Closeup of IL VOLO at the 2018 La Notte della Taranta


And therefore, after the latest news, we are sure that in September we will often see Il Volo on TV, at least here in Italy, and this news give us a lot of anticipation.
We had already read the news that on September 9th there will be the Seat Music Awards and there will also be Il Volo, but now two other events have been added, here they are:
IL VOLO at La Notte della Taranta
On 4 September, on Rai1, there will be La Notte della Taranta.
It is a popular Apulian festival where, during the evening, typical Apulian songs are played and folk dances such as PIZZICA are performed.
This event  takes place outdoors in Melpignano, in Puglia, towards the end of August.
Do you remember? In August 2018 Il Volo was at the La Notte della Taranta event, but only as a spectator, but perhaps Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were probing the event, for their future participation, in fact I propose you the video with the interview that I translated you in 2018.
Listen carefully to their words. Click on the logo below to view the video.La Notte della Taranta blue logo
P = We were really curious to see this event, and to test the air, to be able, perhaps, to come next year, who knows.
G = Yes, absolutely beautiful to see this culture, which is not only famous in Italy, but all over the world. When you start dancing, this rhythm gets inside you, it’s good, we’re going to have fun tonight.
The journalist asks Ignazio = Do you already have an idea of how to adapt your voice to the rhythm of the Pizzica?
I = Actually no, but we can always work on it. It’s nice to see how this event is all about folk song and dance and how much tradition it brings everyone into such a big event, so why not join in too? Next year or two years from now, we could join in too. It would be a great pleasure.
Journalist = Is there an evening, especially in past years that you know, or have you seen this event?
P = We have to be honest, NO. But we have always heard about the NOTTE DELLA TARANTA and this year, being free from commitments these days, we have decided to come and spend a couple of days in this magnificent land that has recently been visited and loved by tourists from all over the world. And it is a pleasure for us to be here.
As Ignazio said, on how to adapt our musical genre to this rhythm, we are a bit unprepared, but our thought is that music has no barriers and we never say: “This cannot be done”. But we say, “Let’s try and then see what happens.”
Journalist = But will you come to this event, as a guest, or as a concert teacher?
P + I + G = (laughs) As guests, we don’t think like teachers.
G = We cannot promise our presence, next year, sure, we would love it, but in one year many things happen, this year we came, we can’t wait to have fun, and why not, next year could participate.
P = The power of music is this, to see thousands of people united to dance LA PIZZICA.
Journalist = You are used to a large audience.
P = It is never enough.
Journalist = Do you know a Salento song and can you sing it?
G = Do you see how you put us in trouble? You did it on purpose (everyone laughs, then Gianluca sings a typical Milanese song … .. ha ha ha … final laughter.)
I = Thank you very much everyone, see you next year.
IL VOLO being interviewed at the 2018 La Notte della Taranta
So you understood well, already in 2018 Il Volo had attended the event, wishing that perhaps in 2019 or 2020 they could have participated, but Covid has had a hand in it and so now we are in 2021, but Il Volo will not be present as guests, but as co-hosts of the event, together with Al Bano, the well-known singer, therefore a new and important role and certainly we will also have the opportunity to see them exhibit.
Can’t wait to see them in this role!!
Usually this event gathers over 150 thousand people. Of course, and unfortunately, this year due to Covid, only 1000 people will be admitted.
The event will take place in Melpignano on August 28th but will be broadcast on RAI1 on September 4th.
To follow, on September 9, again on RAI1, there will be the Seat Music Awards, and than, the 19 September there will be a new program on Rai1, entitled “Da Grande” the presenter will be Alessandro Cattelan, among the guests: Il Volo.
Cattelan was interviewed by Sorrisi e Canzoni. Click on photo below to view the article.

Alessandro Cattelan: «Sono diventato grande, vedrete»

I translate for you the parts that interest us most:
“The title of the program, Da Grande, (as an adult) is more appropriate than ever …
We chose it on purpose. And it is a common thread of the program. It is a pure show, in which we will deal with the theme of growth, we will ask ourselves what it means to be great in 2021. Each generation has its age. My father, at 41 years, had already finished his parable: he had a 16-year-old son, a business he had been doing for a very long time.
Now, things  have changed. So, in addition to being a show in which you dance, sing, laugh, reflect on the concept of being great, you wonder what the tests you have to face in order to be defined as such.
We will have Il Volo, with which we will have fun singing, we will change our look, we will interpret some music from various decades.”
Alessandro Cattelan on the cover of sorrisi e canzoni magazine
So I would say a very crackling beginning of September!!
In the meantime, the second mini video of the short questions to Il Volo has also been published.
QUESTION = Favorite dish?
GIANLUCA = Pizza. absolutely.
PIERO = My favorite dish? Ossobuco with saffron rice 😁😁😁 (it is a specialty of northern Italy, especially Milan)
A photo of Ossobuco with saffron rice

A minute and thirty seconds later ….

IGNAZIO = Madalocco ????? 😁 (it’s not clear, however something similar, never heard this dish)
PIERO = What dish is it?
QUESTION = Do you have a lucky charm that you take with you to the stage?
GIANLUCA = The two of them  😘 (Piero and Ignazio)
PIERO = Him 😘 (referring to Gianluca)
IGNAZIO = No, you know, nothing, no.
QUESTION = The nicest?
IGNAZIO = Gianluca 😘
GIANLUCA(ironic) Do you see what a nice face? (and points to his face)
QUESTION = The most reserved.
IGNAZIO = Gianluca. Piero. Gianluca.
QUESTION = The most boring.
PIERO = Gianluca
IGNAZIO = Gianluca
GIANLUCA = But why me??
PIERO = You talk about carbohydrates, proteins ….
IGNAZIO = You are the most boring.
GIANLUCA = In what sense?
IGNAZIO = Gym, carbohydrates, proteins …..
PIERO = Yes, carbohydrates, proteins ….
GIANLUCA = But that’s not true!! You two make me pass for one who only thinks about that!! 😑
Left to right: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sitting on a sofa being interviewed
So, an early autumn full of commitments for Il Volo and we will certainly not tire of seeing them.
One last update, do you remember the porticoes of Bologna, so dear to Il Volo, which had presented the candidacy to be named “Unesco heritage”?
The news has been confirmed, at the end of July the porticoes of Bologna received this recognition !!!
What can I say, all right and in a little less than two weeks there will be the first televised appointment.
I cannot wait!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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      1. Hello! I saw it only now! Me, too, was curious about what “ Madaloco” is. I search and discovered that the name is MATARROCO- and it is a sauce like pesto, but with tomatoes, and is a tipycal dish in Marsala.

  1. This left me excited as if I could be there and just hoping we get perhaps some YouTube video of it over here! Working again is exciting for me to look forward to. Icd enjoyed their vacation but am hungry for some new music.

  2. Hope we get some, or either one, of these musical ventures this side of the ocean. Can’t help but hope!!

  3. Thank you so much once again for translating and posting- very exciting news!!!🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️👏👏

  4. Hoping for new music Glad to hear they have so many engagements Can;t wait. Any date on when they are releasing what they performed in the caves. Haven’t seen anything lately related to this project Thanks again for the translations.

    1. For now there are no news on the release of the videos in Frasassi. My feeling is that we will see that work in September, because in September, exactly on the 24th, there is the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the caves.

  5. Thanks Daniela and Pat. I saw this piece and wondered at the fun they were having. Thinking of the gift that Covid has given our Il Volo “boys”. We have watched them developing into young men and expanding themselves. Ignazio writing the song for a TV show, and their getting the chance to have Italians see them in various cultural situations of high caliber. Their venture into not only singing but being part of the presentation. All of Italy can see just how much they are offering. I feel as fans of the world, we know how wonderful they are and are ready to fly to them when they start to fly to us. Still because of Covid, the presentations that are coming up will just showcase them in a new way of presentation. They are just getting better and better.

    1. Surely our “guys” have grown physically and have also matured. Now they make many important decisions too.
      RAI has finally understood that they are not only good singers, but well-rounded artists, they can do anything!

      1. Thank you so much for translating, I have tried to take Italian lessons but having a hard time rolling the r’s. You make it so much easier to stay informed. I have followed them since they were on PBS as teenagers and knew they were gifted to go on and be famous. Loved them then and love them now. Wish them all the best life has to offer. Maureen.

      2. Dear Daniela, I have been trying to get tickets for Il Volo for next year 2022! No luck you as the ticket sites here difficult to use(I am 70) ; and also selling very much inflated prices! I wonder if you could advise me how to get tickets for Italy towards the end of next year? I am in England! Maggie

  6. That’s exciting news, Daniela–thanks! It’s super that even though there are no more scheduled live concerts for them this year, we will still be able to see them performing (I hope), and they will still be working and in the public eye. I didn’t think RAI would let us down. It’s fun to watch them relaxed, teasing and squabbling a bit on that interview. But poor Gian – picked on again. Also, could I ask if Makari was a success as a TV show and also Igna’s theme song? I really like it so much.

    1. Judi, I also like to see how they make fun of each other.
      Si Makari has had great success as a television series, in fact, they are doing the second series. Makari’s theme song was very popular and he was amazed that it was Ignazio who composed it and Il Volo who sang it. Perhaps people have understood that Il Volo is not just “old songs”, it is much more.

  7. P.S. Just found out (as I’m sure many of you did) that Detroit PBS is airing the Morricone concert on Thurs. at 9 p.m.–bless ’em!! Sure hope that Florida PBS will follow soon (though of course I’ve been watching on YouTube.)

    1. Yes, Judi, it was great news, too bad it was published after this post otherwise I would have listed it !!
      Even if you have all seen the concert video already, I hope you will follow the PBS broadcast so that PBS knows that Il Volo is being followed by you too !!

  8. P.S. Just found out (as probably many of you also did) that Detroit PBS is airing the Morricone concert on Thurs. at 9 p.m.–bless ’em!! Hope the Florida PBS stations will follow soon–although of course I’ve been watching on YouTube.

  9. Grazie, Daniela for this info and for the translation. I am hoping I will not have any difficulty seeing the live programs on Rai. Of course, I am anxiously awaiting the release of the CD, which Ignazio indcated would be released in November.
    Take care abd thanks again.

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