AT DALLA’S HOME by Daniela Perani

On March 1st, it was 10 years since the death of Lucio Dalla, a talented and well-known Italian singer-songwriter, among his most beautiful songs: CARUSO!
Il Volo took part in an event in memory of Dalla, organized by Il Resto Del Carlino, a well-known Bologna newspaper.
The video that follows was broadcast during the news on RAI1.
WOMAN: In Bologna the Il Volo tribute to Lucio Dalla, in the house, now museum, of the great singer-songwriter. The trio sings one of its most evocative songs, CARUSO, exclusively for TG1.
10 years ago, on March 1st Lucio Dalla died. Leonardo Metalli (journalist) went to Bologna, to his house where the singer-songwriter lived, to pay a very special tribute.
Let’s see it.
LEONARDO METALLI: Guys, an honor for everyone, to play on this piano, in the house museum of Lucio Dalla and then dedicate Caruso to him.
PIERO: For us it is a great privilege to participate, to sing this song, for a project organized by QN Carlino (newspaper).
LEONARDO METALLI: Lucio Dalla represents a lot for you, you carry this song around the world.
GIAN: Yes, Lucio Dalla is the history of Italian music, but it is the history of all of us, we grew up with the songs of the master, which made generations dream, so for us it is really a great privilege to be here today.
LEONARDO METALLI: A memory you have of Lucio Dalla, something that is in your heart?
IGNAZIO: A memory, an anecdote, we were at the Arena di Verona, before a television program and we were warming up our voices, I’m a little crazy and I started singing in the corridors. He (Dalla) passes by, and we start vocalizing, to see who made the highest vocalization.
GIAN: Whoever made the highest vocalization won.
PIERO: But Lucio won, but really.
Now make a king major …….
“Dear friend, I am writing to you ……” (Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing the beginning of this beautiful song by Dalla)

Then, Il Volo has been invited to visit Dalla’s house-museum, here is the video:

MAN: House of Lucio Dalla, Il Volo ~ This is the house where Lucio Dalla lived all his life, it is huge, very large, it has become a museum.
Let’s go in. (The house is in the center of Bologna. Besides Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, there are also Torpedine, Barbara and Ercole, they meet Tobia Righi, the friend, the producer, the one who has always been close to Dalla)
TORPEDINE: (greeting Tobia) Ignazio said you had a yellow car.
IGNAZIO: Yes, you were coming to get Lucio in a yellow car.
TOBIA: No, white.
Hello (he greets Gianluca) and where is the other one? (Piero, arrives and greets).
PIERO: How are you? It’s nice to see you again.
TOBIA: At 88, I’m still here.
IGNAZIO: Michele is 60 and he looks more than you.
TORPEDINE: Guys you know this thing, he (Tobia) was close to Dalla, from the first to the last day.
PIERO: He instead (Torpedine) went to school with Giuseppe Verdi (famous Italian opera composer, known all over the world).
MAN: You can see it from the beard! (Verdi too had a beard, and white hair) You see he has the same beard!
TOBIA: When you judge a person, you look at the facts.
He (Torpedine) has made facts and deserves to be where he is.
IGNAZIO:  Beccati questa! (idiom to mean that it is just like that)
Let’s go in!
MAN: You said it well, but you (Tobia), then you will tell us how Lucio Dalla was, you have to tell us that you knew him well and you know what the story was like. You who have spent your whole life in this house.
OTHER MAN: Do you know how Dalla called Tobia? Mattarozzo! (Means crazy)
TOBIA: Because I was serious and for him it was crazy to be serious, and I called him Spider.
MAN: When Dalla looked out from the balcony, what did he call you?
OTHER MAN: He called me Rosita, because my surname is La Rosa and he nicknamed me Rosita. One day I shouted at the window: “SPIDER” and he looked out, astounding my friends, of course, and he at seeing me: “ROSITA”.
(Meanwhile, the boys and Torpedine, go up the stairs to get to the entrance).
PIERO: Wow (the first room is full of gold and platinum records, all awards received by Dalla for his career.)
TORPEDINE: It has a certain effect!
MAN: I’ll show you better later.
Lucia Dalla
And here is the video, made by Il Volo at Dalla’s home.

For years now, the musical group made up of two tenors and a baritone, has been taking “Caruso” around the world.
As in Italy, even abroad, the piece by Lucio Dalla always receives a new and extraordinary success.
GIAN: Lucio Dalla is the story, the greatest artistic influence, but also, we can say, our childhood, when I say ours, I mean not only ours, but of all of us …..
He made the history of Italian music, bringing it all over the world, especially with songs that have thrilled generations, such as CARUSO….
IGNAZIO: Obviously, for our genre, the first Lucio Dalla song we met was CARUSO. I personally remember that one of the first songs was Ayrton, and then Rondine, La sera dei miracoli, Attenti al lupo (all songs by Dalla).
Well, we always say that there is a genre of music and a song for every mood, and this is Lucio Dalla.
PIERO: Today is a special day for us, because singing CARUSO at Lucio Dalla’s house doesn’t happen every day.
We sing Caruso in all of our concerts, and we dedicate a particular introduction to this piece, because our version is an orchestral version, with many orchestral elements, but it starts with the chords of a guitar.
And we always say, in Japan, America, South America, anywhere: “You will recognize this song by the first notes”, and it is.
This song is universal. Singing it at Lucio Dalla’s house, thanks to the Lucio Dalla Foundation, for opening its doors to us, and thanks to the invitation of QN (Quotidiano Nazionale) and Il Resto del Carlino, for this special project for the anniversary of Lucio Dalla’s death, for us it is a great honor, we thank you and we hope you can enjoy this song in an acoustic version.

Dalla wrote the beautiful song CARUSO in 1986. Of course, it is dedicated to the great Italian opera singer Caruso. This is how the song came to be:
Dalla was in Naples and stayed at the Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, coincidentally in the same room where the tenor Enrico Caruso spent some time before his death many years earlier.
Dalla was inspired to write the song after the owners told him about Caruso’s last days.
Caruso was an acclaimed Italian opera singer; he was one of the greatest and most sought-after singers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Unfortunately, he lived a very difficult and rather unhappy life, having had many challenges and problems with Italian opera houses, but he gained more fame and success in the United States.
Caruso had many romantic relationships, his longest and most passionate love affair was with a married woman with whom he had two children, their affair ended when she left him for their driver. A few years before his death, Caruso met and married a woman 20 years younger than him, Dorothy Park Benjamin, whom Lucio Dalla describes in the song “Caruso.”
The official video of the song by Lucio Dalla, and which I propose below, was shot in the “Suite Caruso” of the Hotel Excelsior Vittoria where Caruso spent most of the last weeks of his life.

I enjoyed this visit to Bologna, in Lucio Dalla’s house and I think it was really exciting for Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio to be there.
I admit that CARUSO is one of my favorite songs and for this reason, I want to close this post with this video where Il Volo sings CARUSO, paired with Lucio Dalla.

Credit to the owners of all photos and videos

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  1. Thank you, Daniela, for this wonderful posting of Lucio Dalla’s writing of Caruso. To hear him sing it brought chills to me. Such a talent gone, but not forever, when we can still hear him sing.

    The boys should have been impressed and inspired by all the gold and probably platinum records on the wall.

  2. Daniela, this was great – thanks so much! Carusa has been one of my favorites as well. I especially enjoyed the video of Dalla at the Caruso suite in Naples. But no wonder Dalla won the high vocalizing contest with Ignazio…Dalla has an even higher range. Poor Igna had to take the next phrase in Dalla’s key, then the piano modulated it down into the usual key Il Volo sings.

    1. Judi, I also really enjoyed watching Dalla’s video and discovering the Caruso suite, I think Dalla felt this song in the depths of his heart.

    2. I thought Piero was the one who met him in the hall and was vocalizing with him and went higher than Piero, but Ignazio. Ignazio ‘s range is higher.

      1. I am so sorry I went back and re read it wand it said Ignazio. I stand corrected..

      2. Yes, Maureen, it was Ignazio who started the vocal competition with Lucio Dalla, but Lucio was very impressed by the power of Ignazio who, at that time, was a little boy, he received many compliments from Dalla.

  3. OMG, for me their best rendition of this song so far. Of Ignazio becomes the song and reaches inside of us/me living it o also live it. For my 1st time I heard Gianluca feeling the words. It was great and also Piero gave this song all it needs to bring us in. Daniela this was really a gift that you gave me/us with this translation. Thank you.

  4. Interesting background, Daniela, on this beautiful song. Fun to see them singing in the composer’s house and playing his piano. Inspirational for them too, I am sure. Piero’s soaring part of Caruso has been my ringtone ever since I discovered Il Volo in 2015. It is a ringtone that is hard to ignore and it always produces compliments! People ask who is that?! Then I can gush.

    1. Brava Sally, that with the excuse of the ringtone, you can talk about Il Volo !!
      I think the guys really enjoyed being in Dalla’s house.

  5. Daniela another insightful piece into the many layers of IlVolo. I am slowly being indoctrinated into the world of Italian maestros. Yes we have heard all the names but with Il Volo comes a deeper understanding of them all. Thank you for this interview with our boys and what shaped their lives ❤️

    1. Thanks Irene, here at Flight Crew, we try to weave our web well to attract new fans !!
      I’m kidding of course, is that these guys are very interesting, as well as good.

  6. Beautiful celebration of an artist’s life. So glad all the
    guys could attend. Loved the “high note” contest with
    Dalla. Thank you Daniela.

    1. Yes Martha, it is not the first time that Ignazio describes that moment, it must have been funny, also he said that Dalla complimented him.

  7. Another great piece that we would not have known without you! So interesting and nice compliment to our boys. I always look forward to you post. Thank you so much from all of us who wait to see what good news you will bring us about our most talented young men.

    1. You are very kind to your compliments, Eleanor, thank you very much.
      I try to find news that can complete what I write to you and make everything more complete.

  8. Grazie Daniela! You gave us so much in this posting ~ the full videos of that day, the important translations to English, the story of the song and the emotional and powerful “duet” with Dalla. Fantastic!!! Thank you so much💕

  9. Thanks, Daniela. As always, enjoyed every moment – as with all posts.
    You ladies work so hard on our behalf and it is appreciated probably more than you’ll ever know.

  10. Dear Daniela, ❤❤
    thank you very much for this wonderful report about our three precious angels and their trio to Lucio Dalla´s house – I enjoyed it very much on the weekly digest and I also post your reports on my three groups – keep up your fantastic work you and the other Ladis – have a fantastic new week – your friend Margareta Kiss 🤗🌹🏵🌸🌷🌼🕊🌏🙏

    1. Margareta, I am very happy that you appreciate and repost on your groups as well.
      Your compliments push us to do better and better. Thank you so much!

  11. A thoroughly enjoyable experience listening and reading this. I must admit to having goose bumps listening to Piero. Many thanks Daniela for all your efforts.

    Hugs Roz 😉

    1. Roz, I always get goosebumps when I listen to the Caruso song!
      Also knowing that Dalla was inspired to write this song because he was in the same room as Caruso, and seeing Caruso himself in the video, moved me a lot.

  12. Thank you Daniela. I would be getting ready to see their concert tonight, but I’ll have to wait a little longer. So it was nice to see your post. I enjoy the information you share about Italian singers in the past. The videos were very interesting and informative and the duet was beautiful. I love to hear the guys sing Caruso especially Piero. They are so kind to always give credit to other singers. Another thing that makes them so special.

    1. Cathy, I’m happy to have you company while you were waiting for the concert on television.
      I also really like the video duet with Dalla and I think our boys render his song very well.

  13. Dear Daniela, you know I belong to many fan pages. The Flight Crew was my first, in 2014. It was and still is the best. You all put so much work into it. You give us the best of the boys. The comments are the most heartwarming and sincere about our boys, and thank goodness NO GIFS. Congratulations to you all. How is Pat doing?

    1. Thanks for the wonderful compliment Rose Marie. You know, when I discover something that explains the dynamics of the birth of a song, I like to share with you all too. You know, I started writing on this site, because I’ve always thought that there are people here who really love Il Volo very much.

      Pat is fine, thanks, we talk every day and I think she can also think about attending a concert, which was previously unthinkable, given the operation.

      A hug

  14. Great article Daniela When I was 14 years old I purchased an album Mario Lanza sings Caruso I have always loved that song and our guys do a outstanding job when they perform it. Thanks so much for a very informative article. Hope Pat is coming along and improving daily,

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