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Be Ours Tonight ~ Mary Bohling

Mary be ours

This photo shows what so many fans of Il Volo will be feeling this winter as the guys greet their adoring public in person.  The words on the poster say it all….how close and personal we feel about them.  The months and years that we have spent following their every move, watching their expressions, meeting their families, reveling in their success, immersing ourselves in their music, loving them as if they were our most intimate family members.  And on the night of the concert we say, BE OURS TONIGHT, for tonight you are ours alone.”

We know that they have a much larger calling,  We have watched them develop from humble, small-town boys into world-wide celebrities.  We wished for them the success that they have achieved, and yet it’s hard to let them go.

They got their start here in our country at Universal Studios, and we were charmed by their excitement at being in LA and recording there.  They cut their teeth touring here, and we welcomed them with open arms and hearts.  They seemed to belong to us even though they spoke our language with some difficulty and endearing accents.

Now we are part of a world-wide fan base, and we miss the intimacy that we once felt.  Oh, they still love us.  They have enough “fan love” for all.  We can see that in their attitudes.  And when we see them in concert this winter, we will be saying, “Be ours tonight,” for tonight we have you all to ourselves….and we will cherish every moment of this time with you.  Because, Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero you ARE OURS, and we will continue to love you, follow you, pray for you and wait longingly for you to come back to us.