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Mean Guys ~ by Marie (or anyone else who will take the blame for this one)

As one of the founders and administrators of this website I feel it’s my duty to be honest with you.  All of the posts here can’t be only about the good that happens. That would be unfair to you and way too one-sided of us.  So, here is the other side.

You all think those Il Volo Boys are Angels, but they have you fooled. Open your eyes, people!  You’ve been blinded by some handsome faces and nice music.   You refuse to see that they are mainly just a couple of pretty rotten guys barely out of their teens.  You won’t want to see these but you must…  Sit down.  Take a breath.   Get ready to delete their pictures from your computer and hang in there with me.



Here’s Ignazio spitting in the face a defenseless puppy.  Why Ignazio?  Why?



Speaking of spitting…this is just offensive!



Poking fun at the new Justin Bieber CD… not at all nice.

a - ab



Attempting to insight a riot against little white notebooks!

6trying to start


 Piero has a serious biting habit I’ll bet you didn’t know about.


OUCH!  Again Piero?

the kiss


Piero and Nonno


OK, OK, I’ll buy that concert ticket.  

musing 1

And one for the Meet & Greet.

Ignazio in Ny - fireman mood - April

And I’ll buy the DVD.  Just PLEASE don’t hurt my family!

a wine & Dine 5 - photo DPTV


I know you think they love children.  But….
(this one broke my heart)
Piero abusing a child

Also caught him trying to stuff a child under a table!

trying to stuff

And how about Ignazio trying to pull this poor little girl closer so he can poke her in the eye!
boys and



The three of them never really got along from the beginning.  You didn’t know that either?

“Let go of the mic Gian!  No you let go, Ignazio!  No you, Piero!

Let go

“It’s mine let go! No, I won it, you let go! I’ll drop it on your head if you don’t let go!”

grabbing 1


“Let go! No, you let go!  No you!”
let go 2


Rumor has it that Gianluca tried to get rid of Ignazio from the beginning.  He wanted Il Volo to be a Duo. 



Yes, you should be ashamed!  You should ALL be ashamed!

he's watching you



“You let go first!  No you let go first!  No You!”


I’m sorry you had to see all of this, my poor gullible Flight Crew friends.  

With much sadness,

p.s.  No hate mail, please!