VERISSIMO 21/05/2023 by Daniela

Just a few days ago, Il Volo published this photo with the announcement that on Sunday 21 May they would be guests of Verissimo, the beautiful show hosted by the good and nice Silvia Toffanin,

…….and therefore, how better for closing on a rainy Sunday?  Watch and listen to the three of them, a little sun!!

A nice interview to talk about the upcoming events on Canale 5, the two concerts recorded in the Arena.
I’ll translate the video for you, enjoy watching and enjoy reading, you’ll have fun.

~ Click Here to Watch the Video ~

SILVIA= Let’s start this episode with three guys who conquered the world with their talent and their voice… Il Volo 🎶
(applause, Gianluca Piero and Ignazio enter)
Welcome back, how are you? (kisses and hugs).
Welcome back to Verissimo! (everyone sits down)
How is it going? How are you?
GIANLUCA= Who’s back, again!
SILVIA= Sometimes we have an appointment and we have to meet, it’s good luck!
IGNAZIO= Yes, the only thing that worries me is what comes next.
SYLVIA= That is?
IGNAZIO = Silvia Bond, that thing there. (he refers to the questions Silvia will surely ask about love).
SILVIA= Ah, the one there about love? Of course there will be the question of love, but it’s not time yet.
You will be the protagonists of two special evenings, May 27 and June 3 on Canale 5, are you happy?
PIERO= Yes! We are very happy because we got to work and create this event at the Verona Arena, with so many artists. These two event evenings are called ALL FOR ONE, the reason why we decided to name it like this is because we want to show our audience, perhaps to those who have never come to our concerts, our individual personalities, because yes, we are Il Volo, we have been together for 14 years, but each of us has his personal tastes, has his own identity, and then, demonstrating and highlighting these three personalities, we get together and sing together, in the end the goal of the three is always Il Volo.
SILVIA= And are you really all for one, one for all as the musketeers said?
IGNAZIO= Absolutely, because maybe, sometimes you can’t see what’s going on behind, right? So maybe we back each other up, we help each other, we build courage, there are moments during the concert that are sometimes difficult because of the things that happen and maybe we help each other by saying:
“The concert isn’t over, let’s move on.”
PIERO= Also because every day is not the same, there are moments of stress and perhaps it is our strength, because over time our relationship has always improved, and there is an incredible understanding. I thank life every day for the gift it has given us, that it has given me, to have met them….. 
IGNAZIO= Think how lucky (ironic).
PIERO=….. and it’s an incredible journey.
SILVIA= Wow, but it’s a wonderful declaration of love, of esteem.  ❤
IGNAZIO= Mamma mia.
GIANLUCA= This is the declaration of love! (applause) 
SILVIA= Do you agree, Gianluca?
GIANLUCA= Yes, and then let’s say that we’ve known each other since we were little, we’ve learned a little to know each other, to manage the moments when we were immature, leaving aside the ego, the presumption, trying to understand each other, it’s a relationship all the effects, so this is much more important, getting along off stage, and then everything comes to itself, that’s the most important thing.
SILVIA= Because you spent all your adolescence we can say, together, you went through it together and it’s a moment….
IGNAZIO= Ah yes, unfortunately yes, I must say (and he laughs) 😁
PIERO= Don’t do the usual…..always the same, it never changes!! 😁
IGNAZIO= I’m kidding, but we lived the most important moment of life together and we shared it, in good times and in bad things and we grew up together, that’s it. (He looks at Piero) What’s up, why are you looking at me like that?
PIERO= Were more, the beautiful things.
IGNAZIO= Yes, but in fact I said good things and also bad things.
SILVIA= But was there a moment when one of you has ever gone to his head, ( si è montato la testa) and you had to tell him to stay calm?
GIANLUCA= But do you know what I believe? It is said that success changes you, when in reality, in my opinion, it is the amplifier of what you already are, because if you have a strong personality, and you have the important values that your family transmits to you, in the end you don’t change, in my opinion. Then you have to manage it with intelligence, with maturity and with responsibility and you have to have the right people around you who then allow you to grow in the best way. But it has never happened between us, I don’t think anyone has ever gone to his head. Then I don’t know what people perceive at home, but we have always tried to be ourselves and to send our message for the love of bel canto.
PIERO= Often one hears:
“How humble these guys have remained, what humility”, humility is synonymous with education, because in the end, if you are educated, if you grow up with values, you can’t change much, and perhaps our strength is to be surrounded by people who send us affection every day, and who care above all about our health, our mood, about feeling good about ourselves, and then about the activity we carry out, and therefore we must be grateful to them, for the education they gave us. ❤
SILVIA= What unites you, besides the beautiful voice, singing, profession?
IGNAZIO= I think we are three guys who…. I don’t mean that they are never satisfied….., we are always looking for something, it is as if, despite being aware that we are very lucky, we are not satisfied never, we always try to go further and look for new stimuli. Here, perhaps what we have in common is that we need stimuli in life, enthusiasm, and we are always looking for something that can give it to us.

SILVIA= So, of course I have prepared some gifts for you, the first one is for you, to celebrate these guys: ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE, let’s look.
( A video starts which summarizes some moments of Il Volo’s career)
VOICE IN VIDEO= There are voices that start from a precise place and reach the whole world with their echo. By writing a story capable of making people fly beyond the boundaries never imagined, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca have given life to a myth that is marked by a legendary motto, ALL FOR ONE.
GIANLUCA in video= We met when we were children and we grew up together.
VOICE IN VIDEO= Theirs is the story of two tenors and a baritone, who meet to sing in unison.
PIERO in video = We weren’t aware of what we were experiencing, now it’s our job, our daily life.
VOICE IN VIDEO= Walking in the footsteps of the great contemporary and past tenors, they grow by reaping successes and victories.
Music leads them to discover every part of the world, from the United States to South America and Japan.
They sing on the most prestigious stages, in front of the most important personalities, reaching record numbers in the international charts.
IGNAZIO in video= We try to give messages with our music.
VOICE IN VIDEO= Between superstar meetings and events, they maintain the genuine identity of those children who, without knowing it, years ago, were already writing a dream.
And if it is true that by exploding their respective singing potential they have reached dizzying goals, it is in that being THREE that magically becomes ONE, they find the profound meaning of what really matters.
PIERO= I would like to know the operator who made this montage (of the video). What is his name?
IGNAZIO= Yes, the editor….
GIANLUCA= You know what, we have to thank all the people who work. It is true that the singer or all public figures “put their face” in the foreground, certainly, but we must never put ourselves on a pedestal compared to all the people who have a very important job and if we are here it is because behind the scenes, there are people who work for us.
SILVIA= It’s true, let’s applaud all those who allow it. (Applause).
Well, you’ve traveled a lot, I know you’ve also come from a tour you just did in South America, where there are always these fans who are so warm to you.
PIERO= South America is apart, South America is a magical, unique place, they have their own way of welcoming people, we are calm again, because in the end, we travel a lot, we play concerts every day, but in the end stress goes away, because it’s all repaid with the affection you receive every day. Then South America is so big, a huge territory, in the end you do a concert in Mexico City and the next day you have to sing in Santiago de Chile and there’s a 7/8 hour flight. But in the end all the fatigue goes away the moment you step on stage.
SILVIA= But do you remember your first autograph? When people started to recognize you, you were really small.
PIERO= We have to tell this one. Our first autograph (he addresses Ignazio and Gianluca), do you remember the first sign-session, the first autograph signing…..
IGNAZIO=… goodness!!
PIERO= We released the first album, no one knew us….
IGNAZIO= One of the most embarrassing things in history…
SYLVIA= Age? How many years?
PIERO = 15 years.
IGNAZIO= Our first record in Italy.
PIERO= Our first album. Together with the record company, we organized this autograph signing in a bookshop in Rome, and nobody was there, because nobody knew us.
IGNAZIO= So, there were about thirty people inside the shop and we said…a good result, but then there were only 5/6 for the signature, who wanted the autograph.
PIERO= Do you know what we did? There were people who worked for us, they came with the disc and we signed it (to show that someone was signing!!) 😁😁
GIANLUCA= But joking aside, those moments there remind you of how ephemeral success is, because you can really lose it from one moment to the next, if you have that awareness, you continue to surprise yourself and you don’t have that presumption of it “going to your head”, because then you have to remember where you came from, how you started, how we felt when we were children and began to have our first experiences.
SILVIA= Have you ever thought if everything were to end tomorrow what could you do?
IGNAZIO= Absolutely yes.
SILVIA= What would you do?
IGNAZIO= But I don’t worry, I don’t worry, because in any case the important thing is that I am happy, then I am an anomalous case, in the sense that fame is very beautiful, because it leads you to discover new worlds, new people , but personally I am a very homely person, peace of mind, I would be happy even with a quiet job, then I always thank life for the immense opportunity it has given me, but I think that in life you don’t need so much to be happy. So, I would still find my happiness.
PIERO= It depends from which point of view you see things. On a personal level, these little moments, that nice thing we told you just now, makes you understand that the most important thing in life is to last, to stay.
After all, it’s not the one who conquers who wins, but the one who goes on, because in the end, yes, you have brought home a great event, but already when the last song ends, you have to think about what to do tomorrow morning, so the goal it’s about studying every day, renewing oneself, always keeping pace with the times, and I think this is the goal, the purpose of anyone, any professional.
SILVIA= We talked about fans, we went right to the Verona Arena, and look who we met, not only Italian fans, but fans from all over the world come for you.
(A beautiful video starts with small interviews with fans made before the concerts)
WOMAN 1= I may be their grandmother, but I’m really a huge fan.
WOMAN 2= They transport me to another world.
WOMAN 3= Thanks to them I can hear better, because I’ve had deafness, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
WOMAN 4 = My mother really liked them, so it’s also a memory of affection, they’re magnificent.
WOMAN 5= Their voices really have a melody that fills the soul.
WOMAN 6= Very good, simple, and when they sing, for me it’s an emotion that I can’t describe.
WOMAN 7= I’m here because they are UNIQUE. Thanks to them I have also found the strength to carry on and I will accompany them at the top of my lungs.
MAN= For me they represent Italian music.
WOMAN 8= They helped me especially in a very dark period of my life, in fact I also got a tattoo dedicated to them (she tattooed: music that remains) which I really care a lot about.
WOMAN 9= I like to sing, and so they inspired me a little, let’s say.
WOMAN 10= I adore them and then when they won Sanremo with GRANDE AMORE, I was expecting my second child and it was beautiful.
WOMAN 11= I really like that song A CHI ME DICE (TO THOSE WHO TELL ME), it reaches the heart with all the words, to the person you love.
WOMAN 12= 50 years of marriage, and we celebrate them here on this splendid evening with the guys from Il Volo.
WOMAN 13= Hello Gianluca, I love you!
WOMAN 14= You are great.
WOMAN 15= I came from Bari for you.
MAN 2= Me from Caserta.
WOMAN 15= I’m proud to be Italian, even for them.
WOMAN 16= What I carry in my heart, which is also the title of your book, is you. I love you.
WOMAN 17= I’m French, hello to Il Volo.
WOMAN 18= I come from Mexico, I discovered them in 2009 and I will always be with you, I love you.
WOMAN 19= Greetings from Germany and we are looking forward to an amazing concert tonight.
WOMAN 20= I carry incredible emotions with me, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, and thank you again.
WOMAN 21= Goosebumps, fantastic.
WOMAN 22= I’m from Germany, your music really helped me through these difficult times, so thank you very much.
WOMAN 23= I come from Brazil to see Il Volo. Brazil loves Il Volo and I love them too and I love Italy.
SILVIA= Wow, I got goosebumps!!
GIANLUCA= You know that sometimes I think there is always a reason. The incredible thing is seeing the affection of people of all ages, you know I still remember when we sang together in 2009, I remember people were surprised to see three children who had adult voices, it was the first time that three kids that age sang lyrical pop, so the hardest thing was to that of maintaining such a varied audience over the years, of all ages, and who after 14 years continue to come to our concerts and show us their affection.
SILVIA= And then it really struck me when two or three people said that you helped them in difficult moments, it’s a responsibility and I also think, a beautiful thing for you.
PIERO= It’s also the strength of the music. Music, both for those who listen to it and for those who interpret it, has incredible power. For us, I personally think singing is the only way to express my joy, so I feel like an extremely happy person, I really don’t know how to describe this and luckily they (Ignazio and Gianluca), on stage, can understand what I feel at that moment, because describing the feeling that music gives you, that it gives you when you receive an applause, it is impossible to describe that emotion.
SILVIA= How many times have you been moved while you sang?
PIERO= Often, lately often.
IGNAZIO= But also in the Arena, it happens. There are times when, personally speaking, it’s like I teleport to another world. It’s bad to say, in the sense, there are ten thousand people in front of the Arena, but it’s as if nobody were there.
SILVIA= Because you are with yourself.
IGNAZIO= It’s strange, yes, it’s a very strange feeling. When they ask you:
“But how can you sing in front of all those people?” Sometimes you don’t see them, because it’s a strange connection that only those who experience it can understand. It’s really hard to explain.
SILVIA= However on May 27th and June 3rd, there will also be many other artists with you….
PIERO= We have seen some pictures….
SILVIA= We have framed the Pooh (an Italian group), but we have images of some artists who will be with you. Watch!
(A video starts and we see various artists who will sing with Il Volo during the two evenings. It is obviously raining and Gianluca says: We won’t stop even with the rain).
SILVIA= Nothing stops you!
How nice, so many friends, so many artists came on stage for these two beautiful evenings…
GIANLUCA= It’s almost new, let’s say. We are always consistent with what we have done in the last 14 years, however it is the first time that we perform with singers like Madame, like Annalisa, like Francesca Michielin (all three are young Italian female singers, very popular with the very young), and then with the Poohs, Antonello Venditti and many others, it was nice to try to vary, even with different musical styles, to show a part of us that perhaps no one knows yet.
SILVIA = It will be a wonderful thing, I’m sure. (applause)
PIERO= The most beautiful part of this profession, of these events, is trying to enjoy the journey, from when an idea is born, to the moment in which you manage to realize it, clearly with the people you work with, with the means you use part, and fortunately we have a team behind us of people who believe in us.
I want to say that this idea, not by chance, was born to our manager Michele Torpedine, he always has this stroke of genius, he always manages to amaze us with ideas, he comes to the table with some cards and says: “Guys, I have this idea, what do you think?”, and in the end, we always deliver on these great ideas.
IGNAZIO= Yes, and then if you think about it…..
PIERO= I was finishing the speech!
PIERO= …… so to get to the events of May 27th and June 3rd, I will personally duet….. every evening each of us will do two duets each, so every evening I decided to do a duet related to music classical, with a singer, an artist who is part of the world of opera, and then, on the contrary, the musical genre very distant from classical music, in fact we have seen (in the video) Gianna Nannini will be Mario Biondi, therefore the experiments that arise with particular ideas, which music allows you.
SILVIA= Superb!
So, are you ready?
PIERO= But is there that BOND thing?
SILVIA= No, because you just have to talk this time.
PIERO= Ah, okay!
SILVIA= Yes, my dears, are you ready to talk about love?
IGNAZIO= I couldn’t wait!
SILVIA= I knew it, and in fact I start with you, my dear!
How is it going?
PIERO= You have to talk, so start…
IGNAZIO= There are no videos??
SILVIA= How are you? The Beatles had Yoko Ono, in short …. who is here for you?
IGNAZIO= There is no one today!
SILVIA= That’s not true!
IGNAZIO= I swear!
SILVIA= Isn’t anyone there?
IGNAZIO= There is no one.
GIANLUCA= Well, you know, Brazil is far away.
SILVIA= Are we still stuck in Brazil?
IGNAZIO= No, Brazil is finished.
SILVIA= Is it finished?
GIANLUCA= It’s far, far away.
IGNAZIO= Now I’m moving to other continents (jokes). No, no, it’s just…… Piero, so Piero, my dear Piero, how are you doing? Everything OK? (he tries to change the subject)
PIERO= If Brazil is far away, mine is in New Zealand (he jokes that there is no one for him too)
SILVIA= Ah, your New Zealand?
PIERO= No, no, zero!!
IGNAZIO= It’s that things have a beginning and an end, we know when they begin, we don’t know when they end, and it’s over, that’s it.
PIERO= So, to avoid, we don’t start.
IGNAZIO= We can go on, please because then I feel…..
SILVIA= So the only one engaged is you (to Gianluca).
GIANLUCA= Mine is nearby, it’s in Rome, so…..
IGNAZIO= He is with the same girl!!
SILVIA= All these years?
GIANLUCA= But I told you last time, do you remember, that I made you a promise…
SILVIA= And we’re still here guys, chapeau (French exclamation to say: hats off, that is, to compliment. Applause.)
IGNAZIO= I must say…. that I too was amazed.
PIERO= I see then, he also has an engagement ring, you see how beautiful, how sober. (He refers, jokingly, to the eye-catching snake ring that Gianluca wears, and that he also wore on the evening of the concert).

SILVIA= So you’re getting married?
GIANLUCA= No, no, it’s a snake, but no, he plays stupid, (laughs), no, it’s still early, damn it, no.
SILVIA= That’s right!
IGNAZIO= You are thirty years old! When do you want to start a family?
GIANLUCA= We’ll see, we’ll see, then over time it changes, but…..
IGNAZIO= I would have become a father at the age of 25, I would have loved it.
GIANLUCA= I’m still a son, I’m still a son to be a father, so I still have to wait a little longer.
PIERO= Your son is born in heels (he keeps joking about Gianluca because he wears high-heeled shoes. Piero and Ignazio laugh)

SILVIA= Why does he say this?
GIANLUCA= Because they make fun of me because I have stilts now (he shows the boots with high heels), you understand, I’m a rocker, I want to be a rocker.
IGNAZIO= It’s not that you’re a rocker, it’s that you’re short!! You’re short, so wear heels!
SILVIA= Don’t do body shaming to Gianluca.
IGNAZIO= No, no!!
GIANLUCA= But I’m not touchy anyway, so it’s fine!
SILVIA= Well, let’s remember the important things, May 27th, June 3rd, from the Verona Arena, Il Volo ALL FOR ONE. What to say, thank you!
PIERO= We only want to say one very important thing, we thank this network (Canale 5) for having believed in us, and for all the support we receive every day.
GIANLUCA= It’s just the beginning….of a long series.
SILVIA= It’s just the beginning of a very long series, thanks to Gianluca, thanks to Ignazio, thanks to Piero! The flight!! (Kisses hugs, to Piero Silvia she says “see you next time” to Ignazio she says “be good” and he replies “I’m always good”, unfortunately you can’t hear what he says to Gianluca).

I would say that it was a really pleasant interview. It’s almost time and we’ll see the two concerts recorded in the Arena.
Piero Ignazio and Gianluca were relaxed and serene, Silvia knows how to put them at ease. Ignazio and Piero, as usual, joke about poor Gianluca for his heels, but what about Ignazio’s and Piero’s shoes? Really unwatchable, and let’s not talk about Ignazio’s pants, too wide and long and Piero’s too short!!! These guys make me die laughing, but the words they say, are always beautiful and sensible, and mature and always grateful to others!!

And these days, the promo warning of the two events is on the air on Canale 5, here it is.
Furthermore, Il Volo has recently announced 3 concerts in Milan in September.


Unfortunately there are many fake profiles, which creep into the fans’ comments, posing as Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and also asking for money. I remind everyone that they never respond personally to fans and only have three instagram profiles certified by the blue check, so be wary of fake profiles. Torpedine also made a post about this.


That’s all for now, waiting to see the first event on May 27th, I await all your comments on the Verissimo interview.
I want to close with the beautiful words of our friend from Colombia. Only you, Adriana Luz can find such beautiful words, thank you!!
Daniela 🤗
They fill the spaces of the heart, they are incredible, they inspire so many feelings and beautiful emotions, that one cannot explain how it is possible that all three reflect so much talent, so much love, so much Voice.
Each one shines without dulling the other two, each one is different, without resembling the other two.
However, by bringing together each of her voices, each of her talents, each one shines.
Together they highlight their personalities much more, forming a perfect amalgam of vocal harmony and soul.
Example of delivery, example of maturity, example of tolerance.
They are unique, special and charming.
Admiration, affection and respect from Colombia.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Although still not understanding a word of Italian I watched the whole program just because of the guys, I just love watching their facial expressions when they are talking. These guys amaze me, they are so well spoken, so talented and looking forward to watching the Verona Concerts. I hope we will be able to watch them in the states when they are broadcast May 29 and June 2. Thanks again for another amazing translation.

    1. The broadcasts are May 39 and June 2 in the states? I have mediaset on my cable. Do you know if that is where it will be? Thank you Joyce b

      1. Joice, it’s May 27th and June 3rd. Unfortunately I don’t think they are visible to you, perhaps via personal computer.

    2. Hi Beverley, these guys always amaze us. I don’t think you will be able to see the concerts live, but we will publish them here, for sure.

      1. I tried this evening Daniela. Ended up spending half an hour trying to converse in Italian (thanks Google Translate) to a very helpful person called Roberto, At least I think he was helpful! Basically what he told me was that although I had paid for a month, I would not be able to see the concerts.

        Still no idea why, but there you go. Just not available in my country, UK, or by the sounds of it, anywhere else outside Italy.

        I hope somebody will be kind enough to record both nights, and put them on YouTube and/or Facebook.


  2. Thank you Daniela and Pat! @Daniela – It is a lot of work to translate and on behalf of all us English-language people, you are a rock star! I really appreciate you writing this up for us 😘 Also your “style critique” of Igna and Piero’s shoes is awesome LOL What’s with their “old man shoes”??? hahaha Anyway I love it when they visit Silvia. She’s so beautiful, gracious and elegant. And I admire what the guys say about values, and happiness, and life. Reading this post is the best way to start my morning!

    1. Hi Amy, no one ever told me I’m a rock star, ha ha!! Thank you.
      My comments are just a real observation. Yes, Silvia is really genuine, and what the boys say is pure truth, they are admirable.

  3. ❤️🙏⭐️ LOVED clip of fan comments so the Guys could directly hear from their wide fan base. I know they felt it, and was happy they could hear it as well!
    Well deserved.
    So heartwarming and true. Gracie.

  4. Silvia is my favorite interviewer. She treats the boys with total respect and can draw the best out of them. You can see that they are completely at ease with her. Thank you Daniela and Pat.

    1. RoseMarie, I love Silvia’s way of doing, really nice and the boys are completely at ease, certainly there is a felling of sincere friendship between all four.

  5. Daniela, you are a special person. Only someone like that, sensitive and special, manages to translate with his published articles, those emotions, sensations and beautiful, humorous, serious, embarrassing or bitter moments of the presentations of the interviews and dialogues that this unique, wonderful and spectacular group of three charming and talented, they give to their public.
    You have that fine sensibility to capture those moments, translate them and convey to your readers the feelings and emotions as each one expresses them. We understand their moods, we understand their sensitivity, we understand what they want to convey and what they don’t.
    Furthermore, Thank you for appreciating my words, which are exactly pure feelings full of admiration, affection and respect that they inspire in me, just like my big hug and my total thanks to you from Colombia.

    1. Adriana, I didn’t do anything special, you write beautiful words that perfectly describe what our boys are. It’s not for everyone to find the right words, and you know how to do it.
      Congratulations and a hug to you from Italy.

  6. Thank you Daniela and Pat. I tried learning some Italian. But it is not going so well, too old I think. I really appreciate the translations. It’s nice to hear their comments. Can’t wait for them to return to the states , I’m not allowed to fly anymore. I would love to see them again. I went to three concerts the last time that they were in the Northeast. Have a great day!

    1. Joyce, me too, translating for you, I appreciate more every word that is said by our guys and I must say that I like them more and more.

  7. Wow! Thank you Daniela and Pat…..I’m so I impressed and a bit envious of your lovely ability to translation interviews and videos for us….you are amazing and a great gift to All of us nonItalian speakers!
    It was fun to hear their responses to Silvia (who is very sweet and pretty….a plus I’m sure our guys don’t miss)! It seems Ignazio is still smarting over his loss of his beautiful love…distance can be devastating to a relationship, that Gianluca and Eleanora are still together but wish that Piero would find someone. He must be very picky or someone would have snatched him up by now, maybe he’s married to only his music and studies.
    I too am hoping for the opportunity to view their concerts on May 29 and June 2nd in the states, I’m unsure how this would be possible .
    I so appreciate all you both do (and of Susan) for all of us, not being on social media, you three are my only hope!
    Hoping you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I’m sending you much love and thanks! God Bless, Carol❤️🥰🙏🤗😘🎼🎤

    1. You’re most welcome, Carol! Thanks for the Mother’s Day wish. I hope you had a good one too. 😊

    2. With all due respect, I think Piero is too smart to be “snatched up”. Just my opinion.

    3. Thank you Carol for your wonderful compliments. Maybe Piero is demanding, or maybe he just wants to wait, or maybe he has a love affair well protected by privacy, who knows!

  8. Please help….. I saw Mr Torpedine’s message above. Message him where if I’m not on social media?? I am interested in a fan card to get into meet and greets. Thank you, Carol😏

    1. There is no such thing as this Fan Card. The Torpedine message was also a scam. I had a lovely(!) chat with a bogus Piero a couple of days ago. Well I enjoyed it anyway, I don’t think the scammer did. I twisted him, or even her, round and round I don’t think ‘it’ knew if ‘it’ was coming or going!

      Join the fan club, you don’t get a card as such, but joining has other benefits. I think it cost me about £17, give or take a penny or two. It depends on what the exchange rate is at the time.


      1. It’s pleasing to know someone else has realised the message from “Michele Torpedine” is a scam. The real Michele Torpedine is not going to tell potential hordes of fans to message him about the fan club. Issuing membership cards obviously has nothing to do with him. His Facebook has a blue tick and there’re posts on there warning about this very scam. Stay alert, folks.

      2. Roz, the fanclub card exists, I have two and they are beautiful, but they don’t send the cards abroad because you would pay more for shipping costs. I am sending you the photo of my two cards with the card holder.
        Torpedine’s message is very true, otherwise I wouldn’t have attached it!

      3. You’re wrong, Thordis, Torpedine’s message is real, he doesn’t say to message the fanclub, he just says that the only correct addresses are written on the official fanclub page, and he warns everyone not to reply to anyone who writes from other addresses .

      4. I stand by my previous comment. At least Roz won’t be conned.

        (I was going to use “won’t be taken for a ride” but translating idioms from one language to another usually causes confusion.)

    2. I forgot to mention, when you buy a ticket for the concert you have to buy one that includes the M&G. It costs more of course, but it is something I intend doing, if they ever come to the UK that is.

      If you join the fan club then you will be able to go to the sound check before the concert, assuming they have them at that particular venue of course. Tickets for that are free I believe. 🙂


      1. Dolores, I’m glad you were happy with your two tickets + meet & greet, but for me the amount you spent is staggering. My two Arena tickets cost a total of 200 euros, and I didn’t do a meet & greet.

    3. Carol to participate in the Meet & Greet you don’t need the card, you just have to buy, in addition to the concert ticket, the ticket for the M&G, I’ve never been there!

      1. It is on my ‘bucket list’ should they ever turn up in the UK, along with the sound check if there is one. 🙂 Meanwhile, I will have to settle for Andre Rieu I guess!


      2. I’ve been to a Meet & Greet at the Toronto Sept. 7, 2022 concert and it was WELL worth the extra money. Paid $1,400.00 in total for two tickets for my step-daughter and I, which included the M & G..

        Gianluca was very charming and took as much time as I wanted to speak to him, as did Ignazio. Piero was talking to someone in the lineup and had to be called by Igna to come over to me. Guess age does make a difference!

        I was surprised by this because Piero gives the impression that he is fully fan related. But, no matter, i still love him just as much! Hugs, Dol.

  9. Thank you Daniela and Pat! What a great interview!! It was especially heartwarming to see and hear the fans being interviewed before the concert! They are loved and admired by all age groups❤️❤️ I was fortunate to attend their concert in Chicago last September with my daughter! Loved it❤️❤️Annette

    1. You’re welcome, Annette. I also enjoyed the fan comments and watching the guys faces as they heard them. 😊

    2. Annette, I really like the piece of the fan interviews too, that’s why I translated their words into it, they come from their heart.

  10. Thanks Daniela, it is so true people of all ages love these young men. I hope I don’t die before I see them in concert.

    1. Me too. I am beginning to wonder if they are ever going to come to the UK. Sheesh, I will even settle on dragging myself to London, a place I detest. Sheffield would be better. I was at the Sheffield Arena a couple of weeks ago. Brilliant venue, plenty of seating, etc.


      1. Roz, you have to put pressure on whoever organizes the concerts, if whoever organizes invites Il Volo, they come.

  11. Thank you Daniela for taking the time to translate this interview. It was very interesting to hear the guys feelings about their music and their lives. I agree. They always acknowledge the people who have helped them along the way. And Adriana is such a beautiful writer. Her description is perfect of three amazing young men.

  12. Wow!! – you!! Daniela & Pat – are something else!! to redirect the Videos & Interviews to “FB’ of Silvia Toffanin – what a lot of hard work – but SUPER enjoyable to hear our Boys talking – I am always impressed by their good manners & humility – I observed Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca watching the Videos with great interest – the beautiful words penned by Adriana Luz were stunning – it is always a privilege to read your Editorials – thank you for sharing – much love.

    1. Jude, it’s a long job translating, but then there’s the happiness of letting you read beautiful things.
      What about Adriana Luz, she’s really good!!

  13. Daniela and Pat, thank you! I count on your translations and the perfect photos to highlight and clarify certain aspects of their performances. I never have to worry about not understanding the interviews. I relax knowing that everything will be made clear in a few days! You two never disappoint!
    The Tutti Per Uno concerts were amazing! Every time the guys create a new format it is worthy of our trust in them. They have given me much more than I have ever given to them even from all the concerts, etc and the two groups I manage. I’m very blessed to have Il Volo in my life!

    1. Thank you Judy for placing your trust in us and I can assure you it is well placed, there will always be translations.
      The next one will be to make you understand what was said at the All for One concert!

  14. Such a great write-up and videos, Daniela and Patti! Thank you so very much.

    Yes, it’s obvious that they love “America”, but if they came to Canada and stayed at more venues, they would see that we Canadians love them just as much. Their North American tour took in one city in Canada and seventeen in the StatesI I’m sure if they came to Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and Toronto, also some cities further West, even Vancouver, they would be greeted with open arms. Michele Torpedine — a note to you to think about this!! Dol.

    1. Not forgetting England, Ireland (both parts), Scotland, and of course Wales. There are loads of fans in France who are less than pleased they haven’t been there for years either.

      Maybe we all ought to get together and kidnap them! Bags I have Piero!!! 😉 😉 😉

      1. Once you’ve been arrested for kidnapping, we will have a whip round to pay your bail fees. I have a spare 50p.

        Looking forward to seeing your wanted poster.

        How do you intend to kidnap him? Knock him out with an Horlicks paste sandwich?

    2. I’m sure of this, Dolores, but as I have already suggested to Roz, you have to put pressure on the concert organizers to invite Il Volo.

  15. Many thanks Daniela and Pat. I watched the video when it was first on Facebook. My Italian is still far from brilliant, but I can understand some of what is being said.

    Looking forward to the two concerts on C5. 🙂


  16. Great interview, many thanks for translating and posting it Daniela and Pat. I hope I could watch the concert from Verona just like that one from
    Jerusalem. Well but now I’m getting ready for Cracow, I’m so excited. I hope I will meet a fan who I met in Verona, she was our neighbour in the apartment we stayed in Verona. She is coming to Cracow from Hungary. It will be wonderful concert, I’m sure of that. Thanks again and wish you a beautiful saturday evening with Il Volo on Canale5🥰😘

  17. Daniela and Pat – you have done it again – that is, pampering us with a swift and super fine translation of this latest interview with the guys. Thanks a million.
    I really enjoy the interviews with this hostess – she makes them feel so well and relaxed that they joke about and don’t hold back. In fact not much news to most of us, but always nice to hear them tell their story and personal thoughts. In this particular interview I find especially Piero very sweet and sincere. He has truly evolved into a very fine person – with his feet solid on the ground. He did so absolutely say some very nice and thoughtful things. I’m growing more and more fond of him as time passes. But they are all some great guys and it is going to be interesting to learn what they are working on this summer – they are probably going to surprise us all again in one way or another.
    PS I loved your comment on the boys ‘s appearance – I so much agree with you and it could have been my words. When seeing the pic of them in full figure together my first thought was that the caption should read: “Is there a tailor in the room”? We need 3 new pair of trousers! OMG the one look worse than the other… I know that fashion calls for what we see – but no one says that the latest fashion suits everyone and in this case it doesn’t suit any of them. Those oversized 30-style baggy way too long pants does nothing good to Ignazio. He seems much heavier than he is. And oh no sweet Piero – when you are short it is no good idea to wear too short trousers… and especially not when they even slims in at the bottom. And then topped with big clumsy shoes. Even our fashion guy Gianluca is off the track here. While the thin fine leather pants he wore in the Arena were elegant – these looks just the opposite – like made of wrinkled black garbage plastic bags folding in an unattractive way. They are no-go! 😜
    Anyhow thanks again – I always appreciate these translations very much. Warmest regards – Kirsten🇩🇰

    1. You’re welcome, Kirsten! I agree with everything you said about the guys’ appearance. But I think sometimes they just want a change…..whether it makes them look better or not! 🤣

    2. Kirsten, I laughed reading your opinion on the pants, and I agree with you.
      Yes, the interview doesn’t say anything new but I think there will be many surprises to come.
      I have already read another interview that I want to translate for you and there are some details that have not been revealed here, but the translation of the concert comes first. Yesterday I saw the first concert and it was almost all concentrated on the second evening, except for a piece where there was the first evening, the one we attended, and my God, it was raining really hard!!!

  18. I have mediaset channel on my cable – optimum. As an extra. It showed tutti per uno will play Sunday at 8:30 so far. Very excited. 2.5 hours

    1. I hope it works for you Joyce. I couldn’t get it to work at all. When I contacted Help, all Roberto could tell me was that I wouldn’t be able to watch either concerts here in the UK. 🙁


  19. Gals, I just watched a full hour of the second night’s show on YouTube–excellent!

  20. Thanks both for translation ,the boys were great and always polite ,Piero always looks smart Ignazio i didnt like his baggy pants and Gianluca has a style of his own ,i think Ignazio could do a show of his own with guests he has so much talent ,Piero is studying hard i think on his Opera singing i hope he gets his dream to sing at La Scala ,regards

  21. Grazie Daniela e Pat per Questo post. Nostante il mio italiano non è ancora buono, ho guardato il video prima di guardare la traduzione, ho capito molto dell’intervista.
    Siete persone illuminate.

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