There seemed to be a moment of calm until August 3rd, but a good interview with Il Volo was published in the weekly magazine OGGI.
A nice article written by Dea Verna, in which I appreciated some questions and beautiful photos, and the possibility for our boys to remove some “pebbles from their shoes”.
I will translate for you.

They joke with each other, make fun of each other, tease each other.
“Gianluca and I always talk, Ignazio on the other hand is the one who disappears”, says Piero Barone. “I’m like this, I need to pull the plug, I’m hurt,” explains Boschetto.
The three guys from Il Volo will celebrate 15 years of their career in 2024. “We spent half a life together, think how lucky”.
It all started on 25 April 2009 when very young competitors of Ti Lascio una Canzone conducted by Antonella Clerici, were put together to sing O SOLE MIO.

Now, after conquering the world, having sold out several times at Radio City Music Hall in New York, winning the Sanremo festival in 2015, they are giving themselves a whim in Italy.
For the first time they bring their show, ALL FOR ONE, to a theater, at the Arcimboldi in Milan, on 2,3,4,6,8,9 September.
“We wanted an intimate atmosphere, to have the audience close,” they say.
“We used to sing together and it was almost impossible to tell one from the other. Now we’ve grown up, there are solo moments, we want to surprise the audience and expand it.”

What’s your life like when you’re not on tour?

PIERO= Simple, I live in Sicily, in the province of Agrigento. I wake up at 05:30AM, I go out on the boat with a friend, we go fishing. Then I run, I’m preparing for the New York Marathon, or I play tennis. After sport, a nice gin and tonic with friends.
GIANLUCA= I live in Roseto degli Abruzzi. I wake up early, work out at the gym, have lunch with my grandpa, hang out with family and friends. Of the three, I am the only boyfriend.
IGNAZIO= (He lives in Bologna) Before, I used to go to sleep very late, I did nothing except stay closed in a studio with video games. Now I wake up early and go play tennis.

Then there’s your Hollywood life. The best meeting?

PIERO= Placido Domingo, who came to do vocals in our dressing room before the New York concert, José Carreras. We met Woody Allen in a New York restaurant, and we started singing together. He told us his favorite wine is Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.
GIANLUCA= As teenagers we sang with Barbra Streisand, a privilege. I was thrilled when I met John Meyers in Malibu, who is considered the new Eric Clapton.

And Pope Francis?

GIANLUCA= We met him three times. The first time in 2014, when I was just over 18, I greeted him by saying “Hello” to the Pope……but he remained calm and replied: “Hello”.

The madness of a fan?

PIERO= One day I was in Austin, Texas, running on a treadmill. I see the woman next to me has something on her left ankle that looks familiar. She had my autograph tattooed on her.”

Has this extraordinary career that began at the age of 14 taken anything away from you?

GIANLUCA= The possibility of going to school. Ten years ago my peers read the DIVINE COMEDY, perhaps reluctantly, I regret not having done so. I’m recovering.”
IGNAZIO= I’ve missed the bullshit you do as a kid, like riding a moped with friends until four in the morning. We grew up quickly, with many responsibilities.

You challenged prejudices about your musical genre, loved by the public, less by the critics.

GIANLUCA= Every artist should be the first critic of himself. What can you expect from three 15-year-old boys? We could not have the depth of De Andrè or Guccini, who we listen to and love.
Now we want to build a repertoire that is not only based on virtuosity.
PIERO= There is a difference between criticism and offense. Why rage against three guys who love what they do?
There is nothing built in us, otherwise we wouldn’t still be here after almost 15 years.

In 2019 in Sanremo, some journalists in the press room insulted you.

IGNAZIO= As long as they take it out on us, as long as they say we make music for old men, amen.
But Sanremo was an offense to music, to those who make it and those who love it, to the public.

Meanwhile, you and the Maneskin are our export groups.

IGNAZIO= Look, let’s make two genres that were considered extinct. Rock had been forgotten in the 2000s.
And no one does bel canto anymore, only Bocelli and us.

We have a female prime minister. Does it make you proud?

PIERO= Sure. There are more and more women leaders, the patriarchy is weakening.
IGNAZIO= The bad thing is being surprised, it should be normal.

What do you think of Meloni (Giorgia Meloni as our Prime Minister)

PIERO= She is a woman who is working, bringing results. Let’s hope everything goes well. We hope that those who represent us, who have been elected by the pool, do a good job.

What should the government do?

PIERO= Investing in culture, education, school. Trust young people, encourage them.
GIANLUCA= It’s a society in which television and social media give importance to wealth, to perfection, but it’s crap. Only culture can save us.

As you may have noticed, one of the photos was taken in the Vatican, exactly in the Sistine Chapel, Gianluca Ignazio and Piero with the background of Michelangelo’s “Universal Flood”, wonderful photo!!

This second shot is also very nice, which shows us our loved ones in their current maturity.

But that’s not all, there is a beautiful video, a nice surprise made to a fan of Gianluca, here is the video, it will touch your heart!
This fan comes from Calabria, her dream was to meet Gianluca, a dream fulfilled, the emotion of the girl who can’t say anything at the beginning from the emotion is palpable. Great Gianluca who allowed this dream to come true.
At the beginning of the video, you can clearly see the alley of Montepagano where Gianluca lives, he comes out exactly from his house to greet Martina.
Thanks Gianluca, once again we could see your kind and good soul.
The friend Donatella Merlotti, florist in Roseto degli Abruzzi, acted as a bridge to be able to realize the meeting between Martina and Gianluca.
She posted the video with these words:
“Martina’s dream was to meet Gianluca Ginoble. In her condition it wasn’t easy, but when love and goodwill come together, nothing is impossible. From Calabria, to Piedmont and then to Abruzzo. A heartfelt thanks to Gianluca for his availability and kindness. I am happy to have contributed to Martina’s happiness, together with her parents and my sister.”

I found the same video with the original audio and I translated the few words said:

Click Here – Gianluca and Martina videos with original audio

(You must have an Instagram account to view these video stories.)
GIANLUCA= Hello, how are you, are you all right? (Gianluca embraces and squeezes Martina who is very excited and unable to speak)
DONATELLA= For her it is a historic moment.
GIANLUCA= Wait, you dropped your phone.
You brought me flowers, thank you, thank you very much, are you happy?
DONATELLA= She can’t speak!  (for the emotion)
GIANLUCA= Thank you, thank you!
DONATELLA= But thanks to you Gianluca for being so kind, a really great gift.
GIANLUCA= But this is the minimum, you think, for so little, thank you, thank you (Gianluca takes the flowers). Usually it’s the gentlemen who bring the flowers and you brought them to me.
DONATELLA= And you give them back to her.
GIANLUCA = Hello, how are you? (Gianluca greets Martina’s parents) ,
DONATELLA= (turning to Martina) Love, let’s put us in the shade that there is a strong sun.
MARTINA’S MOM = Good morning,….. sorry…..
GIANLUCA= Where are you from?
GIANLUCA= Ah, from Calabria! Shall we go for a coffee?
MARTINA’S MOM = Thank you, we don’t want to disturb you.
GIANLUCA= It’s not a nuisance.
(now they are at the bar) …… no, here in Abruzzo.
MARTINA= Unfortunately we are leaving now.
MARTINA’ S MOM= We will arrive home tonight.

Well, I’d say there’s not much to add, words are useless, we all enjoyed this nice gesture, not just Martina. 
Just one last thing, I remind you that on August 3 Il Volo will sing with Placido Domingo at the REGGIA DI CASERTA.

See you soon: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


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  1. Grazie mille Daniela and Pat for this lovely post. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio have hearts of gold. The young lady must be on cloud nine. It’s a beautiful cover photo too.

    1. I agree RoseMarie, Martina will still be walking on clouds!
      The cover photo of the weekly OGGI is also beautiful, but the photo inside the Sistine Chapel is truly special

      1. Terri, the US tour is sure to be there and you can all rejoice in their presence.

  2. Awwww he changed her life and brought joy to her heart… these three young men were raised to be fine young people with hearts of gold! I hope they will soon return to Canada… such talent!

    1. Joy, Martina will always remember this fantastic moment, yes Gianluca, but also Piero and Ignazio are truly three incredible rare pearls.

    2. Please come to Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦
      Your compassion, love ❤️ and kindness along with voices blessed by angels 👼 come through in every piece of music Il Volo sings!

    1. I know Roz, it got to me too! I tell you the one and only time (so far) that I have seen the guys in concert in Chicago and then went to the meet and greet was something I’ll never forget. At the meet and greet I told the guys it was my birthday the day before and got a hug from each of them. Then Gian turned to me, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Buon Compleanno!” I will never forget that he took the time to personally wish me Happy Birthday. 🥰😊

  3. Oh my, I’m speechless and tearing…..they ARE three very well raised young men, such a pleasure to witness. Gian just won my heart again and again, he is an Angel….so sweet and loving. T hank you Daniela and Pat for the photos and Gian’s video for this translation, you never leave us wondering what the guys have said, love the souls and big hearts and love you two beautiful women and Susan who always bring them to us in stories to read and re-read!
    Grazie, Carol🎼🤗💖🙏

    1. You’re welcome, Carol. Such big hearts in these young men! And it forever endears them to all of us!

    2. Carol, it was a big surprise for us too, seeing that video and it brought us so much emotion.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  4. No further proof is needed to show that our Il Volo are very special young men. They are all great but, as Carol says, Gian wins our heart over and over. Such beautiful videos. Thanks, Dol.

    1. Dolores, the three of them are definitely very special kids and we are all very proud to follow them, not only because they are good singers, but also because they have hearts of gold.

    1. Bobbi, don’t you think it was a nice way to learn about the existence of Bel Canto?

    1. Barbara, it’s that emotion that unites us all when we see them, hear them, participate in their concerts.

  5. Very interesting interview. But what can I say about the video of Gianluca and Martina. I watched it several times and was moved each time. Gianluca is very special young man with such a beautiful soul. We love Il Volo for being fantastic artists and kind, humble and good-hearted young men. They are really unique. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the opportunity of following our guys. It’s always a big pleasure to read all the post and watch the video here on the Flightcrew. Grazie mille

    1. Jolanta, when you think they can’t do more than this, a similar video pops up that turns everything upside down, moves you and makes you happy to be one of their fans!

  6. How fortunate this World is to be blessed with such beautiful souls – who enlighten our day not only with their stunning song & stage presentations – but their very loving spirits – I feel our Boys have been sent to us from a higher power to lift us all to a higher place whenever we see & hear them – thank God for people like you Daniela & Pat who present to us much joy – much love to you both.

    1. Thank you, Jude, for your kind words….sending love to you and all the Flight Crew members! 😘🥰

    2. Surely Jude, for how they sing and for how they present themselves and for their way of being, deserve many beautiful things, they deserve the right success and a lot of love that surrounds them.

  7. Daniela and Pat I knew I could count on you guys to translate the article from the magazine, thank you. The video with Gian was beautiful. I remember my first concert where I attended M&G and I was so nervous I couldn’t talk but Gianluca stepped forward and gave me a hug. There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful these three really are. Can’t wait to hear if they will be in the states in 2024.

    1. It is my pleasure to help get these beautiful moments to the Flight Crew! Gianluca has such a tender heart and does go out of his way to make each one of us feel special! 💗

    2. Beverly, anything that deserves your attention will always be translated.
      Surely they will arrive in 2024, I wish you another hug!

  8. What a touching, kind and loving gesture. We might never have known about this incident if not for this blog-It’s an Il Volo life line!

  9. T hank you Daniela and Pat for the translation ,Gianluca was very kind to see the young lady ,the boys have good hearts and always put them selves out to meet their fans ,regards

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