last corrections.
      We hope in the future to give you better news.

    2. Thank you Daniela for the translations and thanks to Jana for sending the article to you. And a correction above “such negativity “

    1. Hello Silvina, comments are coming from all over the world for our beloved guys, shame about Eurovision.

  13. Daniela…..Thank You But As for as the negativity nix it……not creditable people. These men’s parents taught them right, they show dignity….in the end the fans are their critics, not these judges. The whole world is going crazy…..Fans love IL VOLO… the guys can laugh all the way to the bank… want good music, IL VOLO with their voices speaks volumes ………I am so disappointed in the Italian press, and the ones who shouted Unkind words…. for truly ILVOLO represents their presence with class and dignity. As I said before the Fans are the true critics……and the world is saying more. . more….more …more ILVOLO. Keep going my dear IL VOLO……you represen class. Never stop being what you stand for, be proud that God has brought you this far, Never stop singing all the way to the TOP…….the sky is the limit FLY HIGH Amy dear men. 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍❤️♥️💕

    1. Rose Marie, do you know what those critics keep saying to our guys? That they have to change that they are not modern. But I ask, but why do they have to change, if their style likes and they have so many fans?
      The boys know very well that this is their style and they will never abandon it. Those who do not love them can not follow them, but let them do what they are so admired for: sing.

      1. Did they tell Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo to change…..NO.? They sang in their chosen genre and were and are much admired, so why can the press not accept that Il Volo are doing the same. ? The Guys will still be going strong long after the people of the misguided press are forgotten.

      2. In fact, Marion, they do not have to change, they can like it or not, but their style is that ……. and it’s a winning style.

    1. Josephine, I am so happy that they come back to Canada. You have to wait a little longer, but then they will come and it will be a joy for all the fans

  14. I watched the four nights of Sanremo and knew that the boys were the best but also knew that the Sanremo usual politics will make it hard for IL VOLO. Daniela I bugged you thru the week with my concerns. Thanks for listening. I know you too felt anxious about the outcome. The journalist brought shame to the Italian press.

    1. Gina, you did not bother me at all. We were all very tense, when I saw that they were in the first three positions I shouted for joy.
      We do not talk about the Italian press!

      1. Grazie, Daniela… thank you, Gale and Jana…i’d like to send our Flight Crew Tiger to the comments of our boy’s official statement at FB. Cannot find it…. Daniela, if you still have it, please send link…. plus… i also have some questions… will post later.

        Penina… ha ha ha — yes, bite bite bite… chomp chomp chomp…. oops. spit out. bad taste. (i could say worse, but restraining myself and being polite as this is public for all ages. (heh-heh)

      1. Daniela, Penina – was able to write a comment on under their official statement on their FB, but their site does not allow to post pics. so no pic or our flight crew tiger there. though i did mention it on my comment. did post / unleash our angry flight crew tiger at our il volo fan page on FB, as per Daniela;s request. Done.

  15. I hope this is the last time they participate in Sanremo. They don’t need the negativity. We (and they) know how good they are!

    1. I dont understand Italian so I actually didnt know about the negativity that was sent around by the few journalists. I could not understand why IL Volo didnt win.
      From the first time that I heard the 3 amazing, gorgeous, talented Italian young men sing a few months ago…. I fell in love with them. They are truly gifted and pray they stay together for many many years. They really compliment each other. There are many people in South Africa that appreciate such talent. SO time to have a tour here……… PLEASE…. (Y)

      1. Sheena, now you understand, there was a plot against them, simply disgusting.
        But they have won in all our hearts.

    2. Ruth, positivity is always born from negativity.
      Even the boys said that they would never return to Sanremo …..

  16. I was so upset when I heard about those journalists. You guys are beautiful , handsome and humble. You all have the most amazing voices!! I get goosebumps everytime I listen to you!!! I wish you all well in the future and hope to see you live in concert!!! Would love to see Dublin on your tour list ❤️

    1. Kate, I believe that all of us, we had so much anger, seeing this unfair treatment.
      I hope for you that they come to Dublin.

  17. Wonderful, post, Daniela.

    My heart breaks for them. I’ve followed them for years, and they’ve always conducted themselves with the utmost integrity. They don’t deserve this treatment; however, the outpouring of love from the fans has been truly amazing. I read an article today from Alessandro Quarta who had nothing but praise for the boys; he ended with the words, “We are the sons of Bel Canto, we are not ashamed of being Italian.” I love him!

    I do have 2 questions: (1) have the organizers of Sanremo had any comment on this? These weren’t just random journalists; they were voters with an obvious bias, confirmed just by looking at the tally sheet;
    Il Volo could have easily won! (2) Looking at the tally sheet, how did
    Il Volo not win the duet award? Motta is far down in 11th place – how did he win over them or some of the others? The scoring is a little confusing.

    On a lighter note – have you all seen the pictures of Ignazio and his new puppy, Arturo? I’m melting!

    1. Stacey, I saw Quarta’s declaration, he is a special man, I put his statements in the next post.
      For what I heard, no complaint was made by the organizers of Sanremo and I agree with you, it is not clear the scoring system of the evening of the duets, in which IL VOLO had the worst score ….. no comment.

      Arturo is very sweet …. even his owner!

  18. I’m guessing and hoping that the Trio couldn’t actually hear the outrageous comments from where they were positioned on stage, right?They would have read them in the print on Sunday?

    1. Mark, I think they came to know the same evening, unfortunately, I do not dare to think how bad they were of all this, the next day they had to participate in a TV program, but with an excuse they did not go.

  19. Thank you so much Daniela for the translating and explanation us all the situation. I find no words to describe what I think about the disguasting behavior of these journalists (or rather pseudo journalists). What kind of people are they? Why don’t they think that somone on the other side, who they criticize has feelings? Maybe because they have no feelings at all. At the same time I’m sorry for our boys treated so unfair and proud of them. They are always good, sincere, humble young men. Til now I wasn’t very active on social media, but now I want to do my best to support our awsome boys. So I like videos and posts, write comments and play Musica Che Resta over and over again and I feel better doing this. Ok, I had to pour out my grievances but I believe that
    everybady here will understand me.
    Thanks again Daniela and Pitterpato. Baci

    1. Jolanta, you’re right, but what kind of people are these journalists. I believe they are not parents, because otherwise they would think about how their children would react. Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are young boys, but perhaps because of their maturity, it always seems that others think they are older, in fact they are younger than Mahmood and ULTIMO is the same age as Gianluca.

  20. Il Volo is criticized because the Italian press can’t control them or their success. They are self absorbed ego maniacs that believe they are omnipotent. Il Volo continues to show them they are minnows in a giant pond. Imagine how that chafes them.

    Torpedine tried to work with them in the beginning of the trio’s journey and he was laughed at. When the big guns of music sent recordings to American music icons there was an explosion of interest in these young Italian boys. After they were adored and loved outside of Italy, they went home to an outraged Italian press. The press is outraged at their continued lack of power where these amazing young men are concerned. The public adores them no matter WHAT the press says. Power of the people. Our boys are in a league of their own with class, distinction, talent and charisma. Il VOLO!

    1. Leslie, I think you’re right, the Italian press does not approve them because they are different, do not conform with others and escape control.
      The real problem, for the press, is that IL VOLO, despite their continuous attacks, like and much to the people, there is nothing against their charm and skill.

  21. They are very beautiful people their voices are lovely I listen to them every day they are winners in my eyes those people should be banned from places like this .

  22. The guys went to San Remo, they knew about the biased, disrespectful press that would be judging them, but they had the strength of character to see it through. I think overall they enjoyed the atmosphere, the parties and meeting their fellow performers. Now they are moving on to bigger and better things. Those “journalists” should be banned from San Remo permanently. Because they have ruined the reputation of the festival. I was so angry when I heard the awful words being shouted out in the press room, I could not believe what I was hearing! They should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Yes Rosemarie, they knew well what I was going to meet but they wanted to do it.
      These journalists do not know what shame is
      The puppy is a love 🙂

  23. I as a dedicated IL VOLO fan who loves their
    music. I agree with Rose Marie as far as the
    negativity, nix it, not creditable people. They
    should judge without all the bad words and
    criticism. They should vote without pushing
    down the person(s) you are judging. There
    is only one fair judge, God. I LOVE IL VOLO,
    I say this again and again. These young men
    will put this behind them and continue to grow
    and sing for all their fans. That is what you are
    dedicated to do, and with talent and class and
    loving ways. YOU ARE THE BEST.

    1. Yes, Gale, those critics should evaluate the goodness of the execution and the harmony, the text, but what they have done is to judge only with their personal taste and this is not good.
      Surely the boys will overcome everything, but the memory of this bad thing remains.

  24. Thank you for this amazing post Daniela.The finale of the Sanremo Festival should have been exciting and celebratory but instead I have been feeling so sad and angry for our amazing boys and also Mahmood who looked so forlorned and embarrassed when he won. Shame on those so called adults for their display of disgusting,inexcusable behavior!! Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero have the most magnificent voices in the world and have always been kind,respectful, gracious and extraordinary role models both in their private and professional lives..especially for young people. Hopefully soon they will be able to leave all this ugliness behind them and be able to fully enjoy their exciting 10th Anniversary year which we are all looking forward to with great anticipation!! We love them and they have all of their adoring fans support 100% now and forever.💕💕

    1. Thanks to you Joanie, yes Mahmmod seemed disoriented and Ignazio Piero and Gianluca were extremely nice.
      The boys deserved a lot more, especially if I think of Eurovision.
      Mahmood decided yesterday that it will be at Eurovision, if he gave up, maybe the boys could go, but this whole story is bringing a lot of indirect publicity to Mahmmod, everyone is curious to hear the song that won thanks to the juries.

  25. In what universe does it make sense to have the guys compete in the Sanremo lions den, knowing full well the hostile critics and press will eat them alive? Where was the Il Volo brain trust, Ercole, Torpedine, and Sony who are supposed to be guiding and protecting the guys? Their comments now are too little, too late. I blame them 100% for this sad debacle.

    1. with due respect to your own opinion, the guys are grown men and have shown they can handle themselves with dignity and grace, just look at their behavior during the awards ceremony. Please don’t blame the dad, manager and label. please.

      1. Yes, Color du jour, you’re right, the boys knew what they would meet.
        Torpedo nothing could. Even if they are polite and kind, they have a firm character on their decisions, for better or for worse.

    2. Esther, you have to believe me, I know for sure that the decision to participate in Sanremo was taken exclusively by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
      Now they are able to make their choices and suffer the consequences.
      Torpedine and the staff tried in every way to advise the boys, telling them it would be a massacre. Everyone here in Italy knew that the press has never appreciated them.
      It was a massacre, but perhaps it served to raise popular indignation against this unworthy press.

  26. Thank you Daniela for the translation of the events of San Remo.
    Il Volo will be welcomed with open arms all over the world, but the journalists will only be tolerated. Il Volo will spread joy and beauty, but the journalists will be known for crass, rude, and profane remarks topped off with unfairness in the extreme.
    Our guys have loving kindness, talent, graciousness and an abundance of class. I am so proud of them and wish them only the very best always.

    1. Thanks to you Jeanette, the music of our boys, will be even more listened now, and perhaps with a little more respect.

  27. WOW everyone— what a wonderful outpouring of love for our young men along with outrage for how they were treated. AND that outrage is global. Their fans are rising up and rightly venting on social media. Maybe this is all a blessing in disguise. Now more people are becoming aware of IL VOLO who may not have heard their music previously and will now give a listen and become a fan. Especially a fan of their strength of character and graciousness under fire.

    In response to why they chose to compete at Sanremo again— Gianluca in an interview that was translated into English (thankfully) stated that this event was a way for them to celebrate where it all began for them, in this 10th Anniversary year. He went onto to mention that they fully anticipated the questions as to why compete again. It was for the celebration of 10 years and their beginning. Winning— well that was not necessarily their goal, but if it came their way then great.

    All this press and people rising up in support of our beloved guys is demonstrating to everyone how much they are loved, appreciated, and valued as performers and as honorable, humble, and loving men. They have behaved admirably and I celebrate them and all they have achieved, as well as the achievements to come. They sang to Mother Mary, May her blessings be upon them now and forevermore. With great love and admiration.

    1. Crystaldawn, I also noticed how much interest our guys are now raising. People who were not their fans and did not know IL VOLO, are evaluating their polite and positive attitudes and also want to listen to their music.
      All of this can only bring that nice publicity to their new CD, we support them, they need their fans.

  28. It is only in Italy that this type of music is degraded and called “old”. In the rest of the world, while many do not care for it, it is known as Italian music and not degraded. Other singers that are in this genre but are not Italian have never faced the horror of Italian journalists. They go about their business and have their fans and no one says the kind of things that Il Volo is faced with Only because they are Italian. These people are ashamed of the very things that make Italy the envy of the rest of the world. What kind of sense is that?

    1. I completely agree with you Laura. In addition, music may like it or not, but nobody forces you to listen to it.
      But you can not deny that this kind of music does not exist or bury it.
      There is room for all kinds and respect must be there for everyone.
      Only here in Italy things happen!

  29. Il Volo is the best thing that has come along in music in decades!! Their style of music is loved all over the world by all generations! They have studied and worked so hard since teenagers and 10 years later continue to be excellent singers, kind to their fans and polite young gentleman. Forget those journalists! They are just looking for their 10 minutes of fame. I am 72 from Pennsylvania, USA and I adore them and their music! Keep up the good work guys. Looking forward to see what you have in store for us in the future. I am a big fan and supporter and have several of your cd’s. Best of luck! With love from the USA!

  30. This too shall pass and what doesn’t kill, only makes one stronger. These 3 talented young men, wonderful in every way possible and full of zest for life will always be winners in the hearts of their millions of adoring fans all across the world. I watched the Sanremo festival and must say that it was a tough choice for Italy this year because it had so many talented artists, among them the winner Mahmood, who wrote his own song from a personal perspective as it speaks about his egotistical father who was an alcoholic, abandoned his family, didn’t care about his son, and came back only for money. Our boys were so genuine and showed pure class in congratualing the winner, especially our sweet teddy bear Ignazio. Our boys know what it feels like to win such an important music festival because they were the winners in 2015, so why not be happy for others and share the love, right? Can’t wait to see them back in concert in Miami!

    1. Wendy, I think the guys had gone there thinking they did not get on the podium, their goal was to get a lot of publicity on their new cd, and in Sanremo, during the festival days, there are dozens of interviews and TV shows. Of course if they had also arrived first would be the top, in particular I think all’Eurovision, but I think the third place was good news for them, now that the tables are also known, and know that in reality with a vote less conditioned by the press room would have even been first, what to say, great happiness for these results.
      For their behavior, I would say impeccable, exemplary, it is also for this reason that we love them so much.

  31. This too shall pass and what doesn’t kill, only makes one stronger. These 3 talented young men, wonderful in every way possible and full of zest for life will always be winners in the hearts of their millions of adoring fans all across the world. I watched the Sanremo festival and must say that it was a tough choice for Italy this year because it had so many talented artists, among them the winner Mahmood, who wrote his own song from a personal perspective as it speaks about his egotistical father who was an alcoholic, abandoned his family, didn’t care about his son, and came back only for money. Our boys were so genuine and showed pure class in congratulating the winner, especially our sweet teddy bear Ignazio. Our boys know what it feels like to win such an important music festival because they were the winners in 2015, so why not be happy for others and share the love, right? Can’t wait to see them back in concert in Miami!

  32. I must admit Daniela I know how incredible IL Volo is and I was afraid this might happen to them because the Italian press has never liked our guys and I don’t know why.. All I want to say is I know Il Volo fans all over the world are looking forward to their new album and I’m am sure it will be a smash like their other one’s and I look forward to the coming concerts to come from wherever they tour that’s where the fun and the loveis with their fans who love them and know how talented and incredible

    1. Yes Luckylady, I think this is the greatest reward for the work of our wonderful guys, our love, which is also realized with the purchase of their CDs and fill their concerts of adoring fans.

  33. I can not think of any other entertainer(s) that so represent Italia so well on the world stage as IL VOLO does. These three beautiful men, kind, generous of spirit and with voices that just soar into the heavens performed with a beautiful song, They gave it their all. We are so fortunate to have such beauty in our lives these days. I guess it is safe to say that Eurovision will not be won by the Italians this year. I wish I understood what it is that the Italian press hates about our IL VOLO. because I cannot for the life of me see why they are being so hateful. Thank you dear Daniela for doing such a fine job once again for us! Grazie Millie!

    1. Thanks to you, Connie, I do not see the best ambassador for our guys to Eurovision, but journalists think differently!

  34. Ciao, Daniela !

    Some questions:

    1. Could it be that those vulgar press people are paid on a regular basis by some long-established (thus with lots of cash) musician or musicians who may perhaps feel threatened by three brilliant stars rising (actually already risen) on the firmament?

    2. the table of votes you shared with us. Total tally from Days 1 to 4.
    yes, I see our guys on first place.
    I read a comment at wiwibloggs that on Day 5, all contestants start with a clean slate. Is that true? Thus, total votes from Days 1 – 4 are nixed. Is that part of San Remo Policy? Was that legal?

    3. how could a jury of 8 people nix the rest of the votes?

    4. Did Ultimo win the total televoting?

    5. you mentioned about the televoters having to pay.
    Did the televoters pay San Remo? Or the phone service provider? Or both?

    6. I read somewhere the names of the ones who took that video on youtube (above) of the vulgarity of some press people at the press room while our boys were singing on Day 5. Those who took that video – were they also colleague-journalists?

    Grazie, Daniela.
    Much appreciated – these posts you share with us.
    Buona Notte

    1. 1) Cynthia could, but nothing is known.

      2) It is not quite correct what Wiwiblog says, in fact what sense would have had 4 previous nights?
      In the first part of the evening, the votes of the same evening are added with those of the other evenings. You get to the final ranking up to the number 4 place. We go back to vote for the first 3 places, here the blackboard is cleaned, only for the first 3, we vote without adding the votes of previous evenings.

      3) the weight of the 8 voters was 20%, the problem is that all 8 have agreed on a single singer (Mahmood) so the percentage went all to him.

      4) ULTIMO won the televoting of the first evening (almost equal to IL VOLO) but adding up all the evenings won IL VOLO. Last won the last televoting.

      5) Telephone services, but I think they must pay a percentage to the festival

      6) YES, those who made the video, were the same who screamed and the day after they released the video to brag.

      A kiss, Cinthia

      1. Daniela, Grazie. Thank you for your answers to my questions. it cleared many doubts, and also elicited some reflections –

        1. oh ok, thank you.

        2. it wasn’t wiwiblogg’s article. but a comment from someone, who, like you, said, that IF that were the case, then what for were the votes the first four evenings, if only to be nixed before Day5.
        and thank you for your further clarification on the voting system. i understand a little, but not fully. but that’s ok.

        3. oh, ok. got it.

        4. oh wow! so our guys won the total Televoting! i didn’t know that until you mentioned it above! How utterly wonderful! that’s a lot of weight!

        5. ok, thank you.

        6. i had no idea this was the case. i thought it was some other journalist looking from the outside, filming them. that they filmed themselves, and showed it to the world the next day, like bragging – that is blatant bullying… very crass… very low…. and for the life of me! they are senior journalists! so beneath their dignity. actually no dignity.
        anyway, it also came to me, that their types – they’re on their demise.

        thank you so very much, Daniela.
        BIG HUG. BIG KISS!

  35. Amen sister, you got that right… We stand up for Il Volo, we share the music with anyone who will give us a minute because that is all it takes to fall in love with the perfection of voice when it comes to singing and they look good doing it! I listened to some of the others who competed at Sanremo, no one I heard comes close to the singing voices of Il Volo. I grew up with music and love many different genres also taught my children to listen and enjoy those differences and they also appreciate talent when they hear it. Around the world the voices of Il Volo are the best I have ever heard from the very beginning of their 10 yrs. I only heard them the first time, no idea what they looked like or how old they were, it was the purity of their voices that won me over, it was an advertisement for their first tv appearance in the USA with The Talk. I waited patiently to see that show and was floored to see three very young men sounding like perfection. So I agree, Sanremo needs to do something about how they run their competition and voting and those that are there to give the news about the show should have no personal comments at the show or in the interviews. To insult and be so rude is unacceptable, by any standards. Why so much hate toward such talented young men, we in the USA would like to know. I have had the pleasure to meet them twice, they have always been genuine, polite, kind and loving toward their fans and other musicians around them. Kudos to Il Volo for their grace and honor even toward those who would bring shame to themselves for their low class attitude. Wake up Italy you have a national treasure there that is loved around the world! <3

    1. Touché, geistmom!
      Daniela should read this! I’ll send her the link direct to your comment just in case she missed it!

      1. Grazie Cynthia, for making me notice the nice comment of Geistmom that I had missed.
        I saw that you evaluated the answers I gave you.
        I’m happy to have clarified your ideas.

    2. Geistmom, beautiful comment, I must tell you that if more parents had to teach their children, the beauty of listening and the difference between what is just rubbish and what is art, maybe there would be less problems.
      Instead the young people follow the fashions and the models of life that certain singers praise, it is certainly not the best for our children.
      These journalists are people of a certain age, but have had no qualms about trying to destroy the career of 3 talented singers, they have been trying this for 10 years, but they have not yet succeeded and I believe that their last very vile act , he turned against them, because IL VOLO came out victorious.

  36. A bit late in the day I guess, but to my shame I had never heard of Il Volo in 2019. However, nobody has the right to be so rude and offensive to any singer. By all means one is allowed to say they don’t a particular singer or how/what they sing,. However, that sort of language should not be tolerated, especially from the gutter press, which is obviously where they picked up such language.

    I love the photo of the rather stunned looking winner. Poor love, he obviously can’t believe it has happened. Whereas Ignazio looks as though it is his protégé who has won. Bless all three of our boys, they are stars, every one of them.


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