I met Kirsten in Verona on June 3, inside the Arena, ready to listen to the concert.
Kirsten is a member of Flight Crew, she comes from Denmark, first time hearing the Flight in concert.
Our meeting was short but really nice, she introduced me to her husband, with whom she will make a nice trip to different Italian places, and I introduced her to my husband.
Here we are at our meeting:

I asked Kirsten to write down her impressions of the concert.
She sings in a choir, so she is familiar with the use of voices.
Here is what she wrote to me and also some of her photos.
She was very lucky, at the beginning of the concert her place was on the road crossed by Ignazio, who greeted her and hugged her, what luck, I’m happy for her.
Congratulations Kirsten, you did a nice long review so a full post was born.
Next time there will be short reviews and gossip about what happened during the Verona concerts.
Kirsten, it was great meeting you and your husband.
A hug: Daniela 😘

I AM STILL FLYING HIGH after the concert
in Verona Arena Friday

I’ll start with the conclusion: It was a fantastic and awesome evening in all aspects! A magic night I shall never forget! It fulfilled my wildest expectations and more. Their voices were exactly as I have heard them on videos/albums – stunningly beautiful. The chosen songs among my personal favorites and a mix of the songs on their 10 years jubilee album and the new Morricone one. Add to that the most awesome setting – a more than 2000 year old Roman Arena – seated under the stars in the warm Italian summer night. What could possibly be better? I was mesmerized – and on top of it all I got a personal handshake of Ignazio when he came singing down the aisle…

When finally I entered the Arena after 10 months waiting I was a bit overwhelmed and out of focus… was it really true? Was I actually going to see and hear our guys live? There had been quite some obstacles to overcome since I purchased the tickets last summer. At first I could only get one good ticket (all good seats sold out), so I planned to go on my own and fly down to Verona, but a couple of weeks later I found yet another good ticket just a few rows and blocks from mine, so now my husband could come along too, and we decided to take the car and drive all the way and combine it with our summer holiday.
We live in Copenhagen, Denmark, so it was quite a drive and actually we left home already on May 31, to have sufficient time and arrive a day before the concert. Never having been neither at the Verona Arena nor to any Il Volo concert I needed help in planning and hence I took contact to Flight Crew and Daniela was so kind to help me and we agreed to meet up at the concert. Yet another great thing to happen! But the Coronavirus returned to Denmark at the end of December and stayed active till spring and I feared that we could travel nowhere until June. But luckily Denmark was past the pandemic my by end March and hope was back.
Just a week before our departure some serious illness hit our family and we thought we should have to cancel the entire trip and we got very sad….but things turned around at the very last moment and we could start driving. For weeks I had kept an eye on the weather situation in Verona and it looked very good up to the night before the concert when suddenly it changed and rain was to come in the afternoon and stop around 20:00 hrs. Oh NO this could not be true.. but it could. So the last couple of hours up to the concert I was a nervous wreck with stomach pain. But then it dried up and hubby and I walked the few meters to the Arena and entered one hour before the start. Walking into the Arena and suddenly standing in the middle of this epic historian place made me almost loose my breath.. what a place!
A few minutes later we met Daniela and I started realize that this was no longer a dream but reality. I was indeed going to experience a concert with my beloved Il Volo guys in this stunning place!
Time flew away and suddenly the lights and the music started… it was so exciting – and in a few moments the guys would be on stage. Well that did actually not happen – but suddenly I heard noise and screaming behind me and there up by the entrance a spotlight beamed on a person – Ignazio!!!
 The guys had decided to start in three different corners and sing their way down the aisles and enter the stage this way. While singing they were greeting people in the audience and shaking hands and suddenly I realized that Ignazio would pass straight in front of me!!! For seconds I was all bewildered but then here he was just next to me taking my hand and looking me right into the eyes… I could only barely say that I was happy to meet him and he was gone. It was a firm and real handshake – I was truly excited. What a great start of the concert! And then everything exploded on the stage – the light show blew the entire back of the stage up with blue “flames/spots”on black which immediately gave a fantastic ambiance. The boys started to sing for real and I felt drawn into each single song.
You feel captivated as their emotions reach you and embrace you… from that moment I forgot everything around me and simply enjoyed each single minute. People around me were likewise all engaged and sang along on several if their songs – and so did I, only la la as I know no Italian at all. The latter left me out of the jokes and what ever they told the audience, but it did not matter much. Practically all songs were known to me and I love the way the sing a classic song one moment followed by a pop song or a Bel canto – never experienced such a variety in the one and the same concert. All the guys sang fantastic – I am truly impressed by their strong voices that never fails them. They looked extremely happy to be on stage and they were smiling more than ever – so good to observe. There were a huge response from the audience – not the least in connection with their solos. I believe Piero did get the biggest standing ovations for his two classic songs –  but he did most certainly also sing fantastically!
The song that touched me and the audience the most was the old “Hallelujah” that felt so proper in a Europe in war. That went straight into the hearts of us. I enjoyed Ignazio’s “All By Myself” tremendously – what a beautiful interpretation! Likewise did Gianluca sing his new solo very, very beautifully. But they were all great and I loved each moment of the concert! For two hours I was mesmerized!!
Hope this is in line with what you would like? Sorry for the length – I could not stop myself.
Love, Kirsten 😘

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  1. Thank you so much, I felt like I was there with you. I could feel the rush of emotions when he shook your hand, I am so happy for you I could cry. How wonderful it must be to be in the arena. If there are no cancellations I may see them here in the U.S.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment. I hope so much that you will get the same fantastic experience when the guys come to the US this autumn. They will!!! ❤️

  2. Thanks a million Daniela for posting my review – so sweet of you👍❤️ And what a fantastic evening that was! I am still flying hog high😋 And it was so good to meet you – sharing such a unique experience with someone who has the same feelings as to the guys does make the experience even bigger – and to have you around now to bring up memories from time to time❤️ I do hope anyone else reading this story will enjoe entertained and feel being there with us. PE Albeit sitting right this moment in the garden of an old olive farm in Chianti, Tuscany, with the most breathtaking view of the vineyards and olive growers my thoughts are with the Il Volo guys making preparations for their first concert in Taormina. I do much wish I could be there and relive it all. More wants more, I guess. But Daniela we must make it a tradition meeting up in Verona every year😜👍❤️

    1. You made such a great review that it deserved to be published in one post.
      I will always be in Verona for sure, it is so close to my home.
      It was also nice for me to meet. A hug!

  3. Thank you, Kirsten, for telling us your story of the Verona concert! How fortunate you were to shake hands with Ignazio! I’m sure you are still “flying high” from the whole experience! 😊

  4. Thank you for the beautiful review, Kirsten. (This may be my 2nd post because the first one disappeared.)
    Your description of how the event unfolded and your emotions brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for you! Hopefully I can come to Verona for their concert next year.

  5. Thanks, Kirsten, for giving us your feelings about the thrill of seeing them for the first time. So nice that you met up with our wonderful Daniela. I keep missing them in Italy–in June I’ll be arriving in Rome when they are in Ferrara, in July I’ll be leaving Venice 4 days before they do Palmanova. (Missed that fabulous 2014 Taormina concert by one day!) But I saw them in Tampa in 2020 and will see them again in Clearwater in Oct.. Can’t wait!

  6. I know just how Kristen felt! The same way I did at their concert in San Diego a few years ago. It was the start of Covid but we did get to have pictures taken with them at the meet and greet before they were swept away back to Italy. As I read her review I was so happy for her because I do know that feeling of excitement and disbelief that you are really there with them!
    Thank you both for keeping us updated on our boys?

  7. OMG I am so jealous it is my ambition to be there someday soon and experience this for myself. Thank you so much for your description. I can only hope and okay.

  8. Thank you SO much, Kirsten; you took us (well, at least, “me”) to the show with you. Your joy and excitement was palpable and I could have read on and on…! Sure wish I could have actually been there – or at least, someday, at one of their concerts. A

  9. What a Magical evening Kirsten! Thank you for sharing
    your experiences with us. You had a great aisle seat with
    an Ignazio handshake as a bonus. To finally hear Il Volo
    live will be a beautiful memory to cherish..
    Thank you Daniela and Pat as well.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful review I envy you and all that were able to hear a live concert of I’ll Volo. I live in south east South Dakota and would love to hear them this fall in Chicago. However, being 79 years old and the violence in that city i’m hesitant.

    1. Hi Mark. Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you enjoyed my review/story. I do understand your situation – Chicargo is pretty far from your home State. But cannot you find a friend ir family member to accompany you? It is indeed a Great experience to attend their live concerts. I myself is 72 years old, and I was actually planning on flying to Verona on my own as I could only find one good ticket. By pure luck I did, however, a couple of weeks later find yet another good ticket and we decided to drive in stead albeit a 3 days/2 nights journey each Way. I hope you Will be able to experience Il Volo live one Day.

    2. Mark, go to Chicago and focus on the enjoyment of the concert and all the nice things Chicago has to offer. Don’t think about violence. Focus only on the good stuff. Be absolutely certain it and all will be well. Trust me. 🤗

  11. That was a great review Kirsten! At the end of the Las Vegas concert in 2016 fans had gathered by the stage, and even though Gianluca and Piero had left, Ignazio stayed and everyone had their hands out ready for him to interact with them. He went down the whole line and touched every hand that was reaching out to him!
    When it was my turn to have my photo taken with them at the meet and greet the same night, Ignazio acted like he was going to shake my hand, but when I put my hand out he surprised me and slid the palm of his hand across mine😍

    1. Hello Jill. Ignazio is indeed a sweetheart😍 I would have loved doing the Meet and Greet, but must admit that I could not allow myself to spend EUR 299 on top og the tickets, hotel and travel from Copenhagen, Denmark – but boy would I have loved it👍❤️

  12. Kirsten, So happy for your joyous first concert and enjoyed the details and great shots you took. A great post and thank you!

    1. Hi Mark. Thank you so very much for your kind words. I am glad that you enjoyed reading my revirer and story😋

  13. Thanks Kirsten for your lovely report. Too bad you couldn’t tell Ignazio that you came all the way from Copenhagen. He would have been honored. I’ll see them in Boston Sept 20. No travelling involved.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment. Yes it would have been so nice having been able to share a few words with Ignazio/the guys – but I guess I shall be very happy being just able to Shake his hand😜👍❤️. Oh you Can indeed look forward to the concert in September, subject to them singing the same repertoire as in Verona. Such a fantastic concert! And lucky you not having to travel far – it is rather costy, I must admit. So far Il Volo has not toured any of the Scandinavian countries yet (apart from singing two songs at a Nobel Price concert in Oslo), so there is no other Way for us than travel to Italy or one of the other nearby European concerts.

  14. I have experienced that first concert too (not in historic Verona) so I understand the thrill. I hope you get many more chances to relive it! Next time you must go to the sound check before the concert to extend your thrill. Daniela can help you with signing up for that. Enjoy your Italian vacation!

  15. Kitsten, I love your description of the concert! I’m just three months from my first experience with a concert of our guys and every day I dream of what it will be like! Thank you for taking us with you and Im so happy you got another tick!!

    1. Thank you Jill for your sweet note. Oh you Will love their concert! They are amazing. I wish you a fantastic experience too👍❤️

  16. I’ve been listening to Amelia poor Amor. I’d like to ask
    Kirsten and the others who have been singing in choirs if this is as difficult a song as I think. It gives them a chance to show off what they can do like Nessun Dorma.
    They have so much talent. I can’t understand, considering the amazing range Ignazio has that he goes beyond it as he did with the Beyonce song.

  17. Thank you for sharing. Im so jealous. I think I would faint if Ignazio was that close to me. I am so crazy about him. I love them all but he is super special I pray I get to see them. First time on Sept 23 Borgota Atlantic City. 14 th row. Seat 3. Please Ignazio. Be there. Lol

    1. Angela – I hope indeed that you get the opportunity to meet him like me – or at least see him on stage. And no, you will not faint, but you may be speechless. Good luck 👍😋❤️

  18. Delightful recounting of attending her first concert. Excellent! I so want to attend a concert while they are in USA. Kristen is also a talented writer . she had me experiencing each experience from her beginning to purchase tickets to the closing of the concert. Thank you so much for providing this site.

    1. Dear Connie. Thank you so much for your very sweet words. It makes it all worthwhile. Glad that you could feel my emotions. I like writing so I was only happy when Daniela asked if I would write a bit. I do hope very much that you will get the opportunity to se and hear the guys when they come to the US in the fall❤️

  19. Kudos to Kristen for a fantastic first-hand synopsis of the concert. I felt as if I was with her looking into Ignazio’s eyes. So glad she had a wonderful experirnce and was willing to share it with us. Thank you Daniela and Pat.

    1. Thank you Mary for your very kind words. You make me bluse. I am glad that I succeeded in bringing my own excitement on to you. All the best.

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