The time is 21:10… and the doors at Teatro Arcimboldi are still open but the light slightly dimmed. The audience starts clapping their hands and making noises for the third time. A certain tension has arisen.
At 21:15 sharp, however, the lights are turned off, the curtain slowly pulls aside and bathed in a spotlight, three young men appear.
Dressed in black suits and shirts, standing completely still in the silence. A roar arose from the audience. A single voice is heard. No music. No lightshow. A pitch black stage.
Gianluca’s honey-like voice has softly started up the first lines of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” but is soon joined by Ignazio’s emotional interpretation of the words and Piero’s warm and strong emphasizes of the highlights. IL VOLO has taken the stage! The audience is brought in an instant awe with this a cappella version of the legendary song.
We are spellbound and in their hands from the very first note! The audience goes crazy. Standing ovations.
What an opening – and so unexpected! Actually, I had just told my husband that I was ready for a bet that they would start up individually in each corner of the hall with their new version of “Granada” – in similarity with the openings of the TV-shows in Verona. So much for that! Those guys understand to surprise us, so what now to expect?

Coincidences happen and opportunities arise…

It wasn’t planned at all. I wasn’t going to attend yet an Il Volo concert this summer.
Having enjoyed the “rainy” concert in Verona with Daniela on May 1st , well, I figured that it would have to do for a while.
So I had tried to ignore and forget all about the upcoming Italian concerts. However… when with only a few weeks’ notice it was suddenly decided that my husband and I would do a European self-drive holiday at the end of August/primo September – and I sat down to plan the itinerary in detail – an unexpected “door” opened.
I needed an overnight stop somewhere between Austria and Umbria (mid Italy) as too far to drive in one day.
I looked at the date – Sunday, September the 3rd – uh wasn’t it one of the days of the IL VOLO concerts?
And Milan – uh wasn’t it just more or less right along the planned route? Yes! OMG it could work!
My husband needed a bit of persuasion but had to admit that it wasn’t too bad an idea 😊.
Only, what about concert tickets?
At first glance the concert was all sold out – oh NO – but yet again, if we were willing to sit not exactly next to each other, we could find acceptable seats – at least we thought.
And voila – we were going to enjoy one of the “Tutti per Uno” Concerts in Milan! 😁😉☺. And here we are!

Trees do not grow into the sky though…

and everything did not exactly turn out as we had hoped for with this concert arrangement.
Reaching the theatre and finding our seats we realized that the lack of understanding the Italian language had given us an incorrect impression of the location of the same. Not only were we not going to sit together, but apparently these seats were not in the back of the floor on an elevation nor on the front row of same, as we had understood – but actually on the first balcony! So absolutely not the same as being on the floor with the opportunity of having the guys pass by when mingling with the audience and furthermore, my seat was neither near the middle of the hall as thought but rather almost at the very end to the left with my husband even further away. Hence, we went to the ticket office trying to explain the situation hoping that they might have received some last minute cancellations that we could upgrade to. Nope. Absolutely no mercy here. We were told that we could purchase new tickets (at a totally sold out concert?) and then try to sell the original ones by the door (half an hour before the start of the concert?).
Disappointed, we walked back to our seats pondering about what a study of the word “service” could have done in this connection… In spite of a totally sold out concert we did, however, quickly noticed none the less than a section of some 15-20 empty seats in a rounding just in front of us… When the doors closed and the guys had finished their opening song these seats were still not occupied… We signalized each other: Let’s make a go for them.
So we did end up sitting next to each other – still on the balcony – but now kind of in the front row with better views, while the theatre lost out on the income of the difference in ticket prices and not the least happy clients!

Sound Check…

Another point of disappointment relates to the “Sound Check” – or rather the cancelled one. Actually, having heard nothing from the official FanClub as to the possibilities of a sound check arrangement before we left Denmark, I did not anticipate that there would be any at all and had come to terms with that. But a few days before the concert I received an email gladly announcing sound check invitations to all the European concerts. Jihaaa – and a few minutes later I held a confirmation on my iPhone. YES, we were accepted to attend the sound check prior to our concert. My heart did beat a little harder – being the very best chance of meeting the guys. But not for long as shortly after I received yet another mail now telling me that all the sound checks in Milan but the very first one would not be carried through… for some rather unclear reason. My heart stopped beating for a bit. Oh no – why? Even worse, the next day I got a new email telling me that there would be a sound check in connection with the very last concert on the 9th of September to which we were welcome to attend… But on the 9th we would be far away from Milan without the slightest chance of attending. It was like a kick in the belly and a much bigger disappointment than if no invitations had been offered at all. I don’t know about that official FanClub… sorry to say. When in Rome at X-mas the sound check ended up with us standing for more than 1 hr. outside in the cold being let in only for the very last 10 minutes or so and with no following special “Meet & Greet” about the new book as clearly stated in the invitation. That did simply not occur nor did we get any info or explanation. And now we get an invitation – a confirmation – then it gets all cancelled followed by a “but you can attend another day”… I lack to understand what could possibly be a difference in technical conditions that could lead to a cancellation some days but functioning on the 2nd and the 9th of September?
Well, apparently it is just not for me to succeed in experiencing a well-functioning sound check. And for once I had ample time to take part and staying in a convenient hotel, just at 3 min. walk from the concert hall. Alas, one cannot win all battles, but I must admit, I was truly disappointed and sad at the time.

Back to the concert

As you do all know by now the concert was in many ways built up in the very same way as the big ditto ones in Verona, however, without guest stars. Each guy did about 5 solos, I think, and then a nice amount of their original repertoire together. Having some 60 songs to choose among, apparently the repertoire has varied from evening to evening. Daniela has most kindly made up and previously posted a list with all the songs performed during these 6 concerts – you can look them up. I must admit that my concentration was more on the show and performances than what songs were actually performed on my night particularly… sorry, so I did not make notes. But I recall some of those that I enjoyed the most.
Don’t get me wrong, I love all songs by IL VOLO but, of course, I have my favorites. All guys had a good evening and did great – but I recall particularly Ignazio in the good old Aretha Franklin song: “A natural woman”. In Verona he did it as a duet with one of the guest stars, but this evening he did it all by himself while likewise playing the piano. That song suits him well and he performed it with a lot of soul, emotion and the right amount of Motown ambiance. I loved it – and so did the audience.
Gianluca gave us his new Beatles medley, which likewise fits his soft voice really well and brings back good memories to me and my husband being big Beatles fans. He did also perform the old Freddy Mercury rock-´n-roll song and Elvis tribute “This crazy little thing” that seems to be his own favorite for the time being. It worked better for him than I recall from Verona and he is visually happy singing and performing it. His very embodied and emotional interpretation of the love song “Cura” did, however, capture the audience the most.
As anticipated Piero had chosen a selection of opera arias the names of which I do, unfortunately, not know or recall. One was, however, “Mamma quel vino è generoso”. But he is happy as a lark performing these songs that are all concluded with big wall-to-wall smiles clearly indicating that he has succeeded to his own satisfaction. One of the highlights to me was an operatic duet between him and Ignazio: “Miserere”. That duet he did with a rock singer in Verona – but Ignazio did a fabulous job taking over here – kudos to him. Ignazio has an incredible span in his voice and seems to be able to embrace almost any kind of musical genre.
Personally, I love when the guys sing together the most though – creating those awesome and beautiful harmonies that define the IL VOLO sound – and we were blessed with their core songs such as “Il Mondo”, “My Way” and, of course, “Grande Amore”.

Mingling with the audience

Is no doubt something the guys enjoy themselves tremendously – hence their choice of the smaller Teatro Arcimboldi according to themselves – giving them the opportunity to get close to the audience and their fans.
Therefore, to the tunes of the traditional Bel Canto song “Volare” they climbed down from the stage, opened the gate to the hall and wandered singing out among the audience who were lucky to get handshakes, selfies and even hugs while they sang their hearts out. The audience on the floor went crazy and embraced them standing, while we could only watch the fun from our closed balcony seats (said the sour grape being truly jealous of those having been able to obtain orchestra seats on the floor).
But there can no longer be any doubt to anyone that these guys are highly loved by the audience and their fans!
There was an incredible atmosphere in the hall – a true party – and lots of fans must have returned home with great memories of close encounters with the guys.
Due to our seating I was generally not able to take any good photos or videos – too far a distance for my old iPhone camera to deal with – but in spite of same I did try anyway to capture these emotions.
On top the attached little video from the same clip shows – apart from roof, floor and other uninteresting objects – that in the very back of the hall you do actually find Michele Torpedine and Barbara Vitali standing, enjoying it all.
The easiest guy to follow was Gianluca due to his white suit at this stage – I caught a glimpse of him getting up to them to say hi, and back again into the mass of people – while at the very end of the clip a split second Piero among the fans at the first row appears. Sorry for the quality and mess in this clip, but I thought you might enjoy seeing it anyhow.

Piero takes it all – almost…

It has been interesting to follow Piero over the last 3 years or so as he seems to evolve technically and artistically from concert to concert – this time no difference. In Verona he proved that he was ready for the bigger opera scenes and this he repeated this evening. His arias seemed flawless and he delivered them with great confidence.
And this did not pass unnoticed! The audience loved him and gave him one big standing ovation following the next. Kind of interesting to note as no doubt only few in the audience are true opera fans, but Piero understands to capture everyone’s heart. I myself am neither much into opera – but I do most certainly appreciate the efforts and the perfection with which Piero performs his songs.
Hence, it is not incorrect to say that Piero did take most of the praises home this evening – in fact so much that my husband at a stage, after Gianluca had performed “La Cura” and earned a big standing ovation, commented: “Phew, I am glad that – finally – he did likewise get a huge recognition”.
My husband did actually feel a bit sorry for both Gianluca and Ignazio for not receiving the same overwhelming appreciations as Piero. Or in other words, he found all three equally worthy of standing ovations. 😊

and then it was all over…

All good things come to an end and in no time 2 hrs. and 10 min. had vanished and it was time for the guys to bid us good-bye which they did in their traditional way by singing “Grande Amore” while thanking the conductor, the orchestra, their own musicians etc. etc. and Ignazio doing his backwards countdown “3-2-1” and taking a big jump and away they were without the audience being able to bring them back to stage for “extras” in spite of long lasting standing ovations. I always find myself in an awesome vacuum following such an intense and much looked forward to experience and I need time to digest it all.
Luckily, we had a lovely little balcony to our hotel apartment so husband and I had the opportunity to sit down in the warm, mild Italian summer night and enjoy a glass of wine and take it all a bit better before calling it a day.
Teatro Arcimboldi, Milan
The guys have clearly expressed their excitement about Theatro Arcimboldi – based on the intimacy and possibility to get closer to their audience – and I can follow their thinking to a certain degree.
At the concert Ignazio did highlight another positive angle – no worries for rain 😁.
Having said this I do, however, find that there are pros and cons at all venues and in this case – apart from being stock if seated on one of the balconies and hence not able to join in the “fun” when they mingle with the audience (read, if you go be sure to purchase seats on the floor) well, then I missed thoroughly “big screens”. I didn’t realize until then how much they add to the experience. Seated high on my balcony I could hardly see who was whom – just 3 little “ants” moving about – and I had no idea as to whether Ignazio was having a big beard or a goatee only; what kind of glasses Piero was wearing nor if Gianluca did still have his signature curl or… Even worse, I could not see and enjoy their gorgeous smiles nor perceive their little sweet antics such as giving each other a high five, a caring hug or a kiss on the cheek… – these things that are so special for the IL VOLO guys.
I do now realize how much more I enjoy their music being able to watch their facial expressions and hence, admittedly, you get more out of watching a video or TV-transmission than being present at a live concert – unless you are seated in the very front rows and/or big screens are provided for. Add to that the difficulties of getting to/from Teatro Arcimboldi. It is located in a suburban area next to a University some 25 minutes by Metro from downtown Milan and with few hotels in the close vicinity only. Ignazio mentions in a video that you can easily access the theatre by train – that is true, but he forgets to mention that there are few or no trains leaving from this regional station after midnight, so no way of getting back home the same evening by this means of transportation. The Metro runs a little later but personally we do not feel comfortable using it late at night – after all Milan is a big city – and getting hold of a taxi could be difficult, so we ended up purchasing the most expensive accommodation on our entire trip just in order to be within close walking distance of this venue. And without the big screens… I am not sure that we will choose Milan for our next IL VOLO experience. Verona seems like a much more attractive venue in a lovely environment with many accommodation options and easy access – so in spite of the possibility of rain, well, I think – as a foreigner and tourist – that I will prefer to go there. (in Arena)

In the footsteps of IL VOLO.

Luckily, the concert in Milan was only the very beginning of our 2-weeks long holiday in Italy, so albeit having to leave Milan and IL VOLO behind the following morning, we were having some great and lovely experiences to look forward to. Having visited the major Italian tourist areas several times before we had decided to do something new – and inspired by the IL VOLO guys – I had planned an out of the ordinary Italian holiday itinerary including among others a visit to The Frasassi Caves (where they filmed the Storaro documentary singing Morricone),  we enjoyed refreshments at the town square in the lovely town of Ascoli di Piceno, (where they performed a fantastic al fresco concert this summer and Gianluca un-announced appeared on his own at a special event), enjoyed swimming and lounging at the inviting sandy beach of Roseto as well as explored the beautiful and awesome landscapes and hidden medieval towns in Abruzzo (Gianluca’s home base).
So IL VOLO was not out of mind in spite of out of sight, the following weeks and we learned a lot new about Italy. Next time we must explore Sicily – a region we have yet to visit too. The IL VOLO guys ought to receive a price of honor – namely the one of being fantastic ambassadors of their country!
Prior to the Milan concert my husband and I did likewise have the opportunity to meet up with Daniela for a very lovely evening in Brescia. Only sad that she could not join us at the concert the following evening, but it is always great to meet up with fellow fans. The IL VOLO guys most certainly connect us regardless of nationality, age or social backgrounds. This is exercising international understanding in the very best way. 😉
Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my story – I hope you have enjoyed my comments and reflections. Warmest greetings – KIRSTEN 

47 thoughts on ““TUTTI PER UNO” CONCERT – MILAN by Kirsten”

  1. Merci pour cette jolie histoire Kristen je ne me lasse jamais d’histoires sur nos gars c’est toujours trés agréable a lire !J’espère que les vacances ont bien continuées pour votre mari et vous !Merci encore

    1. Merci – Thank you so very much for your kind words Paula. Unfortunately I know too little French in order to reply to you in that language. I am glad you enjoyed my report and I agree, it is fun to learn how other fans experience the guys’ concerts and music. PS we had a very lovely holiday in Italy.
      Warmest regards – Kirsten

    2. Thank you for the great critique of Il Volo they are truly the best you brought out a lot of sides of their talents!!!!

      1. You are so very welcome Cmshealy. I am glad that you enjoyed the article.
        Warmest regards – Kirsten

  2. Kirsten, Thank you for another excellent report. I appreciate being able to read about concerts that Daniela is unable to attend.
    I’m sorry about your difficulties, but it might make you feel better to think about the fact that you are able to attend more concerts than others.
    Excellent reporting. I hope to read another from you soon.

    1. Gail you are so very welcome. I am happy to learn that you have enjoyed my report. As to Daniela I would, however, have loved to have her along to the concert and enjoying it together with her, but I know she was up to her ears with work and private stuff that needed her attention, so I am only more than happy that I could fill in for her 😋👍❤️. And Gail I do know that I am a very fortunate girl having been able to attend so many Il Volo concerts over a rather short period, so whom am I to complaint just because I didn’t get good floor tickets this time. I was there and – of course – I could fully hear their beautiful voices all the time❤️
      Take care and all the best – Kirsten

  3. merci pour votre lettre et j’ai sentie l’émotion et l’amour que vous portez pour nos 3 garçons d’Il Volo….vous êtes chanceux d’avoir assisté à leur spectacle…moi je suis du Québec, Canada et malheureusement ils ne viendront pas avant 2025…

    1. Thank you so very much for your lovely comment Gunter. I am very pleased to learn that you can feel my genuine love and appreciation of these guys. Merci.
      I know that it must be so difficult for you Canadian and US people having to wait the very long time till 2025 to experience the guys live in your own countries again. But apparently they have a lot of other activities planned for their 15th anniversary. I am confident that those activities will be broadcast worldwide one way or another so that you shall not be left out👍😋❤️ As to myself I fear that they shall never come to Scandinavia any time for some reason or another… They have never toured any of our countries. But, luckily, Italy is “just” some 2 1/2 hrs flight from Copenhagen only – and served by more budget airlines – so if “Mohammed won’t come to us, we’ll just have to come to Mohammed” as a saying goes.
      Warm regards – Kirsten

  4. What fun you report! Even though you found your seats were not optimal your love for our guys overcame! I’m still praying I get my opportunity to see the guys live even if I have to be in a seat in the back. I’ll find joy in hearing the melodies I love. Having no Italian ( but maybe by then Babble will give me at least some) I am not familiar with the titles except for very few (Il Mondo, Grande Amore, and of course the English songs I know by heart) I recognize some of Piero’s arias but am not knowledgeable enough for the name of the opera or the composer…but as I sit here listening to a Mix on YouTube I may as well be at such a concert. I hear the songs, stop to watch those I love and recognize. There are now several of my neighbors who join with me in our little community room and we do crafts while listening to them.
    Thank you for your report and vacation travelogue I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    1. Muriel – so glad that you enjoyed reading my report and even finding it fun😜👍❤️ I hope and wish that one day soon you shall likewise be able to experience a live concert with the guys. Prayers may be heard❤️ But at least you find great pleasure in watching TouTube videos with the guys, which in my opinion truly is one of the best way to see them as you get the great close ups and focus on details. Hence I do likewise live to watch videos with them and enjoy the few DVDs they have officially issued.
      All the best to you – Kirsten

  5. I loved your story. I can empathize with you and your husband about not being able to get closer to them. It makes all the difference. I hope next time you have front row seats. It’s very nice to see what other fans have to say about our guys. They are certainly unique. Not like so many other groups. Thank you again. I look forward to more if your stories.

    1. Thank you so very much Irene for your kind words. Glad that you enjoyed reading my report – and I’ll be more than happy to write more given the opportunity to see/hear them soon again and for “Flightcrew” to let me post them here.
      Yes, front row seats on the floor is the way to go – alas, so difficult to get hold of and need you to sit ready-steady-go the very second the FanClub opens up the pre-sale – which, unfortunately, often is announced few hours in advance not leaving us fans abroad the option to plan a trip to the event needing to get time off work, get hold of airline tickets etc etc in sufficient time. I have been very lucky in that respect in general so who am I to complaint about bad seats 😜 – after all I was able to go after all and did, of course, have a great time.
      Warmest regards – Kirsten

  6. Hi Kirsten,
    I do think the same, that Piero is the one who has developed the most as a singer lately. He is outstanding nowadays. I get goose bumps every time I listen to an opera aria of his while I am getting a little bit bored of the choices that Gianluca makes for the concerts. I think he is better when he sings opera or songs that are not rock or “light” pop songs.
    I am so glad you got another opportunity to see a concert!
    Varma hälsningar från Finland!

    1. Hejsan Lena. Godt at hoere fra dig😋👍❤️. I can only agree with you – Piero has indeed evolved tremendously lately. The many hours of studies and rehearsals are paying off now. And I find it really interesting to observe that the audience acknowledge it so clearly as I believe that few of them are really opera fans – but even without the slightest knowledge of opera one is captured by Piero when he sings. I must also agree with you as to Gianluca. I have written it previously – I do likewise wish for him to challenge himself vocally a bit more. I would like to hear him sing “The Phantom of the Opera” or a strong version of “New York, New York”. He can sing with great force if he wants to. Admittedly I love his soft velvety voice very much – he melts my heart using it – but he need to find the right songs for it giving him the opportunity to use his ability to sing with great emotions, depths and passion as well – just as he did in I.e. “A Machetai”. That was stunning and that is where he has his forth. Gianluca is such a gentle, sensitive and mild man and no matter how hard he tries, he is not going to be able to sing sufficiently edgy and rough to give rock songs that sharpness they need. Hence in my humble opinion songs like “My little thing” is not the right choice for him (Freddy Mercury) albeit I so truly can see that he loves to sing it and resemble the moves. And no doubt he has rehearsed that song over and over. But I do appreciate that he follows his heart and chooses the genres that he loves and stay true to himself.

      Finally, the thing that they all now pursue the music they prefer themselves gives us in the audience a show unlike anything else with such a wide span of music in one and the same concert – that’s unique and maybe the concept that will secure them many more hours on the stage in the future. Their signature!

      Sorry, I am rambling on… once you get me started😜
      Ha det saae bra – Kram. Kirsten

      1. Hi Kirsten,
        I haven’t seen or heard that song “A Machetai” sung by Gianluca. Is there a video of it somewhere? I would like to see it. You nailed it about Gianluca, he is too soft for edgy rock songs and could challenge himself more. I have been thinking if he still takes singing lessons. He could deliver so much more on the stage. My own musical background is in classical piano playing, so my taste is somewhere else than in rock/pop music. Lately Il Volo has become a little bit too popish for me maybe, the only one singing opera is Piero, and sometimes Ignazio. I would love to see Il Volo singing the same program they had last autumn in Japan. If Ignazio trained more his voice, he would have the same potential as Pavarotti had, their voices have the same kind of vibration when they are relaxed.
        Kram från Finland!

      2. I agree it is too bad that Ignazio is not interested in singing opera. I think he would be phenomenal.

      3. Ignazio’s facial expressions when he sings certain arias express his true feelings. He can make La Traviator absolutely evil! He is who he is and sings some arias beautifully while expressing angst at doing so. Someone wrote a while ago that Ignazio is the music. I think it is an appropriate way to describe him.
        If I may further comment on Gianluca…I wish he would give his all to being himself. His Elvis karaoke needs to take a rest in his performances. There, I said it. He’s more than a pretty face. His voice is his treasure. His voice. Yes, he can sound like Frank Sinatra much more than Elvis. Elvis’ voice was raw not trained. Gianluca’s voice has been honed into a beautiful instrument. I love his music of the Beatles. There’s a niche he fits into comfortably. It saddens me that he hasn’t yet found who he is musically. I think back to advice Simon Crowell gives contestants on Idol. Don’t sing karaoke find who you are. The world is waiting because once he figures it out hang on to your hats because it’s going to start an avalanche!❤️❤️ ❤️

    2. I for one, love Gianluca’s pop songs. He always seems to get a standing ovation at the end of his performances.

  7. Kirsten, You have a gift for” inviting the reader in”.
    You experienced all the fun and synchronicity that
    has to happen in planning a full Il Volo travel package,
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Martha – you make me blush… Thank you so much for your very nice comment. I am glad that I was able to “invite” you along on my Il Volo journey. And yes – it was awesome being able to follow in the footsteps of the guys physically on our holiday. I.e. standing in the Frasassi caves knowing that they had been doing exactly the same when shooting their video and knowing that I was strolling the same beach that Gianluca and friends so often have done… It gave the trip a third dimension.
      Warmest regards – Kirsten

  8. Kirsten, it was a lovely report. Thank you. I’m looking forward to more from you in the future.

    1. You are so very welcome Rose Marie. I am happy that you enjoyed reading it. And I shall most certainly like to write again in the future given the opportunity 😋
      Take care – Kirsten

  9. So good to read an honest & straightforward review of a concert…..I for one I would want to be in first few rows ( as we were in Sydney Australia)
    There was nothing like it .. being Australian I need English to be spoken by boys as you miss so much of their funny banter otherwise … I planned all of this at our Sydney concert as well as our paid for meet & greet which was incredible….. I truly think you can miss so much otherwise

    1. Howdy Trudy 😉 – thank you for your lovely comment. I am happy you enjoyed reading my report accepting my Scandinavian rather direct way of expressing myself. I would love one day to attend one of their concerts in the English language as not speaking nor understanding a single word of Italian I do realize that I am missing out of a lot like their song presentations, jokes and funny interacting. So you are lucky having been able to attend a concert in your own country with them – I do still hope and pray for a concert here in Denmark or Scandinavia but for some unknown reason I don’t think it will ever happen….
      Greetings from Denmark in the North to Australia in the South. Love Kirsten

  10. Kirsten, it’s fun to live vicariously through others ILVOLO experiences. I saw them once a year ago in NYC at Radio City Music Hall….it was a joy to be there even in the back of the orchestra level but close to the end of an aisle so I got a close up of Gianluca and almost got to touch his arm! I felt like a schoolgirl instead of an nearly 80 yr old great grandmother!! Our boys are other worldly and while it is so exciting to see them in person, YouTube runs so many concerts of theirs that I can feel almost like I’m there! I agree, other than being in front at a concert, it is great to see their faces and expressions on the TV! I wish for more hours in a day to watch!
    Thank you and hopefully you’ll write again!

    1. Thank you Kirsten. You did a wonderful job describing the concert. I always enjoy hearing from others about their concert experience. I was lucky enough to have front row and second row seats to two concerts in the U.S. and it was incredible being so close to the guys. I do have to say that both sound checks were very short with no chance to speak with the guys. And the meet and greets were very rushed . But meeting and having a picture taken with the guys is something I will always be grateful for. I always enjoy reading your comments.

      1. Hello Cathy. Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my report. I appreciate your kind words very much. Yes it is an incredible feeling being up close with the guys and I know I shall not complaint at all having had the most fantastic and unexpected encounters with the guys at my first two concerts. Not the least my very first one in Verona, where I had an aisle seat on the 12th row. I had so absolutely no idea at that time that the guys might come down into the audience – so when they di their opening song placed in 3 different corners of the Arena coming down different aisles (including mine 🙂 ) shaking hands with people I was so astonished and got almost exstatic when Ignazio gave me a handshake. Later at the same concert he returned down my aisle and I did even get his arm around my back in an attempt to get a selfie. I shall nevere forget those moments.

        I do know that the Sound Checks can turn out in various manners and I do fully understand and respect that they are first and foremost serious work sessions for the guys preparing for the night’s show and that we are priviledged being let in at all and henee shall be thankful for same. My dissapointment lies entirely with the people organizing same and their lack of communication and structure. And when in Rome last December things didn’t exactly function well in that respect I was still having a wonderful experience when Gianluca unexpectedly showed up in a dark corner for a moment signing autographs and most kindly taking a selfie with me holding the camera himself. I was over the Moon and it was indeed worth al the trouble.
        Take care – Kirsten

    2. Thank you so very much Carol for your lovely comment. Oh you lucky lady having attended one of their Radio City Music Hall concerts. That is one of the most beautiful stages I know of – and actually no matter where you are seated there you have great views and not the least sound experiences. But – of course – the orchestra level is the optimal place to be :-). I have been so fortunate as to experience the good old grand shows in the RCM Halls way back – and that was grand!

      Ha ha Carol – I can follow you 100% in your schoolgirl feelings and possibly behavior when getting up close and almost near enough to touch – I have been there myself. I didn’t believe my own reaction at my very first Il Volo Concert in Verona, when Ignazio did suddenly pass down my aisle . I got so excited and forgot all about good manners. I flew up my chair and went straight up to him while he was taking a selfie with another lady and out my mouth I heard myself saying: “Ignazio you have two arms” to which he responded by putting his other arm around my nechk. I blushed like a 17 year old girl and I got so confused that the selfie I was trying to take actually turned out to be of the audience and floor rather than of Ignazio and me as I had totally forgotten to switch the camera to a selfie position. So much for that ha ha. Afterrwards I was so surprised over my own behavior – actually a bit ashamed – how could a lady my age (73) act like that? But now I cherish the moment and I don’t care what people may think or not – and in this lovely forum I know that many of you will undersstand and recognize the feeling <3.
      Take care and greetings fron Copenhagen – Kirsten

      1. It is really amazing what these guys can do to us! I don’t know if any of you can remember a TV production of Cinderella by Rogers & Hammerstein starring Julie Andrews when she was just starting out. There is a line in one of the songs from that show that describes what the Il Volo men to do us old ladies–referring to Prince Charming the line goes: “He can turn a girl to jello!”
        So can they! So they do!

  11. Thank you Kirsten for taking us to the Milan concert with you, missteps and all – that’s part of the pursuit we’ve all experienced. Don’t give up on the sound check; some of the best times I’ve had were there since I find the Meet and Greet so rushed.

    I think Gianluca’s choice of music suits him though he can do more challenging pieces beautifully. But his lighter music offsets Piero’s heavier solos nicely.

    Piero (my favorite) is truly amazing. I can’t wait to hear his “new”, even more powerful voice! The song, Miserere, sends chills up my spine it’s so beautiful. It’s truly a lament (I had to look up the translation and wished I hadn’t).

    Ignazio has such a beautiful, huge voice I wish he wouldn’t do as much “screaming” as he has done lately. We all love the high C’s but sometimes he overdoes it, I think. I worry that that will damage the fabulous gift that he has.

    Here’s to you, Kristen. Thanks.

    1. Thank you so very much for your lovely comment Sally. And no, I won’t give up the Sound Checks in the future – only lower my expectations. No doubt in my mind that they give you the best opportunity for a genuine and more relaxed encounter with the guys. As to the official “Meet & Greet” I must confess that they are out of my league for more reasons among others being at a price level that I cannot allow myself plus not the least I don’t like it being staged very well knowing that the guys are doing this because they have to (part of their PR) and hence the smiles are not necessarily genuine. I figure that following a 2 hr long concert they most be soooo exhausted and only wishing for a shower and getting the feet up – so having to line up and smile must be the last thing they are up to….

      I concur fully with your thoughts about their performances. Having so different voices and taste in music their song choices give a uniqu repertoire where Gianluca’s soft and easygoing ballads give a terrific counterweight to Piero’s more heavy arias and Ignazio’s somewhat rough or rocky tunes. But yes, Gianluca does not use his voice potential fully with these song choices while I do also agree with you that I don’t really follow Ignazio’s wish of singing famous female artists’ songs in the same key often leading to a bit screaming result. No matter what I love the individuality of the guys and am looking much forward to learn where it will take them in the future – as long as they stick together and IL VOLO always will be their major project <3

      Her¨s to you too Sally! All the best – Kirsten

  12. Wow!! – what a fantastic & very interesting editorial Kirsten – I am from Queensland so I really appreciate all that is written – for all your disappointment – the vitality of your reporting is stunning – I loved what all the fans had to say about the boys – there was some wonderful comments made & the immense love for our boys really shone through – I do feel YouTube is brilliant at presenting the concerts for us who can not see the boys in the flesh – once again it is a privilege to read this lovely editorial – thank you Kirsten.

    1. And it is a privilege to receive such a beautiful comment Jude <3 . Oh you lucky Aussie-girl living in beautiful Queensland – don't give up – the guys might just extend their next Tour in Australia to Cains. Who knows :-). But I am only happy if my writing can make you visualize and feel the excitement of being present at one of their live concerts. Added with the many great videos available on YouTube you are actually pretty well off.

      I can only agree with you that it is awesome to read and learn of other fans' thoughts about the guys and not the least to find out that no matter where we come from, what nationality we have and what age we are – we do all seem to feel the same love and affection for the guys. They bring the world together <3
      Greetings from cold Denmark to warm Queensland – Kirsten

  13. Thank YOU! I really enjoyed your article re: Il VOLO. I love, love, LOVE them and I feel very fortunate having seen them several years ago when they were in Houston. My sweet son gave me this concert for my birthday. We had super-good seats – 3 rows up from stage. Best birthday gift ever!!!

    1. You are so very welcome Sheryl. I am happy you enjoyed reading my article. I am so glad for you that you have likewise had the great opportunity to experience them live – albeit now quite some years ago. It must have been awesome to see them when they were just teenagers and then follow them grow and see how much they have evolved musically yet kept their humble and loving attitudes as grown up men. I have only known them for 3 years and I am sorry that I didn’t know about them at all till then. But now they do sure fill a lot in my life :-). PS: Tickets for an IL VOLO concert is so absolute the very best gift one can get, I agree. Tickets for an upcoming concert is already on my X-mas wish-list.
      Warmest regards – Kirssten

  14. Sorry hit the wrong button . Thanks so much for your review of the Milan concert. I know last time I went with friends we sat in the balcony and I said never again, I want to be up front like I was the first concert where you can see their expressions and handsome faces. I did attend meet and greet but that is not going to happen again as they push you through and it is so expensive. They guys have all improved so much and I know Piero has vocal lessons everyday and he has really made progress (my favorite by the way from day 1) I always read your comments and enjoy them. I do agree with a lot of the comments regarding Gianluca and Ignazio, Gian has such a beautiful voice and I think he could choose better songs, love his rendition of Angels. Ignazio is so entertaining but does need to stop the really high notes where it turns into screaming, but love him no matter what he does, same with Gianluca, love him no matter what he sings. Hopefully I will make it to 2025 as I am 80 years old and was hoping for 2024 but looking forward to their big plans for their 15th Anniversary

    1. Thanks a million for taking the time to comment on my review Beverley. I am glad that you can relate to my feelings of being seated at the balcony not being able to observe their facial expressions nor take part in the “party” taking place at the floor when they come down the stage to mingle with the audience. Hopefully, I’ll be able to plan better ahead next time in order to make use of the pre-sale and hence seccure some of the good orchestra seats up front. But this time it was kind of take it or leave it – and bad seats were after all better than none – and, of course, I enjoyed the concert thoroughly any how. Just made me somewhat more aware of how important it is to be able to see them up close and not just 3 little ants.
      No, I will not do the Meet & Greet – way too expensive for me and too commercial. I’ll chance it and hope for alternative ways to meet them.

      I love all 3 guys but Gianluca has hit a soft spot in my heart – his velvety voice captures me entirely and I melt… and there is something “mystical” about him that attracts me. Having said so I just feel captured by Piero when he smiles one of his beautiful, beautiful smiles…. OMG. And that strong voice that he is now able to control fully and likewise make soft and “play” with these days make him such a terrific singer. Ignazio… who doesn’t love him and his antics…. And yes, he should take it a bit easy with overdoing the high notes, but yet again, that’s just Ignazio and we love him – as well as the tow other guys – no matter what (almost). I am sad for you – and all other American fans – that they shall not Tour the US in 2024 – but I do also understand that they need time for other projects and activities – I hope for a new Album soon – so I guess we shall just have to accept it and enjoy what ever they have in store for us.
      Warmest regards – Kirsten

  15. Enjoyed reading your comments, Kirsten. They were so truthful with no holds barred! Good to hear some very true words about the experiences you had, both good and bad.

    Yes, Piero is making progress with regard to his operatic career, but I sometimes find his voice a little overpowering. He partially won the San Remo with contemporary songs, not opera and, although it is his dream to become an opera singer, he shouldn’t forget from whence he came and where it all started.

    I agree with the previous writers that Ignazio sometimes hits a sour note when attempting to go higher than he should comfortably.

    As for Gianluca, he is the only one of the three who has not had voice training (from what I understand) and, in my opinion, has the truest voice of the three.

    As for favourites, I don’t really have one and appreciate each one of them for what they bring to us. They are all outstanding whether it be talent, looks, the way they treat their fans, their love for family and Country. May they be together for some years to come, although at 91 yrs. old, I may not have the opportunity to see them again, but can be thankful I have seen them in concert twice. All the best, Dol.

    1. Hello Dol. Thank you so very much for your kind compliment. As to our guys and their abilities and strengths you say it so very well. They are all treasures out of the ordinary with fantastic voices but first and foremost beautiful personalities that adds so much to their performances and presences. Individually they are great but together they are unique!, hence I pray that they will stay together for yet a long time and not split up when/if their individual pursues should differ too much as they evolve further. Oh Dol I so much hope that you will get the opportunity to see/hear them live again soon. So far the US isn’t in the nearest plans but who knows – maybe something unexpected may turn up. If not I’ll be happy to be your ears and eyes😋👍❤️
      Warmest regards – Kirsten

  16. Moi personnellement j’ai assisté au soundcheck et au concert au rockhal au Luxembourg. J’ai adoré le côté intime du premier , la bonne ambiance et les chansons du concert. Bien mieux placée(4ème rang) que l’an passé à Turin , je les voyais très bien et ai été ravie même si ma place située au milieu ne m’a pas permis de les approcher lorsqu’ils sont descendus dans le public. J’adore les entendre chanter tous les trois ensemble(leurs trois voix réunies mais différentes donnent de la puissance), et également par deux lorsqu’ils le font mais en solo(désolée si je ne suis pas d’accord avec certains), même si je reconnais que Gianluca et Piero ont des belles voix, depuis toujours lorsque j’ai vu des vidéos d’eux jeunes, mon préféré est Ignazio. Car en plus de ses possibilités vocales extraordinaires (avez vous déjà remarqué le regard de Piero quand il écoute Ignazio?) il s’approprie les chansons et nous fait partager ses sentiments. Moi à chaque fois que je l’entends j’ai “la chair de poule”. Piero a véritablement une voix d’opéra et bien que je ne sois pas une fan de cet art je l’apprécie interprété par lui mais je trouve que sa voix ne convient pas à certaines chansons comme “my way” et encore moins à” Hallelujah”. Pour cette dernière chanson je préférais la version à deux(Gianluca et Ignazio). Pour revenir à Ignazio, il assure l’enchaînement des chansons, il a de l’humour et beaucoup de cordes à son arc. Et Il Volo ne serait pas ce qu’il est sans lui. De plus il sait très régulièrement proposer des chansons différentes à Gianluca et Piero pour leurs duos De ce côté là ,par contre cela fait des années que Gianluca et Piero chantent “my way”. Je souhaite qu’ils continuent à chanter ensemble encore longtemps car c’est super et à cela s’ajoutent leur fraternité et le respect qu’ils ont les uns pour les autres. J’espère avoir la possibilité de les revoir

  17. Hi Elaine – thank you so very much for your comment. Sorry for replying in English but my French does not go much further than to order a glass of wine.

    I am glad to learn that you had the opportunity to attend the recent concert in Luxembourg and that you had a great soundcheck and fabulous concert. Top 👍😋.I would really like to attend one of their concerts in the Northwestern Europe as wondering if they differ in atmosphere and behavior to those taking place in their home country. Apparently the repertoire has been practically the same as everywhere else though.

    I fully agree with you that they are their very best singing together. Yes they have unique individual voices but blending them in harmonies makes magic! That create the awesome Il Volo sound. Hence I do hope that the major focus will stay on singing together even though they now do more soli as well. I love and appreciate each of the guys and recognize their individual qualities. But it is likewise difficult not to have a “darling” among them that speaks more to our individual tastes.

    I do follow your observations as to some of the former duets now being performed by all of them. I trust the reason for same is to expand the repertoire of songs including them all to have more to offer in this respect now that they use more time on soli.
    Best regards – Kirsten

    1. J’ai remarqué en regardant certaines vidéos de près mais aussi en assistant au spectacle qu’Ignazio quand il chante est quand même très apprécié et applaudi par le public. Et sur les vidéos j’ai pu voir à plusieurs reprises qu’il est également apprécié car applaudi par Gianpiero Grammi ainsi que par les musiciens. Je trouve dommage que dans leur tournée européenne ils n’intègrent pas certaines des chansons qu’ils ont apprises spécialement et interprété au Mexique car ce n’est pas parce que nous ne vivons pas sur le même continent que nous ne les apprécions pas . Un autre regret également: la sortie d’un nouveau CD composé des nouveautés : duos, solos et pourquoi pas chansons mexicaines. Voilà le fruit de mes dernières réflexions

      1. Hello again Ellane
        All the guys got huge applauses and standing ovations in Milan incl. Ignazio. My husband and I did only notice, that they were longer and stronger when Piero had performed one of his aries.
        I concur as to your thoughts about the South American repertoire – I would love for the guys to sing a couple of those specifically recorded songs at their European Concerts as well. Not the least the songs “Tan Enamorados” and “Como Vai Vocë” – they are beautiful and their voices are perfect for them. I lack to understand why they think we will not appreciate them? They are no more “foreign” to me than “Volare”….
        As to their upcoming CD I have no idea as to what they are going to sing but as I understand it should all be original songs and hence none we have so far heard. I am quite excited about it. But – in similarity with you – I would love a CD with their soli as well. New as old ones, but I don’t think they will do that as they stay “loyal” to each other and are recording songs where they all – or two of them at least – are singing. We shall see.
        Thanks for bringing up this issue for discussion All the best – Kirsten

    (sorry cannot seem to post directly under comment)
    Yes Leena – there are videos and a CD with the mentioned Gianluca solo, that I truly love – I have simply just not spelled the name correctly, but it is: “MI MANCHERAI” and here is a YouTube link:
    You find it on their 10th Jubilee Album and ditto video.

    You are right that lately they have turned somewhat more “pop-like” in their music choices. For more reasons I believe. Firstly as they need to re-new themselves and extend their audience with a younger clientele to survive in the music business and secondly as they wish to define themselves more and now as adults choose their own repertoire that was decided by other people when they were young – and apparently both Ignazio and Gianluca enjoys a more pop/rock type of genre. I do trust, however, that they shall never let go of the original IL VOLO style with Bel Canto and partly classical tunes too. Or at least, I don’t hope so. Personally, I love the mix of the many different gentres they embrace as my own taste is very wide but in general on the lighter side. When I was a teenager I played the electric guitar and was a true “Rock-Mamma” (ha ha who would have thought that LOL), later I got facinated by Musical tunes all while as a ballroom dancer I have always loved genuine dance music such as Strauss Walzes and evergreens performed by Big Bands and true Latin Music, These days gospel is my thing, so I must say that I love most music incl. good old Operettas while Opera is too heavy for me in general. Hence, IL VOLO are perfect for me :-).

    Kram fra Danmark – Kirsten

  19. Merci Kirsten. J’ai été très contente de pouvoir échanger avec vous. Bonne continuation

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