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On July 30th, during the event: MARCHE IN SHOP WINDOWS, the Cassero D’Argento award was presented.
It is an award that the Marche region awards every year to the citizens of the Marche who distinguished themselves during the year. The Cassero represents the fortification that was once the city gate.
Le Marche is a region bordering Abruzzo and is the region where the Frasassi caves are located.
This year, among the winners, there was also Il Volo. Collecting the prize were Gianluca Ginoble and Michele Torpedine. In the following video we will hear the motivation for the award.
MAN = Cassero D’argento 2021 international award to: IL VOLO.
(Gianluca and Torpedine go up on stage)
GIAN = (to Torpedine) Ignazio, you are old !!! 😁😁(laughs)
Good evening everyone and thank you.
MAN = Let’s get off to a good start ☺
Collecting the prize: Michele Torpedine and Gianluca Ginoble, that needs no introduction.
WOMAN = Who rewards?!!
MAN = The president of the Marche Region was particularly keen to deliver the prize: Francesco Acquaroli who is here with us.
Good evening president.
WOMAN = (reads the motivation) They are the group of Italian love songs, a success that never sets. Through their music, they interpret songs of the Italian and international tradition, with a classic style that completely revisits the concept of pop and modern.
After the overwhelming victory in Sanremo 2015, with the song Grande Amore, a song that was then confirmed third place in the Eurovision Song Contest of the same year, the group has consolidated its success to date with six studio albums under their belt.
GIAN = Thanks ! I’m so happy to be here.

Pensive Gianluca

MAN = I would start with the manager for a moment.
This is a number 10 night (the best).
They (Il Volo) score goals, translated in terms of international successes, but behind “the tips” (ie who scores goals), there is the number 10, there is the director who puts the great artists in the conditions of get the results.
GIAN = Torpedine is our Mancini, practically. (Mancini is the coach of the Italian football team that won the European Championships last month)
MAN = Exactly, that’s where I wanted to go. Does this parallelism fit, or does it not? There is talent, there is good work …
TORPEDINE = That’s how it is in football.
In the case of Il Volo, there is a good atmosphere together, things are thought together, indeed, I must say that many ideas, I steal them from them, and then maybe, I develop them well.
But it’s a nice team, we are all together.
GIAN = We are a cohesive group.
MAN = (to Torpedine) When did you start with them, did you imagine they would come to these moments? I think of the Verona Arena and I still shiver, because you enchanted the world on that occasion (he refers to the Morricone tribute).
TORPEDINE = Seeing them at: TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, everything could be imagined except this.

Michele Torpedine with a laughing Gianluca

MAN = That is, Torpedine, the first impact was NO, we are not there!
TORPEDINE = I was sitting in front of the TV, I saw these three phenomenon children and I thought: let’s see for a moment …. they reminded me of the three tenors when they were small, they had the same size more or less, in the voice.
Then growing up, they put their talent, because when there is the material, it is easy to do our job, it is more difficult when there is not.
MAN = Listen Gianluca, I am thinking of the Verona Arena, but in how many wonderful places in the world have you sung.
To the caves (Frasassi), what effect did this enchanting place have on you?
GIAN = First of all, I am Abruzzese, but I particularly love the Marche (a region bordering Abruzzo), also because I am often in San Benedetto (a town in the Marche) which is half an hour from my home, or Civitanova (other town), and I love this wonderful land, let’s say that I also feel a little bit from the Marche region. (applause)
MAN = We are pleased.
GIAN = I am from Abruzzo DOC (it is the brand that means of controlled origin and is placed on local products), but also a little from the Marches.
I thank all those who have given us the opportunity to be able to perform in such a magical place (Frasassi) one of the most beautiful places in the world and not only in Italy, and that we really want to bring it also internationally, even if not it certainly needs introduction, but it is such an important place, so magical, with the music of Ennio Morricone sung by us, it is certainly a way to bring the vision (of the caves) to as many people as possible. So we are really proud of this work we have done with the Region (Marche) and thanks also to the President (of the Marche region)
MAN = Above all.
GIAN= Above all.
MAN = Rightly, the President wanted to be next to you right now.

Gianluca on stage

WOMAN = So President, you are in charge of tourism, these guys (Il Volo), are not from the Marche region, but they came to the Marche, to shoot a video of theirs, as a promotion of their world tour.
PRESIDENT = First of all, good evening everyone.
Let’s say that ours is an extraordinary region, and I believe that, discovering it more and more every day … to get here, tonight I went a little way and saw some glimpses (panoramas), a truly impressive heritage, maybe we Marche people should to be more aware of what we have and we will also have to be much more proud and then, of course, performers like these artists (Il Volo), who can greatly enhance our extraordinary heritage, is beautiful.
They have created a work of art in a work of art, and this happens, when culture, art, music, combine with an extraordinary work like that of the Frasassi caves, I believe there is a combination that can make beauty even more protagonist.

Gianluca and MIchele on stage

WOMAN = Perfect President. Congratulations, congratulations to all of you.
MAN = Here is the prize, thanks Agnes (the girl who brings the prize).
WOMAN = Give it to the President who hands it over. Torpedine, I’ll keep your microphone, do you still want to say something Michele?
TORPEDINE = No, thanks, I’ve already talked a lot.
(the President gives the prize to Gianluca and Torpedine, and they pose for the usual photo).

Gianluca on stage receiving award

MAN = Delivery of the prize: Il Cassero d’Argento. (applause)
WOMAN = Thank you, thank you, thank you very much from the heart.
MAN = Thank you for allowing this marriage of excellence.
Thanks and congratulations.

Michele Torpedine with Gianluca, Gianluca's Dad, Ercole and three other men

In recent days, another promo has also been released from the Facebook page of the Frasassi caves, here it is.
And then, below a short video with short interviews with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, during the shooting of the video inside the caves.
PIERO =  The goal for a singer is to convey emotions, to get something to people’s hearts.
I always say that it is not obvious, to receive affection from the public, to have many fans.
We are three privileged guys, but we feel a lot of responsibility on us, because when we think about the realization of a project, an idea, the first question we ask ourselves is, “Will it create some emotion, will it reach people, will they like it?”
IGNAZIO = Caves are magical places, where everything takes on a different magic.
Sharing this magical place with the maestro Vittorio Storaro (Italian cinematographer who will direct the video) was a great emotion.
GIANLUCA = The melodies of the great maestro Morricone are the protagonists in this wonderful setting which are the Frasassi caves.
We can say that it is one of the most beautiful experiences of our life.


But how beautiful and elegant are Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca? And how beautiful the caves behind them.
It will be a beautiful video !!

View inside Frassasi Caves

On July 31, in Naro (Piero’s town), an event was to take place in Piazza Garibaldi, in the presence of the public, where Piero would sing.
Unfortunately, due to the spread of the new Delta infections, the event has been suspended until a date to be determined. Sin.😑

Piero in an ad for Naro Fulgentissima

RAI 1 has decided to re-propose the tribute concert to Ennio Morricone on 14 August at 9 pm (Italian time), well I’ll know what to watch that evening! 😉
Surely many of you have already seen it, but I want to close with this beautiful and meaningful photo of Gianluca walking in the square of Montepagano, with his grandfather Ernesto.
How much sweetness in this shot.❤

Gianluca helping his Nonno across the piazza in Montepagano

And Ignazio ……….. will you say?
He seems that he is very busy with his new love affair with the dance teacher Ana Paula Guedes, during an interview Ignazio admitted that he was in love and that the story began in January …………but these are very personal situations of our guys, it is their private life and we just have to be happy for them. 😉

Ignazio with girlfriend, Ana

That’s all for now.
We have arrived in August, the holiday period, but this year very limited due to the continuous infections.
The situation here in Italy is good, because most of the people got both vaccines. There is a growing spread of the Delta variant, but for now, it seems thanks to vaccines, there are few hospitalizations and few deaths, thank goodness!
I hope that the situation is sustainable with you too.
A hug: Daniela Hug emoji


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Once again Daniela thank you for the translation. I would like to thank you for all your hard work during this past difficult year. Have a wonderful happy vacation and especially one that is Covid-19 free. Hugs.

    1. Thanks Marion, this year there will be no holidays for me at this time, too many family events to take care of, but I hope I can go further.

  2. Thanks again, Daniela, for your translation of this article. So nice to see Il Volo recognized once more!
    In Canada we seem to be holding our own as far as Covid is concerned, although the variant hasn’t taken over yet. So many Canadians have received both vaccine shots and most have at least one vaccine.
    It is so nice to see Ignazio and the picture of his lovely lady. I wish them the best and hope they will be very happy for a long time together.

    1. I am very pleased to read that even Canada does not have too many problems now with Covid, Dolores.
      It seems that the Ignazio-Ana Paula couple won’t last very long, time will tell!

      1. Sad to say that with a long-distance romance there isn’t much hope! I remember how much in love Piero was with Valentina (everything was Mi amore), and Ignazio had a very nice relationship with Alessandra, but both romances didn’t last. I only hope and pray that our young men will be able, some day, to have the love of their lives last. They certainly deserve it, being loving, passionate young men. Gianluca seems to keep his love life under wraps, but more power to him if that is what he wants.

    1. Thanks Chicago Love, I’m not going anywhere, no fun, I have to accompany my husband to the gym every day, as he had a shoulder surgery. It doesn’t matter, we’ll go when we can. The important thing is to recover the movement of the arm.

  3. Thank you Daniela. This was wonderful I could not figure out from the poster what was going on. Do you have any idea If Rai will show the concert in the USA. They only showed it in Italy on June 5. Thanks Joyce

    1. I’m glad I helped you understand, Joyce. No, unfortunately, I don’t know anything about a possible vision of the concert in the USA too, but if there is any news, I’ll let you know.

  4. Thanks again. I am trying to learn Italian but it will be years before I could understand the presentation. It is so helpful to have you do this for us.

    1. Kathy, the important thing is that you continue to study, you will see that you will soon understand. I understand you are in the same situation as me, I try to understand, but when you speak fast, it is very difficult for me.

  5. I thank my lovely stars that I followed a conversation with some friends, otherwise I would not recognize the name IL Volo! That was a game changer in my world starting then. I went to You Tube, heard the song, about fainted seeing “my guys” and have taken them with me in my heart and soul. Not just one, but all three. I’m impressed because the guys are genuine and real, nothing fake.I wish them worlds of happiness, fun, and top box office stardom for eons to come. I could look at them and hear them sing and never tire forever. I remember the first time I read a story you wrote Daniela and I was very impressed, and you talked as if you knew them,, I’ve met them but became tongue tied and didn’t or couldn’t say anything intelligent, although I would have gladly threw my arms around them and gave a hug if I wasn’t afraid I’d faint…. lol!

    A joyous day to you Daniela, going to go school shopping with my great grandkids today and have lunch. Toodle Loo!!!!!!!!!!

    1. How nice, I’m happy for you Jackie, I hope you had a nice day with your great grandchildren.
      Actually I only spent a few minutes in the company of our guys, but last time, I asked them some pretty strong questions, just for you US fans.

  6. Daniela – thank you so much for your blog and translation, keeping us fans updated.
    Difficult if I can not understand all the Italian, but love these guys from the first video I saw.
    Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated and can’t wait for each new story.
    Greetings from South Africa

    1. Thanks Maria, when I see an interview, or a video in Italian, I immediately think of translating it for you. Wow from South Africa, how is the situation with you now, regarding the riots, I hope it’s all over!
      Greetings from Italy 🙂

  7. Thank you, Daniela, for your post THOUGHTS ON MARCHE IN SHOP WINDOWS AND MORE. There are so many comments I want to make.

    First and foremost–congratulations to IL VOLO receiving the Cassero D’argento 2021 International Award Gian looked so excited and happy as he accepted the well-deserved prize for the three exceptionally talented trio. Bravi!!!

    The video of Gian, Ignazio and Piero walking through the enchanting Fassari Caves is the perfect backdrop for their upcoming IL VOLO video.

    I enjoyed reading theIr passionate comments–Gian’s love for Abruzzo and San Benedetto and the Marche region.

    Pierro wasn’t able to perform in his hometown, Naro, however, there will be so many opportunities for him to sing, sing, sing! He expressed the importance of chosing songs that the audience will “feel.”

    All 3 of our guys expressed how important it is to them that their songs stir our emotions. I believe I speak for all of us when I say, “Hey, guys, be assured that every song you sing strikes deep emotions in our hearst–like a piercing love arrow.”

    So very elated for Ignazio falling in love with his beautiful Ana Paula. May their love and affection blossom and deepen.

    So, I end my comments wishing you, Daniela, a wonderful vacation; get some good rest.

    Ciao until next time,

    Elisa Marie

    1. Dear Elisa Marie, I had already answered you three days ago, but only now I realized that my answer was not successful, sorry.
      I always like your comments very much, in particular, when I see that you have commented, I am happy, because there was a period that you were very bad and you could not comment.
      Thanks also for the good wishes you have given me for a nice holiday, but unfortunately I will not go on vacation and there have been many family health problems, which we are slowly resolving. For the moment the holidays are only postponed.
      A big hug and try to always feel good!

  8. Again thank you for your lovely translation you certainly make my day enjoy your day and many thanks again

    1. Ernie, I am so happy to be able to bring a little happiness with my translations. You can also ask me if you see or hear something in Italian and you don’t understand!

  9. Thankyou so much yet again, so wonderful to be able share these special moments. Stay safe everyone, health and happy times to all.
    Much love and congratulations to Ignazio….such a special time of your life…enjoy every precious moment.
    Love from downunder.

    1. Annette, it will certainly be a very difficult relationship, given the commitments of Ignazio and also Ana Paula and the enormous distance, everything can be difficult, but everything can also be overcome.

      1. If it is true love, you are right….they will find a way….I wish them only the best. I remember hearing Ignazio say in an interview that Love is the most beautiful thing in the world……those of us lucky enough to have had that in our life time would certainly agree. But it is like watching our own children all over again….and we don’t want to see them get hurt…the very best of wishes for happiness to them both.
        Love from downunder.

  10. Thank you Daniela! I am looking forward to whatever music there will be inside the caves.

    Lovely picture of Gian and his grandpa. Exciting news about Igna and Ana. Disappointing that Piero’s performance was postponed.

    Better to be careful and stay well. So happy to hear that Italy is doing so well after a dreadful 2020.

    1. I too can’t wait to see the video made in the Frasassi caves, I’ve been there twice and they are fantastic. The voices of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will resonate in a wonderful way !!

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